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Télé-Loisirs interview

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Télé-Loisirs interview
Interview by French TV magazine Télé-Loisirs in promotion of Miracle Workers.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

If you had the same power as your character, what miracle would you accomplish?
If I could press a button like Craig does, I think it would be to eject embarrassing conversations that we sometimes have. It would be useful!

Does the series correspond to your own vision of religion and the world?

Yes, and I think that's why I wanted to be part of it, because it's rare to find a fiction that projects your vision.
It expresses how much better I feel than I could have written it myself. It mixes a dark side and a very soft tone. There is a lot of love in this series. It's light: if we get fucked, we all laugh!

The public is not used to seeing you in the comedy genre ...
I can understand that I do not consider myself a comedy actor, because I did that kind of thing in theater or in projects that few people saw. That's why I'm delighted to make them laugh with this series. I would like to do more comedies.

You had very different roles since Harry Potter. Was it a deliberate choice?

Yes, I try to choose projects as varied as possible. That's how I take the most pleasure. And what's good is that people now see me as an actor, and not just like the actor who played in Harry Potter. Being here to talk about this series is the proof!

You have also been an executive producer for Miracle Workers. What is it like to be on the other side of the fence?
I have even more respect for the actors, after attending the auditions, where I saw so many very different people from each other doing a lot of different things with the same subject and the same text. This is the first time I have been involved in a project as soon as I can consider myself a "producer". I arrived when we did not have a channel for the show yet. It's great to be able to help steer the project, not just to get to the set. I was involved for the screenplay and the casting.

Do you receive a lot of series proposals?
Yes, even though I have not done American series so far, because it usually takes a seven-year contract. With Miracle Workers, if we are lucky that the series is renewed for a season 2, I think we will try to make a series of comedy anthologies, a bit like American Horror Story in the comedy genre.


Le Parisien interview

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Le Parisien interview
Another French interview in promotion of Miracle Workers: Le Parisien.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

Did you expect to play with Steve Buscemi in this series?
No ! I loved Simon Rich's book, so I committed myself long before I knew who else would play in it. Today I can not imagine anyone else in this role.

Who is Craig, your character?
It's an angel who works in the prayer department to which he tries to answer. He is terrified of failure so he takes no big risks. Then a new colleague  arrives who opens his eyes. He realizes he's not going to change the world if he's happy with that.

You present yourself as an atheist. What do you think of the poor image of God and the angels that is given in the series?

I am agnostic or atheist, I lean in any case on this side. The series corresponds to the world around us. If we showed a heaven that worked perfectly, we would wonder why the world is so chaotic. So we try to show a heaven consistent with the state of the world today.

Do you already think of a season 2 of Miracle Workers?
We do not have an official order yet, but I really hope it will happen. If it takes place, it will not be in heaven but in a different universe, with new characters and a whole new story, while keeping the same actors in different roles. A bit like the American Horror Story series.

You play an angel who can influence events on Earth, isn't it a bit like having magical powers?

I did not see it like that, but now that you say it, maybe it looks like it. But fortunately I do not have a magic wand in Miracle Workers, it would have been too weird.

Could you participate in a new project related to Harry Potter?
I can not say never, but it's not something I think about and by the way I do not think anyone thinks about it today. At this point in my career, no, I do not see myself coming back to that universe. Now, in twenty years, I do not know what I will think.

You seem to make very dark films in the cinema (The Woman in Black, Victor Frankenstein), but comedies on television (A Young Doctor's Notebook, Miracle Workers). It's a choice ?
In fact I love both. But the difference between film and series is not deliberate. I grew up watching mostly comedies. On a shoot it is a genre that is very pleasant. When you go to work, you know that you are going to have fun with your friends. It's quite relaxing not to be covered in blood at the end of the day.

What is your view of your career so far?
I'm pretty happy. I just finished a play in New York, I hope to go back on the stage again in the next years. I've been involved in some odd projects lately like a film shot in New Zealand and Germany titled Guns Akimbo that I wanted to do for a long time. It's an independent film, which is always difficult to achieve, so when it's done it's a small triumph. If my career continues like this, I will be satisfied.

Where do you live today?

I share myself between New York and London. I'm based in London but I try to spend as much time as possible in New York, because that's where my girlfriend lives and it's a city I love.


AlloCiné interview

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AlloCiné interview
French website AlloCiné talked with Daniel on the set of Miracle Workers back in February 2018 in Atlanta. I did already share a quote a few days ago. They have now released their full interview.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

What attracted you to Miracle Workers when you were offered this project?

I really wanted to work with Simon Rich, and hopefully for years to come. He has an incredible creative spirit and I was already very fond of his work and his news. What always scares me about television is that you often have to agree to commit to a project by only reading the pilot's script. It's something that seems completely crazy to me. The fact of not knowing in which direction could go the series would not reassure me really. But I had no doubt about Simon. I was sure he would come up with great ideas and know where to go. And that has not been denied. Besides, I know that the next season will not be held in heaven. The frame will be totally different.

