Stiftung Kinderhilfe Sternschnuppe: Havva meets Daniel Radcliffe at ZFF 2016

Stiftung Kinderhilfe Sternschnuppe made 17-year-old Havva's biggest dream come true: Meet actor Daniel Radcliffe. With help from the Zurich Film Festival (ZFF), where Daniel presented his two new movies Swiss Army Man and Imperium, they arranged a meet & greet at Widder Hotel in Zürich. Havva: "It was better than I could ever imagine!"

The foundation's purpose is to bring joy and change into the lives of children and adolescents up to 18 years of age who are suffering from a disease, disability or the consequences of a serious injury.


Blogbusters interview

Website Blogbusters talked with Daniel during the Zurich Film Festival (ZFF) in promotion of Swiss Army Man.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

What was your first thought when you read the script about a farting corpse?
The farting body is only part of it. I read the whole script and realized how wonderful it works as a whole. The summary of the script was roughly: A suicidal man becomes the best friend of a dead body. (Laughs) When I found the said scene with the farting jet ski on page 2, my reaction was something like: "That's terrific!" It was not just a weird idea, but damn well written. I read a lot of strange scripts and the difference is instantly recognizable. This is not just trying hard at an angle. The authors approach the subject with intelligence and humanity. I also watched their music videos and thought, "If anyone can film that script, it's those guys."

Is that your own kind of humor?
Woody Harrelson said yesterday that you're working on a script with a pretty coenous humor. (laughs) It's very generous of him to compare me to the Cohen brothers. I am sure they are not very happy about it. I have a pretty good sense of humor. In Swiss Army Man, the humor ranges from extremely clever to extremely extreme, extremely stupid and I think that's great. The movie has some Monthy-Python-like in itself. The combination of very intelligent and absolutely stupid things. I think I have a pretty dark sense of humor. But I let you decide for yourself, if you have seen film. (Laughs)

Which scripts do you currently work on?

I do not want to betray too much. I'm working on a very small script for a few actors with just a few sets. That would be feasible for my first attempt as a director. On the other hand, I'm working on something with some friends who are really professional writers. And right now we're writing the most expensive movie ever made. (laughs) Besides, I'm adapting a short story that I'd like to direct. It also made me write, my desire to direct. If it turns out that I'm a terrible director, at least I'll just use my own script.

Question about your career. After your great success with the Harry Potter films, was it clear to you from the beginning what direction your career would take?

I always knew that I wanted to stay an actor and work in the film industry. I already knew that at the age of 14 years. I just did not know what that would look like. I did not know how big my chances were, especially towards the end of Potter. In interviews, people used to say things in the sense of, "How do you feel now that your life is over?"

If you keep hearing that at 19/20 years, you will internalize that at some point. I was worried that maybe they were right. But the end of Potter was also a big energy boost for me. Potter was a great start. But at some point I had to work out how to develop my career and what kind of actor I want to be. For me, it was important to think as if I would start from scratch, as if this was the start of my second career.

For those people who said, "He'll be Harry Potter forever now," there were those who thought, "Hey, let's see if he can do something else."

At the age of 17 you played in the play Equus, how important was this for your career?
That was VERY important. That I have a career at all, I owe Harry Potter. But to get the career I wanted, Equus was the most important thing. Some directors have told me that Equus was the thing that showed them, "Okay, he really wants to be an actor, he means that seriously.

In Swiss Army Man they have played almost all scenes yourself. What was the hardest scene people would probably think was a doll anyway?
Probably those in the water, at the very beginning, as we surf the waves. Everyone thought it was just a dummy, but that was me. Paul Dano really rode on me. There was a boat and a pole moored to the boat. At this pole, a board was tied with a cable. And I was lying on this board, I held on to the side and bent my back to gain as much distance between me and the board. Paul sat on me and so they pulled us by boat through the water. (Laughs)

And was that in a river or in a pool?
In a pool, fortunately. Water scenes are a bit of the hardest thing there is and it was nice to be in a warm pool and not in an icy river. (Laughs)

I believe that the two fall in love in the end. So there's the message in the movie that love is just love, regardless of the circumstances.

