Filmeditie van Horns

Hieronder vind je de filmeditie cover van Joe Hill's boek Horns (Hoorns). Deze editie is alleen verkrijgbaar als eBook. Uitgegeven door uitgeverij Luitingh-Sijthoff in november 2014.

Pagina's: 408 pagina's
ISBN13 9789024567782
ISBN-10 9024567785

Joe Hill is de bestsellerauteur van Hoorns, Zwart hart en Nosferatu. Samen met Stephen King schreef Hill Hoogste versnelling en Het hoge gras.

Hoorns is nu verfilmd met Daniel Radcliffe in de hoofdrol. Nog nooit kreeg je zoveel 'sympathy for the devil' als in deze adembenemende bovennatuurlijke thriller.

Merrin Williams is dood, vermoord onder bizarre omstandigheden, en haar geliefde Ignatius Perrish is de enige verdachte. Een jaar na haar dood wordt Ig na een wilde, verwarrende nacht wakker met een enorme kater en groeien er hoorns uit zijn hoofd. Eerst schrikt hij daar erg van, maar dan blijkt hij bepaalde gaven te hebben: iedereen vertelt hem de waarheid en hij kan mensen ertoe brengen hun meest immorele impulsen te volgen.

Zal Ig zijn nieuwe gaven kunnen gebruiken om te ontdekken wie Merrin in het bos heeft verkracht en vermoord?

`Hoorns is een psychologische thriller ( ) de intrige is ijzersterk. **** Het Parool


What If deleted scene

MTV has released a deleted scene from What If. The romantic comedy is now available on iTunes and DVD & Blu-ray in the US. Well talking about the movie, you could have missed the nine minute clip released by Just Jared on this site's Facebook page.

Horns DVD & Blu-ray US release date

Anchor Bay Entertainment and RADiUS have anounced today that Horns will arrive on DVD and Blu-ray on 6th January 2015 in the US. Below you find the artwork too.


A supernatural thriller driven by fantasy, mystery, and romance, HORNS follows Ig Perrish (Daniel Radcliffe), the number one suspect for the murder of his girlfriend, Merrin (Juno Temple). Hungover from a night of hard drinking, Ig awakens one morning to find horns growing from his head and soon realizes their power drives people to confess their sins and give in to their most selfish and unspeakable impulses–an effective tool in his quest to discover what happened to his girlfriend and exact revenge on her killer. Based on the best-selling novel by Joe Hill.

Written by Keith Bunin,HORNS has a running time of 120 minutes and is rated R for sexual content, some graphic nudity, disturbing violence including a sexual assault, language and drug use. Blu-Ray™ and DVD special feature includesThe Making of Horns.


A Throwback Thursday photo - Horns

On set photo via Mitchell Kummen's Instagram page. He plays the young Ig Perrish in Horns.

Here is a better throwback Thursday with the one and only Daniel Radcliffe on the set of horns totally forgot I had this, would have posted this first if I was thinking. I I have to get a brain to think :P
Follow Mitchell on Instagram: @mitchellkummen

Update(2): Horns press junket interviews (NL)

Er zijn alleen maar een paar press junket interviews voor Horns die zijn opgenomen, bij Hotel de L'Europe, in Amsterdam terug in September. Dan is er ook nog een interview van de Metro. Horns had een "pre-premiere" op het Leiden International Film Festival (LIFF). De film is vanaf 13 november te zien in de bioscoop.

Update: 12th November 2014. Novum.
Update: 5th August 2016. Pathé's interview.

Photo: Noah Zeeuw (Instagram), de Filmfabriek video:

Films & Sterren

Nafiesa interviewt Daniel voor Pathé

Scans: Veronica magazine (NL)

Scans van Veronica magazine in promotie van Horns. (nummer 44, 8 november 2014). Zij hadden een interview met Daniel terwijl hij in Amsterdam was. Headline: 'Angel in disguise'.

Credit Daniel J Radcliffe Holland als je de scans gebruikt.

(I didn't translate the interview because there's isn't anything new mentioned in it. The photo featured in the magazine is one from Danielle Levitt).

Sky Movies' Toy Stories

To celebrate the full Toy Story collection coming to Sky Movies, Daniel Radcliffe, James Corden and Simon Pegg share their favourite bits.

Updated(2): Daniel Radcliffe on CONAN

Daniel was a guest on CONAN, Conan O'Brien's talk show where he ofcourse promoted Horns but also talked about visiting the Star Wars set, Harry Potter and more. You find those clips below.

