January 2005 - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


NME magazine (UK)

Marion 17 January 2005 0
NME magazine (UK)
Daniel gave his opinion on songs by several bands for music magazine NME. It's featured in the December 2014 issue. Via veritaserum.com.

The Libertines: "Can't Stand Me Now"
Daniel: "Brilliant. Love it. I'm a massive Libertines fan. It's not my favourite track off the album, but it's wonderful, beautiful, fantastic, and incredibly sad."

The Others: "This Is For The Poor"
Daniel: "I really like this song. However, I feel like I'm being made to feel guilty. I like to think that I'm not a typical schoolboy, and stuff, but I do feel very guilty when listening to this song. I prefer Stan Bowles 'cos it's guilt-free."

Franz Ferdinand: "Take Me Out"
Daniel: "Brilliant, fantastic, just great! When I first heard it, it didn't immediately grab me, but it's infectious. You just find yourself humming it. And the album....but it's not my favourite on the album, it's erm....erm....'Matinee'."

Keane: "Bedshaped"
Daniel: "I'm not a big Keane fan. I mean it's nice enough but it doesn't make me dance, it doesn't make me happy, and it doesn't make me sad."