Horns: Special effects makeup

Below you find some behind the scenes photos showing Mike Fields' work with makeup/prostetics for Daniel's role as Ig in Horns (2014). (source: Mike's Instagram)

Flashback to HORNS. Some cool stuff I painted n applied with Mike Mccarty for KNB

Archive video: Gino Salomone's interview (2001)

Throwback Thursday! Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone press junket video (2001) shared by Gino Salomone.

A Throwback Thursday photo - Harry Potter

Below you find a photo which is featured in Harry Potter Page to Screen: The Complete Filmmaking Journey (2011). It's a look behind the scenes during the shooting of the Seven Harrys scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 (2010).

TIFF 2019: Day 2, Vuuzle TV interview

Exclusive Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) interview with Daniel and Samara Weaving in promotion of Guns Akimbo, recorded on Tuesday 10th September. Vuuzle TV shared a clip in which they talk about social media.

Watch below (Spanish version of the Scoop Network video) or at vuuzletv.com

Social media wasn’t a thing until after I finished high school, so I don’t think it was necessarily a really big part of my life growing up, had to play outside and read books, haha… …But yeah, I strangely am not addicted to it when I’m fortunate enough to do that. I don’t know why.
Yeah, I feel the same. I feel like I just missed it for whatever reason. I mean, it existed and people were on it, but I feel lucky to have not got hooked on it when I was a teenager, because I have quite an addictive personality, and I haven’t become addicted to phones, but I definitely had to stop playing video games for awhile, because I was just not doing anything else, and so I can relate to getting into a cycle of behaviour with something, but yeah, not so much with my phone, thankfully.

Updated: Harry Potter Throwback: First day of principal photography

Huntley Film Archives has Harry Potter footage online from back in 2000. The first day of principal photography for Daniel and the rest of the cast. It includes the Hogsmeade scenes, flying lesson scene and more. Plus Daniel doing a magic trick between shots.

Mugglenet.com shared two videos so take a look behind the scenes: video 1 | video 2.
Watch the full videos: number 1 - number 2 - number 3.

Update: Full videos below.

BriefTake interview

BriefTake's exclusive interview. They spoke to Daniel  in promotion of Guns Akimbo at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). For the full interview (Miracle Workers, Swiss Army Man, Horns, The F Word and more) visit brieftake.com.

When you were at the Guns Akimbo premiere you said something like: “The best piece of advice for actors is be nice to everyone on set”. Do you abide by this?

Yes, I do. Not that you have to be [chuckles] you know, I think that there are some basic things that actors should do and not assuming that you are…because yeah, in a way actors are the people that people tend to focus on in the film, but you don’t, you’re like the last person to arrive on set in the day, you’re one of the first people to leave. There are parts of your job that are challenging, but there are parts of everyone’s job that are challenging. Nothing will ever drive me quite as crazy as seeing something and it’s subtle things, it’s not necessarily like big freak outs all time, like if I see an actor for example, like if the boom mike falls into shot in one take, or if we have to go again because focus was on the camera and you know, actors, if I see an actor getting annoyed by that I want to shake them and say “How many times have you screwed up a line and you made a mistake and everyone…and it’s fine, it’s not an issue”. And 90 per cent of actors are really nice and the 10 per cent [chuckles] tend to get a lot more attention or take up a lot more brain space, because it’s personally hard for me to be around that kind of attitude.

Guns Akimbo is your first action movie in a while, isn’t it?
Well, yeah, absolutely. I mean that’s the thing, the Potter films you don’t really think of as straight action films. But they really do include a lot of that stuff, so I was exposed to a lot of that when I was young, which was fun. But there is something great about being able to do it, and the reason that I don’t do it a lot of the time is that I [pauses] struggle to believe myself as an action hero kind of character. I feel like if I have that credibility problem with myself, then maybe other people will, but with this particular character, I was like: “No, I can definitely play this guy!”. The kind of idea of the reluctant action hero, really does not want to fight him with much, would rather run away, was something that I could feel like I could get into.