Yes, I think that's the point. It is not specifically homosexual or heterosexual love, but simply love. Hank learns about Manny's love. That's one of the beautiful aspects of this movie.

Is there something that drives you every day? Being an actor is not always easy.

To be part of something to use your imagination. Movie sets are always like small, temporary, traveling communities. Doing a job that needs teamwork is very satisfying. It's like sitting in the middle of an orchestra and feeling how it all comes together. And especially with this film, this was very special. At the end, I told the two directors: "Never change the way we make movies for you, you make people feel special. Everyone on this set feels unique and that's great if you can give that feeling to people. "I love my job.

What would be your dream role in a movie?

That is very difficult to answer. But yesterday I talked to Woody (fellow actor Woody Harrelson, editor) about what it's like to see Martin McDonagh (the director of the upcoming Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri movie, in which Woody Harrelson stars). Red.) because I had already played in a play by him. I do not care what part, but I would like to be in a Martin McDonagh movie. I think he is one of the best living authors and becomes one of the best directors.

Did you go out with Woody Harrelson in Zurich yesterday?
Woody gave me some advice yesterday. He said, "Come dude, let's go out". And I was like, "No, I have press events tomorrow morning." Then he looked at you, Vanessa (the rental operator), and said, "WHY are you forcing him to get up so early?" And then he looked at me and said "Dude, you NEVER start working before 2pm the day after your own premiere."

But also: I do not drink anymore. I love to go out with my friends when they are drunk. I love to make them drunk (laughs). But if there are a lot of strangers around and you do not drink yourself, then it's a little less funny.

Was there a special occasion that made you stop drinking?
Not really a special occasion, more an accumulation of dreadful events. It's been 3 years now and definitely better for me, though I'm terrible at making others drunk.

At one point in the movie, you say, "My body is repulsive." The movie makes you feel your body more, how did you feel it during the movie?
If you analyze in detail how your own body actually works, it is quite repulsive. The inner life of our bodies is repulsive. But that's the wonderful thing about the movie, it forces you to explore the relationship to your own body and loneliness. And at the same time, he gives you permission to feel all these things. The point of the film is: "Shame keeps us from love."

All the farting, the erections, the masturbating or the mental things, how to feel lonely or as an outsider, these are all universal, human things. But we are taught to be ashamed of it. So yeah, it's a repulsive movie, with a beautiful message about love and acceptance.

At the Sundance Film Festival, many people walked out of the cinema during the screening. There is a point at the beginning of the film where many viewers decide whether to stay or not. But when you stop, something completely different than you would expect.
I think if you leave a movie in the first 15 minutes, you can not say you did not like it. You can just say you left and that was it.

What was the last movie you walked out of?
This was a romantic comedy that is terrible. I stayed for an hour. The name was He's Just Not That Into You (2009). I mean, the life of these women in the movie is all about men, and that's not true. I felt insulted on behalf of all women. The second movie I had to stop was Daredevil (2003) with Ben Affleck. I was a big Daredevil fanatic and I felt deceived after the movie.

How can you describe Swiss Army Man as short as possible?

Deep stupid and profoundly smart. He is full of contrasts and working together is the big miracle on the film for me.


Updated: ZFF 2016: SRF's Glanz & Gloria interview

The interview from SRF's Glanz & Gloria is released online today. Daniel talked with Annina Frey in the Glanz & Gloria limousine. It was recorded at the Zurich Film Festival (ZFF) in promotion of Swiss Army Man.

Update: 22nd November 2016. Photo.

 Photo via Limo1 Limousines on Instagram.


Update(2): L'Officiel Hommes NL magazine

De nieuwe L'Officiel Hommes NL magazine is sinds dinsdag verkrijgbaar in de winkels. Daniel staat op 1 van de 4 covers. (Daniel, Sam Clafin, Paul Pogba en Raff Law). Van de fotoshoot voor het magazine in Londen waren in september al twee foto's op Facebook geplaatst. Mocht er meer beschikbaar komen dan zal ik het plaatsen.

