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The Cripple of Inishmaan photo by Simon Annand

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The Cripple of Inishmaan photo by Simon Annand
You maybe do remember that Daniel was photographed by Simon Annand back in 2007. The photos were included in Simon Annan's book The Half (it was first announced as The Waiting Game).

Below you find a new photo for The Half. This one was taken at the Noël Coward Theatre in London while Daniel was performing in The Cripple of Inishmaan back in 2013.

Simon Annand's exhibition The Half is currently in Augsburg, Germany and runs until 22nd October 2017.

picture source: Simon Annand

Photos of Daniel Radcliffe on the set of David Copperfield

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Photos of Daniel Radcliffe on the set of David Copperfield
Two new photos have appeared online of Daniel on the set of BBC adaption David Copperfield (1999). They were added to the Facebook group Wisbech Discussion Forum. Some scenes have been filmed there.

picture source: Juliet Cairns

Updated: Daniel Radcliffe featured in documentary Festival Tales: Edinburgh at 70

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Updated: Daniel Radcliffe featured in documentary Festival Tales: Edinburgh at 70
I did already share on Facebook that Daniel would be featured in Jack Whitehall's BBC Two documentary called Festival Tales: Edinburgh at 70.

It aired on Saturday 26th August and if you missed it you can watch it on BBC's iPlayer (UK only).
"The documentary explores seven decades of the world’s largest arts festival and its impact on contemporary culture since its inception in 1947"
Update: The plans did change. Thanks to Sarah I know that Daniel wasn't in it.

Korean poster for Imperium and more stills

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Korean poster for Imperium and more stills
Below you find the poster for Imperium (임페리엄) in Korea plus more stills via the Korean Film Council. The film was released in Korea on 23rd February 2017.



picture source: Jacob Coppage

Skype interview in promotion of Swiss Army Man in Japan

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Skype interview in promotion of Swiss Army Man in Japan
Journalists in Japan had a Skype interview with Daniel this morning in promotion of Swiss Army Man (映画『スイス・アーミー・マン』). The Manny doll was also there to 'interview' him ;). Talking about the doll, people could also take a picture with him at the Hollywood Collector's Convention last weekend. That was announced on Facebook). For now there is only a short clip online and a few photos (via Facebook and Twitter). If more arrives I'll update this post.

A Throwback Thursday photo - David Copperfield

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A Throwback Thursday photo - David Copperfield
Liverpool Film office has shared a Throwback Thursday photo of Daniel with Bob Hoskins on the set of BBC's David Copperfield back in 1999. Some scenes were filmed in Liverpool.

#TBT To 1999 when the BBC’s David Copperfield was shown on TV. Who knew what magic was to follow for the young David... spot any other familiarities #FilmLiverpool!

Indulge magazine interview

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Indulge magazine interview
Daniel talked with The New Indian Express' Indulge magazine in promotion of Swiss Army Man. The film premieres on Star Movies Select HD on 12th August.

Where did it all begin with you? Before it all hit — Harry Potter, the movies, plays, etc.?
Ha ha! A lot of people ask me that. I grew up in Fulham, South West London, I had a very happy childhood, I wasn’t particularly good at school, and I was very talkative.

That’s what all the reports said — “We like Dan, he talks too much and his reports are rubbish.” And I was never in a school play. I recently read on my own IMDB page that I wanted to be an actor since the age of five, which I don’t recall being true. I was five! My opinion about what I wanted to do when I was at that age changed hourly, so it was never something I was driven towards.

There was one point I think, when I was nine — I never felt special as I was not particularly good at sports and school, so it was my parents’ friend Sue who told my parents, why doesn’t he audition for David Copperfield — with no thought of getting it, just thinking it will be a unique experience, and that it would be fun. Then I got it and it all really went from there, and now I just can’t imagine being in any other industry.

What was your first introduction to Harry Potter? Did you read the books?
I was never a big reader when I was younger. My father read the first two to me and I enjoyed them, but didn’t really follow through. And I had that slightly belligerent mindset that everyone is reading them and I am not going to read them, even when I was nine.

Obviously, once when I got the part, I literally read and devoured them. I am that kid who initially never had this appetite to read, but now loves to read. Harry Potter got me into reading.

You have come a long way from that boy who played the wizard to playing a dead corpse in Swiss Army Man. You’re taking a real challenge, and teaching Paul Dano’s character how to be a human being. Can you explain any of that?
No, not really! Basically Paul Dano’s character is a borderline suicidal man, who finds this dead body which magically starts coming to life. And through him, becoming kind of friends with the dead body, it becomes a situation where a suicidal man and a dead body are having conversations about life and if it is worth living.

