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Have a good 2010!

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Have a good 2010!
I like to wish you all a great 2010!. Also a huge thank you to all of you who visited Daniel J Radcliffe Holland the past year and I hope the support will continue during 2010. Also a thank you to all the affiliates, and ofcourse Daniel, without him this site wouldn't excist.


I am sending an e-mail to all my affiliates, but noticed I have some who doesn't work anymore and from others I don't have an e-mail at all. Please let me know if you have changed it or have one but haven't mentioned it on your site. Thanks!

Screentest December Boys

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Screentest December Boys
The screentest videos from December Boys (2007) featuring Mathew Waters with Daniel turned up online. Mathew was considered to look to old and the part was eventually cast with a 12 year old.

A thank you from Tim Hailand

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A thank you from Tim Hailand
Tim Hailand wants to thank everyone who supported the book Project One Day in the Life of. ICYMI: A portion of all book sales will be donated to Broadway Cares/Equity fights AIDS (BC/EFA).

Dennys Ilic about working with Dan

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Dennys Ilic about working with Dan
Photographer Dennys Ilic has been interviewed by Galactica TV about the four years he has been working with Dan (Harry Potter promotion photos)
But in the end I have to say that probably the greatest experience for me overall -- because I've been involved with it for a good four or five years now -- has been photographing Daniel Radcliffe for the Harry Potter films. Partly because I shot him for the first time when he was fifteen years old and I now just finished shooting him when he's 20, Just seeing him change and grow from a young child to this amazing young man. He's so grounded and so intelligent and so focused on his work.

Obviously he makes a good deal of money for someone his age, but he hasn't suffered any of trappings that come with that. He's a normal young man who probably works a hundred times harder than any of us can conceive or would do ourselves. He's just all about his craft. It's just amazing seeing a Harry Potter film being made and seeing how much he does -- how hard he worked on Equus, reading scripts for other projects while at the same time he was preparing for my photoshoot.

Half-Blood Prince live community screening: advertisement

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Half-Blood Prince live community screening: advertisement
Advertisement for the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince BD live community screening on 13th December 2009. More info at harrypotter.com/blu-ray.

Updated: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince DVD launch interviews

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Updated: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince DVD launch interviews
Here press junket interview videos from the DVD launch of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and a bit of Deathly Hallows: How Dan developed a cold on set. From Sky News, TV 2, WireImage, BBC News, MTV News, ETalk, ITN and Sunrise Australia.

Update: 9th December 2009. CNN The Screening Room.

Associated Press (AP) - Half-Blood Prince live community screening

From Denmark:


Paul O'Grady Show

Update: Exclusive: Scans Cosmo Girl! magazine (NL)

Marion 7
Update: Exclusive: Scans Cosmo Girl! magazine (NL)
Exclusief: In de nieuwe Cosmo Girl! (13 december) magazine is een nieuwe foto te zien van de 2009 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince shoot door Dennys Ilic. Niks nieuws in de interview behalve de bands waar hij over praat. English: Want the translation in English? e-mail me.

Credit Daniel J Radcliffe Holland als je de scans gebruikt.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

Harry is Hot
Little boys grow older and hotter!..When we look at Daniel Radcliffe in “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” then. Time for more information on Daniel.

You are 8 Harry Potter movies further. Aren’t you almost become Harry yourself?

D: Harry is amazing and it’s great to play him. But then I hope that people can see him besides me. I also had a role into the play Equus, which even made me stand naked on the stage! Scary, but also great to know that I can do more then just Harry.

And then.. after 10 years of filming, you are ready with filming from the last Harry Potter movie.. strange.. or maybe even relaxed?

D: Very odd.. to not be able to come back to the set after it will end. It was just a nice idea to know that, besides my other projects, the role of harry always waited for me. Now I know that it will end soon, it isn’t so great. And not to be able to work again with all the friends I made on the set is of course not so great. But I won’t miss all the table tennis tournaments with Emma. I am able to beat Rupert most of the times, but Emma is so good at it, she always wins!