Het interview is ter promotie van Swiss Army Man. De film première in Nederland is tijdens het Leiden International Film Festival (LIFF, 28 oktober - 6 november 2016). Er is verder nog geen officiële release datum bekend.

Update: 30 oktober 2016. Outtake.
Update: 10 december 2016. Outtakes via Kai Tietz. En hieronder ook een 'behind the scenes' foto.

Behind the scenes

Fotoshoot (via Instagram):

Photo via The Fashionisto

Nicolette Goldsmann Instagram:


Behind the scenes

Deze video is ook gedeeld op Facebook.

fotos: Robert Wunsch

ZFF 2016: SRF Virus interview

Radio SRF Virus interview in promotion of Swiss Army Man. It was recorded at the Zurich Film Festival (ZFF). Daniel Radcliffe: 100 Seconds with the Swiss Army Man actor.


Watson interview

The website from Switzerland, Watson had 15 minutes for their interview with Daniel in promotion of Swiss Army Man.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

Daniel Radcliffe, thinking of your own death, what bothers you?
The idea of lying in an open casket and everyone stare at me! Well, I will not understand, but the thought gets me done.

And the decay?
It is of course ugly, but also reassuring. I turn to the earth slowly and something new comes out. I feel directly useful.

How did you prepare to play a movie in Swiss Army Man? Did you visit a morgue or talk to doctors?
I play a very living dead. That's why I did not have to be too precise technically. The rigor mortis of course played a big role, especially when it came to speaking, but otherwise I did it all with my imagination. My main concern was to credibly play dead without acting like a zombie. But then I saw myself in the mirror with wig and make-up, I rolled my eyes and I knew: Okay, I look very, very dead, I do not have much to play anymore.

You could certainly benefit from previous film experiences. In "A Young Doctor's Notebook" and "Victor Frankenstein" which had a lot to do with human anatomy.
Certainly! And with animal! I'll never forget how I was given a big ox heart to play around at the "Frankenstein" shoot. I said: Oh, okay, great! But what prepared me best for "Swiss Army Man" is "Harry Potter". All the stunts I had to do for "Potter" translate neatly into "Swiss Army Man". I love to do stunts and everything physical, but when I do a movie like "Kill Your Darlings" about the Beat Poets of the 60s, there is not much action. I love the total use of the body.

Well, Kill Your Darlings has a gay love scene for you.

And I had to answer so many questions! I always said: people, we are actors! This is our job and we feel good, there is nothing strange or special!

Even "Swiss Army Man" is already more than a "Bromance", right?
Although: I am neither heterosexual nor gay in the movie. I'm just dead. But there's this kiss ... I'm so happy: Our movie should be in Russia soon. The Russians did not seem to notice how gay it is. I feel very subversive right now.

I do not mean the kiss, there are much more glaring scenes between you and Paul Dano. Was that never uncomfortable?

We got used to it very quickly that we have to become very intimate. The very first day, Paul had to grab my jaw and pretend to shave my teeth. We knew: Okay, we will be very, very close.

It's a movie about a kind of hereafter. You are an atheist. How does this work?
One of my favorite books is Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita, a book about the infinity of faith. I am not a militant atheist. I am sure that there is no God as agnostic - but what is for sure? I also regard the hereafter in the "Swiss Army Man" not as a hereafter in a religious sense, but as a phenomenon of magical realism. We simply claim that something is true that does not exist.

They always like to make films about characters and stories that do not exist in our world, right?
Total. And it annoys me that for films like "Harry Potter" or "Horns," where horns grow for me, or "Swiss Army Man," we do not use the beautiful concept of magical realism, as in the literature. At Bulgakov. At Márquez. I read nothing better than their books. In the movie we always talk about fantasy. At the same time, magical realism is much better.

They love to invent, to assert and to surprise.

