Spotlight Event's: Harry Potter: Back to Hogwarts

Do you remember we posted before about Spotlight Events? We already supported their event in Paris back in 2010 and now I can announce that SE is announcing their second Event: Harry Potter Back to Hogwarts for all Potter Fans in November (France) with stars of Harry Potter attending, and ofcourse we are a proud supporter again! Thanks to Amandine from Spotlight Events for the info

What to know:
Guest(s): Stanislav Ianevski, Harry Melling (Dudley) other guests will be announced before the event
Date(s): 4, 5 and 6 November 2011
Place: France, (venue will be announced in September)
Site: here or at the Spotlight Event's website (French and English)
VIP Pass: From 300 euros in auction (almost £253) (Limited to 4 tickets only)
Outstanding Pass: 200 euros (almost £168) (Limited to 150 tickets)
Exceeds Expectations Pass: 150 euros (almost £126)
Acceptable Pass: 70 euros (almost £59)

If you want to buy tickets: click here
Follow Spotlight Events @Twitter: @SpotLightEvents

More information about other guests and more, sure will come when we are getting closer to November!

Updated: Dan to unveil The Woman in Black Stage Play's plaque in Mexico

A Mexican website is reporting that Dan will be heading to Mexico in 2012 to unveil the 18th annual commemorative plaque for the Rafael PerrĂ­n directed production of La Dama de Negro (The Woman in Black), The play openened there at 17th February 1994 at the Harlequin Theatre. The Film adaption will have it's debut on the same day.

When I have more information on this later, you will ofcourse hear it!

Update: 7th January 2012. The Facebook page of the Mexican play has updated with he following news: which means Dan is NOT attending. It means we shouldn't believe everything on the internet..
Reps for The Woman in Black (movie) have said that touring plans for the film are currently to be confirmed. Maybe more about that soon..
The production of The Woman in Black noticed that there is confirmation that the English actor Daniel Radcliffe or their representatives will go to Mexico to attend the premiere of his movie, or some other event in our country. Features 17 to February 19, 2012 will be a celebration of 18 years of continuous functions.All you do is for fans of the stage play and do not involve in any way the presence of the young actor. Greetings.
CONFIRMED. Daniel Radcliffe will be in Mexico to unveil the plaque 18 years of performances in our country of the "La Dama de Negro". The English actor of "Harry Potter", which has come to an end, said yes, after receiving the invitation of Mexican production, directed by Rafael Perrin.

"How to Succeed" performances cancelled due to Hurricane Irene

Just a quick post to let you all know that the preformances this Saturday and Sunday of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying are cancelled because of the Hurricane Irene that is heading to the coast of the US. All tickets will be refunded. This was posted at the H2s Facebook page. To everyone out there in the US I hope you all are prepared..
This just in: All performances of "How To Succeed" on Saturday, August 27 and Sunday, August 28 have been canceled! There IS a performance tonight (Friday, August 26) and we expect to resume our normal playing schedule on Tuesday, August 30. Have a SAFE weekend!!

Updated: Scans Empire magazine: Daniel Radcliffe talks Woman in Black (UK)

Scans of Empire magazine's October issue. Features new stills of The Woman in Black. Scans via

Update: 8th September 2011. A HQ photo (the one with the candle) here thanks to The Woman in Black UK Facebook page.

Daniel Radcliffe: "I feel like I’ve landed on my feet with this being the first thing after Harry. Because this is very different, in that I’m playing a father and it’s a more grown-up film, but it’s not so scandalously different that people will say, ‘Oh, he’s just trying too hard; he’s trying to shock us into thinking he’s something else now.’ I think I’ve taken away some of the ammunition people can throw."

"But I know it’s going to be a leap for people who’ve seen me in a schoolboy outfit for the last ten years and suddenly I’m playing a dad. In the script you read, it probably said Arthur was 27, but we’re pinching it at about 24. Because I can just about pass for 24, especially with the sideburns and make up … That was the thing that worried me more.

"I started to think, ‘Should I do a deeper voice?’, but the chances are my voice isn’t going to be any deeper by the time I’m 24, so it didn’t make sense. And James [Watkins, director] was very quick to allay my fears and say, ‘Well, if that’s what the audience is thinking about, then we’re buggered anyway.'"
One trait noted about Dan was the fact that he was a mouth-breather in real life, but for Kipps he had to learn to breathe only through his nose, something he kept forgetting.

Dan: "That’s one thing James has been very, very keen on. The note I get more than any other on this film is, ‘Close your mouth!'"

"What’s interesting is when he comes here [to the village]. When I was reading the script I was going, ‘Why doesn’t he leave?! He’s nuts for staying here!’ But the interesting thing James said was, ‘He’s lost his wife, he’s searching for her and then he sees the ghost of a dead woman.'

"That curiosity keeps him there. Because curiosity is a very powerful thing. It sounds like a twee word, but it’s what makes us human. It’s such a powerful force." 

On reading Virginia Ironside's You’ll Get Over It, a book about dealing with grief:
Dan: “It was fantastic. It was the most honest book. The thing it talked about, that I liked, was that people always talk about the seven stages [of grief], but what it said was, the idea of having stages implies that after you’ve gone through them you will be over it. The thing with Arthur is he never got out of that place.

There’s a bit in [C.S. Lewis'] A Grief Observed where it talks about [how grief is] like walking through a valley where the landscape always changes and repeats. It’s that thing of being stuck in the cycle of grief and living with the ghost. That’s what he’s been doing: living with the ghost of his wife for the last four years.

Updated: The Woman in Black UK teaser poster

The UK quad poster for The Woman in Black has been released via Empire.
Do you believe in ghosts?