In the end Miracle Workers looks like a kind of long film, and once finished it is thrown in the trash and we move to something very different in the next season. This anthological aspect really helped to dispel all my fears. I never had to say to myself "Oh I'll have to play the same character again and again for a very long time" because in reality I'm going to play a different character each season.

In this first season you play Craig, an angel who is trying to perform a miracle to convince God to give humanity one last chance. What intrigued you in this character?
The series is the adaptation of Simon Rich's novel so overall Craig is very close to what he is in the book. He may be a little more nervous and neurotic, and I think that's something that came to the writers once they knew I was going to interpret the character (laughs). And I think that in a way, what I liked was that there is a real parallel between Craig and me, we resemble at some levels. And at the same time Craig also works as a Simon avatar within the story. So it's his creation, his character, but I think a bit of both of us at Craig's place.

But beyond the character it is really the universe imagined by Simon which I liked immediately. It's a universe that reminds me of Pixar movies at times. Simon has written for Pixar, and for The Simpsons, and although I have been filming here for several weeks already, I still feel like I'm in an animated Pixar movie, which reminds me a bit of Inside Out. Beyond a great story and great characters, there is a certain complexity and mischief in this universe that push us to want to spend more time there to see how everything works. I think it's great, as a viewer, when a series is so successful, so engaging, that it makes us want to return to the heart of his universe to rub his characters.

Do we discover over the season how Craig got this job at Heaven Inc.?
I do not think it's mentioned, no. Each person inherits a random post when they arrive in heaven. And the very fact of accessing or not is also a matter of chance. At some point during the season, Eliza tries to gather the troops and says to her little friends: "Come on guys, we are in Heaven, that means we are part of what humanity has best to offer ". And someone answers him "No no, it does not work like that, it's just chance". I think that's what Simon loved to do with this series. He wanted to play with the image of heaven that people could have, and twist it. But to come back to your question, I think Craig just inherited this random work and ended up enjoying it.

How do you think the audience following you since Harry Potter will welcome this new series that seems like nothing that we have seen on TV?
We simply hope that the series will find its audience and that people will like what they see. What I find great in the series is that it takes place in a world that is incredibly creative, amazing, and fun. And I think it's very strong and it can make people want to watch. I'm not trying to compare the series to Harry Potter, but I think that's also what made Harry Potter so successful. We wanted to spend time in this universe. The fans wanted to go back and discover more each time. I think it's a bit like Miracle Workers.

Even if there is a bit of dark humor, I find that Miracle Workers is a very happy series overall, which warms the heart. What is not so widespread these days, where it seems to me that it is complicated to find a comedy that is not full of cynicism or malice. There is a lot of love in this series. Sometimes we watch a comedy and we can not help saying to ourselves "My God, I feel that the authors hate their characters", it's a little strange. But it is not the case here. Simon loves his characters deeply. Just take the example of God. He is totally crazy and Steve Buscemi embodies him childishly. But despite this not always very flattering portrait of God, we feel that writers love him very much. And I hope that will be felt. I really think people will enjoy watching the show.


TV magazine - Le Figaro interview

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TV magazine - Le Figaro interview
More Miracle Workers promotion from the French press: Interview by Le Figaro's TV magazine.  A second part of this interview conducted by journalist Nathalie Chuc is published by Ouest France (It doesn't feature any new quotes, so I didn't add the translation from that part).

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

After Harry Potter, your career choices have always been daring: independent, horrified or zany feature films ...
I'm lucky to be in a position that allows me to be selective. Most actors, when they receive a script that they do not really like, accept the role to make a living. I can let myself be guided by my own desires. I'm really lucky because I'm constantly being offered odd, cool and - in a word - interesting roles to play!

With Miracle Workers, do you plan to become a long-time series hero?
If we are lucky to have a season 2 or 3, I want to be! It would then be a series of anthologies, namely with the same actors, a priori, but very different stories. No heaven, no angels. For me, it would really be like playing three different movies and that's exactly one of the reasons I accepted that role. I wanted to play in an American series, it was the idea, but the standard contract in the United States requires a long-term commitment and I did not want to relive it. Miracle Workers really works on the ideal TV for me!

Your character presses buttons to answer prayers. Which one do you want to support?

I dream of a button "ejection seat" when I'm stuck in a boring or boring conversation! Something that would send me fifteen meters in the air to land further with a parachute: it would be really great. (laughs.)

Do you like to play a role without drama or magic?

(He bursts out laughing.) Yes! I was delighted to be on a shoot where I would not end up covered in blood or in danger of death or anything! In this series, my only mission was to be funny and stupid. The comedy is very beautiful, it changes me. It will be difficult for me to return to the dramatic scene after that ...


Update: Miracle Workers vanaf volgende maand te zien via VoD

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Update: Miracle Workers vanaf volgende maand te zien via VoD
Goed nieuws voor alle Nederlanders: Het eerste seizoen is inmiddels al uitgezonden in Amerika, maar Miracle Workers, 7 afleveringen met Daniel in zijn rol als engel Craig, is vanaf volgende maand te bekijken via Video on Demand aanbieder Videoland. En wel vanaf 12 april 2019.

