Archive video: Kanal D interview (2009)

A Flashback: Below you find Ayşegül Ekinci's press junket interview (Kanal D UK) with Daniel in promotion of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009). It was already uploaded back in 2011 but I noticed I didn't have it on the website.

Second part (dubbed)

Miracle Workers series 3

We already knew that series 3 is coming for Miracle Workers. And here's more info: This time it takes place in the American Old West and will again have the cast members Steve Buscemi, Geraldine Viswanathan, Karan Soni and ofcourse Daniel.

TBS has announced the following today:

“Set in the year 1844, the new season of ‘Miracle Workers’ will follow an idealistic small-town preacher (Radcliffe) who teams up with a wanted outlaw (Buscemi) and a liberated prairie wife (Viswanathan) to lead a wagon train west on the Oregon Trail across an American landscape which, much like today, is fraught with both promise and peril.”

“‘Miracle Workers’ is a perfect example of the fun, escapist humor that we take pride in delivering to our viewers,” said Sam Linsky and Adrienne O’Riain, co-heads of scripted original programming for TBS, TNT and truTV. “We can’t wait to see how this incredibly dynamic cast and talented group of storytellers hilariously rewrite 19th century history.”

“Getting to tell an entirely new story with this ludicrously talented cast each season is a dream come true,” said Mirk and Padnick. “We could not be happier that TBS has given us the reins on this unique and special show.”

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source: TBS

La Nación interview (Argentina)

Newspaper La Nación from Argentina interviewed Daniel on the phone exclusively in promotion of Escape from Pretoria (Fuga de Pretoria) which airs 26th October on TNT.

"If Tim had not been happy with my work, I would have been devastated"

Not much new info but below an excerpt of the interview, translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland. For more visit their website

Going back to the South African accent, did you have a coach on set?
Yes, Jenny, it was fantastic.
I also prepared a lot beforehand because in reality what I was avoiding was getting to the set and, at the time of filming, being too careful to say my phrases correctly and only on that. So having someone there to detect any errors was very helpful.

I read that before filming a scene you like to put music to tune yourself, what did you do in this case? I guess it varies from movie to movie.
Yes, you're right, I'm changing all the time. I'm not going to lie to you: sometimes you don't need to prepare for all the scenes you're going to do in a movie. That is, you memorize your parts, but it doesn't always require arduous preparation. Different is the case of sequences that carry wear, such as the scene of a panic attack or a state of frenzy, something that requires immersion in a certain experience. In general, I like to listen to songs that are related to the characters that I play or that make me feel something connected to the project I'm working on.

Escape from Pretoria is a film that relies heavily on gestures, how was that type of preparation, to communicate only with the face?
Our director, Francis Annan, made us see a French film called A Condemned To Death Has Escaped [Robert Bresson's 1956 film] before we started shooting. It was a great lesson that I learned because much of what is narrated there is based on close-ups or close-ups, and Francis took it as a reference. I enjoyed working that way, with those guidelines. If there was a reason I chose this project, it was because of Francis in the first place. His enthusiasm is contagious, he has a lot of energy, he was always passionate about history, which he knew very well. It was very clear that he already had the entire movie shot in his head before filming began.

If we leave aside the tough true story that is based on it, would you say that Petroria's Escape is also an effective film within the subgenre of prison breaks?
Yes absolutely. In fact, when I read the script I was surprised that it had not been filmed before, because as a prison thriller, it is also fantastic. I hope the audience takes it the same way.

How difficult is it to drop a character?
It depends a lot on experience. I think the hardest to let go of was Manny in Swiss Army Man. I missed him so much when filming ended, I had such a good time playing him, it was such a rare but sweet role. It was a fantastic role.


Harry Potter statue unveiled in Leicester Square

I already shared the news about the upcoming Harry Potter statue reveal earlier this month. And today is the day: The statue, Daniel as Harry during the Quidditch scene from Philosopher's Stone, has been unveiled in London's Leicester Square.

It is situated on the north side of the square, not far away from where the first film premiered in 2001. It's part of Scenes in the Square which is an interactive statue trail. The statue will remain with the other statues until at least July 2023. Find more info at the official website.

Here are some photos:

source: PA Media
picture source: PinPep, Ian Gavan, Joel C Ryan

Harry Potter Throwback

Tom Felton shared the following Harry Potter Throwback photo on Instagram. It's taken on set of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

Caption contest ...winner gets signed hero mask *villain , time starts NOW! 📷 credit @josh_herdman_official

Second, here's the coronavirus face mask photo:

Follow Tom Felton on Instagram: @t22felton

Cinépolis trailer for Escape from Pretoria with introduction from Daniel

Below you see the Cinépolis trailer for Escape from Pretoria (Fuga de Pretoria) with an introduction from Daniel. The film will be released at Cinépolis Costa Rica on 1st October. It's already playing at Cinépolis cinemas in Mexico and Brasil.