Update: The UK Facebook page has a contest where you can win a teaser poster signed by Daniel

picture source: Lorenzo Agius

Archive video: Daniel Radcliffe's first Harry Potter interview (2001)

Since it is a bit quiet around new news I decided to post this great press junket interview from Dan from about 10 years ago. It's actually the first interview he did for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone with Access Hollywood back in 2001. Always great to watch back right?..

Daniel Radcliffe on Access Hollywood

There are two Access Hollywood clips online in which Daniel talks about How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, Harry Potter and more. Edit: Only one clip works still.

Updated(2): New The Woman in Black trailer (with exclusive introduction from Dan Radcliffe)

Yahoo! Movies released the new US/UK trailer online (below is the UK version, but don't worry both are the same regarding the scenes) of The Woman in Black, and Dan also recorded a short introduction. Enjoy

Yahoo! Movies talk chatted with Dan about The Woman in Black. Read that below. Then there is also a message to all "Hammer Fans" from Daniel Radcliffe regarding TWIB via Hammer Films
I spoke to Radcliffe from New York where he's appearing on Broadway in the musical "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" and I asked him what it was about this role that made it the right choice for his first post-"Potter" film.  Radcliffe said, "It was certainly not a part that people can really compare to Harry… But [the] main attraction, to be honest, was simply the story, and how compelling it was, and being a part of a really, really good horror film."

In "The Woman in Black," Radcliffe plays Arthur Kipps, a lawyer whose wife has died leaving him with a young son.  He is sent to a small village to sort out the affairs of a deceased client, but as he delves into local secrets he encounters a ghostly presence that foretells a deadly curse.  Radcliffe called the film's script "a character-driven, well-written horror film that had the capability of being just as scary as any 'Paranormal Activity' or any of those films that have recently come out,  while also having a depth of character that you don't often find there."

That's not to say, however, that Radcliffe considers himself to be a real fan of horror movies.  He said, "To be honest, if I wasn't in it myself I'd probably be too scared to see it."  Though he did clarify that the scares in "The Woman in Black" are not the type that would usually have him covering his eyes.  "What I was always scared of as a child and as a teenager was gore and blood and things like that," Radcliffe said.  "When it got too gory that's when I would get freaked out."  He explained that this film is more of a classically suspenseful ghost story: "There are moments when people do jump out of their seats, but there [are] also the the subtler moments when you just find a chill running up your spine and you're not quite sure why."

"The Woman in Black" is based on a 1983 horror novel that was previously adapted into a play that's been running continuously in London for 23 years.  It was also made into a television movie in 1989, and that version has an odd connection to Radcliffe's earlier career.  Adrian Rawlins, the actor who starred in the lead role in that adaptation, went on play Harry Potter's father.  Radcliffe recalled that he had finished work on the final film, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," and was preparing for this when he learned this fact.  He said, "I went online and, saw, suddenly, yes, Adrian Rawlins's name came up who was one of loveliest actors we've ever had on 'Potter,' and he played my dad."  Radcliffe said the link was entirely coincidental, but that "it was another bit of kinship we had there."

Radcliffe said that he read the original book, but that this new film diverges significantly from how the story is told in the novel.  But he said that Susan Hill, the book's author, "has been with us every step of the way… I know she's seen the film, and [she] is delighted with the finished product."  The film is directed by James Watkins, who previously made the violent British thriller "Eden Lake," which Radcliffe said he watched "and [I] thought, oh Jesus Christ, I know I'll be now working with a psychopath… If he wrote this film he must be an absolutely insane man."  Radcliffe expressed his relief, though, when he met the director and discovered, "he's this very, very smart, very funny, very classy guy."  Radcliffe was so impressed by Watkins work that he said the filmmaker is capable of becoming one of "the leading lights in British cinema for some time."

After playing the same character on screen for a decade — nearly half his life — Radcliffe seems eager to stretch himself with each new role.  But he said, "I don't have a long-term plan whatsoever." While some actors would feel the pressure to follow up a massive franchise like "Potter" with another huge project, Radcliffe doesn't see it that way.  He said, "[In] a way what's quite nice is that I will never have, in my career, a film that it has financially successful as 'Harry Potter.'  Ever. That is beyond question. But what's nice about that is that I don't have to aim for that anymore."  Because he already worked on the sort of big blockbusters that other actors dream of doing, he feels a degree of freedom to pick smaller projects that speak to him personally.  Radcliffe said, "If I dedicate myself to… each film as they come, then the long-term thing should take care of itself."

Empire Big Screen: The making of Harry Potter studio tour foto's en verslag

Dirk van Kids World Academy heeft mij zijn verslag gestuurd van de Empire Big Screen evenement, Warner Bros Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter. Ik heb het vertaald in het engels.
The Empire Presents Big Screen was on August 14, 2011 at the O2 Arena. It's officially the biggest launched attraction in Europe: The Making Of Harry Potter Located in the Warner Bros Leavesden Studios you can buy your ticket from October 13, 2011 for a tour in an area of ​​more than three football fields, And reservations are required since this is the ultimate experience for all Harry Potter fans around the world.

At the launch event were actors Warwick Davis and Evanna Lynch to present and discuss things with some members of the crew how during the filming of the movie proceeded.Up to 2x, the world premiere of the official trailer for The Making of Harry Potter at the O2 Arena was shown, which everyone was very enthusiastic about on thebig screen,the outline of the studio show. The actors were in top form and Warwick Davis said it's great to think the entire period of 10 years Harry Potter films comes to life in 3 hours to relive.Evanna Lynch was honored to make a Harry Potter fan happy with a VIP ticket and then gave signatures to some Harry Potter fans.
Tickets staan online vanaf 13 oktober 2011. Voor meer info kijk op

(foto) bron: Kids World Academy

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