Update: 12 april 2019. Vanaf vandaag! Trailer:

Deze video is ook gedeeld op Facebook.

Télécâble Sat Hebdo interview

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Télécâble Sat Hebdo interview
French TV magazine Télécâble Sat Hebdo's interview with Daniel in promotion of Miracle Workers. Miracle Workers premieres tomorrow on Warner TV in France.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

Miracle Workers is your first hero experience in a TV series. Did you expect that?
Not at all. It is odd to participate in the long run by simply reading the story of a pilot, which is just the beginning of a story. Not knowing what's happening scares me. So I refused many projects.

Why did make you change your mind?

Simon Rich! He was so specific about the subject and his story that he reassured me.

How did you discover the world of Miracle Workers?

It was my girlfriend who gave me the book to read years ago, the book that inspired the series,
What in God's Name. I thought it was great and I made an appointment with Simon Rich. I told him I was interested in the subject and told him that one day, when he would have plans to adapt the novel, I would want to be involved.

How long have you been without news?

A whole year Then he contacted me at a time when I did not expect it. He told me he was going to do a TV show and that the ball was in my camp. I immediately took my phone to call my agent and his team.
I told them, "I know you hate to go in that direction, guys, I know it leaves little room for negotiation, but What in God's Name is going to be a series." Get as much as you want, but I want to be a part of it. "

What made you so excited about this project?

The whole story, the way it was written and most importantly, I thought it was the right time to do a comedy. It's a story of incredible darkness and at the same time incredibly sweet and reassuring. Simon masters this mixture of darkness and light perfectly. It's crazy!

Who is Craig, your character?
It is an underpaid angel who is in charge of answering the prayers of the people. Soon, he will be angry with God (Steve Buscemi), who manages heaven as a real business. I really like to play him, especially since he evolves a lot during the season.

In this series, heaven functions as a huge factory where everything has been thought out down to the smallest detail. It is very impressive ...
Yes, we shot in an abandoned factory. We were all stunned during a walk around. Every machine, every tool, every element of the original factory had been redesigned to make sense of the story. For the most part, these items only appear on the screen. But it is this requirement that gives credibility to the whole.

Do you think that the world of Harry Potter and the world of Miracle Workers have something in common?

These are worlds in which we want to evolve. It was one of the keys to Harry Potter's success. Even if you remove the characters, you want to evolve in this magical world. The same goes for Miracle Workers. We have created a universe that makes people want to walk in this bureaucratic version of paradise. I hope so (he laughs)

Do you miss Harry Potter?
Sincerely no! Some people I've worked with miss me of course. I have good memories at the movies and I know what Harry Potter means to me, but I do not miss Harry.


Télérama interview

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Télérama interview
French TV magazine Télérama's interview with Daniel in promotion of Miracle Workers. The series premieres on 30th March on Warner TV in France.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland (It features one new quote):

Life after Harry Potter:
"For some people I'll stay Harry Potter forever, I do not care, I'm always hoping to be a versatile actor, Miracle Workers is giving me an opportunity to show the general public that if the script is good, I'm ready to be in a blockbuster again, but today I have the luxury of being able to choose my roles, and for the moment, the most original proposals come from independent cinema and ten years ago, at the end of the Harry Potter saga, I was not even sure if I could make a come back, and I'm happy to see that I'm still an actor and that I can move on. "

Miracle Workers

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Miracle Workers
An update on Miracle Workers. Well everything you could have missed via social media. The season finale aired yesterday on TBS. It's unsure if there will be a second season.

Warner TV France answers prayers, iTunes Heaven, Inc. Required Listening playlist and more below.

AlloCiné on set interview.

EFE Agency. On the fame he earned by playing Harry Potter.

Miracle Workers promotional photos

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Miracle Workers promotional photos
More promotional photos for Miracle Workers featuring Daniel as Craig. Most of them are released via Warner TV France. If more appear I'll add them.

picture source: Dan Winters

Google+: Miracle Workers finale

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Google+: Miracle Workers finale
A new post on Daniel's official Google+ page regarding the last episode of Miracle Workers which airs on TBS today.

A gif via Google+.

Watch the finale of #MiracleWorkers tonight at 10:30 on TBS to see if the team is able to save the world from ending. I'm not really sure if we're going to pull this off but I can promise we are definitely trying!

Stream Miracle Workers on the TBS app

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Stream Miracle Workers on the TBS app
The last episode of Miracle Workers will air this Tuesday on TBS for all of you in the US. But you can stream all episodes on the TBS app. Download it here:

This video is also shared on Facebook.

