Daniel Radcliffe and Juno Temple play Devil or Angel with BuzzFeed

In promotion of Horns, Daniel Radcliffe and Juno Temple played a round of Devil or Angel with BuzzFeed. You can find another photo from BuzzFeed on Twitter. Horns is now in theaters and on demand/iTunes in the US.

Would you take a kid’s candy from them on Halloween?

Daniel Radcliffe: I mean, I guess. I guess that’s bad.
Juno Temple: No, I wouldn’t take a kid’s candy on Halloween.
DR: I wouldn’t take a kid’s candy on Halloween. I’m as happy as they are!

Would you prank someone afraid of snakes with a rubber snake?

DR: Oh no, I would definitely do that.
JT: Yes.
DR: I would want to see their face.
JT: (Laughs)

Would you eat an entire box of doughnuts?

JT: I wouldn’t do that either.
DR: You wouldn’t? Nah, you wouldn’t do that. I would do that.

Would you lie about something big to cover a secret?

DR: Yeah, I would do that.
JT: Yeah, I would do that too!

Would you lie about something small for no real reason?

DR: Not anymore, but when I was a teenager, definitely.
JT: Yeah, I would lie about smoking. I lied about smoking to my mom.
DR: Oh yeah, I would lie about smoking to my parents for years. Also, before I was famous, I use to lie and tell people I was related to Porter Radcliffe — he was a British long-distance runner — I use to lie all the time about that and no one would ever ask me to prove it.
JT: I sometimes over-exaggerated to make a story funnier.

Would you suddenly stop texting someone back after you lost interest?

DR: I never text most of best friends back to be honest! Like, all the time.

To clarify, it’s when you’re talking to a ~potential bae~ and you just don’t text back because you’re not really into it anymore.

DR: Do you mean sexually? Like a date thing? And then you’re just like, “Eh, I’m never going to talk to you again, I’m just going to randomly stop talking to you.”


DR: No, that’s a dick move, I wouldn’t do that!
JT: Yeah I wouldn’t do that either. Even if I don’t text back immediately, I will ultimately.

Would you stop and help an old lady cross the street?

JT: Absolutely!
DR: Hell no! She can cross on her own!

Daniel Radcliffe on In:Demand

Daniel talks about Horns with In:Demand UK.
To celebrate its release, Entertainment NOW!’s Lydia Batham caught up with the ever genial Daniel Radcliffe for a chat!

The 25-year-old actor opened up about what attracted him to the movie, what it was like wearing prosthetics, how he wishes people would stop comparing his films to Harry Potter, his close friendship with Mad Men actor Jon Hamm, visiting to the Star Wars set and much more. 

source: indemand.fm

Empire magazine: The Empire Film podcast

Daniel talks a bit about learning to play the guitar for College Republicans a.k.a. Young Americans, but also Victor Frankenstein and ofcourse Horns,  which he is currently promoting, with Empire magazine (UK) in this Empire Film podcast.

(Daniel at 19:40)

source: empireonline.com
picture source: Marco Vittur

Updated(3): Horns Los Angeles premiere

Daniel, Juno Temple and Joe Hill attended the Los Angeles premiere of RADiUS-TWC's Horns at ArcLight Hollywood yesterday. Keep an eye on this post, because when more videos appear I will add them below. Happy Halloween!

Update: 12th January 2017. A photo by Photography by Crash.
Update: 4th February 2017. Photos via Red Granite Pictures' Facebook page.
Update: 23rd April 2018. Photo via Premiere Talent Management.

picture source: Alberto E. Rodriguez & Jason Merritt

Fangoria Q&A

Q&A: Daniel on Horns and Victor Frankenstein.

FANGORIA: How did you initially get involved with HORNS?
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: It was one of the scripts my agent sent to me, and he said, “Let’s see what you think.” It wasn’t an offer or anything; it was more like, “If you like it, we’ll get a meeting with the director.” I read HORNS and, when you’re an actor, you’re constantly looking for that script. You’ll always get a script that’s good and you’ll go, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s good… maybe,” and there are very few scripts like HORNS where they’re asking for a lot of time in advance, which is hard to do unless you really love something. And when I read HORNS, it was one of those scripts that made me want to get up, bang on the table and say, “No one else can play this. I must play this part.”
That was the sign that I wanted to do HORNS; I didn’t want anyone else playing this role [laughs]. I had that feeling with the script very quickly, so then I had a meeting with Alex [Aja] and that went really well. We had a long conversation about The Devil in literature and pop culture, and it turned out I knew a weird amount about that; enough to come off as knowledgeable. But we talked about how The Devil has been generally a much more interesting character than God, and a much more charismatic one, which is why he turns up all the time .