Yes! I love movies that create worlds and let you in and explore you. In the course of such a creative idea, you can even smuggle big, serious questions to the audience: for example, a far-reaching debate about shame, shame and loneliness could be conducted via the farting corpse in "Swiss Army Man". That's the beauty of filmmaking: dreams do not have to be dreams. We make it a reality.

"Swiss Army Man" is the best thing I've seen this year, a movie that surprises from the first to the last second.
Oh, thanks, thanks, thanks! I am so proud of it! The movie is so beautiful, abominable, stupid, smart, funny ...

... and tender, touching, funny and tragic.

Oh good, good, good, thank you!

What did you think when you read the script?
I just thought, man, is that good! Many people believe that they had to convince me because the story is so completely crazy. That is not true. I read a lot of screenplays, also a lot of crazy screenplays. But with this every page was like an explosion! It was unbelievably original and well written. Everything you see in the movie is written in the script.

You recently said that your favorite movie Death in Game of Thrones would be fierce. Honestly?

It was written somewhere, but what I meant was that I would like to star in an American television series, but then I would have to commit myself again for about seven years. And after the Potter years, I do not feel like it anymore. Not yet. That's why I said: A character in "Game of Thrones," who is killed on her first appearance, would be just right for me.


Harry Potter marathon

Pathé laat alle Harry Potter films achter elkaar zien om daarna verder te gaan met Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Exclusief in 5 bioscopen. Start: zaterdag 29 oktober 2016. Voor meer info en tickets kijk op

Marathon trailer

Updated: Daniel Radcliffe to star in drama Beast of Burden

A new film! The Tracking Board has the exclusive news that Daniel has the starring role as a drug smuggler in the drama Beast of Burden. Jesper Ganslandt is directing and the script comes from Adam Hoelzel. The film is currently in pre-production.

22nd October 2016. The Hollywood Reporter has more news. Producers are Paul Schiff, Michael Diamond of MGMT Entertainment, and Chad Moore and Jeff Elliott of Green-Light International, which will handle foreign sales. Shooting will start in late November in Savannah, Georgia.
The film focuses on Sean Haggerty (Radcliffe), a character who’s used to lying and keeping secrets from everyone, including the feds, the cartel, and even his wife, Julie. But now he’s ready to get out of this illegal business — after he finishes carrying 55 pounds of cocaine across the border in a small aircraft. Provided he can survive when he lands, of course.

Updated: Daniel Radcliffe co-executive producer of Circus Kid

Daniel is listed as a co-executive producer of Lorenzo Pisoni (Equus, New York)'s documentary film Circus Kid together with Karen Lehner. A Young Doctor's Notebook co-star Jon Hamm is listed as one of the producers. It will premiere at the DOC: NYC Festival in November. You can check a teaser trailer on the film's website right here:

19th October 2016. Message via Daniel's official Google+ page.
I have the honour of being Executive Producer on a brilliant documentary made by my friend Lorenzo Pisoni who I worked with when Equus was on Broadway. He is an extremely talented performer and filmmaker and it has been a massive pleasure to be able to support him in his quest to bring his vision to the screen.

Anyway, it’s going to be playing at DOC:NYC in November! So if you are going to be in New York on either November 15th or November 17th and would like to see an awesome documentary about fathers and sons and circuses you can get tickets at this website:

And if you’d just like to know more about the movie and see a trailer you can go to

Hope you get a chance to see it!

Dan X
As a child, Lorenzo Pisoni worked with his father, Larry, as his clown partner for years. As an adult Lorenzo has come to realize that he doesn't know his father as a person at all. Circus Kid follows Lorenzo as he pieces together what it was like to grow up working in the ring with a his father, the clown, as a way of understanding his father, the man.

The photo on top is an edit by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

The Google+ link at this page is Dan's post shared via this site's Google+ page

BuzzFeed UK: How to survive a desert island with Daniel Radcliffe

More from BuzzFeed UK. How to survive a desert island with Daniel Radcliffe. Here's the other interview in promotion of Swiss Army Man in case you missed it.