Le Journal du Dimanche interview

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Le Journal du Dimanche interview
French paper Le Journal du Dimanche interviewed Daniel in promotion of Miracle Workers. You can read an excerpt below. The first episode of Miracle Workers airs 30th March on Warner TV in France.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.
In this series, you are an actor and executive producer. What was your exact role?
Once the shoot started, I devoted myself to comedy. My involvement as an executive producer was mainly upstream. I started working on this series even before there even was a broadcaster. Being involved very early, I was able to participate in the definition of tone and format with Simon. I also talked about the choice of actors. It was the first time in my career that I participated in this process. It was both fun and interesting to be on this side of the camera.

Your character, an angel at the bottom of the ladder, is not elected to Harry Potter. That's what you liked?
Not specifically. It is first of all a character very sweet and very funny that I perfectly embodied. That's what won. I do not choose my roles by asking if they will make Harry Potter forget. I am being offered more different and distant projects from Potter. So, thinking about all this is no longer a priority when I choose a role.

Because of their length, series have a specific form of narration. With eight episodes, wasn't the Harry Potter saga also a big series?

But yes it's true! Harry Potter was like a very long series with an incredibly high budget. We have changed several times from director to film, almost changing director to each episode of a series. It was also a good training to be on the set every day, with extended hours like Miracle Workers had.


"Miracle Workers" portrait session video (Sundance Film Festival)

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"Miracle Workers" portrait session video (Sundance Film Festival)
Mitch Bonaldi has shared the following video on Instagram today. It's taken during the portrait session for Getty Images, powered by Pizza Hut, at the Sundance Film Festival in promotion of Miracle Workers back in January.

Updated: Télé 7 Jours ‏interview

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Updated: Télé 7 Jours ‏interview
French TV magazine Télé 7 Jours had an interview with Daniel in promotion of Miracle Workers. It's featured in the latest issue.

Update: 31st March 2019. Below a video message to all of you in France, recorded at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year.

This video is also shared on Facebook.

Miracle Workers premieres on 30th March on Warner TV in France.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

This is your first TV series since A Young Doctor's Notebook, released in 2012. Why did you wait so long?
After having played Harry Potter for ten years, I did not want to lock myself into a single character for several years. I was waiting for the right project to return to the TV, and this one is the only one that made me want to say yes from the script reading.

Craig, your character, is a divine being and unsure boy ...

He works in the departement of Answered Prayers. He does not have much of a divinity when we look closer, because he is so afraid of failure that he does not dare to realize his dreams. Instead, he focuses on those of others, through modest and insignificant spots, but of which he takes great pride.

You regularly use your celebrity status to fulfill the wishes of your fans ...

This is one of my favorite things related to playing Harry Potter. This character means so much in the lives of millions of people that it allows me to make them happy, just by being myself. That's why I always try to be nice to the people who come to me.

Craig is also a matchmaker. And you?
Oh my God no! I tried once and it was a disaster. I had organized an appointment between two friends of mine who did not know each other. During the evening, one of them broke up and was very rude. It ended very badly. It was the beginning and the end of my career at being Cupid (laughs).

Did you know Steve Buscemi before filming?
Not personally, but I have always been a big fan of his work. I was delighted to hear that he was the one who incarnated God. It's an incredible chance to have him with us. In addition to being talented, he is humble and very generous. He is living proof that you can be an excellent actor and a beautiful person at the same time.

Is there a season 2 of Miracle Workers planned?
Nothing is sure right now, it will depend on the channel and the reception of the public. For my part, I sign immediately if it is proposed to me.

Do you work on other projects?
I am currently shooting in Australia Escape from Pretoria. Based on a true story from the 1970s, the film tells the escape of three political prisoners from a high security prison. It can be really good, I cross my fingers!


Updated: Miracle Workers promotional video

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Updated: Miracle Workers promotional video
A new promotional video for TBS' Miracle Workers has been shared online. Watch it below via Subway Doodle who created the video.

Update: 17th April 2019. Behind the scenes photo by Bradley Crosby added below via Facebook.

The world according to Daniel Radcliffe

This video is also shared on Facebook.

The spot was created from an unscripted conversation where TBS asked Daniel, “If you created the world, what would you do differently?”

8 Days magazine interview

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8 Days magazine interview
Singapore's 8 Days magazine had an interview with Daniel by phone in promotion of Miracle Workers while he was in Los Angeles. Below you find a new promotional photo. Their article also featured two new stills which I have added to this post.

Promo (picture source: Dan Winters)

For all of you in Singapore: Miracle Workers airs every Wednesday at 10.05pm on Warner TV.

What drew you to Miracle Workers? Is it because it’s a comedy and you wanted to find something light after working on a series of dark movies such as Horns, Victor Frankenstein and Imperium?
The thing that I love about Miracle Workers is that it has a lightness to it; the comedy is very sweet a lot of the time. But there is also a very dark side as well. [In order to get two strangers to fall in love and save the planet] we end up doing some very terrible things, accidentally causing a lot of calamities around the world. 

Miracle Workers is produced by Saturday Night Live showrunner Lorne Michaels  You hosted SNL in 2012. What did the SNL stint teach you about comedy?
The thing that’s the most impressive about SNL is the writing process. There must be about 20 or so writers on that show, and watching all of them work, refine their sketches and come up with stuff very quickly was a huge lesson.