This video is also shared on Facebook.

n-tv interview (DE)

German n-tv channel's Anna Meinecke interviewed Daniel in promotion of Miracle Workers: Dark Ages (series 2). The series is available on TNT Comedy in Germany.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

Mr. Radcliffe, you clearly have a lot of fun with Miracle Workers. Why is that?
The show is hilarious. Sounds banal, doesn't it? But I'm really just amazed at how she can be so goofy and daft, but at the same time incredibly clever and clever. Maintaining balance is an immense challenge for comedy writers. I could not do it. And then everything looks great too. Have you seen the sets?

Yes I have.
Aren't they incredible? I haven't seen such an elaborate design since Harry Potter. Miracle Workers is not a glossy drama, but a half-hour comedy format. We have sets like Game of Thrones and jokes like The Simpsons. I really enjoy coming to work right now.

Would you have thought that you would get so excited about a series engagement?
In fact, I'll hold onto this job for as long as I can. I love my job, but there is often a lot of stress associated with it. Working with new people is a crucial factor. As an actor you are best when you are maximally relaxed. If you worry about how you will get on with colleagues you have just met, it is a terrible distraction. Miracle Workers is a fantastic project, it is well written, but above all I work with people I love, with whom I also enjoy spending time privately and in whose presence I enjoy working well. Isn't that nice?

In every group there is always the funny one, the one with the good advice and so on. What role do you play among your cast members?
I would like to be who people come to when there is a problem. I'm definitely not the funniest. This is John Bass. And when it comes to any logistical question, Karan Soni is the contact. He reads every contract from cover to cover before he signs it - no other actor does that! Therefore, he always knows when we can say no, because we are not contractually obliged to do so. (laughs)

The second season of Miracle Workers could hardly be more different from the first. And you also play a completely different role. Is there still a connection between the angel Craig and Prince Chauncley?
Both characters are driven by fear for very different reasons. Both are afraid of the forces in their lives that they cannot control. I feel close to Craig in a way. He's not without flaws, but at heart he's a very decent, hard-working guy. Chauncley, on the other hand, grew up in a privileged bubble and is accordingly lazy. But he will learn as the series progresses that not everyone has it as well as he does. And who knows, maybe he will question his previous life. First of all, he's terribly stupid - and that, in turn, I enjoy playing.

Is it easier to play a smart character or a less clever character?

A smart one, I suppose. As an actor, when a role is well written, all I have to do is learn the sentences in the script and I immediately sound intelligent. Playing stupid requires more acting. But wait, that sounds like I'm a little too pleased with myself right now ... (laughs)

Explain it to me!
Think of typical stupid characters like Joey from the sitcom Friends. Matt LeBlanc plays the role in a brilliantly nuanced and incredibly precise manner. Or think of Woody from the series Cheers played by Woody Harrelson. I don't know Matt LeBlanc personally, but I know Woody Harrelson is insanely intelligent. I think you can't play someone very stupid if you don't understand the character's wit.

What makes the Middle Ages such a suitable setting for Miracle Workers today?

We like to forget that people in the past did not see themselves as characters from the past. You always understand the world in which you live as the most complete, best world so far. It was no different in the Middle Ages. People have always believed that their problems are unique and so are they. We have always had to deal with chaos. We have always thought: now we are delivered. And then it went on. I think there is something liberating about that. If the series has one message at its core, it is: We are nothing special.

Is it more important for you than for others to remember it because somehow you've been special since childhood?
In any case, I learned early on that it was important. I grew up on the set. I was there the entire time I was shooting, ten or eleven months a year. All of my friends were part of the film crew - and I heard them talk about actors. Let's put it this way: You didn't want to be among those who thought they were special. Actors who think their job is more complicated or difficult than that of their colleagues on the set, I find ridiculous. Because I was aware of the fact that people might treat me differently from others, I always tried to actively counteract this. I find it very uncomfortable to get special treatment.

But surely there are also advantages to being Daniel Radcliffe?
Oh definitely. There are tremendous benefits to being famous as well. For example, it's easier to get a table in a trendy restaurant. If that's what you want, a well-known actor can live in a bubble. You can gather people around you and tell you all day long how great you are. But what kind of person does that make you? I don't want to lose myself, so I keep reminding myself: You are nothing special.


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