Miracle Workers: Dark Ages: Prince Chauncley the rich kid of Instagram

Prince Chauncley shared by @miracleworkerstbs.

Saturdays are for the princes!!! #richkidsofinstagram

Miracle Workers: Dark Ages vanaf volgende maand te zien via VoD

De TV serie Miracle Workers : Dark Ages (seizoen 2) is vanaf volgende maand te zien op Videoland. Vanaf 20 april 2020 om precies te zijn.

Het tweede seizoen gebruikt weer dezelfde acteurs maar als nieuwe personages in een andere setting. Dit keer de middeleeuwen.

Daniel als prins Chauncley.

via GIPHY - via GIPHY

Miracle Workers: Darks Ages: History of the Dark Ages

If you followed the Miracle Workers: Dark Ages (series 2) Twitter promotion you already have seen the following video(s). TBS has put them all together.

Daniel researching the Dark Ages for his role as Prince Chauncley. Topics are: Witches, Sprouts, Devil Music, Iron Chair and Moss.

TU Style magazine interview

Interview by Italian magazine TU Style in promotion of Guns Akimbo which is available on Amazon Prime Video.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

In Guns Akimbo you are a video game expert who one day wakes up with two guns attached to his hands: is it an action movie?
It looks like a film by Jason Statham (Fast & Furious actor, ed.) But in a visionary and geek version. I shot it always wearing boxers and slippers, for me it was very liberating: maybe I could always act with a wardrobe like this!

Have you ever been a video game fanatic?
I started on the sports ones, then I gave up because they took me too many hours and I was a bad player.
. With the Harry Potter video game, however, I never ventured, perhaps because I felt I was going to be a sucker there too. Better not to risk.

Speaking of the wizard, Rupert Grint (Ron) and Tom Felton (Draco) would immediately return to the saga: and you?

I didn't know there was anything concrete and I never know if it is rumors circulating online. And it is always difficult to speak without damaging the sensitivity of the fans. For my part, I never said an absolute "no" on returning to the franchise, but I should read the script.

Don't you, former actors, have a group on WhatsApp?
We do not need it: we have created an unbreakable bond regardless. Especially with Rupert and Emma: we lived everything together intensely, and we know what it means. Even if we don't see each other more often, there is a special relationship between us.

When someone asks for a selfie to your character, in Guns Akimbo, he agrees. You?

I always agree willingly because I feel the responsibility for this job, I know how many kids grew up with Harry Potter and I don't want to spoil the magic of childhood to anyone.

What is your relationship with fame?

I'm lucky because the people around me have helped me to keep my feet on the ground, to make me understand that fame doesn't always last and above all it doesn't have the power to make problems disappear when they arrive. And I have wonderful memories: living on a set as a child is a dream, the whole crew pampers you and protects you.

Today you choose unusual roles and slightly crazy stories, like the Miracle Workers series. Is it a way to distance yourself from Harry?
No, I deeply love Harry and it is not to detach myself from the past that the professional challenges of the present are different. If I choose strange stories, it is because dark fairy tales allow me to give free rein to my imagination.

Guns Akimbo also has violent scenes. Aren't you afraid that they will be emulated?

It's such a" cartoon "violence that I didn't really ask myself the problem. And besides, I don't think films should offer the public a moral or educational compass.

What do you think of social media?
They are not for me. I decided not to have accounts because I would be too emotional in the reactions, I would be doing very badly. I understood it when I started compulsively reading online criticism: I stopped to safeguard my mental health and get out of a sort of addiction. They could have written wonderful comments to me but I risked fixing myself on the only negative and also convincing myself that he was right.

Instead you seem so calm and zen ... Is there something that really makes you angry?
I'm a quiet guy and I don't lose patience easily, but rudeness doesn't, I just can't stand it.
But I understood that anger is not healthy and I learned to react constructively.

Something that fans don't imagine of you?

I really like going to the gym.
I know that perhaps it would not be said ...

source: tustyle.it

Men's Journal interview

Men's Journal interview in promotion of Escape from Pretoria.

With it being based on a true story, what types of research did you do for this role to prepare? 
I dug into as much of the real-life story I could. The first starting point was Tim’s book [Inside Out: Escape from Pretoria Prison] and there are quite a few interviews with Tim online, so I watched a lot of those as well. I knew a decent amount about South Africa and the history of it all, I’ve spent some time there and grew up knowing about apartheid, the basics of it all. But it was fascinating just to read Tim’s book and sort of find out what the day-to-day existence of somebody who was trying to resist that and how someone went about doing that during that period of time. That was very interesting for me.