[The experience] taught me something about trusting and connecting to the material. When you are doing comedy, you have to be unafraid of looking stupid or silly. You have to throw all [inhibitions] out the window and just really go for it.

Did those lessons come in handy on Miracle Workers? You’re not doing it live, so that’s less stressful.
Exactly! You want to be on a set that’s relaxed as much as possible because you can feel comfortable to screw up and try stuff with the people around you.

On this set, Jorma Taccone, the director of the first two episodes, and all of the cast really felt very comfortable around each other quickly that we were able to act silly, stupid and try stuff out.
[Some of the takes] may not work, but I know that the director is going to find the funny stuff to use in the final edit. So it’s really about being unafraid to make a fool of yourself.

Did you prepare Miracle Workers by watching movies or TV shows about heaven?
I didn’t, really. I didn’t watch any films as a reference point for this. I didn’t feel like we were necessarily making something that was so much about religion, even though we were saying “God” and “heaven”. It was certainly more along the lines of The Office or 30 Rock.

What was it like to work with God, I mean, Steve Buscemi?
It was wonderful. I’ve been really lucky throughout my career. I’ve worked with a lot of really wonderful actors who are also really good human beings, and Steve is one of those people. He is that kind of actor with the kind of career we want.

He’s worked with everyone — he’s worked with the best directors, and he’s different in everything he’s in. He’s incredibly versatile and funny, and he’s also a very nice, gentle, kind human being. He’s a real pleasure to have around on set. So yeah, we’ve got very lucky to have him playing God. Very lucky indeed.

And speaking of sets, Miracle Workers’ take on heaven looks like a factory straight out of Brazil. What’s your favourite part of the set?
I love [my character] Craig’s office [the Department of Answered Prayers]. It has all the various machines and this huge fan that casts a big shadow when it’s spinning around. I really love that room. We filmed almost the entire show in a factory that used to make fibre-optic cables.

Part of the deal of filming there was, “If we film here, can we use all of your [leftover equipment]?” So all the old, heavy machines got repurposed for my office set.

I think the art and costume design departments had a really fun time trying to imagine this new version of heaven that we’ve never seen before.

When was the last time you got your prayers answered? Are you religious?
I’m not. To be honest, I haven’t prayed for a very long time. I certainly can’t remember the last time I had one answered. But I feel like I have a pretty wonderful life. I love my life and I love my job, and I love the people that I know and get to work with. So yeah, I feel I’ve been very lucky

Besides the Department of Answered Prayers, is there another department you would love to work for?
The Department of Clouds — which we mention that later on the series — would be a pretty good one. There, you just have to create clouds all day to make them look like whatever you want them to be.

Miracle Workers made me think of The Matrix, about an external party that manipulating our actions. Do you get that feeling that there’s some cosmic force controlling your decisions?
No, I don’t tend to feel that way. Everything’s quite random to me. In a way, that’s what I really enjoy about life and the world. But yeah, I tend to think that not everything happens for a reason. But you know, sometimes, they do.

You turn 30 in July. Any thoughts about crossing that milestone?
Not really! Just that I’m very happy with where I am. It was 10 years ago when I was just [finished with] the Harry Potter series.

I love my job and I love the things that have allowed me to do so.  I started working on my first ever job when I was nine, so this year it’ll be 20 years of working in film and TV.

So yeah, I’m really proud of that and very excited to see what happens next.

In an interview with Wired, your joke about being cast as the Wolverine snowballed into an Internet rumour. You spent 10 years on the Harry Potter movies. Are you more skeptical about committing to another potentially long-running franchise?
Yeah, I think I am. It would all depend on the script. If the script is good enough, then I’d be more than happy to do a franchise again. But I’m not rushing for it either. I like the projects I’m working on right now. If the chance to be in something big comes up again, then I’m sure I can definitely [work my life around it]. But yeah, it’s something I have to think long and hard about before I go into something that’s going to last several years.


Updated: Daniel Radcliffe on the set of Escape from Pretoria

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Updated: Daniel Radcliffe on the set of Escape from Pretoria
Today was another day of filming Escape from Pretoria for Daniel in Adelaide, Australia and today this also means another day with new on set photos and videos.

Update: 14th March 2019. More photos and a video via (Daniel J Radcliffe Holland was tagged in their Tweet).

9 News Adelaide video and photos here. 7 News Adelaide video.

More photos. Some via The Advertiser and Daily Mail.

picture source: Morgan Sette, Mike Burton, Amer Ghazzal

Escape from Pretoria still

Marion 12 March 2019 2
Escape from Pretoria still
The first Escape from Pretoria still, taken during filming in Adelaide, Australia, has been released by Arclight Films, MEP Capital and the South Australian Film Corporation. Both Arclight Films and MEP Capital announced that they have come on board and that it's the start of production. The still features Daniel as Tim Jenkin and Daniel Webber as anti-apartheid activist Stephen Lee.