It’s super fun and you know a lot of people might have heard of it as the Daniel Radcliffe’s corpse movie, and I am not shying away from the fact — that exists in the movie and you will have to take my word for it, all the weird things, they are beautiful.

The ugly parts are beautiful too?
Yeah, you would not think that’s possible, but believe me, that’s what makes this movie worth seeing.

So, basically, we don’t want to talk about all the things that celebrate being a human being?
That’s what I mean. This movie is really about celebrating our individual weirdness and accepting that, and also celebrating things like flatulence, which is hilarious.

We can understand that at like say, age four.
We know that it’s funny, so we kind of know that everyone does it, but everyone is sort of taught that it is not good, and it can be a shameful thing. That’s a point in the film, which is that shame — and shame of your-self can prevent you from other things, like say love.

You have to tell us, how did they get you to do this movie?
Everyone thinks that I needed to be convinced, but I really didn’t. It was an amazing script and yes, it was a very weird script. I have read weird, terrible scripts, and this was a great weird script. I basically play a magical dead body who, about three to four minutes after the film starts, comes back to life and is discovered by Paul Dano’s character, a hopeless lost soul wandering on the beach. And he finds my character and they go on a magical journey together. It was quite an adventure.

And it’s a brilliant performance by yourself and Paul Dano. To give him credit, he had to literally put you on his shoulder the entire time.
Yes, he does. He said he has never been stronger than after he finished this film. I mean, I am not particularly heavy, but I know the weight of a human being, which he was lugging around. There was actually a line he improvised in the film which makes me laugh — in fact you can see me, and I am not supposed to be saying it, but there’s a scene where I moved my head down to avoid the camera see me laugh, as he was saying, ‘I am feeling buffed just carrying you around’, and that wasn’t even part of the script, it took me by surprise. There was a dummy created, which we called Manny, which was made to look exactly like me. I guess they made it so that Paul would not need to lug my body around the whole time, but I think it was 30 pounds lighter and Paul was like, ‘Aah, forget it! I will carry the real thing’.

See, that’s the thing with corpsing — there are a lot of things that you find amusing, but you have to continue to be dead and not even blink.
Yeah, I couldn’t blink. In fact, I got very good at not blinking. There’s a sort of fear as Paul is giving an amazing performance opposite me, and I think that if I even move a bit, I have ruined his whole scene, so that sort of fear kept you really still.

And what about the soundtrack?
Paul and I provide a lot of the soundtrack — not all of it. It was us and Andy Hall from the band Manchester Orchestra. A lot of people told me that was high-pitched and impressive, and I tell them nope. That wasn’t me.

This is one of the most original comedies of recent times. Did you have any idea how funny audiences would find it when you were making it?
First and foremost, it is a comedy, and that was there in the script. It was very original but it was also very funny. I was laughing at some of the ideas and images.

There was a part of me that was laughing at how I intended to make any of this happen. The only thing I think which was not there in the script was some of that epic feel in some of the moments. I mean, you see it in the script, but you’re like, how is it going to achieve that feeling that you want to achieve — and it does.

The directors of the movie talk about using music to sneak some of their weirder ideas past the audience. That is why the soundtrack is key to that, as there are some instances in the movie where if there was no soundtrack, you’d wonder, what am I watching. But somehow with the music, it makes it great.


Jungle at MIFF: An update

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Jungle at MIFF: An update
Jungle had it's premiere at Melbourne International Film Festival's opening night yesterday and a few new things have popped up online. First off there was a special introduction message from Daniel at the screening. You can see it via Weibo. There's also a video by Screen Australia which gives us a look behind the scenes. Talking about a look behind the scenes, co-star Thomas Kretschmann shared on set photos via Instagram. Plus Alicia Vraylal shared her Yahoo7 article with me on Twitter: (thanks!) Read it here: Yasmin Kassim got love advice from Daniel Radcliffe.

Screen Australia

This video is also shared on Facebook.

By Thomas Kretschmann

Daniel Radcliffe on ABC Radio Melbourne's Evenings with Lindy Burns

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Daniel Radcliffe on ABC Radio Melbourne's Evenings with Lindy Burns
News straight from Australia: Daniel talked with ABC Radio Melbourne's Lindy Burns about Jungle during her program called Evenings with Lindy Burns. Full interview plus a clip I shared via Facebook are below. Jungle opened a few hours ago at Melbourne International Film Festival's opening night.

Full interview (source)


This video is also shared on Facebook.


Jungle stills

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Jungle stills
More Jungle stills have been released via two distributors (also included are stills via Facebook)

picture source: Hector Alvarez