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Birthday Project to Daniel Radcliffe, 2012

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Birthday Project to Daniel Radcliffe, 2012
This year Daniel J Radcliffe Holland is starting a birthday project together with the best Daniel sources on the web around the world, to wish him a great 23rd birthday, and we ask you to join too! The websites are: Simply Daniel Radcliffe Daniel Radcliffe DE, Portal Radcliffe, Radcliffe Brasil and Glowing Radcliffe.

Six sites, many languages, many fans!

What's the plan?
1) We are going to put a video together which will be edited in the end by Biba from Portal Radcliffe. And you all can join in on this if you want! Fans from all over the world are welcome to join. The video will be send to Daniel's agency together with a letter (credit to everyone who joined) This is how it will be put together:

- Photo's to add into the video:
* Fans holding up the letters (a4) which will form "Happy Birthday Dan" all together - no places left .
* A message from all the sites together, which will be devided in parts. (some words on a sheet/a4 to hold up in the pic) - 1 place left

Edit: 13th July 2012: Last day to send on your pictures if you applied!
Edit: 5th July 2012: The full message mentioned above:
David Copperfield, Mark Pendel, Harry Potter, Maps, John Kipling, Edmund (hehe), J. Pierrepont Finch, Arthur Kipps and Allen Ginsberg, are excellent characters, and took us to places that are beyond our imagination, but you play a part much bigger in our lives. Today, we take this moment to thank you for bringing together so many people, of the various nationalities, genders, races, and that even in our differences we can find a common place. We have nothing but respect and admiration by your every gesture of affection and devotion for your career and your fans, for making us proud, and constantly proving that everything we do is not in vain. For giving us your best, in every project you have done. Thanks for being so authentic, such a good example, using all the fame you have for projects that really matter. For showing some of us the importance to embrace our awkwardness, and of being proud of who we are, giving us some of the best years of our lives, a period when we made so many friends, so different but yet so similar, and that we're going to carry for the rest of our lives. We'll be at every barrier, every conquer, every failure. One for all, and all for one. You inspire us. For all that, we wish you all the best that life can give. We love you."
2) We will try to "trend" a Twitter tag (we hope you all will help ofcourse) on Dan's birthday, 23rd July. This with the hashtag #wwDanRadBdayproject where "ww" stands for worldwide.

Do you want to participate and get featured in the video to Dan?
Send an e-mail with your name, age, country & city with the subject "Birthday Project 2012" and I will get back to you a.s.a.p with more details regarding your part in the action. We need to have all the photos on 13th July.

Please use a good quality camera and a good lightning.

How it works out also depends on how many of you will be joining this project.
So share the news around! Still questions? Let me know.

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The picture above is made by Marcie

Updated: Daniel Radcliffe featured in video for 2012 London Olympics

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Updated: Daniel Radcliffe featured in video for 2012 London Olympics
London 24 is reporting today that Daniel will be featured in a video, including other celebs, like co-star Emma Watson, musician Gary Barlow, boxing star Amir Khan and comedian and actor Simon Pegg to mark the end of the Olympic events. The five-minute video will be played on screens at a number of venues as spectators leave. When I have Dan's video message I will post it.

Update:  27th January 2014. The footage featuring many stars including Emma Watson & Daniel. You find Daniel's (short) message at 11:51.

source: Ben Hall on Vimeo.
The stars, who are joined by Olympians including Daley Thompson and London 2012 chief Seb Coe, plus a host of other stars including Helen Mirren and Geena Davis, say goodbye and offer advice.

Pegg, who starred in films including Run, Fatboy, Run, ends his message by saying: “Please remember to mind the gap, it’s very important.” Boxer Khan says: “To all the kids, stay out of trouble.”

Watson, who played Hermione in the Harry Potter films, says: “I hope you had an awesome time, keep loving London.”
Official London 2012 website: london2012.com

Photo: Vimeo/Ben Hall

The Woman in Black: NL DVD & Blu-ray artwork

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The Woman in Black: NL DVD & Blu-ray artwork
The Woman in Black is uit op DVD en Blu-ray, uitgebracht door Dutch FilmWorks en Entertainment One, en hieronder vind je de artwork.

Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe), een jonge advocaat, wordt naar het dorpje Crythin Gifford gestuurd om een erfenis te regelen. Aan de rand van het dorp aan de drassige Britse oostkust moet hij de papieren van de overleden Alice Drablow doorspitten. Terwijl hij in volledige afzondering in haar oude, door moerassen van de buitenwereld afgesloten landhuis werkt, ontdekt hij langzaam het tragische geheim van de vrouw. Een geheim dat nog altijd de rillingen over de ruggen van de dorpelingen laat lopen. Wat de rondwarende vrouw in het zwart er mee te maken heeft wil niemand hem vertellen, maar haar verschijning brengt iedereen, ook Arthur, tot absolute doodsangst…

Heerlijk ouderwets Engels spookverhaal
Daniel Radcliffe speelt in 'The Woman In Black' zijn eerste rol na zijn rol als Harry Potter in de gelijknamige films. Het angstaanjagende 'The Woman in Black' is gebaseerd op de spannende roman van Susan Hill.

Extra's: Inside the perfect thriller: Making of The Woman in Black en No fear: Daniel Radcliffe as Arthur Kipps.

Foto's: Dutch FilmWorks/Entertainment One

Daniel Radcliffe featured in Slow Club's music video Beginners

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Daniel Radcliffe featured in Slow Club's music video Beginners
I did already post on Facebook that Daniel would feature in a new music video from the band Slow Club. This is their track Beginners taken from their second album Paradise which was released last year. The video has just been released via YouTube. The clip was shot on location in The Faltering Fullback in Finsbury Park, London in a single take.

Paradise is out now on limited edition coloured 12" vinyl, CD and download. For the iTunes link, click here. Below the video released by moshi moshi records.

Photo: YouTube/Slow Club

The Woman in Black: UK DVD & Blu-ray artwork

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The Woman in Black: UK DVD & Blu-ray artwork
The Woman in Black DVD and Blu-ray artwork released by Momentum Pictures Home Entertainment in the UK.

Based on the classic ghost story, The Woman In Black tells the tale of Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe), a lawyer who is forced to leave his young son and travel to a remote village to attend to the affairs of the recently deceased owner of Eel Marsh House.

Working alone in the old mansion, Kipps begins to uncover the town's tragic and tortured secrets and his fears escalate when he discovers that local children have been disappearing under mysterious circumstances. When those closest to him become threatened by the vengeful woman in black, Kipps must find a way to break the cycle of terror.

Photos: Momentum Films Home Entertainment

Daniel reads the winning story of the Woman in Black YouTube ghost story competition

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Daniel reads the winning story of the Woman in Black YouTube ghost story competition
Back in October 2011, I did post about the YouTube ghost story competition for all the fans in the UK. The winning story, fear of hue by Nicky Torch, is narrated by Daniel and will featured on the DVD/Blu-ray & digital download. The video is released today by the official The Woman in Black UK Facebook page.

Momentum Pictures press release:

To celebrate the DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital Download release of THE WOMAN IN BLACK, on Monday June 18th, Daniel Radcliffe, star of the thrilling ghost story, today released a video of himself across YouTube and Facebook reading the winning haunting tale from last year’s THE WOMAN IN BLACK YouTube ghost story competition.

The competition was a resounding success with 177 harrowing, spooky stories submitted that were whittled down to ten finalists. Fans were encouraged to vote for their favourite story from 21st December to January 5th, 2012 in what was a fiercely competitive contest. Budding young writer Nicky Torch, 16 from Lancashire beat 177 other haunting and harrowing tales to become the winning entry with her story ‘Fear of Hue’.

Talking about winning the competition, Nicky says, “I entered but I had no idea I would win, I was happy enough to get in the top ten and I can't wait to see Daniel read my story!”

Nicky’s prize for winning the competition was to attend the world premiere of The Woman in Black and to have her story read out by Daniel Radcliffe on the DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Download release of the film.

The stories shortlisted for the final ten were selected on the following judging criteria: creativity, originality and writing style, with the winning tale being voted the spooky favourite by fans on YouTube. Kristin Ryan from Momentum Pictures said “We’re delighted that The Woman in Black has inspired this winning ghost story and to have Daniel Radcliffe read this out is a real treat for fans.”

Photo: YouTube/WIB

New project for Daniel Radcliffe: The play The Cripple Of Inishmaan

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New project for Daniel Radcliffe: The play The Cripple Of Inishmaan
yes, Daniel is coming back to the London stage! (definitely something I had been hoping for personally) The Daily Mail & The Michael Grandage Company confirmed it. It will all officially start 8th June 2013 [until 31st August] with a production of Martin McDonagh’s called The Cripple Of Inishmaan, with Dan in the title role of "Cripple" Billy Claven.
Cripple Billy, orphaned since birth, just might have found a way off the Isle of Aran and a route all the way to Hollywood if he can persuade a small community of Islanders how much he wants to realise his dream.
Martin McDonagh’s comic masterpiece examines an ordinary coming of age in extraordinary circumstances and confirms his position as one of the most original Irish voices to emerge in the second half of the twentieth century.
view the video
Dan to the Daily Mail: ‘It’s got pathos, heartbreak — and it’s very funny,’ ‘a young boy desperate to be in film . . . I can relate to that. I’ve been desperate to find something to come back to London with.’
Official website: Michael Grandage Company
Tickets will be availabe here (currently only first performance)
tickets will start from just £10

