Updated: Horns to premiere at Toronto Film Festival

Some of you may already know this (maybe also because of the tweet from Joey McFarland we re-tweeted a few days ago) but it's now announced by TIFF: Horns will have it's world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival (sometime between 5-15th September 2013). This will be the second film from Dan at the Festival.

Horns will be a part of TIFF's Vanguard program which "takes audiences on a sensory rollercoaster ride with bo undary - pushing international works that are bold and bodacious". The full schedule of the program will be announced 20th August 2013.
Horns, a supernatural thriller driven by dark comedy, mystery and romance follows Ignatius Perrish as he awakens after a hard night of drinking to find he has grown a pair of horns. In addition to his devilish appearance, the horns cause people to fall into a trance and voice their most unspeakable thoughts, an effective tool in Ig’s quest to discover the truth of his girlfriend's murder. Starring Juno Temple and Daniel Radcliffe
Update: 1st August 2013. The premiere will be on 6th September at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema

source: tiff.net, JoeyMcFarland

The Cripple of Inishmaan - screentest trailer

There are 5 weeks left for The Cripple of Inishmaan!. The Michael Grandage Company just released a new "screentest" trailer.

Updated(2): Daniel Radcliffe to present Kill Your Darlings at the Venice Film festival

It wasn't officially confirmed when I posted about it on 4th July, Daniel will be in Venice. Notorious Pictures announced (news via badtaste.it) that Daniel Radcliffe and director John Krokidas will present Kill Your Darlings (Giovani Ribelli) on 1st September 2013, time:16:30, local time, followed by a Q&A, at the Venice Film Festival (Venice Days). There will be a press conference and official screening.

Kill Your Darlings is a part of the official selection of films during the 10 days (28th August -7th September 2013) of the Film Festival. Others are Alienation,  La belle vie, Bethlehem, Gerontohilia, Khawana,  Koksuz,  May in the Summer, la mia classe, La reconstruccion, Rigor Mortis & Siddharth.

Update: 3rd August 2013. Venice-days.com uploaded a short teaser trailer of Kill Your Darlings. I also did post the link on Facebook.

Update: 26th August 2013. Daniel will also attend a meet and greet session during the festival in Venice which will take place 2nd September 2013.15:00, local time at the Italian department Store Coin (Cannaregio 5787) in Venice.

source: badtaste.it, cineblog.it, Notorious Pictures (and thanks to Valentina for the tip)

Oh and Kill Your Darlings is also lined up for the Toronto International Film Festival... (5-15th September 2013)

Updated: Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe! (24!)

Yes, today is the day that Daniel Radcliffe turned 24! So from Daniel J Radcliffe Holland:

Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe!

Let's hope you will have an awesome day today and wish you all the best for the future.

I hope you all will use the hashtag #HappyBirthdayDanielRadcliffe on Twitter
or re-tweet this site's tweet:

And let's hope it will be a "Trending topic" ;) And ofcourse feel free to comment, mention us at Twitter, or contact via Facebook to wish him a great birthday!

As you all can see, I have updated the site with a new lay-out. Some things still may change, but I hope you all like it.

Then a little bit about the 2013 Birthday Project. Thanks to all for sending in your words. I had 66 submissions in total, even more then last year, so this project seems to be another success. I hope to keep you all updated. The project is set up by María from Glowing Radcliffe and she is working hard on it. 

Update 24th July: María has send the following pictures of the Birthday project which is called "Wordplay" (the lines and frames will be erased later) Some more via our Facebook page.

Daniel Radcliffe back for second series of A Young Doctor's Notebook

I already posted back in February that Daniel was in talks for a second series of A Young Doctor's Notebook. It now had been officially announced by Sky Arts that Daniel and Jon Hamm have signed on for a second series. 

The second series called A Young Doctor's Notebook & Other Stories will be on Sky Arts 1 HD and On Demand in the UK later in 2013.

