Queer interview

Interview with Daniel by German website Queer in Munich (München) in promotion of The Woman in Black (Die Frau in Schwarz).

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

You are one of the most googled people in the world. Do you sometimes google yourself? 
 Also pretty common, but I just type in my name and do not hit enter. I'm only interested in Google's recommendations. Normally in England comes first "Daniel Radcliffe Twitter", followed by "Daniel Radcliffe Gay" and "Daniel Radcliffe Alcoholics". I would like to say now that I am not gay and do not have a Twitter account. (Laughing) Then you've probably outed yourself as a hetero.

Why are young actors like you or Josh Hutcherson so committed to the rights of homosexuals? Maybe our business will change from generation to generation. We are not afraid to be gay just because we support the rights of homosexuals. The taboo is gone, and the relaxed handling of it also affects the children. They should grow up with the feeling that their otherness means nothing bad.

How do you help concretely? 
Even today, young people experience a difficult time, in which they become aware of their sexual orientation. That's why I support The Trevor Project, a telephone hotline that's open to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth 24 hours a day. I give my name and financial help, but the true heroes are the people who work in these call centers and save lives every day. Yes, save life, as pathetic as it sounds.

How did you come up with The Trevor Project? 
I grew up with gays. Homosexuality is normal for me because some friends of the family were gay. It was only when the word homo emerged at school that I discovered that there are people who have difficulties with homosexuals. That was a surprise for me.

May I ask you something else about your current movie? 
I thought so, you never ask. (Laughing)

Your new movie is pretty scary. What are you afraid of privately? 
I have no phobias and fears. Spiders and snakes, that works. Although I hate cockroaches, I'm really scared of it. Otherwise, there are more conceptual things, such as the fear of failure.

Maybe scared of not succeeding with new roles?
No, more generally. In my roles after "Harry Potter" I'm even brave. When my fans continue to be with me after the play "Equus", in which I blinded horses as a naked stable lad, they are still loyal fans after "The Woman in Black". This performance in the theater was probably the toughest test you can expect from a fan base. 

source: queer.de

Abendzeitung München interview

Interview by the German Abendzeitung München in promotion of The Woman in Black (Die Frau in Schwarz).

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

Q: Mr. Radcliffe, what did you find most difficult during the filming of The Woman in Black?
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: A big physical challenge was to get something muddy out of the moor.
We shot this scene for two days and it was pretty cold and very wet. The mud, however, was not really, but only a special effect. This is something you use in TV shows to whiten others.
You said, "The Woman in Black" is just the kind of movie you would never see because you are so scared. How did you feel in the scariest scenes?
Actually, I could turn them all without problems.
The scenes are not really scary during the shoot, because you are surrounded by many team members. We also laughed a lot when we had to cut off some ridiculous fearful faces. But when I saw the movie for the first time, there were shocks that I did not expect. And they made me cold.

Her film is about Ghost Phenomenon. Do you believe in the supernatural?
No, neither ghosts nor other apparitions.
But I would like to live in a world where there are ghosts and spirits. That would be really exciting! But unfortunately that is not the case.

The movie is heavily advertised with your name. Do you also think he can reach the Potter fans?
That's exactly the role that Harry Potter fans will love.
And to be honest, I've already tested my fans with my theatrical performance in Equus. For the first time, I was no longer a boy, but a man. Anyone who has accepted this transformation will have no problem with my new movie.

You play a good person who did not have it easy and has to fight against evil. He is not unlike Harry Potter.
If you reduce my character to that, then of course that is true.
But I believe that the comparisons are based mainly on the supernatural context of the substances. But Harry is someone who has taken on any challenge while Arthur is not really attached to his life. Only towards the end does the changing shadow become aware of the responsibility for his son.

If you had not become a famous actor, what would you do?
What children dream of: Astronaut or soldier. But I was not very good at school, that would hardly have improved my career plans. But if someone holds a gun to my head and tells me, "You have to give up everything and start over!" - Then I would have become an archaeologist.


Schwäbischen Tagblatt interview

Schwäbischen Tagblatt's interview with Daniel in promotion of The Woman in Black (Die Frau in Schwarz).

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

Do you still have to prove to people that you are Daniel Radcliffe and not the eternal Harry Potter?
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: Luckily that happens less and less. It never bothered me when people approached me in the street with Harry. However, it is very pleasant that most fans know my real name.

Was the mega hit with the magician a curse or blessing for you?

RADCLIFFE: I'm very proud of Potter, that was my teenage years and it was ten grand years for me. There is absolutely no reason for me to turn my back on Potter. But I want to show the audience that I take this profession seriously. My goal is to get better as an actor and play as different characters as possible. I do not want to rest on the "Harry Potter" strawberries for the rest of my life.