13th November 2014. Behind the scenes photo via Facebook.
Update: 24th January 2015. There's a gif via Daniel's Google+ page from him visiting the Harry Potter exhibition at the Warner Bros museum (a.k.a Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood) in Burbank, CA (link via this site's page).

picture source: Meghan Sinclair

Updated(3): Daniel Radcliffe supports Mexican reading campaign

Below you find a poster featuring Daniel Radcliffe from the Mexican reading campaign set up by the Communication Councel in Mexico with the tagline "What matters is in your head" ("Lo que importa esta en tu cabeza"). This part of the campaign runs from October 2014 to March 2015. Others who participate are Olympic medalist Paola Espinosa, Players Pittsburgh Steelers Troy Polamalu and Brett Keisel, Ines Sainz drivers and Mauricio Mancera. As licenses: Star Wars and SpongeBob.

Horns (Cuernos) is also mentioned on the poster. The film will be released in Mexico on 18th December.

Update: 12th December 2014. Daniel's quote below.
Update: 16th January 2015. A behind the scenes photo.
Update: 25th August 2020. Full size photo.

From the press release:
This new campaign aims to make reading an inspiring, moving participatory and involving all; where young people are the influencer entity that transforms our society making way for knowledge and recreation, becoming a role model for adults and for future generations.

The guiding principle of the campaign is to communicate to young people beyond their appearance, what really matters is what is in your head. In this sense, reading is the tool that makes what's inside of them is better and stronger, because through it can express, create, engage and build their own personality. Likewise, the campaign applauds individuality, respects the identity, dress and think, encouraging freedom of expression among young people.

Mexico is the second largest number of young people, therefore this reading phase, the Communication Council is convinced that the effect of this campaign will help to multiply efforts to make Mexico a country of readers, understanding that reading is the tool for raising educational standards in our country.

More info: Facebook / Twitter.

source: PRNewswire
picture source: Paco Díaz

Updated(2): What If DVD & Blu-ray UK release date + poster

What If will be released by Entertainment One on DVD and Blu-ray on 9th February 2015 in the UK. You can pre-order now. More details haven't been releases yet, but when it comes available I will update this post. Below you find also another UK poster for the film apart from this poster I posted earlier.

Update: 20th December 2014. The DVD artwork is added below.
Update: 15th February 2015. To celebrate the DVD & Blu-ray release, there's this interview and you can see a deleted scene below.

Updated(2): Horns press conference

Daniel, Joe Hill and Juno Temple did attend a press conference for Horns on Wednesday 29th October at the Four Seasons hotel in Los Angeles. You can read an article about it on and there's a video below with thanks to Michael Dequina from for sharing it with Daniel J Radcliffe Holland on Twitter. There are also tweets by number 1 | number 2 | number 3.

Update: 31st December 2014. Thanks to Ben Kenber for sharing his article. And Part of the Q&A is published at
Update: 22nd August 2016. Another photo by MPRM Communications.

Via Daniel's Google+:

#hornsmovie LA press conference with #junotemple and  #joehill  #horrormovies 

picture source (banner above):

The Google+ link at this page is Dan's post shared via this site's Google+ page

Updated: Yahoo! Movies interview

Below you find a video from Yahoo! Movies talking with Juno Temple and Daniel about Horns. (and Daniel talks about his rap on Jimmy Fallon).

Update: 12th November 2014. Another video. Know your co-star with Daniel Radcliffe and Juno Temple.

picture source: Giana Mucci

Daniel Radcliffe on The Talk

Daniel was a guest on the talk (aired yesterday) where he promoted Horns with Juno Temple and they also played a game called Me So Horny. There is sadly no video currently. And there's this photo (more below)
(short video)

picture source: CBS

Daniel Radcliffe on NPR's Wait wait...don't tell me!

In promotion of Horns Daniel was on NPR's news quiz Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! with panelists Luke Burbank, Kyrie O'Connor and Alonzo Bodden (Saturday 1st November 2014). Audio below.

Daniel Radcliffe on Newstalk Breakfast

Ireland's Newstalk Breakfast (106-108 FM) interview with Daniel in promotion of Horns. It aired this morning. To listen to the podcast you have to click here.


Updated(2): Horns press junket interviews (US)

Here are the US press junket interviews for Horns with Daniel and Juno Temple. Horns is available online and on demand and is playing in select theatres. The Chief Report posted photos and a review online and there are also interviews from, The Blot magazine and The Sag Harbor Express. If more appear online I will add them. Edit: A photo from Cinema Today.

Update: 12th August 2016. A DVD message via Couch Potato I missed in 2015.
Update: 23rd August 2016. Also uploaded in 2015: Family Video.