Did you know that when John Milton wrote PARADISE LOST that he felt so bad, as a religious man, for having made The Devil into such an interesting character that he wrote PARADISE REGAINED to make Jesus the star? The problem is that one was really boring and no one liked it, so it was not as successful. So we talked about that as well as THE MASTER AND MARGARITA, which is one of my favorite books and The Devil is important in that story as well. We talked about The Devil a lot, and when you respond to a script that like, it’s very easy to be like, “I love this, and I love this,” and the process becomes a lot easier to talk about.

So we got off to a great start, but I really was won over when Alex showed me these photos that were made to look like portraits. They were very vibrant, intense and cool. When the director sits you down and shows you a mood board, and you see exactly what you were thinking, that’s when you go, “Oh man, this is going to be really cool.” I didn’t have the part by that point, but I really wanted to be a part of HORNS because it looked really cool. But then I read the book, and things started to fly after that meeting, really.

FANG: HORNS is a very hard film to define; it’s part love story, part crime story, part horror story, etc. What was the film exactly in your eyes?
RADCLIFFE: That’s the thing; I think we’re obsessed with defining things and the thing I loved about HORNS is that it was very hard to define. I loved the fact that it jumped between genres and was really, really funny. To me, though, the most important aspect where if we didn’t have it right, the film doesn’t work, is the romance. We had to carry off the love story well, and when you say, “a love story in a horror movie,” as funny as that might be, that’s what I think it needed.

Particularly, it was most important that we nail that scene in the diner where my character goes to propose to Merrin, especially considering that we see that scene from so many different perspectives. It’s such a key moment in the film, and unless you care and really feel how perfect that relationship between Ig and Merrin was, and how much of a gut-punch it is to have that ripped away from him, then the film doesn’t work. Ig’s quest for revenge wouldn’t make sense, and you’d ask, “Why are you doing that?” It’s those moments and that storyline which elevates the film from just being a really fun, entertaining movie with some horror elements to having a real place of emotional power. Hopefully, HORNS will be the kind of movie that sticks with people.

FANG: Speaking to that point, there’s a theme of uncovering hidden emotional truths that runs through the film. Sometimes, it’s used for comedic effect, but other times, especially in Ig’s chats with his parents, the film takes a really tragic, heartbreaking turn. Was there any scene of this in particular that you were wary of approaching or perhaps felt like could hit a nerve personally?
RADCLIFFE: No, but actually, those kinds of scenes are actually kind of welcome when you’re an actor. When things get close to home and you start to face down those fears, that’s when it’s really easy, actually, and acting feels very natural. That’s something everyone can tap into: the fear of disappointing your family, no matter what form that takes. People can relate to that fear, and the idea of your parents saying those awful things to you is so horrendous, but I think that’s why actors are really lucky: we’re allowed to have a very healthy relationship with our own dysfunction, so we get to know it and we can use it.

As an actor, I can be at peace with that dysfunction and that can really be helpful in the rest of my life. In a way, that’s also what Ig does throughout the course of HORNS: he gives people permission to feel these dark, awful things and realize that they’re all human and normal. Just because something you feel isn’t moral doesn’t mean you’re not moral; it’s how you act upon those feelings which chooses to dictate that. But that kind of catharsis is really helpful as an actor, even though one of my biggest acting challenges in HORNS was making those reactions feel gradual. Those first bits in the hospital with Ig are a bit disconcerting but it’s also quite funny, but when you get to Ig seeing his mom, and she says she doesn’t want to see him ever again, that’s an awful thing for someone to say. You have to give yourself room emotionally, because we’re only a half hour into the movie and it’s only going to get a lot worse for Ig. So it was like making sure you did justice for the scene you were in, while always making sure you didn’t screw yourself for those later emotional moments.

FANG: The role of Ig Perrish also required you to become quite demonic at times. Were there ever times during certain scenes where you might have felt that you were going too far or were those the moments you wanted to play more in while you had the opportunity?

RADCLIFFE: Yeah, absolutely. Like the scene where I go to torture Terry, where I have the snake around my neck? That’s a scene I’d never done before, where I’m being asked to be really ominous and frightening. I think my natural reaction is to downplay stuff and not go particularly over the top, but Alex and I were on the same page most of the time. The battle with HORNS was making sure we got all of the tones right and making sure they didn’t conflict with each other, so I really put myself in Alex’s hands for those moments. If Alex said he was getting what he needed, I always trusted that, and I never have a problem with “going for it” on set. I don’t remember Alex having to reign me in on set, but you’d have to ask him.

FANG: As a genre publication, we have to ask: what can you tell us about Paul McGuigan’s VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN? Can you tell us anything about the project?
RADCLIFFE: I’ve seen a very rough version of VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN, and it’s really good. It’s a lot of fun and it’s a very new version of FRANKENSTEIN. I’m very pleased with how they portray Igor because there’s certain things people picture when you say you’re playing Igor. You want to live up to that and do that well, but you also want to make something unexpected and different. I think we’ve done that.

VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN is much like an adventure movie, and it’s less of a straight horror film than previous FRANKENSTEIN movies have been. But there are a lot of nods to past incarnations of FRANKENSTEIN. James McAvoy, in my mind, is now the definitive Victor Frankenstein, and I think he’ll be that in everyone else’s mind shortly.

source: fangoria.com

Updated: MTV After Hours: Daniel Radcliffe runs the world’s worst costume shop

There is a new MTV After Hours video in promotion of Horns. In the latest edition, Daniel Radcliffe is a man who sells Halloween costumes. There is a "Happy/Sad/Confused" instagram photo from Josh Horowitz which is posted on this site's Facebook page and which you can also see below. Plus another one of the "jump" photo but bigger and behind the scenes. You could also have missed the audio interview on soundcloud.

Okay, this one is just "happy" with Daniel Radcliffe. But come on, look at that air. Photo: Michele Crowe
 "Happy/Sad/Confused. With Daniel Radcliffe
 "A few behind the scenes pics from our Halloween shoot with Daniel Radcliffe. Go check out Horns! It's good depraved fun!
source: mtv.com

Updated(3): Daniel Radcliffe on Big Morning Buzz Live & VH1 Celebrity

Daniel promoted Horns on the Big Morning Buzz Live Show hosted by Nick Lachey. There is a photo posted on Daniel's official Google+ page which you can view below plus two video clips. Also thanks to Ellie Lee for sharing her photo with Daniel J Radcliffe Holland on Twitter. Then there's also this photo and this photo on Instagram plus a photo by Nick Lachey on Twitter.

Update: 31st October 2014. A video from VH1 Celebrity with Ellie Lee is below. The other videos:
- The Limbo ruined his Halloween David Bowie costume
- Hair extensions and the horror of losing his hair
- Megadeth, Metallica, and a place to bury strangers helped him pre

Update: 6th November 2014. You can find another VH1 video shared by Ellie Lee with Daniel J Radcliffe Holland on Twitter below.

28th June 2018. Interview clip. The others don't seem to be online anymore.

This video is also shared on Facebook.

Dan and Vance Joy at #vh1 
#DanielRadcliffe is the most genuine celeb of his caliber I have ever interviewed w. Dan Rad 4 lyfe @DanJRadcliffeNL

The Google+ link at this page is Dan's post shared via this site's Google+ page

Daniel Radcliffe on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon

Daniel was a guest on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon last night, where he was promoting Horns. Jimmy challenged Daniel to rap Blackalicious' "Alphabet Aerobics". Two clips have been released online and are posted below. Edit: more vides added.

picture source: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

Reddit AMA, The Wall Street Journal Facebook Q&A & Gigwise interview

In promotion of Horns Daniel did answer questions on Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything). You can find the link and photos on this site's Facebook page, a photo is also posted on Daniel's official Google+ page. He ended the Q&A session with:
"Thank you very very much to everybody. Your questions have been awesome. But I really have to pee now. So we'll have to do this again sometime. And that is all true. But thank you very much, this has been great!"
A few highlights from the session:

Hello Daniel! If you could be any book or comic character beside Harry Potter, who would you be? 
Um.... Well, growing up, my favourite comic book character was Daredevil, so Daredevil was great, but there was also, like, if I could be one character from all of literature it would be... Woland from my favourite book, wait no, I change my answer, I would be Behemoth the cat from my favourite book which is called The Master and Margarita, and he is like, a 5 foot tall black cat who shoots a revolver.

Hey Daniel! What are you going to be for Halloween?
That's a GOOD question. I don't know yet, I haven't narrowed it down, but because I've very recently - like within the last 6 months - watched the original Star Wars movies, I'm like a brand new Star Wars fan, so I might go with something Star Wars related! And I got to go out to the Star Wars set recently, because a lot of my friends are working on it crew-wise.. so something Star Wars related, but not sure yet.
Any suggestions?
I'm leaning towards Boba Fett, but I haven't found a good enough costume yet.

Harry Potter is obviously a Gryffindor, but what is Daniel Radcliffe?
I mean, I... to me, it's not a... to me I absolutely think I would be in Gryffindor! But there's never any doubt of that for me. Yeah. I like, maybe I'm just biased because I played one for so long, but I could never picture myself in any other colours.

Then second there's an interview from Gigwise.com in which he talks about music and Horns, with thanks to Andy Morris for sending it over. And yesterday, Daniel took over The Wall Street Journal's WSJ Speakeasy Blog for a Facebook Q&A. I have collected those questions and answers below.