What was the biggest challenge for you during the shoot?
In terms of being on set, my biggest challenge physically was doing the scene where the guys used a broom handle and manage to unlock their cell from the inside. So for the scene, you get the broom handle and you have to unlock the cell lock that’s on the outside of the door while you’re inside the cell using a mirror to see it. It’s just incredibly difficult and for me, it was just this one thing where I was like: ‘I have to be able to actually do that. We have to have at least one shot where I actually did it.’ I did manage to get it eventually. I think I was the only actor that did it [laughs].

What was the physical preparation like for you for the film?
I go to the gym a good amount to try and stay in shape and it’s funny because I’m not somebody that a lot of people expect that goes to the gym. So anytime anyone sees me there, they’re like ‘Is this for a part?’ And I kindly respond, ‘No, I do it all the time,’ with a laugh. So for this role, there wasn’t a huge amount of physical preparation, but for this movie it was more preparing for the physical space you’re in. The stresses for this shoot were more mundane and time-based. We have a huge amount of story to tell and not a lot of time to do it, and the construct of the story is very detailed with the escape. So physically, it was more about coming in every day and knowing you have to be absolutely on point with your lines and your movements and being ready to go very, very fast. Francis [Annan], the director, was phenomenal under that pressure.

What was it like working with this director and cast?
Working with Ian Hart, Dan Weber and Mark Winter, they’re just fantastic actors and great teammates to work with. I think everybody understood the rate we were going to be going. It’s always a strange thing when you come in and know you have a 24-day shoot and six days to rehearse before that, and then you have to develop a lifelong friendship with someone in that time. It’s only hard if you have someone who is resistant to that, and in this film, there was nothing like that. Everyone was on the same page and ready to work hard and it made it really easy and fun. Ian and Dan and Mark Winter’s performances were fantastic and I was very lucky to be working with them and this director as well.

You also got to work again with Ian Hart, who you starred with in the first Harry Potter film. What’s it like connecting again after all these years?
It was really cool. I’m starting to have these experiences more and more, which is both exciting and terrifying because it means it’s a yardstick meaning I’m getting older. But it’s also lovely because I’ve worked with people now that I’ve worked with 20 years ago on Harry Potter, like Ian who was in the first one with me, and it’s exciting to connect again. In the play that I was most recently doing, I worked with an actor Carl Johnson, who I was on set with maybe my first or second day ever on an acting set back when I did David Copperfield on the BBC before Potter. I was maybe nine or 10, and now I’m 30 and it’s 21 years later and I’m working with him again. It’s a really nice thing.

Did you keep anything from the Harry Potter set while filming the series?
Working on those seven movies was such a great experience for me, I made lifelong friends. I actually have got two sets of the glasses, those iconic Harry Potter specs. I’ve got a set from the first film and a set from the last film, because they are sort of a visual of how much I grew [laughs]. I’ve got them, but they are not in my house, they are in a locked box somewhere.

Did you learn anything during making this film that surprised you about what Tim and the characters really went through?
One thing that I found super interesting was that Tim said one of the reasons the escape was made possible was that the guards were really stupid [laughs]. It wasn’t just that, I mean Tim is a genius, but having the guards kind of mess things up a little helps too. But along with that, the thing that I found the most profound and surprising is that the event even happened at all. It gives me hope that guys like Tim and Steven Lee and Dennis Goldberg and all the other characters that were based on real people even existed. Because it isn’t like one day you just wake up and realize you’re going to fight back as they did. What I mean is, we all like to think that if we were raised in a society that was oppressive that we would have the moral compass that would tell us it’s oppressive and we wouldn’t tolerate it. But the sad reality is that most people do—but these guys didn’t. And even they will say that they can’t tell you particularly tell you why they didn’t and not others. But they were able to see the situation from the outside, see it as immoral and inhumane as it was. And it gives me hope that people can do that.

source: mensjournal.com

Wired interview

Guns Akimbo is now available on Amazon Prime Video for Italy. Website Wired interviewed Daniel. Not much new but the topic Harry Potter is mentioned more than Guns Akimbo.

A excerpt:

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

It shouldn't be a new sensation: it's been Harry Potter for 10 years ...
I mean an action hero: for obvious reasons [you look at your abs, ed.] It's not that I am chosen for similar roles, but this time I could have been credible and, therefore, I threw myself headlong.
After all, we are in a movie and anything can happen, just don't take yourself too seriously.