The film is an Australian/UK co-production between Arclight Films, Beagle Pug Films, and Footprint Films.

Based on an extraordinary true story, Escape From Pretoria follows Jenkin and Lee, two white South African twenty-somethings who were branded ‘terrorists’ and imprisoned in 1978 for their involvement in covert anti-apartheid operations for the ANC (African National Congress).
Incarcerated in Pretoria Maximum Security Prison, Jenkin and Lee – joined by a fellow inmate – decide to send the regime a clear message and escape.  After months of meticulous surveillance, breath-taking ingenuity, and in a race against time as the authorities strengthen the prison security defenses, the group craft wooden keys for each of the ten steel doors between them and freedom.
picture source: Ian Routledge

TCA Winter press tour: Assignment X interview

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TCA Winter press tour: Assignment X interview
Website Assignment X talked with Daniel and Geraldine Viswanathan to discuss their work on Miracle Workers at the Television Critics Association Winter press tour back in February.

I have to ask – you were in something called LOST ANGELS. Did that have anything to do with the MIRACLE WORKERS type of angel?
GERALDINE VISWANATHAN: [laughs] No. That was just a random thing I did for an ITV credit a long time ago.

What can you say about your MIRACLE WORKERS characters?
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: I play Craig, who is a very diligent and hard-working, well-intentioned angel, working in the Department of Human Prayers, which, contrary to what one might expect and hope, is not at all a desirable position to be in. It’s quite a lowly department by other people’s standards, but he loves it, and he’s quite panicky, and neurotic, and frightened a lot of the time. Then Eliza comes in, who is none of those things, and really sort of changes him, but also sets the story in motion, and then we sort of team up and try and answer the thing that you kind of cause.

VISWANATHAN: Eliza is extremely driven and ambitious and confident – basically, she’s everything that Craig is not [laughs]. And she starts out quite idealistic. She believes that Heaven works, and she’s been quite frustrated, working in the mailroom for ten thousand years, just waiting for the day when she can get promoted to a higher level, and then eventually she does, and is a little bit disappointed to find just one guy answering billions of prayers, one or two a day.

RADCLIFFE: Three or four, hey.

VISWANATHAN: Three or four [laughs]. And [the prayers that are answered are] quite small, whereas I thought they might be a little bit more ambitious than that. So she comes in very gung-ho and tries to make her mark and change things, and in doing so, convinces God to blow up Earth, unless we can answer one of the prayers.

You’ve done some unusual comedy work in film, and also on television. Do have a fondness for eccentric indie humor?
RADCLIFFE: I never thought of it in that way, but I guess I do. I’ve been very lucky. Growing up, THE SIMPSONS was a huge part of my life. And then FAWLTY TOWERS and a British show called YES, MINISTER and [its sequel] YES, PRIME MINISTER, which I watched a lot, and I just – there was a point where I could do entire episodes. And that actually led to another show that I love, which is THE THICK OF IT, which feels like a follow-up or a successor to that. Steve Coogan, Chris Morris, THE DAY TODAY, and I’M ALAN PARTRIDGE, yeah, THE THICK OF IT, I loved all those shows.

Ricky Gervais, whose THE OFFICE was a huge part of my growing up and loving comedy, getting to work with him [in EXTRAS] was amazing, and then the writers of THE YOUNG DOCTOR’S NOTEBOOK were just amazing, very, very funny writers. That series should not have been able to be as funny as it is. It’s about surgery and drug addiction, and it’s a very funny show somehow. Yeah, I really respond to comedy, particularly when it’s this clever. I’ll laugh at anything, but I just feel like the world Simon creates in this is so complete and lovely. Despite the fact that it’s crazy, and it’s chaotic, there’s a warmth to just being in it. And there’s a warmth to Simon’s writing, and a kindness, that I think is possibly slightly different from YOUNG DOCTOR’S NOTEBOOK or EXTRAS in that way. I think they were both slightly harder series. Well, maybe not EXTRAS, well, it had a bit, but YOUNG DOCTOR’S NOTEBOOK was quite hard, but this I do think has an incredible amount of warmth and love for humanity and the human condition, despite how crazed it is.

Did either of you ever think, “It would be funny if Heaven was like this, it would be good if Heaven was like this, this is the worst possible version of Heaven it could be”?
RADCLIFFE: I don’t know. I don’t know if I’d given it that much thought. I personally don’t believe in Heaven, so I guess that for me that its existing would be great, because it would be a surprise, certainly. I don’t know. I think on reflection I would not like to have the God that Steve plays as the God. That would worry me.

VISWANATHAN: Yeah. I’ve noticed, actually, that, say, if there’s a thunderstorm, I’ll be like, “I wonder if that’s Steve up there, just pressing some buttons, he fell over, spilled his coffee or something.” [laughs]

RADCLIFFE: There. You’ve solved it for me a little bit there. That’s a nicer version of that.

VISWANATHAN: It’s a little bit comforting, yeah?


How is working with Steve Buscemi?