"I had absolutely no hesitation in agreeing to do a second series of A Young Doctor's Notebook. I had an incredible time working with the multi talented Jon Hamm and of course am a huge fan of Mikhail Bulgakov's work and so was thrilled when I was told a second series had been commissioned. I am also greatly looking forward to working with our new director Robert McKillop and cannot wait to commence filming this summer".

picture source: Colin Hutton
source: Sky Arts

Giffoni Film Festival message from Daniel Radcliffe

A teaser preview of Daniel's new film Kill Your Darlings (Giovani Ribelli) was shown at the Giffoni Film Festival in Italy yesterday. Daniel presented the preview with an exclusive video message from London. It's now released online by Notorious Pictures.

Kill Your Darlings has a 17th October 2013 release in Italy.

Google+: Daniel Radcliffe's 3rd video diary

This is Daniel's third video diary from his Google+ page. You maybe remember we re-tweeted two photos from Susan Blackwell visiting Daniel backstage at The Cripple of Inishmaan on Twitter. No? number 1 & number 2. Well now here's the video she mentioned back then.

Title: Video Diary 3...
"We are in my dressing room right now or a corner of it and ehm I recently had a friend of mine, who some of you may know, ehm called Susan Blackwell recently came to see the show. And she, we decided that it was time for a repeat of the first interview we did, so I hope you enjoy"

The Google+ link at this page is Dan's post shared via this site's Google+ page

Daniel Radcliffe on BBC Radio 1's Scott Mills

Today Daniel also talked with BBC Radio 1's Scott Mills. If you missed it, listen via BBC's iPlayer and also don't forget to download the podcast (both are available until 7 days after the broadcast). There are also photos of Daniel signing autographs outside the BBC Radio 1 studios.

Here's @Chris_Stark and Daniel Radcliffe's responses to Chris's film idea, "Tsunamadillo". Keen, and very KEEN!
From BBC's website:
Chris has snuck into Radio 1 when Scott's not looking to grab a word with Daniel Radcliffe and run some of his movie ideas past him. Following the success of Sharknado, will Daniel be interested in helping fund a new project called Tsunamadillo?
source: bbc.co.uk

Updated(2): Daniel Radcliffe on BBC Radio 1's Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw

Daniel was a guest on this morning's Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw (runtime from the show: 06:30 -07:30 for Holland- until 10:00). He was there to guide Nick Grimshaw through Fantasy Films. If you missed it, listen back via BBC's iPlayer (until 7 days after the broadcast).

Update: A video

Update: 19th July 2013. Download the podcast (20 days available)

Photo booth and more:

source: bbc.co.uk

Thom Atkinson photoshoot

More photos from the photoshoot for The Financial Times Weekend magazine by Thom Atkinson (promotion for The Cripple of Inishmaan) were released online recently. I have shared them via this site's Facebook page but I thought it would be a good idea post them here too.

If you missed FT Weekend magazine's interview with Daniel, which was posted 31st May 2013, click here.

picture source: Thom Atkinson

UK Cinema Showcase

Below photos of Daniel at the UK Cinema Showcase, an event bringing together key journalists, bloggers and others from around the UK for preview screenings and press conferences, where he was talking about Kill Your Darlings during a Q&A plus screening.

picture source: Parallel Vision

Behind the scenes of The F Word: Daniel Radcliffe, Lucius Hoyos & Jemima Rooper

The IMDB page of actor Lucius Hoyos who plays Felix in The F Word, was updated on 7th June 2013 with a new behind the scenes picture during a late night shoot.

Want to see more? You might have missed this one, & this one which I shared via this site's Facebook page and were posted by Peter Lue.

Late night shoot on The F Word with Daniel Radcliffe and Jemima Rooper
source: IMDB

Esquire UK: What I've Learned | Daniel Radcliffe

Esquire UK posted a new interview with Daniel online called "What I've Learned". And with that they also mentioned that Kill Your Darlings will be coming out in November in the UK (no exact date is released yet, if it's out you will hear it)

Check here to view Esquire's photoshoot with Daniel from last year.
The 23-year-old actor shares his life lessons after 14 years in the public eye. Trying to be cool is bollocks. It leads to unhappiness. When I was 17/18 I worked really hard at being enigmatic, but now I’ve accepted I’m not that guy. I’m chatty and hyper.