This video is also shared on Facebook.

This video is also shared on Facebook.

Complex interview

Interview with Daniel and Alex Aja in promotion of Horns.

When my friends have asked me to describe Horns to them, it’s usually around the part where I say “devil’s horns grow out of this guy’s head” that they give me a weird, sideways look, and I lose them. Has it been tough selling this bizarre, almost unclassifiable movie to people so far?
Daniel Radcliffe: [Laughs.] You know—and I mean this with huge amounts of love for the film, because I obviously fucking love it and I’m going to keep telling people about it until someone makes me stop—it’s one of those things that’s almost hard to summarize without making it sound a bit like crap. If you start off by telling people that it’s about a guy who grows devil’s horns out of his head, they start picturing something really silly, right? Most people’s imaginations aren’t as good as Joe Hill’s, so when you feed the same information in, other people get this silly picture whereas in Joe’s head, of course, it’s this fully-fledged, awesome, dark, complex story and character drama.
The way I have been describing it to people is, it’s about a guy whose girlfriend has been raped and murdered, and after a night of debauchery and ill-advised sex with a friend, he wakes up to discover there are horns growing out of his head, and over the next three days he tries to figure out both why he’s turning into the devil and who really killed his girlfriend. So that’s become my 30-second pitch, but it’s really hard to do justice to it by just describing it with just words.

Horns never stops shifting its tones, switching from comedy to horror or romance all within the same scenes. Alex, was it difficult to navigate through that as the director?
Alexandre Aja: What’s funny is that I didn’t even realize the story is like that when I was reading it, honestly. When I was reading Joe Hill’s book, I completely got it. I saw it on the screen instantly. I knew exactly what we could do with it. I saw it at this kind of weird reversal of It’s a Wonderful Life, but with a fantasy/horror twist to it. It’s only really when I started talking with other people and collaborators about my passion for this movie that I realized how the constantly shifting tones were an issue for a lot of people. It reminds me a lot of what I experienced with Piranha; when I set out to make that film, a lot of people didn’t think we’d be able to do that kind of extreme horror-comedy—they didn’t think it would work. So just imagine what I encountered with Horns. [Laughs.] Compared to Horns, Piranha is a simple film.

But then I started answering everyone the same way Joe Hill had been, by saying, “Why can’t what works in a book also work the same way on the screen?” Why do we have to be put in boxes? Why are we letting marketing dictate movies in the way that they have to be, say, a proper horror movie? Or a proper comedy? Or a proper drama? Why can’t they be all of those things at the same time? Movies in the past, ones that have nothing to do with this one, like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, go into so many different zones and so many different styles. I’ve always thought that the point of a fable is to tell an almost biblical tale where a character goes through all kinds of different motivations and emotions and conflicts.

You can’t fool the character. I didn’t want to make a movie that would be like changing channels on a TV. I wanted to make a proper story about Ig Perrish, but I wanted to keep everything that made the book so exciting to me in the beginning, and that was not an easy thing. At first, some people were saying, “You know what? Maybe we should lose the comedy,” or, “Maybe we should lose the horror,” or, “Maybe we should just focus on the love story.” Everyone had an idea of what we should do, but I always had the dedication to just go back to my earliest feelings as a reader of Joe Hill’s book. I wanted the audience to have the same emotions as I had reading the book.

You’ve made certain small changes between the book and the movie, like with Ig’s horns, which in the movie look much subtler. Did you feel the need to tone some of the book’s wilder images down in order to make them work on the screen?
Aja: As a filmmaker, the only thing that’s really important is making sure your film works as a proper film, that it’s entertaining for people in the audience. So the way the horns are described in the book, and that’s a great example, they were a little bit more over-the-top. It’s funny when you’re reading about them like that, but when you’re trying to put those up on the screen, it could’ve taken the audience out of the experience. It wouldn’t have worked visually to have the audience try and buy these big red horns that look like they’re from a Halloween costume. So I wanted to find a way to transform Ig Perrish into the devil in a very organic way, to make people forget about the horns the same way people who see him in the movie forget about them, because they’re under his spell while in his presence.

I wanted to go in very realistic direction. The whole challenge of the movie was to create a bridge between this hyper-real American, Kurt Cobain’s Seattle-looking town vibe and a biblical world that’s like Paradise Lost. I wanted to create that bridge because that’s the best way to keep the audience connected to the story as it gets crazier and crazier.