VISWANATHAN: Incredible.

RADCLIFFE: He’s brilliant.

VISWANATHAN: He’s everything you could hope for, in his character, and as a person.

RADCLIFFE: And as a person. He’s a complete class act, and fun, and works really hard. It’s great. I feel like he would make a much better God than his character does. I feel like things would have gone very smoothly and nicely if Steve was in charge.

In MIRACLE WORKERS, your characters have two weeks to get two millennials who are attracted to one another to actually kiss. Have you ever tried to match-make in real life?
RADCLIFFE: Yeah. I did it disastrously. I did it really badly. I set my two friends up, who I gave each other’s numbers, and they were both recently single, and they had a terrible time with each other [laughs].

VISWANATHAN: Nooo … [laughs]

RADCLIFFE: I mean, it was fine, but it was not going to be repeated, and they both came back to me with various stories about the other one. And I was like, “Okay, cool, I did a really bad job here.
I’m never going to do that again.” [laughs]

VISWANATHAN: I think I’ve tried to, but it just never happened.

Are you both approaching MIRACLE WORKERS as an office comedy with super-high stakes?
RADCLIFFE: I guess so, but I don’t think I approach anything with particularly in mind, “What kind of genre is this?” It’s just like, “Oh, I love this, how do I do this scene?” I don’t think of it in broader terms than that, or how it fits into what thing. I think it is exactly what you’ve described, it’s an office comedy with ridiculously high stakes. But I think also it’s a very heightened world, so obviously, the more grounded that you play it, and the more reality you can give to what is in theory a very heightened world, it’s probably helpful.

How did you become involved in MIRACLE WORKERS as a producer?
RADCLIFFE: Originally, how this all started for me was, I was looking to work with Simon. I read the book, and I got in contact with him and said, “If anything ever becomes of this, if you ever turn it into anything, it would be crazy for you not to do at some point, I would love to be involved in whatever capacity you would have me.” And so we started to talk about it, and here we are. And when he came to me with the idea of doing potentially an anthology series, I thought that was even more exciting, because the one thing that I would be worried about again is just obviously playing one character for a very, very long time. And so I thought changing characters and worlds every series is very exciting.

So as an anthology series, all the characters would be different in the next season, and it would not be set in Heaven at all?
RADCLIFFE: It would be something totally different, some different time, different place, different characters. So yeah. But connected somehow.

So it’s like AMERICAN HORROR STORY, where there’s a repertory cast?
RADCLIFFE: I think that’s the plan. This is the first time I’ve [been a producer] on something like this. I tried to help a friend do a documentary he was doing recently, but this is the first time I’ve ever been on that side and involved in the project from such an early stage. I’ve never really had that before, so to be a part of, not shaping it, because this is Simon’s vision, I just had to be like, “Yeah, that’s a great idea, do that,” but yeah, being involved in that, in the casting and things like that was really amazing and interesting for the first time. Yeah, one day I would love to, not on this specifically, but I would love to direct and get behind the camera at some point. I would love to write, ideally, as well. I would love to write and direct something.

You wrote a book of poetry, right?
RADCLIFFE: Yeah. I wrote some poetry when I was younger, and it was published under a pseudonym, which the Daily Mail figured out very quickly. It was my teenage – it wasn’t the worst. ButI look back now and I’m like, “Gah! What was I doing?” But yeah. I would love to write scripts. I have written some stuff, but it’s nowhere near I feel it would need to be to actually get made.

How did you get involved with MIRACLE WORKERS?
VISWANATHAN: This just came to me as an audition. I read the script, and I was like, “This is the best script I’ve ever read. This is totally out of my league.” [laughs] But then I read for it, I didn’t hear anything, I read for a different character –

RADCLIFFE: Which one?

VISWANATHAN: I read for Laura [the character played by Sasha Compere]. And it was like, “No.” [laughs] Like hard no. And I was like, “Ah, that really sucks.” Because I was so in love with that one. And then a couple months later, they brought me in for Eliza and then, “Yeah.”

RADCLIFFE: Which is awesome.

Is there any difference about playing an angel, versus playing an ordinary person?
RADCLIFFE: In our version of things, no. I don’t think there is. Sort of what we were talking about earlier, the more real and normal you play it, the funnier I think a lot of it is, because of the crazy things we’re doing, and it’s just part of our world. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck in DOGMA, they were obviously playing Biblical angels. Although that was very grounded as well. But when they come out at the end, they’re doing angel stuff, they’ve got wings. We don’t have wings, we don’t have halos. So it is a more earthly version of angels.

Are you enjoying your life right now?
RADCLIFFE: Yeah. This job particularly is ridiculous fun. I’m having so much fun, I feel like I can’t possibly call it work. So I’m very, very happy.

Are you still recognized on the street? If so, how is that?
RADCLIFFE: Most people are very nice about it. Occasionally, somebody might pick a bad moment to ask for a photo when I’m in the middle of, I don’t know, a conversation about a personal situation or something. But generally speaking, everyone’s nice. It’s not a bad thing.