Talking about drinking on the set of Potter was a mistake. I thought if I could narrow the gap between the perception of me and the reality, the better things would be. Actually it just gave the media more to speculate with.

Gary Oldman gave me some advice. He said: ‘Your name is your brand. Protect it’. I didn’t understand what that meant until recently.

I didn’t just grow up on screen, I learned my trade on it too. I was surrounded by fantastic actors getting the best drama training anyone could have, but it was all caught on film. I’m very critical, even of the early stuff. The last year or so is the first time I’ve been proud of the work I’ve produced.

I learn a lot from athletes. Someone said Mike Atherton’s greatest skill as a batsman was the ability to concentrate intently for a few seconds at a time, then totally relax. That’s a useful skill - conserving energy.

Making the wrong choices is my bigger fear. But there’s no master plan. I just try and do what interests me.

If I quit acting tomorrow, I’d become an archaeologist  I love history and I love physical work. I think I could lead a very happy life digging things out of the ground.

Every day I try and remind myself: work isn’t a given. You have to earn your right to be there every day. It’s very easy to get a few weeks into a play and go on autopilot, but the people in the audience at the end of the run have paid just as much as the people on the first night. They deserve just as much commitment and energy.

Going to the gym is how I switch off. It’s not relaxing, exactly, but it makes me feel so much better. I like being in pain and sweating and working hard.

The big embarrassment of my life is that my Dad is fitter than me. He’s 54 but in crazy shape. He’s a runner. I’m catching up with him though.

Every day is a chance to improve. No matter what you’re doing.

Hard work trumps everything, event talent. Look at Tom Brady, the New England Patriots quarterback. He was picked 199th in the sixth round of the NFL draft, and went on to become one of the all time greats. You can have all the god-given ability on earth but if you don’t work at it, you won’t reach your potential.

Success is living up to the goals you set yourself. Other people have said I’ll never do anything as successful as Harry Potter, and in a commercial sense they’re right. But how you feel about your own work is the real way to measure it.

I was at Richard Griffiths’s funeral recently. Everyone there talked about how happy and content he was, which was absolutely true. Someone saying the same thing about me at my funeral: that’s what real success would look like.
source: esquire.co.uk

Kill Your Darlings - Venice Film Festival, Giffoni Film Festival, Italy

Kill Your Darlings will come out in Italy on 26th September 2013 with the title “Giovani Ribelli” which means "Young Rebels". I already posted yesterday on Facebook that the news was released by Screenweek.it during Cinè 2013 (Italian Film distributors event held in Riccione, Italy) that Kill Your Darlings will be at the Venice Film Festival 2013. (26th September?) Not confirmed for 100% yet, but it was mentioned. So that's good news.
"This will be an important Festival scheduled between late August and early September ...,"
Roberto Proia, CEO of Notorious

Then there was also a special video message from Daniel, in which he announced the first trailer of Kill Your Darlings. It hopefully will be released online soon, and if it is, you ofcourse will hear it here.

A surprise video message to the public in Riccione (Italy) from Daniel Radcliffe. He premiered the first trailer of Kill Your Darlings.
Geplaatst door DanielJRadcliffe.tk op woensdag 3 juli 2013

Then news about the Giffoni Film Festival. (which is the largest children's film festival in Europe, and possibly the World. It takes place in the little Italian town of Giffoni) They will show a teaser preview of Kill Your Darlings on 21st July 2013

source: bestmovie.it & giffonifilmfestival.it

Google+: Tom Felton visits Daniel Radcliffe at The Cripple of Inishmaan

Tom Felton did see The Cripple of Inishmaan yesterday. A photo of him with Daniel backstage after the show was posted on Daniel's Google+ page.

Tom Felton visits Dan backstage after the show.
Then also a few more photos of Dan signing autographs yesterday:

picture source: W.E.N.N.

The Google+ link at this page is Dan's post shared via this site's Google+ page.

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