Photos: Michael Grandage

The Woman in Black press junket interview: Daniel Radcliffe talks with Magic

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The Woman in Black press junket interview: Daniel Radcliffe talks with Magic
Another interview from the UK press junket: Daniel talks with Magic Radio about The Woman in Black, Harry Potter and how he coped with fame.

Photo: YouTube/Magic Radio

Updated(4): Daniel Radcliffe launches the Woman In Black home premiere screening (UK)

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Updated(4): Daniel Radcliffe launches the Woman In Black home premiere screening (UK)
The Woman in Black UK Facebook page posted this new video of Daniel promoting the The Woman in Black UK home premiere. He asks all the UK fans to watch the film at 8:00 PM on 21st June  2012. The event on Facebook. The Woman in Black DVD/Blu-ray release date for the UK is 18th June.

Update: 13th June 2012. Daniel also recorded a message for Sugarscape regarding the screening and one from MizzMagTV!
Update: 20th June 2012. Home premiere shout out.
Update: 21st June 2012. One hour to go message below.
Update: 22th June 2012. Did you took part? A message below.

Press release:


Daniel Radcliffe, the star of the thrilling ghost story, THE WOMAN IN BLACK, today launched an initiative across YouTube and Facebook to stage the first ever worldwide home premiere screening of a ghost story film, THE WOMAN IN BLACK.

The event will be taking place on June 21st from 8pm with fans encouraged to “attend” the event and watch their Blu-ray, DVD or Digital Download simultaneously with other fans around the nation. Stay tuned to THE WOMAN IN BLACK Facebook and YouTube channels for more announcements from Dan.

Radcliffe instructed fans with the following message, “As you know the longest day is coming and it makes sense for you to safely watch The Woman In Black before the darkness creeps in. We want everyone to watch the film on June 21st from 8pm.” THE WOMAN IN BLACK is a terrifying film to watch alone, and along with this initiative fans all over the world can unite and share this unique premiere experience together, in the comfort of their own homes.

One hour to go

Last message from Daniel to all of you who took part

Photo: YouTube

IdeasTap Q&A

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IdeasTap Q&A
IdeasTap Q&A in promotion of The Woman in Black.

You’ve described yourself as very competitive. How crucial is that to your success as an actor?
It’s important, certainly. You do need to be competitive because there are so many of us, and we’re all good and we all want to work, and there are a finite number of films being made; less now than there were. So it’s about being competitive, but it’s also about loving it so much the competition comes naturally.

Most jobs you get as an actor, and the last two films I’ve done, you have to really scrap for parts. You have to show the director you’re the most enthusiastic and the most driven and you’ll work the hardest for him.

What are your strengths in an audition?
I’m really good with scripts. I can find a way into a script and break it down really well. I can find what my relationship to the material is very quickly, and that’s what I always love to talk to directors about.

Do you still get nervous?
Yes absolutely. I originally auditioned for Kill Your Darlings three years ago. I was playing Allen Ginsberg and had a meeting with the director John Krokidas. I was very, very nervous.
But you’ve got to trust you’ve got a take on the character. The one thing that will screw you up totally is if you start thinking: “I wonder what that actor would do with this, I wonder what this person would bring to it.” You can’t start thinking like that.

How do you make sure a director remembers you?
From occasionally being on the other side of the audition thing – so reading with other people – if you can go first, go first. Because if you can go first and put in a good performance, you’ll really spoil everyone else’s day.

What’s your advice to young actors trying to break into the film industry?
I’m the wrong person to ask about getting into the industry, because my experience has been so atypical. But once you’re in, treat everyone with the same respect. As an actor you should think of yourself as part of the crew. If you start thinking of a divide between cast and crew, then that’s when film sets start to become unhappy and fall apart. You’ve got to muck in.
When I did my first film without my dad there to chaperone me, his last piece of advice was: “On any film set, there will always be something that will make everyone wait. Just make sure you’re never that something.” If you can do that, it will go a long way, because a film set is always just on the point of everything going wrong.

What’s the best part of your job? 
I’ve always known I’ve had a cool job, but sometimes it shines through. I was filming in New York a couple of weeks back, and the shoot was opposite an elementary school. It was a nightmare. The kids would come out every recess, see us and go absolutely mental.