What three books would you take with you?
Dan: The Master and Margarita, because it’s my favourite book, and I feel like I could reread it a lot more times. Probably then also some sort of survival guide, so I could, y’know, find out how to make a fire, because I definitely can’t. And what about…a dictionary, or an encyclopaedia, there we go, so I can look stuff up, like, “Is this berry going to kill me?”

What three types of snack would you take with you?
Dan: The three types of snack I’d take with me on a desert island would be… Some sort of bottomless bucket of ice cream that never runs out. Some sort of meat. Like, I don’t know, bacon. Is that a snack? Do you just have bowls of bacon at parties? Yeah, bacon. Ice cream, bacon, and something else that’s super healthy. Cheese. Some nice cheese.

I’m on a desert island, who am I trying to impress?

OK, this is a stretch. If you could take a phone or tablet with you that had enough battery life to watch one film, but you weren’t allowed to call anyone because you don’t have any service, what movie would it be?
Dan: For similar reasons to Master and Margarita, there’s a film called Matters of Life and Death, with David Niven. It was made in the late forties, and if you haven’t seen it, you have an incredible treat ahead of you. It’s one of the most magical and beautiful, amazing films ever made.

You also have enough battery life to listen to one album. What would it be?
Dan: One album?! Oh, my god. That’s really hard. There’s part of me that just wants to pick my favourite album, but then there’s a part of me that wants to be like, “What’s good on a beach?”

I’ll go with the Pixies and “Doolittle”, because there’s a good mix of stuff on there.

Would you rather have to hunt or forage for your food?
Dan: I guess I’d have to hunt, rather than forage, because the things I’d be foraging would be like, fruit and nuts, and that’s going to get really boring really quickly. So if I wanted actual meat – which, as you can tell, is a theme for me – then I would have to hunt.

If you could choose one famous person to be stuck on a desert island with, who would it be?
Dan: Somebody very strong. The Rock! So, you know, he could carry stuff and help me survive. He seems like he’d be very capable in that kind of environment. I’m not really built for that sort of environment. And, you know, if I needed stuff from the tops of trees I could stand on his shoulders and climb, I’m quite agile. I could also get into small places that he couldn’t. I feel like it would work well.

picture source: Laura Gallant

Daniel: "I'm afraid of not being able to be on film sets for the rest of my life"

Below you find two interviews you could have missed in promotion of Swiss Army Man and Imperium. Both films are out in UK cinemas now. Thanks to AskMen UK and BBC Three for sharing.

Then you also could have missed InStyle UK's article "11 times Daniel Radcliffe was a totally stellar guy", thanks InStyle.

AskMen UK - full interview here

What are you afraid of?

Not being able to be on film sets for the rest of my life – if somebody turns up tomorrow morning and says “Oh, I’m sorry, you’ll never be able to act again, we’re taking your career away from you.” I know it’s not a rational fear, but just that general fear of, I guess, failure and not being able to do the thing that I love doing. I think it’s a broader fear that a lot of actors have when everyone’s like, “Oh my god, I’m going to get found out and then no one’s going to put me in things, and then I’ll never be able to do the things that I love.”

When was the last time you cried?
Yesterday, watching the Brownlee brothers chuck each other over the line – that ended me, I was in bits. To me, that’s everything that’s most exciting about sport, those moments when you see these amazingly talented people that we tend to view almost as being separate species, because they’re physically so different from the rest of us, suddenly looking so incredibly human but still extraordinary. I was a wreck.

BBC Three - full interview here.

Hi, Dan. In Imperium, you play an FBI agent who infiltrates a radical white supremacy terrorist group. In Swiss Army Man, you play a dead body who washes up on shore. Um, aren’t you tired of getting so typecast? [Laughing] Yeah. It’s a real issue. I think weird begets weird. The more interesting stuff I do, the more interesting scripts I get sent. But, I’m just very lucky that people give me these opportunities to do these weird, different things.