How Is it to see the first movie again?
D: It keep strange to look at yourself and to be honest I always get a weird feeling into my stomach when I look at my earlier acting performances. I haven’t done that in a long time. Mmm.. maybe even a good idea. Then can I see how much I have been grown. Literally and figuratively haha.

You love music. To which bands do you listen the most right now?
D: Vampire Weekend is a-ma-zing. Everyone should listen to that. The music from Laura Marling is also on my playlist, she writes amazing song texts. Just like Adele, by the way. And now I am already starting: I’m also a fan from the bands: The Wombats, Beirut, and Mars Volta. Listening to music and explore new bands. I love it!

Wouldn’t you like to play in a band yourself?

D: No.. I absolutely don’t have enough musically talent for that. It would be great if I suddenly get noticed as a great guitarist, but I’m afraid that that will never happen.

30 seconds biography
Name: Daniel Jacob Radcliffe
Nickname: Dan
Birthdate: 23th July 1989
Horoscope: Lion
Birthplace: London
Parents: father Alan is working at a publishing house. Mother Marcia is a casting agent.
Brothers/Sisters: none
Length: 1.68 meter
First Role ever: David Copperfield (1999)
Big breakthrough: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001)

Did you know that:
- Daniel’s favorite food is fish?
- His favorite actors are Cameron Diaz, Scarlet Johansson, and Ben Stiller?
- That he hates cockroaches?
- That his hobby is photography?
- He has dyspraxia? That’s a motor impediment which can make him seem clumsy sometimes.
- Binka and Nugget are the names from his dogs?
- That he didn’t liked the Harry Potter books before he got the role from Harry?
- That he still is struggling with his nerves when he wants to flirt with a girl?
- A lot of people confuse him with actor Elijah Wood?
- His favorite word is “Voldemort”
- Daniel believes in ghosts?
- He had to cry (from happiness) when he saw his name for the first time on the end credits.


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Partner site danielradcliffe.de has started a Adventskalender with some great surprises everyday, so worth checking that out this month! Thanks to Mira for the info.

Daniel Radcliffe talks about Half-Blood Prince live community screening

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Daniel Radcliffe talks about Half-Blood Prince live community screening
David Yates and Daniel discussed the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince BD live community screening with Vira-Tempo blog. 
“So you’re undertaking something of a first with the Blu-ray release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince with the Live Community Screening ’ can you tell me more about that?
David Yates: “Yes. Technically, it’s an extraordinary event. It’s happened before, but not on the global scale that we’re going to do because obviously there are Harry Potter fans everywhere on the planet. It’s on December 12th of this year and Daniel Radcliffe and I will be answering questions directly from fans via BD-Live about how we made the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and some of the things that were challenging as we made it, and some of the things that I’m sure the fans will begin to know about: Why did we leave some things out? Why did some things come in? And it will be the first time that we’ll really engage with that global fan-base on a minute-by-minute basis, so it’ll be really cool.

So you’ll be enticing people to take part, obviously?
Dan Radcliffe: Oh, absolutely. I’m actually genuinely very, very excited about it. I think it’ll be really cool. I’m looking forward to some absolutely mental questions, and probably questions I haven’t been asked before because fans come at the film from a totally different side to journalists. So I imagine there’ll be some stuff I’ve never heard before.”
In terms of the Blu-ray and DVD of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, you crop up on the extra feature about the editing. Is that something that you are particularly interested in?
DR: They said ‘are there any departments that you would be interested having a look into?’ And to be honest, I see about 10 per cent of what goes on in this building. But one of the things I just always thought of as being the most painstaking, meticulous job was editing. And I knew very little about it. And I think editors are actually the unsung heroes of the film industry because they can make bad performances or a bad film look very, very good. So I was really interested and also, Mark’s a really lovely guy, and I thought if I’m going to learn, here’s my chance to have a bit of chat with Mark about it.
And you’re also taking part in something of a first for the Blu-ray this time around. Tell me about the Blu-ray Live Community Screening?