Are you afraid of razors?
At the moment yes! -- Dan

no you are not Daniel, you are Harry....Harry Potter!!!
Ok dude, calm down... - Dan :)

What are your future plans in the Entertainment industry?
Alongside acting I would definitely like to direct something in the future. I've written a script which is not terrible(I think!) and might like to do with it in the future -- Dan

Hello, me, meet to real me...
I think Nikolaos is referencing a song called "Sweating Bullets" by Megadeth, which I used for "Horns" Congratulations! -- Dan

Which HP movie was your favorite?
To film, probably number 5. Got to work with Gary Oldman a lot, which i loved. To watch though, number 7. I really feel we did a job with that one. -Dan

if you wouldn't be actor, what other career would interest you?
If I had to change career now I would like to go back to school and be an archeologist. The idea of digging up bits of bone and handaxes in a muddy field is very exciting to me. - Dan

Have you ever dressed as Harry Potter for Halloween?
No, I haven't. It's been suggested before but I always think what if someone realized it was me and then thought 'Oh god Daniel radcliffe has actually gone insane.. - Dan

Why did you grow up HARRY?
I'm sorry - Dan

Favorite bands " rock n roll ? ""
Pixies, Sex Pistols, Libertines, Lou Reed, Bowie, Marc Bolan and T-Rex, The Strokes, M. Ward, Slow Club and many more - Dan

What is your favorite book?
The Master and Margarita by Bulgakov - Dan

Who is your mentor and what is the single best advice you received from him/her?
My dad. He told me two things that I've lived by.1) Do the unexpected. 2) When you meet someone and go to shake their hand, make sure you get your hand out first. I think it shows keenness, or something. Not sure why but I've always stuck to it. - Dan

How did they make you seem like an average height guy in the Harry Potter movie series?
They filmed them in the 1850s. - Dan

do u watch fox news? hope not
Only for it's inherent comedic value - DanOnly for it's inherent comedic value - Dan

Kill Your Darlings has become one of my most watched and also favorite moviesof all time! Just wanted to share that What did you get to take home from the set when you wrapped filming :)
Thank you so much! I took the glasses. I have kept all the glasses from my catalogue of visually impaired characters. -Dan

Does Emma Watson's success in the film industry make you jealous? Because you people started together, and she's miles ahead of you..
Does asking provocative, leading questions make you happy? - Dan

ever have a crush on a fellow actor?
yes, I'm now going out with her :) - Dan

Have you ever been to Yellowstone National Park?

NO! The idea of yellowstone volcano keeps me awake and terrified at night. In the same way that the idea of imminent nuclear war seemed very real to me as a kid, yellowstone's overdue blowup seems scarily probable. But I'm sure it's beautiful, so I'm probably missing out - Dan

How do you make time to write scripts and do Q&As? I imagine you have a pretty packed schedule. Any hints on what your script is about?
It’s a dark comedy about terrible people.

When are you going to shave?
I’m hoping to get a beard oil/brush endorsement soon. So, not until that.

What is up with your beard
I got lazy.. -Dan

How does it feel being loved by so many people?
I feel incredibly lucky to have been a part of a phenomenon that is SO well loved. When people thank me for being a part of their childhood it really is amazingly gratifying and really never gets old. So, yeah it feels awesome, and I’m very lucky.

Which part of England do you recommend?
The Lake District. In summer, crucially!

How do you feel about having a card about your butthole in Cards Against Humanity?
Ecstatic! I mentioned that game in an interview and shortly thereafter I saw the card. Not sure if it was done in response to my enthusiasm, but either way I laughed A LOT and am grateful. I’ve already signed quite a few of them.

HELLO DANIEL! I had a really bad day and I would happy if you answer me something How difficult it was to prepare for your role in Horns ? What scene was hard to play and What scene is your favorite? Wish you good day! = )
Thanks Katherina. The toughest scene on Horns was the break-up scene with Merrin in the diner. But I couldn't have wished for a better, more committed scene partner than Juno. She's awesome - Dan

How difficult it was to prepare for your role in “Horns”?
The toughest scene on Horns was the break-up scene with Merrin in the diner. But I couldn’t have wished for a better, more committed scene partner than Juno. She’s awesome.

My 10 year old daughter has dyspraxia. Do you have any encouraging words for her?
Do not let it stop you. It has never held me back and some of the smartest people I know are people who have learning disabilities. The fact that some things are more of a struggle will only make you more determined, harder working and more imaginative in the solutions you find to problems.

Are you good at math?
No, I hated it. I was crap, am crap and will forever be crap with numbers.

What about some new film? I am very looking forward
Go see Horns! You'll love it! Comes out Halloween! -Dan

How did you prepare for your role as Frodo
Just stopped shaving my feet.. -Dan

Thanks everyone! These questions were really good, and I hope my answers were generally satisfactory. Sorry I didn't get to all of them, but we'll have to do this again sometime. Have an exceptional day! - Dan

picture source: The Wall Street Journal (via Facebook & Twitter)

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