The Grid photoshoot and interview - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


The Grid photoshoot and interview

Daniel talks about his roles after Harry Potter. Photos are taken in Toronto in promotion of The Woman in Black. For more:

1. He’s happy that his new haunted-house flick has one of his favourite clichés.
The Woman in Black stars Radcliffe as a young widower immersed in the mysteries of a spooky old house. It marks the actor’s first screen appearance since the Harry Potter franchise wrapped up, and he’s pleased to be serving up some scares in a horror film whose genteel style evokes one of his favourites, The Others. He also appreciates the cheeky sensibility exhibited by moments like the one in which his character—having already been given many good indications the house just ain’t right—explains he’ll be staying to work through the night. “Why would he want to do that?” says Radcliffe. “That’s a fucking terrible idea. But lines like that are love notes to horror films of old. They always have those lines. My other favourite is when someone says, ‘Let’s split up!’—even in real life, that’s never a good idea!”

2. He’s happy to be adding more roles to his repertoire.
Being a debt-ridden lawyer, a desperately forlorn widower and a young father, Radcliffe’s character in The Woman in Black is different from Harry Potter in at least three key respects. Yet, while he did want to put some distance between him and the boy wizard he played since he was 11, Radcliffe doesn’t think his reasons are so special. “I’m asked these questions a lot and most actors aren’t,” he says. “But actually I think it’s the same for all actors—whether they’re coming out of a franchise or not, most actors who’ve got their heads screwed on want to show as much versatility and diversity as they possibly can.”

3. He hopes that playing Allen Ginsberg means he gets to meet David Cross.
His next adventure will be starring as Allen Ginsberg in Kill Your Darlings, an American indie feature. “It’s without a doubt the biggest challenge of my career so far, possibly even bigger than Equus,” says Radcliffe, referring to his raw and revealing stage turns in Peter Shaffer’s drama in London and New York. Indeed, he’s been so busy rehearsing with director John Krokidas that he hasn’t had time to acquaint himself with the recent screen renditions of the Beat icon by James Franco in Howl and David Cross in I’m Not There. “I’m convinced I’ll probably be compared more to James Franco than to David Cross,” he says, “though if I could spend time with either of them, I would love to meet David Cross because I’m just a big fan of Arrested Development. But I’m really excited to play Ginsberg…and terrified, of course! I’d be lying to you if I said anything else.”

4. His Harry Potter spoof was meant with love.
Radcliffe achieved another career milestone when he hosted Saturday Night Live in January. One highlight was a sketch in which he played Harry 10 years after his triumph over Voldemort: He’s still hanging around Hogwarts and basking in past glories like a high-school football star gone to seed. “It comes out of a place of love and I think that’s what people picked up on,” says Radcliffe. “I thought it should still be the same character but just when everything’s gone wrong for him.” He was pleased the sketch was taken in the right spirit, and was funny to boot. Even so, it wasn’t his favourite moment on the show. Radcliffe admits, “Nothing for me will top playing Casey Anthony’s dog.”

Photo: Ryan Szulc

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