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Première magazine: 20 years of Harry Potter special (FR)

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Première magazine: 20 years of Harry Potter special (FR)

French Première magazine's July/August 2021 issue is a special about 20 years of Harry Potter: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Harry Potter à l'École des Sorciers) was released in France on 5th December 2001.

The magazine is out now. A summary:

Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail motion character poster

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Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail motion character poster

Motion character poster for Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail (series 3). Daniel as Reverend Ezekiel Brown.

This is also shared on Facebook.

Photo: Facebook/Miracle Workers

Waxwork Madame Tussauds London (2007 - ?)

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Waxwork Madame Tussauds London (2007 - ?)
I thought this might be interesting to share: The different appearances of Daniel's Madame Tussauds London wax figure since the unveil of it back in 2007. I have seen photos of the figure with a scarf taken in December 2007. I don't believe it's still featured inside Madame Tussauds since photos of the figure haven't been posted online for years. It is unknown when they removed it.

I figured out that it has been standing inside the queue area (or it was a duplicate?) of the London Eye for an unknown timespan. Both attractions are owned by Merlin Entertainments Group. You can view more photos below.

Current timespan from the photos below: 2008 - 2012.
The last most recent photo I found online is from 2013.

2008 - Madame Tussauds (photo: gualtierocatrame on Flickr)

outfit 2

Daniel Radcliffe - London

2009 - London Eye (photo: Ron Tan)

outfit 3

2009 - Madame Tussauds (photo: Ian on Flickr)

outfit 4
madame tussauds daniel radcliffe 07-05-2009

2010 - Madame Tussauds (photo: Danni Hobby on Flickr)

outfit 5

Daniel Radcliffe - Madame Tussauds, London

2012 - Madame Tussauds  (photo: Danilo Santos)

outfit 6

Do you have photos of the figure on a different location or with another outfit which I haven't added above and you want to share them? Feel free to send me an e-mail, I'll add them with credit.

Escape from Pretoria: Behind the scenes

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Escape from Pretoria: Behind the scenes
A look behind the scenes of Escape from Pretoria via the official Instagram page.

3 men - 1 impossible mission!

🎞 Some fans have watched #EscapeFromPretoria 6 times!
Others are yet to enjoy the nail-biter.
📽 Some have had the full theatrical experience, others have watched it at home - but everyone has been thoroughly gripped by this fascinating true story!
🤩 Have a fantastic 2021 whenever you are.
Photo: Instagram/Escape from Pretoria

Kill Your Darlings Throwback

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Kill Your Darlings Throwback

Throwback Thursday! During a press conference for Kill Your Darlings Daniel talked about improvisation during the production of the film.

Audio via deepestdreams.com (shared in 2014):

Daniel Radcliffe talks about an emotional moment he shared with Dane DeHaan while improvising a scene on Kill Your Darlings. Even though he's a film & stage vet, Radcliffe elaborates on exploring a new acting avenue with Kill Your Darlings.

Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail trailer

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Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail trailer

The trailer for Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail (series 3). The new series premieres 13th July at 10:30pm ET/PT on TBS.

Photo: YouTube/TBS

Updated(4): Letters from Camp season 2 podcast

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Updated(4): Letters from Camp season 2 podcast

Back in August 2020 Audible announced a new scripted original family podcast, Letters from Camp, produced and narrated by actress and author Jamie Lee Curtis. It's a comedic, heartfelt mystery aimed at middle grade listeners and their parents written by Boco Haft. Russell Goldman is also producer.

Jamie Lee Curtis has now announced on her social media that there will be a second season. Narrated by Sunny Sandler, Edi Patterson, Sam Haft, Kirby Howell-Baptiste. And their newest cast member is.. Daniel Radcliffe.

It will be available only on Audible on 24th June. For more info visit audible.com (UK and US). You will need to create an account to listen or you can use the free for 30 days option. It will also be available on Amazon, since Audible is an Amazon company.

By searching online I have figured out so far that Daniel lended his voice for a character called Charles Wellington Cartwright (mentioned as Charlie in the summary below). There is a short audio sample which features Daniel on Audible's page. If I know more details I'll update this post.

Update: 19th June 2021. You can also listen to the audio clip below.
Update: 24th June 2021. 8 episodes of approximately 30 minutes are now available.
Update: 26th June 2021. This is Charlie.
Update: 15th July 2021. Audio clip.

This video is also shared on Facebook.

This video is also shared on Facebook.


Dear Kelly, Squirrel Girl (that’s me!) is about to have the most awesomesauce summer ever!”

It’s the summer of 2006 in Jamie Lee Curtis’ Letters from Camp, season 2, and Mookie has reinvented herself from the “extremely annoying” and “overly personal” - their words - investigator who alienated the rest of the camp. Now she’s…well,she’s not sure yet, but it’s going to be cool beans. That is until a strange man shows up and takes over the camp. Charlie Cartwright tucks his camp shirt into his cargo shorts (ew!) and hates girls, music from after 1942, and fun. Not to mention he has a really weird accent. Mookie has sworn off investigating, but she also wants Camp Cartwright to go back to the way it was when Director Sue was in charge. Maybe just this one last investigation.…

Photo: Audible

Archive video: Deathly Hallows part 1: Harry plays George (2011)

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Archive video: Deathly Hallows part 1: Harry plays George (2011)

A throwback since the regular news is slow. I decided to share this video released by Warner Bros. because I don't believe I shared it here back in 2011.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 - Harry plays George (Seven Harrys scene)

Photo: YouTube/Warner Bros.