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Scans: Bravo magazine (DE)

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Scans: Bravo magazine (DE)
I found some new photos from the December Boys shoot in Australia. These are from the German magazine Bravo with an interview. If you want me to translate it let me know.

Please credit Daniel J Radcliffe Holland if you use them, thanks

Sneak peek of My Boy Jack, introduction by Daniel

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Sneak peek of My Boy Jack, introduction by Daniel
Released by 2Entertain.

Daniel Radcliffe on Village Cinemas TV

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Daniel Radcliffe on Village Cinemas TV
An interview with Dan and Rod Hardy from VTV Australia (Village Cinemas TV) in promotion of December Boys.

Movie Tie-In edition of My Boy Jack (UK)

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Movie Tie-In edition of My Boy Jack (UK)
Below you find the cover of the UK Movie Tie-In edition of the book My Boy Jack? by Tonie and Valmai Holt. It's published by Pen & Sword Military. It's also available as eBook.

Pages: 256
ISBN: 9781844157044

Republished to coincide with the new ITV film, My Boy Jack? starring Daniel Radcliffe, this is the full account of the tragic life of John 'Jack" Kipling. On 27th September 1915 John Kipling, the only son of Britain's best loved poet, disappeared during the Battle of Loos. The body lay undiscovered for 77 years. Then, in a most unusual move, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC)re-marked the grave of an unknown Lieutenant of the Irish Guards, as that of John Kipling. There is considerable evidence that John's grave has been wrongly identified and for the first time in this book, the authors name the soldier they believe is buried in 'John's grave'. This is the first biography of John's short life, analysing the devastating effect it had on his famous father's work.

source: pen-and-sword.co.uk

Daniel's introduction to Hocus Pocus

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Daniel's introduction to Hocus Pocus
Paul Kieve, the magic consultant for the film of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, has published a book on magic called Hocus Pocus. It has an introduction by Daniel Radcliffe, one of Paul's pupils. The UK version has it, but I know that the Dutch version has it as well.

­čç│­čç▒ Info voor alle Nederlanders: De Nederlandse versie heeft dus ook de introductie met Daniel naast de originele door Hans Klok.

"Prepare to be astonished" Daniel Radcliffe
Official website: hocuspocusbook.com
Dan's introduction:

Daniel Radcliffe on Access Hollywood

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Daniel Radcliffe on Access Hollywood
Daniel talks about December Boys.

Scans: Hitkrant (NL) & Yam! magazine (DE)

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Scans: Hitkrant (NL) & Yam! magazine (DE)


Scans van Hitkrant magazine

English: Not anything new. He is talking about December Boys and his obsession for cricket, so I think I'm not going to translate it in english.. but if you really want to.. send a comment and if there a more people I still do it.

Bild interview

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Bild interview
The German website Bild had an exclusive interview with Daniel just after his 18th birthday.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

The day after his 18th birthday, the world's most famous teenager woke up alone. Without a girl. Without a hangover. I looked in the bathroom mirror and thought: Now you are grown! I had to grin ... "He opens the door of the hotel suite" Berkeley "from inside:

No glasses, no cape. Red Che Guevara Joke T-Shirt ("I hate him!"). "Absolute Joy" jeans. White Converse basketball shoes. Slim, slim, lively. Short, tangled hair, swaying, bushy eyebrows, James Dean smile: "Do you want a Coke Zero, too?"

BILD: How does one feel at 18? 
Dan Radcliffe: "Fairly normal, my favorite poison: the Playstation 3. I could buy a bike now, but I'm afraid. I gave myself a painting by US artist Jim Hodge. I celebrated with a great friend four days at the cricket game England-India. I was allowed to talk to the players ... my 21st birthday will surely be more evil. "

For 10 years he met 10,000 people to "Harry Potter". At 17, 30 million came into his account. His face is the most famous in the world ("Underground can not neef!"). Private sets a stinking standard. Lives with his parents. Is music addictive. From Chuck Berry to Beethoven. Dooes not buy anything expensive. Writes letters - on the computer. Has no email, no Blackberry, does not want an iPhone ("I felt afraid to lose all backed-up information."). Last year he did quit with school (private teacher).

Do you believe in God? 

"No, but i do in evolution."

In love?
"Yes - with the girls! But not in one, I'm single."

How did you read the last "Potter" book?

Happy that I do not have to die, I started with the epilogue: Harry gets his kids on the train to Hogwarts The book is so great because you can not "betray" the plots. "

What are you dreaming of?
"From life to Harry Potter, I want to prove myself, I also want to be a father someday, but do not write now that I want to marry, I'm still too young."