What is the first rule of popularity?
If a young actor asks me for advice I feel uncomfortable, from experience I am the last to speak.
What am I supposed to answer? Find a nice franchise and you have turned" it doesn't seem the best, so I always repeat that the key to success lies in kindness.

He admits that he is looking for absurd roles to forget Harry...
No, it's not like that: I don't want people to forget that I was Harry Potter! For 10 years it has been part of my life and I love him immensely. I would never kill him to do anything else, but I would do it like the
the audience saw me in different roles and contexts.

At a certain point, didn't you have the impulse to escape to a deserted island? (on reading negative comments online)

No, I like my life like it, with its crazy and extraordinary moments, the package of fame includes both and I never thought about changing and things.

Would you like to take Harry's wand back?

Never say never.

source: wired.it

Esquire Spain magazine

Daniel is on the cover of the new Esquire Spain magazine. It has the same photos as Esquire Mexico plus more we have not seen before and ofcourse features an interview. I don't know if it's the same publication as the Mexico edition.

More photoshoot photos via Daniel Radcliffe Germany:

source: esquire.es
picture source: Cesar Balcazar

Kijk Guns Akimbo bij Pathé Thuis

Door het coronavirus zijn de bioscopen tijdelijk gesloten (in elk geval tot en met maandag 6 april). Pathé heeft daardoor nu een aantal films aan de Pathé Thuis collectie toegevoegd die eigenlijk nog in de bioscoop zouden draaien waaronder ook Guns Akimbo.

Bekijk de film nu online op je Tablet, Xbox, Smart TV of PC/Laptop.


bron: pathe-thuis.nl

Updated(2): The New York Times

To start again with the topic coronavirus. The New York Times interviewed Daniel via Skype days after the Twitter hoax at The Old Vic Theatre in London.

Update: 21st March 2020. Another photo.
Update: 25th March 2020. Another photo.

This is what he said about it:
“What’s annoying about it is, like, if things keep going the way they are going, I might well get it at some point,” he said, chuckling at the absurdity of the situation.

“I don’t know what that makes me feel, to be honest. It’s just, like, odd. I read somewhere that they said I was a perfect person to do it with because I don’t have social media, so I can’t see it and respond immediately.”
On the advice of his producers he started avoiding contact with his fans:
“It’s just a lot of feeling like you are being incredibly rude. Sometimes you’ll go to do an elbow thing and somebody will look at you, as if, ‘Come on, are we really doing that?’ and I have to reply, ‘Yes, I’m sorry, I’m really paranoid about it, I don’t want to get sick and spread that around.’”
Another topis: Child actors :
“Knowing that is what people think about young actors made me counteract that to the point where you could be quite rude to me and I would not notice,” “I would be so paranoid that you could say whatever you liked.”
The mind-set that keeps him from alcohol is helping him navigate the coronavirus anxiety today.
“To really know and understand what it means to take something one day at a time is an attitude that really helps across life,” he said. “When you first stop drinking, you have to be convinced that you can ever have fun again.”
He is eager to be reunited with his girlfriend, the actress Erin Darke, in New York:
“Honestly, I am desperately trying to get back,” he said. “I’m very much aware that this is not the main tragedy of this global pandemic, but I do not want to be not with her through whatever it is that’s happening.”

“Hopefully I’ll be over there in a few weeks,” he said. “We shall see.”
They like to watch movies or play board games:
“I’m going to make us sound ancient, but we play cribbage. I can’t describe it without making it sound intensely dull, but it’s very addictive,”
It also features photos from a new photoshoot taken on 13th March:

source: nytimes.com
picture source: Ana Cuba

Guns Akimbo Korea poster

Below you find the Guns Akimbo (건즈아킴보) Korea poster released by distributor Doki Entertainment. Release in cinemas on 15th April 2020.

Click here for the earlier released teaser poster. It looks a lot like this one.

Miracle Workers: Dark Ages clip

A new Miracle Workers: Dark Ages (series 2) clip released by TBS.

Prince Chauncley meets Princess Vicky.

TIFF 2019: Dag 2, Films & Sterren interview

Films & Sterren op het Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in september 2019. Guns Akimbo interview met Daniel, Samara Weaving, Jason Lei Howden en Rhys Darby.

Coronavirus: The Old Vic suspends the presentation of Endgame for the next two weeks and more

A post regarding the current coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. What are the effects in relation to Daniel's current projects Endgame in London plus Guns Akimbo and Escape from Pretoria?

(This post will be updated).

-- NL --

15 maart - De bioscopen zijn per direct gesloten op dit moment, tenminste tot 6 april.
19 maart - De première van Escape from Pretoria (19 maart) is hierdoor verplaatst naar 14 mei.

