29th August: on set of The F Word

Below you find some more pictures from Daniel on the set of The F Word in Toronto from yesterday, (29th August) filming a dinner party scene alongside Zoe Kazan and Rafe Spall.

picture source: infphoto.com

Updated: Horns will start production in Vancouver: 4-week shoot

There is some more news about Horns, the supernatural thriller based off the Joe Hill book. Shooting will start late September in Vancouver, right after Daniel finishes The F Word which he is currently shooting in Toronto. It’s a relatively low-budget (under $20 million) four-week shoot. source

Update: 9th September 2012. Horns will start production on September 27th until November 23rd, 2012 source

A parody on J.K. Rowling's The Casual Vacancy

Not directly Dan related news but still interesting: You all probably know that J.K. Rowling is publishing a new adult fiction novel: The Casual Vacancy which is due to be released on the 27th September this year.

I received a press release from publisher Boxtree about a parody they released of the novel, called The Vacant Casualty by Patty O’Furniture which seems to be a good read... (and is out already in ebook!) so you might want to check out more info about it below.
Is it a murder mystery? Is it biting social satire? Who knows? Who cares?
You're not my mother - where am I?

This is a brilliantly funny parody of the world's most hotly anticipated new book, from the author of two Sunday Times bestselling humour titles. And we haven’t read it yet either! In fact its a world first a parody of a book not yet published.

Nothing ever seems to happen in the sleepy English town of Mumford unless you count the man with the axe in his back, staggering down the street getting blood everywhere and leaving a vacancy on the Parish Council . . .

Into the fray steps Detective Inspector Bradley. Although he appears to be a plodding buffoon, incapable of detecting his own backside, that is exactly what he is. But when he teams up with a writer researching a detective novel, together they blunder towards the identity of the‘vacant casualty’, just hoping to get there before everyone in the town is murdered.

In this potty-mouthed, depraved parody, strewn with casual violence and sexual deviancy, you’ll discover granny mafia, farting tea-ladies, car chases, serial killers and lashings of tortoise milk. But no immigrants. This is the countryside, after all.

Published by Boxtree in ebook at £3.99 (out now) and in hardback on 13 September at £8.99.

The Vacant Casualty is not prepared, authorized, licensed, approved, or endorsed by the author or the publishers of The Casual Vacancy.

20th August: on set pictures The F Word

There are some more pictures of Daniel filming The F Word yesterday. This time with a "black eye".

picture source: Sean O'Neill, infdaily.com

Updated: Daniel Radcliffe featured in documentary The Standbys

Daniel is featured in the documentary The Standbys (2012) about Broadway and their Understudies and Standbys which had screenings but is now (2013) available on DVD or download
"A documentary revealing the under-appreciated, highly demanding world of Broadway Understudies and Standbys. Three undiscovered performers at various points in their careers get the chance of a lifetime. Their struggle is put into perspective through never-before-heard stories from celebrities who themselves were once Understudies or Standbys"
Update: 13th February 2014: A video featuring Daniel can be viewed below called "The hardest job on Broadway" This part is not featured in the documentary. With thanks to The Standbys.

website: thestandbys.com

Daniel Radcliffe filming in the rain for The F Word

Daniel Radcliffe was filming scenes in the rain with costar Zoe Kazan for The F Word in Toronto on Thursday afternoon. The film which will be shot in Toronto, Canada, Dublin and Ireland, according to The Hollywood Reporter and Variety.

picture source: Splash News

Harry Potter Wizard's Collection clip: Daniel's stunt & body doubles

There is a new Harry Potter Wizard's Collection video released online called The Harry Potters You Never Met which is mainly Daniel Radcliffe's stunt and body doubles while filming Harry Potter. The video also features David Holmes.

First on set pictures from The F Word

Daniel has been spotted with Zoe Kazan on the set of The F Word in Toronto, Ontario, Canada today.

picture source: infphoto.com

Exclusive Harry Potter Wizard's Collection clip: Quidditch

The Harry Potter Wizard's collection will be available in September, I did write about it here. Warner Bros release a new clip which features behind the scenes footage of Daniel and Tom Felton filming Quidditch.

Scans: Entertainment Weekly - 2002 (US)

Yes I didn't forgot that I promised on Facebook to post the scans from Entertainment Weekly (2002) & Vanity Fair (2001) since I managed to get my hands on these magazines. ;) Only sadly I have to tell you all that the Vanity Fair is too thick to get good scans.. so you find only the Entertainment Weekly below. A young Daniel as Harry in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Please credit Daniel J Radcliffe Holland if you use the scans.

Updated(2): 2nd photo on the set of A Young Doctor's Notebook

A second behind the scenes photo of Dan on the set of the miniserie A Young Doctor's Notebook turned up online. Academykidz.com has posted it on their website. It was quite a large file, so I decided to post a smaller one.

3rd September 2012. The Guardian posted that Sky Arts will air the mini-series in December. It's not confirmed or official released yet, so we will see.
Update: 5th September 2012. Official: coming to Sky Arts this Autumn

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