BILD is sitting with Harry to make his first anti-Harry Potter movie: "December Boys":
"I liked this story because it's so easy."

Australia. Four orphan boys celebrate Christmas with a host family by the sea. One of the four friends should be adopted ...

It's about growing up. To dreams, hope, friendship, first love (he is seduced by a blonde in a cave). To the faith, to the magic of life and death. A movie for all Harry Potter fans who want to grow up.

He smokes (not private). He kisses. He loves. He cries. The end of childhood. A little movie with big emotions.

How was the first kiss?
"I know, she knows, but nobody else."

He smiles. He folds his hands, plays with a cricket ball.

Two more Harry movies - then you're free?
Then I was 10 years of my life Harry Then I want to be a great actor I want to be a Broadway theater star I would like to shoot with your star Daniel Br├╝hl ('Good Bye Lenin', 'Bourne Ultimatum'), what I really appreciate, or with Florian Henkel von Donnersmarck ('The Lives of Others').

We cheer with ringing ice cubes "Good Bye". He wants to work, although he would never have to work anymore. He wants to grow, learn, play, live, laugh. He gets up at 7 am, eats muesli, listens to pop with iPod and reads Josef Conrad and plays with his two Border Terriers (10 and 7).

source: bild.de

Westdeutsche Zeitung interview

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Westdeutsche Zeitung interview
Interview with Daniel by the German Westdeutsche Zeitung in promotion of December Boys.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

Dusseldorf. Mr. Radcliffe, are you nervous about the fact that "December Boys" is your first movie after five "Harry Potter" episodes?
Radcliffe: A little bit!
But I'm not trying to think about it too much. When you start reading all the reviews, you become neurotic. And the world really does not need any more neurotic actors!
Was the work on "December Boys" a big change?
Radcliffe: No, not at all.
The biggest difference was that in "Harry Potter" you need the entire movie to learn all the names of the participants. Everyone knows about "December Boys" in a few days, because the crew is much smaller.

But no matter how big or small the budget is, all the movie sets are probably equally chaotic. It was great to shoot in Australia - the people are crazy nice there!
Her colleagues in "December Boys" are three guys who are much younger. What did you say?
Radcliffe: Very exciting.
In "Harry Potter" I was always one of the youngest on the set. And now, suddenly, I was one of the elders and felt I had to take care of the boys. I liked being treated like an adult.

In "December Boys" you play an orphan again.
Radcliffe: Maps is even my third role as an orphan.
The first was David Copperfield, then came Harry Potter. So I have a lot of experience with orphan roles. I have good friends who lost their parents very young. Through her, I know what it's like to grow up without parents.
"December Boys" is also about the first great love. How much experience do you need to play this role?
Radcliffe: As much experience as I have had.
(laughs) That makes this movie so beautiful: Everyone has a time in their lives, which is marked by the first love. I am no exception!

Has your popularity made it difficult to develop "normal" relationships?
Radcliffe: I think in the beginning, many see Harry Potter.
But then they realize that I'm more than the actor who plays Harry Potter. It's not so much the popularity that influences my social life, it's just the work! I travel often - you can not see your girlfriend as often as you want.

Can you go out as a peer without causing mass hysteria in the clubs?
Radcliffe: I'm not going to clubs anyway.
I hate clubs and their music. Awful!

What are your plans for the future: studying or acting school?
Radcliffe: You go to the university to meet people and explore what you want to do afterwards.
But I already know what I want to do: handle and write. And I get to know people from all over the world. What the university can offer me, I come to the film industry.

Are you also writing?
Radcliffe: Yes, especially poems.
But I will not publish it in the foreseeable future.
Did you like the last Harry Potter book?
Radcliffe: I loved it!
I knew the end of reading because I talked to Joanne K. Rowling about a year ago, and yet I really liked the book! Soon the shoot for Harry Potter 6 will begin. I look forward to it.

Will it be a relief after all seven "Harry Potter" movies are turned off?
Radcliffe: Yeah, I do not do that secretly.
It will be exciting and certainly intimidating to suddenly find myself again in a Harry Potter-free world. So far I knew, no matter what I do, I keep going back to Harry Potter.

source: wz.de

Daniel Radcliffe on 9am

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Daniel Radcliffe on 9am
Daniel's interview with 9am in Australia where he promoted December Boys.

