March 2004 - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Daniel never communicates with fans online

Marion 5 March 2004 0
Daniel never communicates with fans online received a letter of warning from Daniel's father Alan after an unfortunate incident where a Chilean girl and her mother turned up on their doorstep after being duped by someone online pretending to be Daniel. He added a reminder in the letter that Daniel doesn't communicate with his fans online.

Back then this site didn't excist. I decided to add 'archive news' like this as much as possible. I thought it might be interesting to read for you all.

The letter:
In the light of an unfortunate incident which happened at our home yesterday I would be grateful if you could post the following message from us.

We received several calls at our home during the morning from a girl who had travelled from Chile to meet Dan. When we explained that this was not possible she became upset. Later in the day, when Marcia and I were leaving our house the girl and her mother appeared asking again to see Dan - again we said he wasnt there and we don't encourage visitors to our house which is strictly private.

Again, the girl became very upset and distressed - and this is where it became very worrying for us as Dan's parents on behalf of Daniel's fans. She presented us with 2 emails from someone pretending to be Daniel who said they were hoping to see her in London. Daniel has said this in his newsletters and I must reiterate do not respond to anyone saying they are Daniel and certainly never travel to London to see him on the strength of a very dubious email.

Daniel never communicates with fans via the internet or email for this very reason - he doesn't want anyone to be duped into corresponding with someone pretending to be him. For his fans' sake and safety there are no exceptions to this rule and anyone claiming to be Daniel Radcliffe is, I'm afraid, lying.

We felt extremely upset that this girl had been tricked in this way PLEASE don't let it happen to anyone else. Any help you can give us on this matter to protect Dan's fans will be very welcome.