Last Google+ post: Daniel Radcliffe's official website launch - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Last Google+ post: Daniel Radcliffe's official website launch

Google+ is closing today, and a new (last) post has been shared on Daniel's official page. It was announced back in November 2012 and after almost 6,5 years there is now an official website!

My first thought was that confusion in relation to this website's URL can become a possibility...😏. I assume his team went for "danieljradcliffe" because danielradcliffe and danradcliffe were already registered as a .com domain. But I also think that it's awesome that they decided to keep up with posting info, I'm really happy about that!

You can read a bio there at the moment. I hope they will update it soon.

Ofcourse I will share unseen photos etc. here as well just as I did with Google+ posts. I created the label

The Google+ message:
Hello All,
As you know Google Plus will be shuttering on April 2, this is very sad news to us as we really enjoyed working on the platform delivering content to you fine folks. That said, we now think it is a good time to launch Dan’s official site! The launch is imminent, we will continue posting info on all of Dan’s projects as well as some other cool things. Please check-in on the site, we look forward to having you visit. The saga continues!
Photo: screenshot

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