Actually, you could withdraw after paying for Harry Potter, what brings you to work? 
RADCLIFFE: My motivation is simple: I want to prove that I can do something. Money has never played a big role for me. Every ten-year old is thrilled when he gets 100 pounds. I never had any idea of ​​the amount of my fees. But of course money gives you the grandiose feeling of freedom and independence.

What roles did you actually get after your Potter films? 

RADCLIFFE: I am very glad that I am not only offered fantasy material, but very different roles, even a killer was already on offer. It's probably gotten around that I'm a pretty weird guy who can even personalize the foreign characters. I'm fortunate that I do not have to do a film, but I can choose what I like.

Is there a plan for your career? 

RADCLIFFE: Showing a good taste in film selection does not seem like a bad idea to me. With a Brad Pitt movie you can almost always be sure that he is good. Because gag does not matter to him, but there must be something interesting about the script. It's the same with George Clooney: his films can blindly be trusted in his roles because of his good taste.
On stage you appeared naked in "Equus", in a US talk show you ripped off your shirt - what moves you to so much freedom of movement?

RADCLIFFE: I would not quite talk about a trend towards nudity, after all I've made eight children's films in my career (laughs). But if the script calls for a nude scene, I have no problems getting undressed.

In this movie you play a young dad - would that be a private role for you?
RADCLIFFE: I'm not quite ready for a dad yet.
But I love children about everything. One day I want to start a family and have many, many children. By the way, my son in the movie was my goddaughter, which of course made the work a lot easier, because for a four year old, all this hype about filming is a bit confusing.
Are you a fan of horror movies?
RADCLIFFE: I like classic ghost stories.
To create tension, it does not always have to be as bloody and brutal as possible. Our great role model in the filming was "The Others", whose depressing atmosphere we wanted to imitate. As a kid I was really excited about "Dracula" with Christopher Lee. My favorite horror movie is of course "Shining" by Stanley Kubrick.

What are you afraid of in real life?
RADCLIFFE: As a kid, I was afraid of the dark.
Today I am afraid of failure and even in old age. So far, I've always been the youngest in the room, today footballers are already younger than me - that gives me something to think about.

source: tagblatt.de

Daniel Radcliffe featured in book Talking back to Autism from the Golden Hat Foundation

A new book is released by the Golden Hat Foundation which is founded by Kate Winslet.
The mission of the Golden Hat Foundation is the establishment of innovative campuses that offer people with autism the opportunity to learn to communicate, receive an education, job training and enjoy recreational activities, all within a supportive social network. When given a suitable education and the means to communicate effectively, people with autism can truly realize their dreams.
The book is called The Golden Hat: Talking Back To Autism and Dan is also featured in it. Read more about that below.

Description: Imagine what it would be like not to be able to communicate with those we love. For many individuals living with nonverbal autism and their families, this is their everyday reality. The Golden Hat is an intimate response to this reality created by Kate Winslet, Margret Ericsdottir, and her son Keli, who has nonverbal autism.

Kate and Margret's stories, their personal email correspondence, and Keli's poetry give us a profound insight into the world of those living with autism. Kate has shared this story with some of the world's most famous people, posing the question: "What is important to you to express?" Their responses are a collection of intimate self-portraits and unique quotes.
Among them are:

Christina Aguilera Oprah Winfrey Zac Efron
Julianne Moore Leonardo DiCaprio Maria Sharapova
Kobe Bryant George Clooney James Franco
Rosie O’Donnell Tom Hanks Ben Stiller
Michael Caine Meryl Streep Ricky Gervais
Michael Phelps John C. Reilly Kristin Scott Thomas
Kim Cattrall Justin Timberlake Elton John
Tim Robbins Naomi Watts Jude Law

Put together by Kate, Margret, and the dedicated team who work daily on the Golden Hat Foundation, this project has been a labor of love.

Dan's picture:

source: satisfythecrave (Tumblr) &: The Golden Hat Foundation

All the author proceeds from this groundbreaking book will benefit the Golden Hat Foundation.

Focus Online interview

German website Focus Online interviewed Daniel in Munich (München) in promotion of The Woman in Black (Die Frau in Schwarz).

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

Focus Online: Mr. Radcliffe, do you believe in ghosts?
Daniel Radcliffe: No, not at all, never before.
I know that makes people very disappointed.

