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Q magazine: Daniel's favorite music (UK)

Marion 23 November 2003 0
Q magazine: Daniel's favorite music (UK)
In a Q magazine article, Daniel mentions his favorite songs and bands and why he likes them (via

Top 5:

5 - Hard to Explain by The Strokes
"One of the best songs from a phenominal album. I listen to 'Is this It' whenever I am doing homework."

4 - Time for Heroes by The Libertines
"Probably the most brutally honest song about England since Anarchy in the UK."

3 - San Quentin by Johnny Cash
"I love this live track especially when you hear the applause when he sings, 'San Quentin may you rot in hell'."

2 - Suffer Some by Jane's Addiction
"This is an awesome track. Perry Farrell's vocals are brilliant."

1 - Growing on Me by Darkness
"This for me, is pure rock music. I have to have a daily dose of Permission To Land before I leave for the film set."


Californication by the Red Hot Chili Peppers
Pink Moon by Nick Drake
Broken Face by Pixies
Walk on the Wild Side by Lou Reed
Holidays in the Sun by the Sex Pistols

What does Dan say about his music interests?
"It's not just a phase, I just like the attitude and the way the music sounds. It's one of the things that usually surprises people about me."