Yes, it’s on December 12th and it means that anybody who has got the Blu-ray copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince can use the BD-Live function on the disc which means that everybody can join in with me and David Yates who are going to be watching the film together. And then everyone around the world will be watching the synchronized version of the film and then they can ask David and I questions – which we will attempt to answer as cogently and interestingly as we can!
source: blogviratempo.blogspot.com

Exclusive clip Ultimate DVD's: Introduction by Daniel Radcliffe

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Exclusive clip Ultimate DVD's: Introduction by Daniel Radcliffe
A new clip introduced by Daniel ''Creating the World of Harry Potter''

Dan about Robert Pattinson's fame

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Dan about Robert Pattinson's fame
Robert Pattinson always said he admired Daniel on the way he acts into handling the fans and fame. Daniel said the following about this on the DVD launch from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
"I wouldn't have any advice" Radcliffe said. He seems to be coping well" about fame: 'it is totally mad when people are screaming and going absolutely insane for you"

"Particulary with Robert- The amount of women that would jump on him- you have to keep it in some kind of perspective, by thinking 'well partly they like me and partly they are just attracted by the character' As long as you don't think 'oh yeah god they're all doing this - I must be absolutely fantastic' As long as you do that you should be all right"
source: BBC

Message: Children in Need 2009

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Message: Children in Need 2009
Daniel, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint recorded a video message for BBC's Children in Need.

Video via rg.net

Half-Blood Prince DVD: Editing with Daniel Radcliffe

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Half-Blood Prince DVD: Editing with Daniel Radcliffe
Special feature from the Half-Blood Prince DVD

Daniel will be voice on The Simpsons

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Daniel will be voice on The Simpsons
Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Daniel will be a guest voice on a new episode of The Simpsons.
In a twilight spoof tell ex producer Al Jean, as Edmund. a kid vampire whom Lisa falls for. Edmunds father a.k.a. Dracula and Homer try to squash the budding romance.
source: ew.com

Interview: EQUUS Nationale Toneel (NL)

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Interview: EQUUS Nationale Toneel (NL)
Door Marion

14 november 2009, Muzeval: Emmen

Ik ben op 14 november naar de Nederlandse versie van Equus geweest. Ik vond het heel gaaf om de Nederlandse versie van Equus te zien. De versie was wel anders. Geen maskers zoals ze in Londen en New York gebruikt hadden, maar nog steeds wel half ontblootte mannen die de paarden voorstelden. Ik had van tevoren al de idee om Xander wat vragen te stellen met betrekking tot Equus in Londen en NY met Daniel. Ik vroeg me o.a dus af of hij Equus met Daniel misschien gezien zou hebben. Hieronder de antwoorden! Xander is 24 en speelt de rol van Alan Strang, dezelfde rol die Daniel had in 2007/2008.

Na de show had ik nog even de kans om met hem te praten, wat heel gaaf was. Hij vroeg me wat ik van Londen vond [ik had hem van tevoren gemaild over het feit dat ik Equus in London had gezien nu alweer 2 jaar geleden] Ik heb hem verteld dat hij wel heel anders was, echt een eigen versie maar wel heel goed. Xander bij deze, je was echt super! Petje af! Heel erg bedankt voor alles! En veel succes met je verdere carrière.

De vragen:

1) Wat vind je in het algemeen van het verhaal achter Equus?
Het verhaal van Equus vind ik enorm fascinerend. Het roept vragen op over wat normaal is en wat niet normaal is. We kennen allemaal wel voorbeelden van mensen als Karst T., die tijdens Koninginnedag op een menigte inrijdt, en mensen die hem kennen die dan zeggen: het was zo'n gewone, normale, rustige jongen. Maar iedereen heeft verborgen driften, angsten, verlangens. Alleen: in hoeverre laat je die zien, laat je ze naar buiten komen? Want de omgeving bepaalt of jij gewoon een beetje vreemd bent, of gek. Equus speelt met deze gegevens. Hoe de 'gek' (Alan) normaal kan zijn en de 'normale' (Dysart) waanzinnig kan worden.