Updated: GQ magazine photoshoot and interview (UK)

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Updated: GQ magazine photoshoot and interview (UK)
An interview with Dan from the November issue of GQ magazine where he also talks about My Boy Jack.

Outtakes from the photoshoot, via danielradcliffe.fr.

"In your new film, My Boy Jack, you play a WW1 soldier. How were the trenches? Exhilarating. Conditions were tough; there were mud, rats and we were soaked by rain machines. It was Glastonbury all over again - but with guns."

picture source: Simon Emmett

UK Kids' Choice Awards videos: Rupert & Daniel

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UK Kids' Choice Awards videos: Rupert & Daniel
UK Kids' Choice Awards promotional videos. Daniel is nominated for Best Movie Actor in Harry Potter and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is nominated for Best Movie.

The awards show will premiere on Nickelodeon, Saturday 27th October at 11am, on Sunday 28th October at 2pm on MTV Hits and on Saturday 3rd November at 9am on TMF.

And Rupert Grint wants you to vote for him instead of Daniel..

source: nick.co.uk

December Boys press junket interviews (Australia)

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December Boys press junket interviews (Australia)

December Boys press junket interviews from Australia.

Ten Network.

At the movies - breaking away from Harry Potter

Movie Juice

Philstar interview

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Philstar interview
Philstar (The Philippine Star) was invited to a “round-table” interview with Daniel in promotion of December Boys together with journalists from all over the world. It took place in Los Angeles.

STAR: How does it feel to be so successful at such a very young age?
Radcliffe: I don’t know! I mean, you never think about it. I feel very lucky to be successful in terms of the amount of work I am getting today. In terms of the celebrity side, that’s not what I think about or particularly enjoy. I don’t get any greater sense of excitement than when I am on the set and filming.

How do you want your fans to know you, as the “celebrity character” Harry Potter or as the “actor” Daniel Radcliffe?
Obviously I’d be the actor ideally. I know some people will probably see me for a long time as Harry and I’m sort of fine with that but that’s just one thing really but hopefully people will eventually see me as an actor rather than as the character.

Jumping off from what you just said, if you are to meet someone who is not familiar with you, how would you introduce yourself?
“Hi! I’m Dan.”

Just Dan? Not Dan, the actor?
No. If I have to meet someone who instantly tells me their profession after they told me their name, I would instantly think that I probably won’t like them. I don’t think that’s how polite people really talk. Dan is good.

Does it bother you that, in terms of casting, they always think of you as Harry Potter?
So far, that hasn’t really seemed to happen. It doesn’t seem to have made any difference to the way directors and people see me, which I am very, very pleased with.

Are you trying to break free from Harry Potter?
It’s not that, It’s about doing stuff that’s different. I am not actively trying to lose Harry Potter because I love playing him and I am proud of the film and I’ve given almost half of my life to it, you know. It’s just about establishing me as an actor rather than as a character. When I say that “I want to do things that are different,” I’m not just saying that I only want to do things different from Harry but I also want to do things different from Maps (his character in December Boys). I want every part I have to do to be different from those I already played. That’s certainly the plan.

What are the criteria you follow when choosing a film?
Obviously, it has to be different from any part I played before and also it’s not just the part but the overall script. For me, what really appealed to me about December Boys is it very much an ensemble piece. It isn’t just about my character  —  and that was very, very good. Essentially, if you’ve got a good script — and I fairly have a good instinct about scripts, and they come up to your standards, then there’s no good reason not to do it.

What was the biggest challenge for you in making this film?
The biggest challenge in this film is playing a character that is very quiet. Some people think that line learning is the hardest part but it is not at all, actually it is the easiest part. So to have to communicate the same amount of communication but actually with a lot less dialogue is the biggest challenge for me.

What did you learn from your experience in working on this film?
Being outside the world of Harry Potter I felt an even greater need to focus and concentrate because you have so much less time to film it, and you very quickly learn the necessity of absolutely being totally prepared all the time. I mean, I am very prepared but on a six-week shoot doing five scenes a day, you need to absolutely know what you are doing every time you go on the set.

What can you say about portraying yet another orphan?
I don’t mind doing it. It’s just one of those things. You don’t plan for it that way, I mean, I got to the second page of the script and there was a line there that says “The first thing you have to know is we are orphans” and I just went, “Oh no! This is orphan number three!” If I was playing another orphan and he is very similar to Harry then it would have been a problem. But because it was so disparate it didn’t really make any difference.

