Guns Akimbo begins production in Auckland

A press release has confirmed that Guns Akimbo started shooting yesterday in Auckland, New Zealand. Plus Samara Weaving has joined Daniel on the project. Production will also take place in Munich, Germany.

From the press release:

The story follows an ordinary man, Miles (Radcliffe), whose mundane existence of scrolling through the same three apps, enduring his office job and longing for the lost love of his much more adventurous ex, is turned upside-down when he finds himself enrolled in a dark social media movement that forces strangers to fight in a city-wide game of death, live-streamed worldwide to a fanatical audience. 

Daniel on the start of filming:
"I am massively excited to be here in Auckland starting filming on Guns Akimbo,"

"Jason Lei Howden has written a brilliant and delightfully insane script, and working with him as director and alongside the fantastic Samara Weaving to bring it to life is going to be a lot of fun. If you see me around Auckland looking very worse for wear and covered in blood and bruises, don't worry, this is probably for filming."
Producer Tom Hern:
“I’m delighted to be hosting Daniel Radcliffe and Samara Weaving, as well as our German partners, for this exciting co-production between Germany and New Zealand. I’m sure they’re going to have a ball on the fine shores of Aotearoa!”

Google+: Old headshot day

A photo has been shared on Daniel's official Google+ page regarding old headshot day. It's a photo from the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets HFPA press conference in Chicago back in 2002.

#oldheadshotday Happy Friday!
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Google+: Photo by Tyler Udall

Another photo by Tyler Udall via Daniel's official Google+ page.

Another cool pic from a Tyler Udall shoot #TakeMeBackTuesday #nicesuit
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Google+: Photo by Tyler Udall

News via Daniel's official Google+ page: A new photo from a photoshoot by Tyler Udall from back in 2013. More photos every Tuesday!.

Tyler Udall shoot 2013 in London. Check back every Tuesday for new pics!
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Updated: Daniel Radcliffe's postcard to Alan Rickman

Neil Pearson Rare Books has obtained Alan Rickman’s archive of scripts, letters and photographs. Among the collection is a postcard written by Daniel as a child wishing him a Merry Xmas and praising his performance in an unknown play. On the front of the card is the painting Two on the Aisle by Edward Hopper (1927).

The archive will be on sale this spring. For more info, visit Neil Pearson's website.

20th April 2018. The card was written by Daniel in 2001 according to a new post on his Google+ page. And now we know which play he mentioned too.
Dan (12 years old at the time) sent a very nice note to Alan Rickman after seeing him in Private Lives. Happy Friday!
Photo via Twitter (@RareNeilPearson):

Google+: A Throwback Thursday photo - Privacy

A Throwback Thursday post appeared on Daniel's official Google+ page regarding Privacy (2016).

#Privacy "The issue of personal privacy in the modern age - when all our wants and fears can be monitored and monetized as we share every aspect of our lives - is, I believe, one of the most crucial issues of our generation.” - James Graham #tbt
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HLN interview met Daniel Radcliffe

Het Laatste Nieuws (HLN) uit België was aanwezig bij de HFPA Miracle Workers persconferentie in New York.

Artikel door Kristien Morato:
Er trekt een zware sneeuwstorm over New York wanneer we Daniel Radcliffe ontmoeten in het chique Peninsula Hotel in hartje Manhattan. Een sneeuwtapijt van wel tien centimeter dik zorgt voor heel wat ellende, maar toch slaagt de ­acteur erin om netjes op tijd aan te ­komen. Je zou er met zijn frêle postuur en één meter zestig zo naast kijken, maar zijn volle baard springt zó hard in het oog dat je hem niet kan missen. “Die baard helpt alleen maar om niet vanop afstand herkend te worden”, zegt Radcliffe breed glimlachend wanneer we hem de hand schudden. “Ik word minder herkend wanneer ik een pet draag, maar ik doe eerlijk gezegd niet zoveel moeite meer om me te vermommen. Mijn stem ­‘verraadt’ toch keer op keer dat ik het ben. (lacht)” 
Daniel over Erin Darke:
“Bij haar kan ik helemaal mezelf zijn — ook al ben ik een nerd.”
Klik hier om verder te lezen. Om gratis verder te lezen moet je je e-mail adres invullen waarna je de link naar het volledige artikel ontvangt.

foto: Magnus Sundholm

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