Why did you decide after Harry Potter only for a movie in which you open again creaky doors and find scary things behind it?
Radcliffe: Well, that's true for many movies.
To anyone who works with tension. I do not think "The Woman in Black" bears any resemblance to Harry Potter. The current movie is much darker and not a children's film. I would not advise anyone to include a kid under twelve in the movie. There is no blood or extreme violence, but he is afraid. In my opinion, the children in hindsight affects more.

The last "Harry Potter" movies have been annoyed, but children are really scared.
Radcliffe: Interestingly, the children always said in the Harry Potter test screenings: No, he was not scary.
The parents were horrified. They were really scared.

What criteria did you choose the first movie after Potter?
Radcliffe: Among the books I was offered, it was the only one that could make a compelling film for me.
It was very demanding. Although it contained few dialogues and many scene instructions, I suddenly read it like a good novel. Harry is very similar to me because I played him at the age of ten. He had my energy and my way of doing things. Arthur, on the other hand, has suffered a terrible loss. He is completely lost, uninvolved in his own life. He was deprived of all energy. So he is an anti-Harry.

Do you think that pulls you from the Potter audience?
Radcliffe: I was scared that the viewers in me would see Harry Potter.
But the fact that I'm not wearing glasses and I'm dressed differently prevents that. Believe me. At least, I hope so. The subject is also very different. It's about loss, sadness and not being able to look ahead.

If you do not believe in ghosts, what are you worried about?
Radcliffe: In fact, sometimes I'm afraid of the dark when something moves somewhere. Otherwise, I'm more scared on another level, for example, from failing. And in front of Ryan.

Who is Ryan?

Radcliffe: Ryan has doubled me since the fourth Potter movie. He found it damn funny to hide somewhere in the scenery during rehearsals for "The Woman in Black" and then jump out and scare me. I got angry and there was a competition between us. He won it because he managed to hide in the footwell of the passenger seat in my car. When I drove home in the evening after the shoot, he jumped out. So, to answer your question: Someone who looks like me and scares me: that scares me.

How do you put on a frightened face for 20 minutes if the movie is not something that scares you?
Radcliffe: A good backdrop helps. The space escape in the scene you refer to radiated the feeling that you could lose yourself in it. Still, it was not easy because for four consecutive days we shot this long scene where nothing is said. At the end of the third day, I no longer knew what I was doing, whether I always put on the same face. I have relied on the opinion of the director. This stupid scene is, in my opinion, the most convincing in the movie, but honestly it was not the biggest challenge for me.

What then?

Radcliffe: It was hard for me to suppress my energy. Arthur was deprived of his energy and I had to go through this with myself. Physically, the scene was not completely without at the end.

Was this scene where you throw a body out of the smacking mud in the middle of the night, as disgusting as the movie looks?
Radcliffe: Um, well, to be honest. That's what it looked like. However for two days. There are not many jobs where you dig in the mud to make a living.

"The Woman in Black" is not only scary, but also romantic. How do you deal with the romance?

Radcliffe: I find this dark, yearning romance very well suited for the cinema. This has a tragic beauty. There's a lot of cinematic nostalgia in the movie, it reminds me of old Dracula movies that I really like.

So you send your girlfriend, then black roses?

Radcliffe: Exactly. In my house it always looks like a funeral. (Grins)

In your current movie, you play the father of a child. Did you grow up?
Radcliffe: The time on the theater stage helped me a lot. That made me grow as an actor, I hope. But I did not consciously try to grow up somehow. I find it embarrassing when people get older. I just wanted to portray the character of Arthur and, of course, the relationship with the child.

How is it in real life?

Radcliffe: I'm sure I got older, but I do not feel really grown-up. Although playing has already left it's mark.

To what extent?

Radcliffe: I'm getting better as an actor and I know better what makes me happy. I was pretty worried about my career development. That has gotten better.

Would you like to play on Broadway again?
Radcliffe: Definitely!
I would like to attend a world premiere. No matter how good a production is, if it's not about Shakespeare, people will always compare the piece to the original. When you buy a piece, the first pages always show who it was. It would be my absolute dream to be able to read my name there one day.

Good actor, good movies, good musicals. Are you the next Hugh Jackman?
Radcliffe: Oha!
I would have to lie if I said I did not want to be like him. But I'm also happy when I'm close to being so good.
Have you ever met him?
Radcliffe: Yes, I met him a few times in the West Village in London when he walked with his French Bulldog.
Recently we met while jogging and spoke briefly. I thought it must look strange to people: Harry Potter and Wolverine talking.

Would you like to James Bond or Doctor
Who will play and follow in the footsteps of two great British actors?

