Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban press conference in Tokyo, Japan

Daniel Radcliffe 'attended' the press conference in Tokyo, Japan to promote Harry Potter (ハリーポッター) and the Prisoner of Azkaban via satellite. Photos via ewva.net.

Prisoner of Azkaban promo pictures (studio shots)

Promotion photos for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaba. Some via oclumencia.com.br.

Entertainment Weekly photoshoot

The photoshoot for Entertainment Weekly magazine to promote Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban together with Emma Watson and Rupert Grint.

source: ew.com
picture source: Matthias Clamer

Famous magazine interview

Interview with Daniel by Famous magazine in promotion of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azakaban.

Children's Dream Fund: Kimberly meets Daniel Radcliffe

Kimberly Cullen flew to New York to make her wish come true: to meet Daniel Radcliffe, to see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and attend the premiere. She also had  a chat with Today Show host Katie Couric. Kimberly’s visit came courtesy of the Children’s Dream Fund. The trip was a celebration of the completion of her treatment at All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg.

While in New York City with her parents and older sister Sabrina, Kimberly also saw a performance of The Lion King, stayed at the Plaza Hotel, shopped at Saks Fifth Avenue, had dinner at the theme restaurant Mars 2112, took a Gray Line bus tour around the city and took a carriage ride through Central Park.
courtesy of the Cullen family
XPress (Section of the St. Petersburg Times) interviewed her

How was it meeting Daniel Radcliffe?
Kimberly: It was so cool but you didn't expect him to be overwhelmed, but he was. I got to ask him a question on the Today Show about acting as Harry Potter. I asked him, "What was it like after reading the books trying to act as Harry Potter being Daniel and still keep it Harry Potter?' He said that the character is so well-defined that he doesn't put his own twist into it.

Xpress: How did you get on the Today?
Kimberly: Katie Couric asked me if I wanted to ask (Radcliffe) a question because he was on (the show). She was very kind, but I really didn't get to talk to her much.

source: sptimes.com

Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson on U-Pick Live

Daniel and Emma Watson appeared on Nickelodeon's U-Pick Live in promotion of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Also includes the Nick Quick Pick challenge. It aired on 3rd June 2004.

IGN interview with Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson

IGN's interview with Daniel and Emma Watson in promotion of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. They talked with them in New York.

Q: Could you two start off by commenting on how much you think you've changed through the course of these three movies?
EMMA WATSON: We've just been getting older, maturing.
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: I think we probably have changed as actors as well, but I'm not conscious of myself changing. I mean, I can't pick-up on it. I never watched the first film again since, like, for about three years now. So I can't really compare it to the third because it's not very fresh in my mind.

Q: Are you more confident this time around when you were doing it?
WATSON: We get more and more confident every time, really.
RADCLIFFE: Yeah, I think so. Definitely, just because we have more experience with different directors.
WATSON: And it's nice because a lot of the crew who was on Harry Potter 1 is still doing Harry Potter 3.
RADCLIFFE: Yeah, exactly. And now 4 as well.
WATSON: It's great.
RADCLIFFE: It's like a family, basically.

Q: You mentioned that you are maturing. And you guys are fantastic, by they way. Now, are you finding out as teenagers and as the films go on and on, you're prone to experiment with a little, you know, more teenage stuff. Have you noticed more attention from members of the opposite sex? Can I ask you about your love life?
WATSON: (Laughs)

Q: Dating anyone?
RADCLIFFE: No, sorry to disappoint you. (Laughs) Yeah, obviously I'm sure both of us have noticed members of the opposite sex because we're now, both...
WATSON: I'm fourteen.
RADCLIFFE: We're both fourteen, so we're just kind of going though what any person who's thirteen/fourteen is.
WATSON: What every other teenager is going through.

Q: Are you getting any attention from the opposite sex?
RADCLIFFE: Um, maybe a bit, yeah. I'm not complaining. (Watson laughs)

Q: I have a quick follow-up to that, since adolescence is so taxing to begin with, here you are experiencing it in the public eye. So, talk about that aspect of it.
RADCLIFFE: For, certainly it hasn't affected me. I'm kind of going through what every other teenager goes through, but kind of with posters. (Waston laughs) It's not very... It's not as different as people would expect, I don't think, for me anyway.
WATSON: Yeah, no, I agree completely.