-- UK --


15th March - They are open but with reduced capacities.
17th March - Cinemas across the UK are shutting down. Until further notice.

15th March - The Old Vic Theatre just announced that they have had to decide to suspend the presentation of Endgame for the next two weeks, which is the remainder of its run.

The full statement:

Whilst we have no reason to disagree with current scientific and government advice on coping with the Coronavirus, given the new travel and other restrictions in place it is nevertheless becoming increasingly impractical to sustain business as usual at our theatre.

We are very sympathetic to people’s personal circumstances, as we are to the audiences who are still excited to visit the theatre and see our productions. We are also extremely aware of our employees’ financial dependence on work being presented and tickets being purchased. So it is with great sadness that we have had to decide to suspend the presentation of Endgame in a double bill with Rough for Theatre II for the next two weeks, which is the remainder of its run.

The Old Vic operates in an unusual way for a non-commercial theatre in that it has no Arts Council support. Instead it is completely dependent on philanthropic donations, sponsorship and ticket sales. In light of this a full refund of all lost performances would be financially devastating for us, so we are asking all ticket holders for the cancelled performances to please consider donating the cost of the ticket rather than requesting a credit note or refund. For those who donate, we are able to offer a link to an exclusive video recording of the entire production of Endgame, captured earlier in the run, a private video message of appreciation from the cast, and a free Friends membership entitling you to Priority Booking valid for one year.

Gaining access to this film is an extraordinary opportunity that has been permitted by the writer’s estate, the acting company and Creative team in a rarely made decision allowing us to say a heartfelt thanks to you for helping sustain The Old Vic, one of the UK’s most loved and needed cultural and civic centres. The video recording was made for private archive purposes but all parties have agreed to let it be shared specifically with those who will no longer be able to attend.

We will continue to think of ways we can still connect with you all, our extended Old Vic family, and come back to you soon with more. It is unthinkable that the creativity and brilliance of our artists and those incredible people who uphold this 202-year-old institution every day will be diminished by this unprecedented situation. We will fight hard to keep it here, for you, for us all. Whilst we do that, take care of yourselves and each other, and keep in touch.

We appreciate your support and your understanding as we make decisions to support and protect each other as we navigate unchartered territory.  If you would like to make a general donation to help the theatre survive, we would be extraordinarily grateful (source).

-- US --


15th March -
They are open but with reduced capacities.
17th March- 
Nearly all cinemas nationwide are shutting down. Until further notice but AMC, the country’s largest theater chain, said it will close for six to 12 weeks.

Daniel Radcliffe on BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs

Daniel on BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs with Lauren Laverne. The interview aired this morning but was already recorded back in February.

He chooses the eight tracks, books and luxury he would want take if cast away to a desert island. Here's the list.


- Morecambe and Wise - Bring Me Sunshine
- Tom Lehrer - We Will All Go Together When We Go
The Pixies - Where is my Mind
- Grandaddy - He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the Pilot
- The Hold Steady - Killer Parties
- Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Into My Arms
- Joanna Newsom - Emily
- Attaboy - Yo-Yo Ma

Book: The Norton Anthology of English Literature

The song he would save from the monkeys: Morecambe and Wise - Bring Me Sunshine

If you missed the interview you can listen to it on BBC Sounds (available for over a year). And download the podcast.

source: bbc.com
picture source: Amanda Benson

Miracle Workers: Dark Ages stills

Stills from TBS' Miracle Workers: Dark Ages (series 2). Below you find the ones featuring Daniel as Prince Chauncley.

episode 1 - Graduation

episode 2 - Help wanted

episode 3 - Road Trip

episode 4 - Internship

episode 5 - Holiday

Miracle Workers: Dark Ages: Prince Chauncley the rich kid of Instagram

A new Prince Chauncley Instagram post by @miracleworkerstbs.

Need your help guys... Which photo should I approve to be the COVER of Swordsmen Monthly?! I'm being featured for my overall contributions to the brand and obviously for how good I look holding a sword lol! #richkidsofinstagram

Daniel Radcliffe on BBC Radio 2's Dermot O'Leary

Daniel talked about Endgame and Escape from Pretoria on BBC Radio 2's Dermot O'Leary this morning. If you missed it you can listen to the interview on BBC Sounds (available for 29 days after the broadcast). The interview starts at 01:22:17. He also picks a few tracks.

Photos via Dermot O'Leary's Instagram:

A new handshake (because of coronavirus)

source: bbc.com
picture source: James Watkins

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