Radcliffe: I'm not a big fan of Doctor Who. Above all, I want to play the current Bond, because Sam Mendes is the director. But the break would be too big. It would have to come first, a whole series of Bond films in which 007 each time a little smaller and slimmer. If I followed Daniel Craig, people would laugh at me.

source: focus.de

Deathly Hallows part 2 wins Best Film at Empire Awards 2012: Daniel Radcliffe's video message

I had not posted this before because I waited for Empire to upload their video of Dan's acceptance speech (it's actually a skit, added below), but Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 won Best Film at the Jameson Empire Awards this past Sunday! Also David Yates won best Director for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 (Daniel did not won best Actor, but Gary Oldman did, he is probably also happy with that.)

Evanna Lynch, David yates, Bonnie Wright, Jamie Campbell Bower, Gary Oldman, and Helena Bonham Carter & Matthew Lewis did attend the event. Daniel couldn't be there because of filming Kill Your Darlings, but see his video message below. Here's another part of what he said:
"I'd like to thank the Empire readers for voting for us. I've always been quite a harsh judge of the series, but I was over the moon with this final film; I think we went out on a high note."

source: empireonline.com

Updated: Little Shoppe of Horrors magazine (US)

A new interview with Daniel in promotion of The Woman in Black is featured in Little Shoppe of Horrors magazine number 28. He is also on the front and back cover which you can see below. For more info and to order visit littleshoppeofhorrors.com.

Update: 16th October 2018. New photos via Little Shop of Horrors' Facebook page. One of them was taken in Germany while he was filming Guns Akimbo earlier this year.

Shared back in July:

Look who was reading LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS #28 in Germany? LSoH's Uwe Huber was there to witness it!!😎
Shared yesterday:

How is this for cool?! Daniel Radcliffe autographing a photo from THE WOMAN IN BLACK to Nancy and me as well as the cover of our WIB issue #28!
When I saw the photo that Uwe Huber, an LSoH correspondent, posted of meeting Radcliffe in Berlin a while back, and showing him a copy of the issue - which Radcliffe really wanted a copy of. Put my '7 steps to Kevin Bacon' cap on and connected with Radcliffe, who was thrilled to get the issue. Life is good at casa Klemdia
The magazine:

March 26: Daniel Radcliffe on set of Kill Your Darlings

This time Daniel was seen filming Kill Your Darlings in NY yesterday, together with ith costar Jack Huston, who plays Jack Kerouac & Elizabeth Olsen (in the car, as Edie Parker, the first wife of fellow Beat Generation writer Jack Kerouac)

picture source: Splash

New fan mail picture

Today (26th March 2012) I received Dan's latest fan mail picture which he sends out to everyone who contacts him via his fan mail address. You can see this great photo by Warwick Saint (2011) below. And that when I expected he still would be sending out this one (not a picture by me) which also is an amazing picture..

Outlooks magazine interview

Canada's National gay magazine Outlooks features an interview with Daniel (April 2012 issue). You can read the issue online at issuu.com.

The magazine also features a photo from The Trevor Project's PSA shoot, I have shared it on Facebook (3rd May 2018).

Updated: Kill Your Darlings photoshoot by Travis Blue

Travis Blue had a photoshoot with Daniel and the rest of the cast of Kill Your Darlings. He updated his Twitter with the following picture:

Edit 2013: You can view a photo of Dan during this photoshoot on his website. I was asked not to publish the photo because of copyright reasons. But below some via Facebook.

Update: 25th October 2013. Photo via Cine Marcado's Facebook page.

Updated(4): The Woman in Black press junket interviews (DE)

I did already post the The Woman in Black (Die Frau in Schwarz) interview with Daniel from Daniele Rizzo. Below you find the other press junket interviews recorded in Munich (München, Germany) on 20th January and a photo from Hey magazine.

28 March 2012. Kino News TV video.
Update: 22nd April 2016. Dein Sky Film video.
Update: 22nd August 2016. RTL Exclusiv photo.
Update: 12th July 2017. Supertv.de photo.

Leute heute photo



This video is also shared on Facebook.

source: trailerseite.de

Daniel Radcliffe: day 3 of filming Kill Your Darlings

There are more pictures from Daniel filming Kill Your Darlings in New York (near Central Park) from this Wednesday.

picture source: pacificcoastnews.com

B.Z. Berlin interview

B.Z. Berlin interviewed Daniel in Munich (München, Germany) in promotion of The Woman in Black (Die Frau in Schwarz).

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

Mr. Radcliffe, with "The Woman in Black" is your first time in Germany ...
Yes, that's why I'm so happy, even if I only had a few days in Munich, I already know that I have to come back. It's also the first time I'm touring with a movie. The schedules for "Harry Potter" were always so tight that I did not come out of England often. "Harry Potter" is done now.

