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Exclusives from Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.
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● London, Equus, 24th February 2007. Daniel arriving at the Gielgud Theatre Stagedoor. Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3
More photos:
4) Inside the Gielgud Theatre
5) Outside view Gielgud 1
6) Outside view Gielgud 2
7) Richard Griffiths at the Stagedoor 

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Other mostly Dutch news (interview footage, scans etc.) obtained and brought to you by DJR Holland so you most likely find it exclusively here.

Photo: Hitkrant magazine (NL, GoF press conference)
Videos: Shownieuws, Jetix (NL, GoF premiere)


Photo: Dennys Ilic - Kampioen magazine (NL)
Photo: Dennys Ilic - Hitkrant magazine (NL)
Scans: Hitkrant magazine (NL, OOTP)
Scans: Bravo magazine (DE, December Boys)
Scans: Hitkrant magazine (NL)
Scans: Hitkrant magazine (NL, OOTP DVD)
Scans: Bravo magazine (DE)


Video: Shownieuws TV promo 2007 (NL, OOTP)
Video: Shownieuws (NL, Tony Awards)

Scans: Kampioen magazine (NL, HBP)
Scans: Hitkrant magazine (NL, HBP)
Video: Shownieuws (NL, HBP premiere)
Video: Shownieuws Harry Potter Behind the Magic (NL, HBP)
Photos: Dennys Ilic - “La Revista" magazine
Photos: Doug Inglish better quality - Attitude magazine (UK)
Scans: Cosmo Girl! magazine (NL, HBP)
Scans: Hitkrant magazine (NL, HBP)


Photo: Dennys Ilic - "Taxidromos" 2009 magazine (HBP)
Video: MTV at the Movies (US, DH part 1)
Scans: Privé magazine (NL)
Scans: Girlz magazine (NL)
Video: RTL Nieuws (NL, DH part 1 premiere)
Video: Shownieuws (NL, DH part 1 press junket)

Scans: Privé magazine (NL, WWoHP)
Video: MTV at the Movies (US, DH part 1)

Scans: Preview, Hitkrant & Privé magazine magazine (NL, TWiB)
Scans: JFK magazine (NL)
Scans: Preview magazine (NL, TWiB)

Video: Films & Sterren 2013/14 Venice Film Festival press conference (NL, KYD)
Scans: Nieuwe Revu magazine (NL, Kill Your Darlings)
Scans: Veronica magazine (NL, Horns)
Video: Films & Sterren (NL, Horns)
Video: Films & Sterren (NL, What IF)

Scans: Privé magazine (NL)

Video: Films & Sterren Zurich Film Festival premiere (NL, Imperium)
Scans: Gentleman's Watch magazine (NL, Victor Frankenstein)

Video: Films & Sterren 2019 TIFF interview (NL, Guns Akimbo)