Daniel, coming off of the Harry Potter movies, you must've been seeking out characters through which you could show off range. In that respect, Horns seems like the perfect project.
Radcliffe: Exactly, yeah. There’s just nothing else like Horns out there. You read a lot of scripts without ever saying, “God, this is totally original!” And that was Horns. Also, there are a lot of things you read and you say, “You know, I really like the idea of this, but I’m not totally connecting with it.” There’s a difference between liking something and wanting to jump up on the table and yell, “I will not allow another actor to play this part!” [Laughs.] That’s kind of the reaction that Horns got out of me. As I was reading it, I couldn’t imagine sitting in a cinema in a year or so’s time, looking at that movie, and seeing somebody else in that part. I had that sense of very quickly, so I said to myself, “I better get on with this and try and get this job.”

It’s almost like you’re playing three different characters, right? 
Radcliffe: Absolutely, but I’ll say that it’s not just because I was coming out of the Harry Potter movies. For any actor, to show so much range in one project is exciting. Regardless of anything I’d done, that was the thing that was the most exciting to me about the script. First and foremost, I responded to how funny the beginning was, and how well-written it all was. Like, if you grew horns like this, yes, you would definitely freak out, run to a doctor, and try to get them chopped off. That’s when I knew I really liked it, when I saw that Ig was going through all of the same thought processes and done all the same things I would have done if I’d woken up with horns. That was a sign of good writing to me.

Did you respond more to the comedy side, then?
Radcliffe: Actually, I think what excited me the most about it was the love story and the ending, where you find out what was really going on with Merrin the whole time. That very emotional story is what anchors the film and elevates it from being just another sort of very entertaining horror-comedy. It makes it have a lasting emotional impact. That love story is so key to the film.

Younger love stories in movies can be dicey. But between Horns and your other film this year, the romantic comedy What If, you’ve shown a strong eye for interesting young love stories.
Radcliffe: Thank you very much. The relationship in Horns is a version of a relationship that many people have had. It’s that thing of, when you first fell in love with a girl, that feeling you had the first time you escaped from your home and snuck off to her home, and forming that relationship for the first time. It’s that initial flush of first love that carries on for Ig and Merrin. They were living in that sort of perpetual heaven for a very long time, and Joe Hill brilliantly created that just as Alex Aja has brilliantly reconstructed it. It’s an untainted, innocent love, and then, of course, we all destroy it as the story goes on. [Laughs.] There’s something so moving and universal about the love story, and that’s what makes it so heartbreaking to see it torn apart.

Switching gears quite a bit here, briefly in a previous interview you mentioned that have a strong interest in the Devil’s mythology, even citing the great Russian novel The Master and Margarita, written by Mikhail Bulgakov. Has that interest always been there for you?
Radcliffe: Yeah, The Master and Margarita is my all-time favorite book. One of the first conversations Alex and I had was about the devil in popular culture and literature and music. The frequency with which he turns up is remarkable, and this is essentially the bad guy of all time, right? And yet he is so often written about, and when he’s written about it’s in a much more interesting way than God ever is. [Laughs.] He’s always a much more charismatic character than God.

The classic example is Paradise Lost—John Milton obviously created a great, fascinating character in the devil, and then, as a very religious man, felt sort of appalled that he had done that. So he tried to write Paradise Regained with Jesus as the central figure, and it was just boring—no one cared.
The devil is just an amazing character. I think there are so many references to him in popular culture because there’s something to his origin story about being a fallen angel, which means that there is the potential for both good and evil within him at all times. That’s maybe something that human beings can relate to a lot more than someone who’s just either purely good or purely evil all the time

Especially in genre movies, particularly horror, the devil is always presented as this purely evil, sinister force. Horns is the first movie in a long time to give the devil multiple facets.
Radcliffe: Definitely. There’s a great line that was in the script at one point, and I’m not sure if it was cut from the final version of the movie, where he says, “The devil is the only person who loves us for who we truly are,” warts and all. I think there’s something to that in Ig’s character—he’s someone who, with his horns, gives people the permission to express how they truly feel. Ig is one of the most interesting versions of the devil I’ve ever seen or read. I feel incredibly honored to get to play him.

It’s, to say the least, a dramatic shift away from Harry Potter.
Radcliffe: [Laughs.] I can’t imagine a more dramatic one.


Updated: Daniel Radcliffe on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Daniel was a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where he promoted Horns. For this Halloween episode, Daniel was dressed up as Boba Fett from Star Wars and Ellen pranked Daniel with an Earthquake (special trailer). There are two clips below, one of them was already shared on this site's Facebook page. Full episode: view here (Daniel at 13:27).

Update: 30th April 2017. A backstage photo shared by Daniel Logan on Facebook.
Backstage selfie via Ellen's website:

picture source: Michael Rozman

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