Attitude magazine photoshoot (UK) - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Attitude magazine photoshoot (UK)

Attitude magazine scans online which feature an amazing new photoshoot. The magazine is now available on Ipad and you can buy it in shops Wednesday.
The new issue features Daniel Radcliffe talking to attitude about gay marriage, homophobic bullying in schools, and switching political allegiances. He also opens up about his personal life, and his hotly anticipated new film venture The Woman in Black
scans via: robsessed spain

Edit: added a (short) video

Update: 6th May 2012. The cover "moves" on ipad and here are some gifs (thanks number 1 | number 2 | number 3 | number 4

Some Quotes:
“Don’t define yourself by your sexuality, don’t define as straight or gay, define yourself as people and help another person if they’re in trouble. The ultimate reason gay marriage should be legalized everywhere is because, as a kid, you look to your mum and dad and they’re married, then you look at the gay couple who’ve been together for the same amount of time, but because they can’t get married their relationship doesn’t seem the same. Yes, gay marriage is about symbolically blessing a relationship, but the larger issue is about transmitting a fundamental message about equality. Gay people should have equality in law everywhere. If you grow up as a young gay man knowing you dont’ have the same opportuniteies as everyone else, you’re going to feel victimised and massive prejudice towards you.”

“I’m not religious, I’m an atheist, and a militant atheist when religion starts impacting on legislation. We need sex education in schools. Schools have to talk to kids from a young age about relationships, gay and straight.”

Photos: Greg Vaughan

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