Q: How as it adjusting from Chris' [Columbus] style to Alfonso's [Cuaron] style?
RADCLIFFE: Basically I think everything that we learned with Chris, we were now able to put into practice with a different director. I think the reason Alfonso was able to do longer takes and was able to do more complicated shots was because, with Chris we just didn't have the experience of the focus to do that kind of stuff. And so, with Alfonso we were kind of just getting the shot. And it is harder, it's more challenging &#Array; which is good because if we're getting older and we're not being challenged, well then there's no point in doing it, really.

But I think it's just that we learn more with each director, I think. And now, with the fourth film, with Mike Newell directing, I think we're going to learn even more there as well.

Q: Do you think that Alfonso shared the same mind-set about your characters?
WATSON: Yeah. Actually, one of the first things that he did when we first met him was he asked us to write an essay about our characters &#Array; not just to help us, but also to help him to kind of see the character through our eyes. And also... he gave us a lot of freedom with that as well, which was really good.
RADCLIFFE: I think it's quite important to mention that when we did the essay, we basically did exactly what our characters would have done in the same situation. So, like, I wrote kind of a page. And it was fine, it was OK, it wasn't great &#Array; which is what Harry does. Rupert do it, Rupert forgot to do it. (Watson laughs) And I always get the figure wrong. How many pages did you write?
WATSON: We'll he actually gets a bit, a little bit more every single time, but I...
RADCLIFFE: About eleven.
WATSON: (Laughs) Yeah, I have big handwriting and I use big spaces.
RADCLIFFE: But it was always a really quite amazing essay as well though. Alfonso read it to us.

Q: How do the two of you both feel about the commitment to being in the series now? You're doing the fourth film, and you both started out and everybody was saying, we don't know how long you're going to do it for. Do you still take it seriously? Are you committed to wanting to do Harry Potter until the series is finished?
RADCLIFFE: Well, we've already started on the fourth.
WATSON: Yeah, we've done two weeks of that.
RADCLIFFE: So, we're definitely doing the fourth. But I mean, after that... each film takes a year, so it's not as though I don't take it seriously.
WATSON: Yeah, one film at a time. (Laughs) Whoa!

Q: Emma, in Azkaban you play a very significant role in the film. What do you think about that? And in one particular case, Hermione gives Malfoy exactly what he deserves. Can you talk about that?
WATSON: (Laughs) I love it! I love every single second of it. Girl power! It was great. I would have done [the punching scene] for a whole week, but, you know, we got it in a couple of takes. And I'm like, "Well I want to do it again! I want to do it again!" No, it was fantastic. It's great.
RADCLIFFE: It's a great moment.
WATSON: It is a great moment. And it's cool.
RADCLIFFE: At the premiere everybody cheered when she did it.

Q: Why don't you each individually speak about how this has affected your ambitions or maybe enhanced your ambitions? Now that you've conquered the film world, you're going to be politicians by the time you're 18?
RADCLIFFE: I... God help the nation if I'm a politician. (Watson laughs) I really enjoy acting, I really love acting. I think it's really something I would like to go on and do. And there's other stuff that I would like to do as well, mainly music and write and things like that. But, hopefully, I'd love to continue acting. I really would.
WATSON: I feel incredibly lucky to be given the opportunity to be in such a fantastic film and worked with so many tons of people. I mean, my ambitions couldn't even dream of the scale and greatness that Harry Potter is, and so, I'm so very lucky about that. But as Dan said, I love performing, I love being creative. There's so many different aspects of the film world that even if I didn't pursue acting, then I... I mean, something, something in it I might end up doing. Whatever gets thrown at me, I'm just going to go with the flow and see what happens.

Q: Did you have any personal ambition, such as like somebody you wanted to meet?
RADCLIFFE: I don't really have somebody. I got... there's a really cool band called Feeder, whom I got to meet because they were playing, they were shooting a video in the stage next to us at one of the studios. And that was really amazing.
And I got to meet some of my favorite actors, like Gary Oldman I actually got to work with, and I would always watch his films. Tim Robbins and Ben Stiller. I have got to meet some fantastic people.
WATSON: One person I was almost dying to work with... I was so pleased when I heard that Emma Thompson got cast as the part of Professor Trelawney, because I love her. I think she is such a great actress. And she did a really great job with Professor Trelawney. She is hilarious. She's so great.