You shave your head in Imperium and get your notably hairy arse out in Swiss Army Man…

[Thinking]… Right, yes. Or is it the other way round…?

Would you have rather grown your hair and shaved your bum?

Ha. No. I’ve shown my arse so much,* I really don’t care any more. I really enjoyed the shaved head. It was fucking great. Everyone should do it once, to see how easy it is.


Updated(2): Zurich Film Festival: Sven Bänziger photoshoot

Photos from a photoshoot by Sven Bänziger taken during the Zurich Film Festival (ZFF) in promotion of Imperium. (via Instagram).

Update: 5th November 2016. Another photo.
Update: 17th April 2017. A photo via this site's Facebook page.

picture source: Sven Bänziger

Victor Frankenstein: Alternative film posters

Film poster designer Scott Woolston has shared some of his Victor Frankenstein work on Instagram. You can see his alternative film posters below. For more check out his portfolio website.

picture source: Scott Woolston

Harry Potter IMAX week

News for Harry Potter fans in the US: Starting Thursday 13th October you can experience all eight Harry Potter films before the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them this November. Showtimes may vary depending on location. Packages offered and pricing may vary by theatre. Find a theatre.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2


Empire magazine: The Empire Film podcast

Daniel spoke to Empire magazine’s Chris Hewitt shortly before his Empire Live gala double-bill screening of Swiss Army Man and Imperium. Below the audio via soundcloud.


New project for Daniel Radcliffe: The play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

Yes The West End theatre news is here: Daniel will star in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead by Tom Stoppard at London's The Old Vic Theatre. The 1966 play focuses in on two characters from Shakespeare's Hamlet. This will be its 50th anniversary production. It's directed by David Leveaux and it will also star Joshua McGuire who also worked with Daniel on one episode of A Young Doctor's Notebook.

The production starts 25th February 2017 and will run until 29th April 2017. The opening night will be on 7th March 2017.

For info and tickets: General booking starts Wednesday 2nd November 2016, 12 noon.
Half a century after its premiere on The Old Vic stage, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, the play that made a young Tom Stoppard's name overnight, returns to The Old Vic in its 50th anniversary celebratory production.

Against the backdrop of Shakespeare's Hamlet, this mind-bending situation comedy sees two hapless minor characters, Rosencrantz (Daniel Radcliffe) and Guildenstern (Joshua McGuire), take centre stage. Increasingly out of their depth, the young double act stumble their way in and out of the action of this iconic drama. In a literary hall of mirrors, Stoppard's brilliantly funny, existential labyrinth sees us witness the ultimate identity crisis.

Updated(5): ZFF 2016: press junket interview(s) for Swiss Army Man

The first Zurich Film Festival (ZFF) press junket interview has appeared online in promotion of Swiss Army Man. When more appear I'll add them.

Update: 20th October 2016 Ascot Elite message.
Update: 26th October 2016. Interview by ZFF and two other videos.
Update: 28th October 2016. Kinowetter and Tele M1's Kino interview.
Update: 30th October 2016. Message to Germany and  Moviecops plus Like Mag interview.
Update: 31st October 2016. interview. and Pro Sieben's Red.

RCKSTR magazine

This video is also shared on Facebook.


Daniel's message to Switzerland

This video is also shared on Facebook.


Daniel's message to Germany

This video is also shared on Facebook.

Like mag

This video is also shared on Facebook.


Daniel Radcliffe on BBC Radio 1's Movies with Ali Plumb

BBC Radio 1's interview with Daniel for Movies with Ali Plumb in promotion of Swiss Army Man and Imperium. Listen to the episode on iPlayer and/or download it from BBC's website right here.


Updated: Imperium photos (stills & behind the scenes)

More Imperium stills featuring Daniel as Nate Foster plus a look behind the scenes.

Update: 16th July 2017. More stills via Universal Mexico. Photo 1 | photo 2 | photo 3. Actor Roger Yawson shared this still on Facebook.

Behind the scenes:

picture source: Jacob Coppage

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