2) Hoe ben je in aanraking met deze rol gekomen?
Via via hoorde ik dat ik Alan zou gaan spelen, het was alleen nog niet officieel bevestigd. Ik speel als vaste acteur bij het Nationale Toneel, dus als je weet dat een stuk gespeeld gaat worden en er een geweldige rol voor je in zit, kun je daar soms best op zitten azen. Toen de regisseur het inderdaad toegaf was ik natuurlijk erg blij.

3) Wat vind je zo leuk aan deze rol?
Alan Strang is een van de meest geweldige rollen die een jonge acteur zich kan wensen. Hij bezit zo veel kanten: met name in het begin is hij totaal gesloten en angstig. Het is een puber op de rand van volwassenheid. Hij is én kind én man. Hij is enorm intelligent (vind ik). Manipuleert als een meester. Draagt het hele stuk lang een groot geheim met zich mee. Er zitten scènes in dat ik hem als een klein jongetje mag spelen. Kortom, één van de rijkste rollen in het toneelrepertoire.

4) Ook mindere punten?
Er is geen enkel moment, geen enkele zin waar ik niks aan vind. En als dat wel af en toe zo is, dan ligt het niet aan Shaffer, maar omdat ik het niet goed speel.

5) Heb je nog speciale dingen gedaan om je in te leven/studeren in deze rol?
Afvallen! Ik ben tien kilo kwijtgeraakt voor deze rol. Uit ijdelheid , maar ook omdat je dan jonger lijkt (ik ben 24). Verder heb ik erg veel gelezen en programma's gekeken die met dit onderwerp te maken hebben. Maar dat is meer ter inspiratie op het thema, voor een rol heb je daar geloof ik niet zo veel aan. De film heb ik natuurlijk gezien, plus zelfs een DVD van een amateurversie. Zo kan ik precies zien wat ik wél en niet zelf ook wil doen.

6) Ben je in Londen of New York geweest om daar Equus te zien?
- Zo ja wat voor een indruk had je van die Engelse versie?
- Hoe vind jij Daniel Radcliffe als Alan Strang?
Ja, ik zag Equus op Broadway, samen met onze regisseur Johan Doesburg. Onze versie is wel heel anders geworden, dat zul je wel zien. Er viel me wel wat op toen ik daar in het Broadhurst Theatre zat te kijken. De Engelsen maken vaak heel getrouwe versies van toneelstukken: er wordt exact geënsceneerd wat er staat in de tekst. Vrijwel niets wordt weggelaten en niets wordt anders gedaan. Zowel qua tekst als qua regie-aanwijzingen. Ik zag opnieuw hoe goed het stuk was (ik had het natuurlijk ook al gelezen), maar vond de uitvoering in de VS wel erg traditioneel.

Dan Daniel Radcliffe. Ik was wel wat nerveus om hem te zien. Ik dacht steeds: stel je voor dat ik hem briljant vind in die rol, dan moet je het ook nog maar eens zelf gaan doen. En toen kwam ik in het theater. Ik vond hem goed. Zelfs erg goed als je in aanmerking neemt dat hij geen toneelopleiding heeft gevolgd en alleen nog maar de Harry Potter-films heeft gedaan Hij was mooi verbeten en gekweld als Alan. Maar ik vond wel dat hij wat weinig kanten liet zien. Zoals ik eerder al schreef, de rol van Alan heeft zo veel facetten. Het gaat ook over passie in positieve zin, het mag ook bij momenten wel een leuke, vrolijke jongen zijn. En dat zag ik bij Daniel niet zo. Dus ik was niet totaal ontmoedigd om aan de rol te beginnen. Maar nogmaals, petje af voor hem. Ze spelen het daar acht keer in de week. Ik zei gister nog tegen Pieter, die de psychiater speelt: "Stel je toch voor dat je dat zo vaak moet doen, ik begrijp niet hoe die mensen daar de kracht en inspiratie voor vinden."