Q: What scene from the book that didn't make it to the movie would you like to have done?
RADCLIFFE: There was one scene in the third book. I can't actually remember what Harry said in it, but it was something... It was kind of him just getting &#Array; I think, and I may have this wrong because I haven't read the book in quite a while &#Array; but it was something like he comes out of Lupin's office and basically sits down, and it's almost him slightly despairing, but kind of telling himself that he's got to get it together if he wants to fight the Dementors. That's all I can remember actually. Other than that I think I got to play-out most of the great things in the book.
I think they did a really good job in this one. A lot was cut, but they did a great job of making sure that everything that was put in the film is really relevant to the plot. One of the things I think is really great about this film is that it's really fluid; it's really fast moving. And I think they did a really good job of getting everything that was important in there.

Q: Can you recall some of the scenes or sequences that were cut?
WATSON: My goodness. Yeah, there was a couple of fights with Ron that were cut.
RADCLIFFE: I think there was a hug, too.
WATSON: Actually that was cut.
RADCLIFFE: I obviously wasn't paying attention.
WATSON: No, obviously not, Dan. (Laughs) There was an awkward hug with Ron that was cut.

Q: Why was it awkward?
WATSON: Why? I think, well, on the exterior, Hermione and Ron spend the whole film just arguing with each other, because Ron is convinced that Hermione's cat, Crookshanks, has eaten his rat. But I think it's a bit of a cover-up really, because, um, they have a little soft spot for each other. And it's kind of one of those classic love/hate relationships. You always tease the ones you like.

Q: Getting back to the girl power in the film, have you gotten a lot of response, either online or though letters from fans, on their reactions to the film?
WATSON: Well, I suppose that the film is really newly released, so I haven't heard anything for this film, which is really her Girl Power film. But I hope I've done justice to her character, because it's my favorite book, and it's such a great part for her in the third book. And I hope that, you know, I did her justice and she's what they all thought she'd be.
Q: Dan, Alfonso mentioned that you really pushed yourself to the limit during some of the more intense scenes during production. How did you, as an actor, prepare yourself for those scenes, and was it difficult to shake it out of your system afterwards?
RADCLIFFE: Basically because Harry being a teenager has the same feelings as every other teenage, basically. But because of his past, I think he feels like this feeling of anger or loneliness. Because of his past I think he feels more strong &#Array; more strong? Sorry, jetlag. So, that was kind of hard for me, but because obviously am feeling the same things as him. I just kind of took what I was feeling and basically just exaggerated them; and, like, listened to music or anything just to get me into the right state of mind during filming. And then just kind of hoped for the best.
WATSON: Yeah, I have to say Dan just focused so hard on a lot of the scenes in this. In one of the scenes that he did, he was so into it that he almost fainted. He was really great.
RADCLIFFE: I, um, it was one of the Dementor scenes, where it was me and Sirius by the lake and I had my soul sucked out. And I kind of, I do this like stupid thing where I forget to breathe properly and I hyperventilate. (Watson laughs)

Q: Did you guys learn any funny stuff about Alfonso? Did he teach you anything about Mexican food, or anything?
RADCLIFFE: I was going to say, but none I can really repeat. (Laughs) No, really. We both kind of started studying Spanish.
WATSON: We're starting to learn Spanish at school.
RADCLIFFE: And please don't anyone test us because we will try and fail miserably. Or, I know I will. Obviously, he is very patriotic about Mexico and it's great. He did teach quite a lot, he just talked about it a lot.

Q: Emma, in working with Emma Thompson, were there any lessons that you learned specifically?
WATSON: Working with Emma Thompson, I had such a good time with her because she... I had really good fun with the scene that we did because she was very creative and she was very involving with me. And she said, "Oh, why don't we try this? Why don't we do it this way?" Or, "Wouldn't it be good is we said this line here?" It was really fascinating for her to involve me like that. It was really great and I had a really good time with Emma, and I hope she gets some love back

source: ign.com

Scans: Nickelodeon magazine (US)

Nickelodeon magazine features interviews with Daniel, Emma and Rupert in promotion of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Scans via rupert-grint.us. June/July 2004.

picture source: Greg Williams.

Daniel Radcliffe on The Early Show

Daniel promoted Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on The Early Show.

source: cbsnews.com

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