On our first take, our first assistant director who, to them, is just some guy with a radio, turned round and said, “OK everyone, we’re going for a take. Be quiet,” and 30 kids between the ages of four and 11 completely shut up to watch the scene. You could have heard a pin drop, and I thought to myself, “You wouldn’t go quiet to watch a bloke sell a house.”

source: ideastap.com

Updated: Daniel Radcliffe answers fan questions (The Woman in Black UK)

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Updated: Daniel Radcliffe answers fan questions (The Woman in Black UK)
A few weeks ago, the official UK Facebook page of The Woman in Black asked to submit questions for Daniel, and they have released their first video with Dan's answer to a question. More will come so check this post again later.

Hardest scene to film

10th June: Will you continue to make horror films?

13th June: Did You Seek Advice From The Original Arthur Kipp?

28th June: What did he think of Eel Marsh House?
Photo: YouTube/WIB

2012 MTV Movie Awards: Best Cast & Best Hero Awards for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2

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2012 MTV Movie Awards: Best Cast & Best Hero Awards for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2
Yesterday was the big day of the MTV Movie Awards, Harry Potter & Daniel were nominated in various categories: Best Male performance, Movie of The year. Best Cast (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2), Best Fight & Best Hero (Harry)

The results: Daniel did not win Best Male Performance (went to Josh Hutcherson) Movie of the year is won by Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 1, HP also did not win Best Fight, but... they won Best Cast & Best Hero! (from the Social Media voting they introduced this year) Congratulations to all! They deserved it! Emma Watson was there to accept the Best Cast Award, below is her acceptance speech:

"I don't think I will ever accept an award on behalf of so many people," Watson said. "From Ralph Fiennes to Helena Bonham Carter to Hedwig and Dobby and all of them, this is amazing. We had over 200 cast members and I wish they could all be up here with me now. Sadly. they can't. "Obviously I share this award in particular with [Daniel Radcliffe] and Rupert [Grint]," she added. "Wherever you are, I hope you're watching, and I miss you both dearly. Just, thank you. I really, really appreciate it."

credit: MTV
Next Movie interview (2:10) (I missed this one before)
"Explain HP's success at the MTV Movie Awards"

Next Movie

Photos: Warner Bros.

Yahoo! interview: Daniel Radcliffe on what makes a MTV Movie Award Best Kiss

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Yahoo! interview: Daniel Radcliffe on what makes a MTV Movie Award Best Kiss
The 2012 MTV Movie Awards are fast approaching, Emma and Rupert are up for the award of Best Kiss (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2) and Yahoo! asked Daniel exclusively about movie snogs and what makes them worthy of a gong.
"God knows. I don't know [blushes].
"You just kiss like a normal person and enjoy it! You just have to enjoy it and really be into it with the person you're with.
"I've never had to kiss anyone that I didn't really like. I don't know how I'd feel about that.
"But yeah I think as long as you're enjoying it that will show. You gotta have fun, you can't be all nervous and twitchy about it."
Daniel is nominated for the award of Best Male :
"I'd be more than happy to lose to Ryan Gosling in that category.

"I don't pay a huge amount of attention to the awards thing. In America people are much more open about their desire to win awards. I don't have that. I never know quite what to make of it."
Read more here.

OMG! Yahoo UK interview with Daniel Radcliffe + Blockbuster's WIB competition

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OMG! Yahoo UK interview with Daniel Radcliffe + Blockbuster's WIB competition
Yahoo OMG! UK has now uploaded their interview which they had with Daniel on 18th May (during the The Woman in Black press junket in London). They talked with him about the upcoming MTV Movie Awards and more.
"I don't pay a huge amount of attention to that awards thing."

source: uk.omg.yahoo.com

More press junket videos from OMG! Yahoo below:
Daniel Radcliffe on his fans
Emma Watson and Tom Felton
Daniel's weird dressing habits

They also have a competition to win signed prizes, it ends 22nd June 2012.

Their message:
With the release of The Woman In Black only at BLOCKBUSTER this Friday we though we would sweeten the deal and offer you all some awesome Woman In Black prizes! We've got tickets to see the West End show which includes a backstage tour, SIGNED Daniel Radcliffe posters and art prints as well as 5 sets of Woman In Black merchandise!

All you have to do to be in with a chance of WINNING is watch this video featuring the man himself Daniel Radcliffe and answer his question over on our Woman In Black Competition tab, it's that simple! Good luck everyone!

source: blockbuster.co.uk
Photo: YouTube