7) Hoe denk jij over de veelgenoemde naaktscene in het stuk?
Tsja, ik denk dat het vooral zo'n big deal is geworden omdat een 'kindsterretje', of hoe mensen dat dan ook zagen, ineens uit de kleren ging. Het is functioneel, kwetsbaar en totaal niet goedkoop. Het is in het begin wel eng, tijdens de repetitie. Als die onderbroek voor de eerste keer uit gaat, oei. Maar wat vooral heftig is, is als na de repetitie de gewone lampen weer aan gaan en jij daar een beetje bedremmeld je ondergoed staat te zoeken. Voor een publiek kan het me niets schelen. Hoewel, gisteravond in Arnhem zaten er veel jonge mensen in de zaal en dan is het toch nét weer even anders. Maar ook dat is na drie seconden over.

8) Was het een idee om Equus in Nederland te starten na het succes op Broadway en West End?
Ja, dat was het. Het oorspronkelijke plan was een co-productie met Joop van den Ende Theaterproducties. Vooral een commerciele producent is dan geïnteresseerd in dat internationale succes. Maar langzamerhand verschuift de discussie al snel naar de inhoud van het stuk, en die blijkt heel actueel en dus noodzakelijk om op de planken te brengen.

9) Wie heeft de Nederlandse versie bedacht/geschreven?
De Engelse tekst is gewoon vertaald naar het Nederlands, door Johan Boonen, een Vlaming. Dat deed hij een paar jaar terug voor een ander gezelschap, en wij hebben de Vlaamse elementen er uit moeten filteren. Ook hebben we het wat ingekort. De visuele dingen die er op het toneel gebeuren hebben we zelf, de regisseur, choreografe, de acteurs, de dansers, bedacht.

Met dank aan Xander van Vledder van het Nationale Toneel. www.nationaletoneel.nl

© Daniel J Radcliffe Holland 2009

Half-Blood Prince live community screening: Message from Daniel Radcliffe

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Half-Blood Prince live community screening: Message from Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe discusses the details of the BD live community screening of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on 12th December.

Updated: Dennys Ilic photoshoot

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Updated: Dennys Ilic photoshoot
Here some new photos (+ look "behind the scenes") from the 2009 promotion shoot for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince from various magazines & shared by Dennys Ilic (also some behind the scenes pictures). Taken in London at the Sanderson hotel. Facebook. & Behind the scenes. Some photos via harrylatino.com

Update: 5th February 2016 A photo.
Update: 31st March 2018. A photo.

picture source: Dennys Ilic/Warner Bros

Updated: Photoshoot by Gautier Deblonde

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Updated: Photoshoot by Gautier Deblonde
Update: At least one of the photos was published in (well on the cover) Telegraph magazine, 4th July 2009.

Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter himself…) at Leavesden Studios, Hertfordshire, during the filming of the last of Harry Potter books, the concluding two-parter, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
picture source: Gautier Deblonde

Daniel narrates 2010 Holocaust Memorial Day film

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Daniel narrates 2010 Holocaust Memorial Day film
Daniel has lent his voice for a short film entitled The Legacy of Hope for the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust. it is created for the Holocaust Memorial Day in 2010. This documentary focuses on three Holocaust victims who spoke of their survival.

From the press release:

Daniel explains his involvement:
“When I was approached to narrate this short film, The Legacy of Hope, I felt very privileged. I felt that in a very small way I was contributing to the remembrance of these tragic and horrendous events, whilst also commemorating all those people who refused to let the horrors they had lived through dictate the tone of the rest of their lives.