What attracted you to the role of Maps?
It was because he was so different from Harry. In every other respect he was a polar opposite and it goes about to what I was saying that Harry shouts aloud about how he failed and Maps doesn’t. And also because Maps feels very parental about the other boys and wants to look after them, that’s what I felt in real life. I wanted to make sure that these kids (the other child actors) have a great time on this film because they were all great kids and my experience of filming when I was 12  and 13 was incredibly positive and I wanted theirs to be positive as well.

The movie is about friendship and loyalty among friends. Could you tell us who your best friends are?
One of my best friends is a guy who works on Harry Potter. He is in wardrobe and he is 40 and his name is Will. Another best friend would be a guy I know called Robin who I’ve known since I was five. I’ve met a few people I’m very, very close to through Equus, the play that I did earlier in the year. Bonds that develop between people on stage are very, very intense. A lot of my friends are people I met through work except for Robin, who I went to school with in my childhood.

Obviously, you follow a very busy schedule. Do you still have time to bond with your friends?
That’s the thing that’s very, very important about my friends. True friends are the people who will understand when you say, “Hey, look, I’m really sorry, I’m leaving the country for three weeks so I won’t be able to see you” and you know, some people who I used to know, used to get really offended and angry and that’s why our friendship didn’t last whereas people like Robin, Will or other people I’ve met, they tend to understand about what the situation is.

Tell us about the first girl you ever had a crush on.
When I was eight  —  no, seven! I had a crush on a girl named Charlotte Pritchard, I think it was Pritchard and she had an identical twin sister called Emily and she went to my third school which was Radcliffe — I am not sure how she would feel about me mentioning her name (chuckles). I’m sure I’ll find out when I get those angry phone calls but I was very young and I haven’t seen her or spoken to her in years since I left that school.

What do you find attractive in a girl?
Someone who is level-headed. The least attractive quality that someone can have is neediness and as soon as you get the hint that a girl is — and I am giving this advice to all men everywhere and to all girls also because it works both ways — going to be terribly needy, don’t go out with them, it will not be a good idea.

Are you saying this based on experience?
(Laughs) Mm… No. It’s from a vague experience of things that didn’t work. It was with one particular person but we didn’t go out properly, luckily.

In the seven years that you’ve been in the business, what were the most important lessons you’ve learned?
Working with people like Imelda Staunton (Oscar-nominated actress from the film Vera Drake) and Gary Oldman (Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Romeo is Bleeding) have made me learn to show up on time, learn my lines, and don’t ever be rude to anyone. You’ll be amazed with the stories you’ll hear about people who never know their lines or don’t show up on time. When you do stuff like that, like not showing up on time, you are implying that you have sometimes the right to — and no one has the right to do that! The sound crew turns up on time, the lighting, make-up turn up on time, so you have to. Actors are essentially members of the crew and that’s how they should see themselves, I think.

What was the last good film you’ve seen?
I loved The Bourne Ultimatum. It was fantastic.

Do you think you can do an action movie?
I don’t know. The thing is, I am not a big fan of action movies and the greatest thing about Bourne is that it’s clever and it takes into account more things and not just the action.

I heard that you are very fond of books. What were the last books you’ve bought?
I bought a lot of plays. Vladimir Nabokov’s Laughter in the Dark  is just amazing.

Can you tell us about your experience in Equus?
It was a totally positive one. I loved doing it. I loved the rush of adrenaline that you get every time you walk out on stage — the thrill of having something on stage goes  wrong and then trying to work it out. Everything about it was just amazing. I loved it. Yeah, it was just fantastic for me.

Did it take a lot of convincing for you to get (completely) naked on stage (in a review by Details Magazine, they hinted that Radcliffe even goes from flaccid to you-know-what in one pivotal scene)?
No. Not really.

You always knew you’re gonna get naked because the play has been done before, right?
Yes, Actually.

Is it true that you are taking the role to Broadway?
Yes. Hopefully, maybe around this time next year and it might be later — I am not sure. But the plan is in around a year’s time it has to be on Broadway.

This is hypothetical: With all your success now, what if you are to lose everything and you can only save one thing, what would it be?
(Thinks for almost a minute) Mm… Probably…do I have to pick one book, or could I say my books?

Whatever, you can pick anything?
I would pick my books.

(Ribbing the actor) Not your parents!?
Oh! LOSE EVERYTHING! That is more intense then! Of course I would keep my family — and my dogs, because they’re family.

Do you have any fears about the future?
Yes. Everyone fears about the future.

What do you fear most?
I don’t know. I’d say being buried alive — that would be very terrible! In terms of my career, I don’t know. I fear not meeting my own standards. 

source: philstar.com