What would you most like people to know about MIRACLE WORKERS?
RADCLIFFE: It’s really, really funny, and I think it is genuinely just really kind and sweet, as well as being dark. It’s got very funny, dark jokes in it, but there’s a warmth to it that I think people will love feeling.

VISWANATHAN: Yeah. I think the same. And it’s not really making a comment on religion, it’s just about relationships and dynamics in the workplace, and there’s a lot of heart, but there’s also a lot of really fun, silly stuff, too.

RADCLIFFE: That is a very good point. It’s a very nondenominational Heaven, even more so than in the book, and I think it’s less directly related to a religion that we would recognize than the book was. It’s much more abstract.


Daniel Radcliffe on the set of Escape from Pretoria

Marion 11 March 2019 0
Daniel Radcliffe on the set of Escape from Pretoria
Daily Mail has published new photos of Daniel as Tim Jenkin on the set of Escape from Pretoria in Adelaide, Australia. Two more via Sina: Photo 1 | Photo 2.

picture source: Mega

Star2 interview

Marion 11 March 2019 0
Star2 interview
Star2, website from Malaysia, had an interview with Daniel by phone while he was in Los Angeles. He ofcourse talks about Miracle Workers, but also Swiss Army Man, Horns and more.

New Miracle Workers promotional photo (picture source: Dan Winters).

A soundbite of StarLifestyle's interview:

For all of you in Malaysia: Miracle Workers airs every Wednesday at 10.05pm on Warner TV (the first episode premiered on 6th March).

Harry Potter:
“I remember having a really lovely time; I remember loving being on set and making the films. And the press (tours) we would do, we would go to America or Japan when we were very young, and it was overwhelming and exciting,”
About staying grounded
“I had good people around me letting me know that the work is the important part and the fame, whether you feel good or bad about it, should never be the focus of your ambitions. Your ambitions should be to work hard and achieve good things in the work you do.”
About starring in independent films
“It’s not a deliberate decision (to stay away from blockbuster films). I go where the scripts are. It’s hard to get anyone to spend money on (scripts that are) too big of a risk.

“A lot of the big studios, I find the scripts are not as challenging or weird or interesting as the stuff they make in the indie world or even in the TV world.

“So the things that I gravitate to, so far they just happen to be in the indie world. But if there’s something happening in the studios and I love the script, I would love to be a part of some crazy big movie. It’s just about waiting for the right script,”
About Miracle Workers and being executive producer
“In our world, Heaven is a corporation that governs the Earth and God is our CEO who has become kind of lazy and disillusioned. It’s kind of about what it means to work in an office in a big company that has kind of got out of control.

“I also think there’s also a huge amount of love for humanity and I love that about it,”
“I think being on the other side made me feel an even bigger sense of respect for actors. I love acting and I love what we do. Seeing so many people come in and audition and do something so brilliant was really inspiring and wonderful,”
On turning 30
“I would like to start directing in my 30s and try to get at least one film made before I turn 40.
“And at some point, not immediately, but in a few years from now, I’ll probably be thinking about starting a family.”
“So to get to my 40s and be a dad and have directed one film, I think I’d be very happy.”
He also shares he hopes to introduce his future kids to the Harry Potter films.
“I’ll make sure they read the book first before they start watching their dad in the films. I’d like to think they’ll watch the films when I’m older. Or there’s a chance that somebody would’ve remade the films by then and there’s a whole new Harry Potter to watch.”

Google+: Delta Sky magazine

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Google+: Delta Sky magazine
Daniel's official Google+ page is updated with a scan of the new Delta Sky magazine. Daniel is featured in the new issue in promotion of Miracle Workers. He shares his favorite street, which is Hudson Street in New York City, plus favorite spots. You can view the March issue online.

Next time your on Hudson Street, check out these spots. Via Delta Sky

Updated: First photos of Daniel Radcliffe on the set of Escape from Pretoria

Marion 6 March 2019 0
Updated: First photos of Daniel Radcliffe on the set of Escape from Pretoria
Daniel is currently in Adelaide, Australia shooting scenes for his next project Escape from Pretoria. The Advertiser has published the first on set photos taken today at Mitcham train station.

Update: 7th March 2019. More photos via Daily Mail plus a video via 7 News Adelaide.

picture source: unknown

Updated(2): Google+: The new episode of Miracle Workers

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Updated(2): Google+: The new episode of Miracle Workers
Daniel's official Google+ page has been updated with news regarding the new Miracle Workers episode (number 4) airing today. There's also a video shared by TBS earlier this week plus another photo.

Update: 6th March 2019. Another clip added below.
Update: 9th March 2019. A behind the scenes photo.

A gif via Google+ (also available on Miracle Workers' Giphy page):

Tonight on #MiracleWorkers Craig opens up about his time on Earth. It has a lot to do with mud, oddly enough. Watch the new episode at 10:30/9:30c on TBS!

This video is also shared on Facebook.

This video is also shared on Facebook.

Photo shared on Facebook.