“The surest shield we have against future atrocities is our knowledge and our emotional understanding of what has happened in the past. The chance to help the vital work done by the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust could not be turned down.”

Carly Whyborn, Chief Executive Officer, Holocaust Memorial Day Trust:
“With this year’s theme – The Legacy of Hope’ it is entirely fitting that Daniel, who is so well known amongst younger audiences, has narrated our film, which will be shown at HMD events across the UK. Through the film, people will have the opportunity to listen to the memories of survivors like Ben, Lily and Iby and think about what action they can take after HMD which will have a positive impact on their community.”

source: hmd.org.uk

Half-Blood prince wins two Scream Awards

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Half-Blood prince wins two Scream Awards
Like I posted before, you could vote for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince for the Scream Awards 2009. Well.. the movie won in two categories: The first being for Best Ensemble and the second for Holy (Crap) Scene of the Year. The second award was due to the beginning Death Eater/Millennium Bridge sequence.

Live screening Half-Blood Prince Blu-ray in London

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Live screening Half-Blood Prince Blu-ray in London
There will be a special online worldwide live community screening of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on 12th December. Director David Yates will host the event, which rolls out from London at 8 PM local time. Daniel will also attend the event.

Fans who register their Half-Blood Prince Blu-ray discs through BD Live will be invited to the screening, and the first 100,000 who RSVP will be guaranteed a spot to participate. More info here.
"I'm really looking forward to the live community screening of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and excited to talk directly to fans of the movie about my experiences and answer their questions," said Radcliffe. "It's a wonderful way for fans and for those directly involved with making a film to share opinions and ideas."

Yates added, "I'm looking forward to engaging with the thoughts and opinions of the fans who have supported us so loyally and passionately over the years-without them the films wouldn't be the success they are."

Attitude magazine photoshoot (UK)

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Attitude magazine photoshoot (UK)
The Attitude magazine photoshoot from the August 2009 issue in promotion of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Please credit Daniel J Radcliffe Holland if you use them. Some photos via Oclumencia.

source: attitude.co.uk 
picture source: Doug Inglish

Updated: Daniel back on Broadway?

Marion 09 October 2009 7
Updated: Daniel back on Broadway?
According to Variety, Daniel could very well be heading back to Broadway in the near future. The project is still in its very early stages and producers could not be reached for confirmation.
"Daniel Radcliffe will head the cast of an upcoming New York reading of 1961 tuner How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, marking the first musical turn for the "Harry Potter" star"
Update: Daniel's publicist, who has stated that Dan is currently looking through a few potential projects, including this musical. However, nothing has been confirmed, in terms of commitments to anything.

source: variety.com

Equus: Nationale Toneel (NL)

Marion 02 October 2009 2
Equus: Nationale Toneel (NL)
Heb je Equus met Daniel in Londen gemist, kon je niet heen of had je een andere reden, maar je bent wel geïnteresseerd in het verhaal? goed nieuws! Het Nationale Toneel brengt een eigentijdse versie op de planken! van 6 oktober tot 28 december 2009 is Equus in meerdere theaters door het land.

Na het overweldigende succes van Peter Shaffers Equus op West End en Broadway met Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) in de hoofdrol brengt het Nationale Toneel een eigentijdse opvoering van deze psychologische thriller.
Grijp dus nu je kans en reserveer kaarten bij jou in de buurt.

Updated: Daniel attends Celebrity Cricket Match event at Hampstead Cricket Club

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Updated: Daniel attends Celebrity Cricket Match event at Hampstead Cricket Club
Daniel attended the Celebrity Cricket match event at the Hampstead Cricket Club in London just like Imelda Staunton and Emma Thompson. The cricket club organised the event to raise money for their junior cricket club through the sale of programmes and raffle tickets. Daniel was their guest who drew raffle prizes but ofcourse also signed autographs.

Update: 20th June 2018. Photo by Fraser Ness.

picture source: TrinDiego, Tumblr