Can you speak about your work with LGBT rights as well as what can be done in the fight against homophobia?
From a practical standpoint, I think that getting a service like The Trevor Project or The Trevor Project into more countries around the world is going to be the next step in that. But there’s so much to unpack about how we can start being kinder to each other and what my influence adds and where and if social media comes into changes in our behavior in the way you relate to each other. I do think that something has been inspired by the last few years, I do know that I have become more active in certain things and helping in volunteering and it’s hard to pick good sides out of the last few years of sort of world chaos, but there does seem to be a general capacity of people to want to give up more of their time and be more active in things, which I think is a very good development.

Can you talk about your upcoming project as well?
Absolutely! I filmed a movie called Escape from Pretoria, which is the truly amazing true story of three guys who escape from a maximum security prison in South Africa in the 1970’s, and yeah, I learned the accent. I think that it was good for the time, it’s definitely one on which I feel very rusty right now. But yeah, it’s an amazing film. I loved the director of that film (Francis Annan) so much. He is a young, hungry director from the U.K. and this is his first feature and I think he’s really, really talented, and I’m very excited to see what he’s done with the film.

source: brieftake.com

Guns Akimbo photo

Guns Akimbo producer Tom Hern shared the following photo on Instagram.

I'm back from the #gunsakimbo premiere in Toronto . Shout outs to all you fantastic punks from our cast and crew who helped make this film and/or starred in it. Tu meke. 🎥
Two mean peeps in this 📸 The very talented, and equally kind, Dan Radcliffe. I loved working with him. A class act!!
And, my homie @puffybee aka Hopetown aka Hopey aka Thuglife. You're a good one homes...a force to be reckoned with and a buddy up for a laugh through thick and thin, rain, shine and the rest. ✊🏼
Films continue to be an awesome framework for all sorts of learning for me.
Each one is kind of like a giant trellis that my knotted and gnarly ole tree weaves in and around for a couple of years (or a few, depending), as it grows up, reaching towards the sun... An opportunity to learn more about my work and craft, always.. . But also an opportumity to learn all sorts of life/human stuff along the way.... about people and about me. On the mountaintops and in the valleys.

I'm grateful for every film I get to be involved in, for the people I meet, and for what they each teach me and this one is no different.
The bombastic, fantastic, batshit crazy ride that is GUNS AKIMBO will hit screens around the world in the coming months...
And when it does... you better strap in real good for the ride! 🔫 🔫 🔫

TIFF 2019: Day 2, Collider interview

Collider's interview with Daniel, Guns Akimbo director Jason Lei Howden and Samara Weaving recorded on Tuesday 10th September during the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

source: collider.com

Daniel signs mini brain for the Baycrest Foundation

During the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) the Baycrest Foundation was located at the Los Angeles Times portrait studio.

Daniel was one of the celebrities who signed one of their mini brians to show their support for brain health. They will be auctioned off with proceeds supporting the foundation. If more info on that appears I'll update.

Photo taken on Monday 9th September:

Update: TIFF 2019: Variety portrait

Photo taken in promotion of Guns Akimbo at the Variety Studio during the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) on Monday 9th September.

Update: 18th September 2019. There is a second one. group photo.

source: variety.com
picture source: Caitlin Cronenberg

Updated: TIFF 2019: People/Entertainment Weekly portrait

Photo taken at the People/Entertainment Weekly (EW) portrait studio taken at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) on Monday 9th September in promotion of Guns Akimbo.

Update: There is a second one.

picture source: Celeste Sloman

"Guns Akimbo" portrait session (Toronto International Film Festival)

Below you find photos from the Guns Akimbo portrait session with director Jason Lei Howden, Samara Weaving and Rhys Darby during the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) at the Intercontinental Hotel on Monday 9th September. Another photo via Facebook.

picture source: Gareth Cattermole

Updated: TIFF 2019: Guns Akimbo premiere

The Guns Akimbo premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), 9th September.

Update: 7th October 2019. 90 Minutes interview.

90 Minutes

This video is also shared on Facebook.

If more videos appear online I'll add them.

Guns Akimbo dinner party at Lavelle:


This video is also shared on Facebook.

Here are more premiere photos:

picture source: Amanda Edwards

TIFF 2019: Los Angeles Times portrait

Los Angeles Times portrait taken at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) yesterday, 9th September in promotion of Guns Akimbo.


Via Twitter:
source: latimes.com
picture source: Jay L. Clendenin

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