What did you indulge yourself when it was over?

I just kept going and did not want to take a break. It is important for me to show the world that I do not want to rest on "Harry Potter" for the rest of my life. That's why I work as much as I can. I would not enjoy doing nothing now.

Do you suffer from being so closely associated with the magic boy?
At least it happens less often that I am approached on the street, and if so, they even know my real name. I did not mind being called Harry in the old days, and I'm still very proud of our films. In the meantime, it is important to me to be perceived as a serious actor who will hopefully play many different roles.

In "The Woman in Black" you play the father of a little boy. Are you ready for children?

Not immediately, but eventually I want to start a family and raise children. I like children and also noticed on the set of "The Woman in Black" that I developed something like a protector instinct for my movie son. Surely from my own experience, because as a child I spent a great time with film sets and treat every other child who gets this opportunity well.

The film is set in the Victorian era, when it was quite normal for young men to become fathers at their age ...

Today, that is not normal anymore. On the contrary, it stands out even if a 19-year-old just as in my circle of friends has just married and will soon have children with her same age husband. I think there was no teenager until the 1950s. As a boy, you went to school, joined the army, and then grew up.

How hard did you even get involved in a father role?

It was not so hard for me to pretend that I was much older and drowned. It was important to me that the relationship between me and my movie son really worked, so I asked if my four-year-old godchild Misha could not be invited for the role. Other guys were invited as well, but with Misha I already had a close bond, which is why this father-son relationship could be credibly played by us.

What else is there for roles?
Well, I'm glad millions of scripts with more fantasy stories do not end up with me every day. Not that I would never work for a major movie studio again, but right now I like to shoot smaller independent films like The Woman in Black. I'm lucky that I can only choose the offers that I like personally.

What was the strangest movie offering you ever got?

It was during our "Harry Potter" era when Emma, ​​Rupert and I were asked if we would take the lead roles in the remake of "The Wizard of Oz". Emma was supposed to play Dorothy, Rupert the straw doll and I the cowardly lion. What a weird idea we really had to laugh about.

Would you be naked on stage again for a role just like you did in 2007 for the play "Equus"?
Not that I would care, but if it was in the script and makes sense, I would not mind. That would never be a controversy for me.

"The Woman in Black" is a very scary movie. Have you ever experienced something spooky? 
Personally, I do not believe in ghosts, but recently something happened to me that I can not explain. I sat in my living room and wanted to get a glass of water when I suddenly saw in two children's faces without eyes. I was shocked for a moment, until I realized that it was just the US poster of "The Woman in Black".

source: bz-berlin.de

More from Daniel Radcliffe on the set of Kill Your Darlings

Well we continue with the pictures from the Kill Your Darlings set from yesterday. Daniel was shooting with costar Dane Dehaan and crew on the Upper East Side of New York City.

picture source: Arnaldo Magnani

Daniel Radcliffe talks with Daniele Rizzo about The Woman in Black

And up to The Woman in Black we go again. German actor and comedian Daniele Rizzo has uploaded his press junket interview -recorded while Daniel was in Munich (München)-, from almost 5 minutes long, in promotion of The Woman in Black (Die Frau in Schwarz) which you can see below.

Finch Bear top bid at Grand Finale auction Broadway Bears

Yesterday was the 15th and Grand Finale of the Broadway Bears auction and they raised a total of $198,300 benefitting Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS! It's a record! The previous fund-raising record was $170,000 set in 2002. The Finch How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying bear was one of the top bids (just as The Lion King, Follies, Cats, Beauty and the Beast & more)
The bear embodiment of everyone's favorite corporate climber had little trouble finding a home among a flurry of bids. ‘J. Pierrepont Finch’ bear, designed by Amy Micallef, wore a replica of Daniel Radcliffe's complete opening outfit of green poplin coveralls over a dapper three-piece suit, including his trademark blue bow tie.  Radcliffe's two successors in the show, Darren Criss and Nick Jonas, both contributed their own smartly colored bow ties and all three heartthrobs signed the bear. The high bid for the Finch bear was $11,000.

source: broadwaycares.org

First pictures: Daniel Radcliffe filming on set of Kill Your Darlings

Here are the first filming pictures from Daniel (character: Allen Ginsberg) on the set of his new movie Kill Your Darlings, which were made today 19th March 2012 in Brooklyn, NY. (and believe me there are MANY going around the internet right now..) Daniel was filming scenes with actor Dane DeHaan, who plays Beat Generation member Lucien Carr. Below the best ones..

picture source: Splash & justjared.com

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