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Daniel Radcliffe to star in Imperium

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Daniel Radcliffe to star in Imperium
Deadline has released the news about a new project for Daniel and this is confirmed via his official Google+ page. He will have the lead role in FBI thriller Imperium from Atomic Features and Tycor International Film Company. The film will be directed by Daniel Ragussis, he also cowrote the screenplay with Michael German (the film is based on his experiences), and produced by Ty Walker, Dennis Lee and Simon Taufique. Filming is scheduled to begin this fall.

It's based on real events, Daniel Radcliffe will star as a young FBI undercover agent who goes undercover to find and stop white supremacists trying to make a dirty bomb. Michael spent years inside United States neo-Nazi and militia groups.

source: deadline.com

Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe! (26!)

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Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe! (26!)
It's 23rd July and Daniel turned 26 today. Happy Birthday Dan! He probably is filming Swiss Army Man but let's hope he will have an awesome day.

The Birthday Project from this year  with Glowing Radcliffe, Portal Radcliffe, DanielRadcliffe.de and Daniel Radcliffe Brasil is in it's final stages. A huge thanks to everyone who participated. Edit: check the updated Tumblr page.

Feel free to wish Daniel a Happy Birthday via the website, Facebook or Daniel J Radcliffe Holland's Twitter. :) If you mention @DanJRadcliffeNL with your Happy Birthday wish to Daniel it will pop up below. I will be re-tweeting some of those through the day.

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Google+: BoJack Horseman recording session

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Google+: BoJack Horseman recording session
A new (short) video from Daniel's official Google+ page. It's from his recording session for the BoJack Horseman episode I did post about earlier.
'To find out what this could possibly be part of, watch the new series of #BoJackHorseman' #Animatedcomedy

 The Google+ link at this page is Dan's post shared via this site's Google+ page

InStyle magazine interview (DE)

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InStyle magazine interview (DE)
InStyle Germany had a chance to talk with Daniel in Toronto. It's an interview in promotion of the cinema release of Horns.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

Girls are still screaming when they show up somewhere. Will you ever get used to it?
(Laughs) Is that possible? It is crazy, but also flattering. I see it sporty and laugh about it, otherwise it will not work. The popularity I got from "Harry Potter," the fame, the media hype, the damn cameras, that was annoying. But "Harry Potter" was the chance of my life. Otherwise we would not be sitting here. If you ask me what I spend my money on, then these are not luxurious things at all. The best I can buy for that is having the choice and freedom and control. I do not have to work to pay my bills. That is an unimaginable luxury.

Your new movie "Horns" is a pretty crazy trip. You play a kind of devil, the horns grow.

That's the fantastic thing about this project. A dream is just a dream and does not fit in any genre. You do not have to put everything in a drawer or a box. One should be much more rebellious as an artist.

Why do you want to be rebellious?
This is more fun and a challenge for the audience. People want to be challenged and even see things that are not so compliant. Many movie bosses disagree and want to put everything into a simple formula. I think that's wrong. We see a whole new Daniel Radcliffe in real life and in the cinema.

You look more self-confident, grown-up.

Everything changed when I was on stage in New York for a year. That was an important experience for me. This has made me much looser and got a whole new confidence. I actually grew up and feel better in my skin. I have more life experience and the feeling of having become a better actor. I am still working hard. But now I do it to make the movie good, not to compensate for my insecurity.

How would you describe your new attitude to life?

I feel freer. And I have learned to let go. I used to think too much in the past. It's strange to grow up in front of the camera in the teenage years. And I was very unsure about my appearance. That's why I shut myself off, which is very counterproductive for my work. I'm not worried about what I look like now.

You have been hugely successful so far. Do you have such luck in love?
I think I'm pretty happy overall. I would call myself a relaxed guy and dislike such extroverted women. That's why I always went out with similarly relaxed women. So we were already on the same wavelength.

Then you have a good feel for relaxed women?
Somehow, I instinctively chose the right ones. I once argued seriously with my girlfriend in two years. I think that's a pretty good quota, right? Besides, I'll probably take an example from my parents. They've been together for a good thirty years now and they're still a great couple, still in love and a good team.

How do you, as a star, get to know a woman?

I met all my friends, except for one, at the shoot. If there is a place where I'm relaxing, it's a movie set. That's how I feel about presenting my best side. I am more myself than in a bar or club. At work you get to know each other very well. We knew what we were getting into before we went out for the first time. This is different than addressing a stranger in a club.

At some point you started working intensively on your body. What significance does sport have in your life?
My program consists of running, weight training and muscle building. I started when I was hired for Equus. Because I had to stand naked on stage. For my film "Horns" I got a personal trainer.My director wanted me to look like I could beat someone up. For the first three training sessions I had to vomit once, it was so exhausting. Now I love it. If I do not go to the gym for a few days, I feel bad. I have become a happier person through sports.

Can you describe this happiness?
I feel good in my body. And sport has a positive effect on the sex life. He cleanses the soul. I know, if I go jogging in the morning, it will be a good day. My dad is 55 years old now (gets his cell phone out of his pocket). Here is a picture of him. You know what most men look like at this age. My father looks five years younger, often goes to the gym and is in great shape. I run faster than him, but in all other areas he is fitter than me. Also in this relationship he is my role model. I would like to look like that also at 55.

source: instyle.de

Updated(3): Daniel Radcliffe's guest role on BoJack Horseman

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Updated(3): Daniel Radcliffe's guest role on BoJack Horseman
Daniel Radcliffe is a guest voice on a new episode of BoJack Horseman (season 2, episode 8) called Let's Find Out. The new season is now available on Netflix. He appears in this episode as himself: celebrity guest in a game show.

19th September 2015. How Daniel got involved. source: Yahoo
The Harry Potter star didn’t appear in early drafts of the script — a generic “Major Celebrity” was written in as a placeholder instead — but when word got back to the staff that Radcliffe was a fan, Bob-Waksberg immediately acted on that intel and secured the actor’s involvement. “Daniel had a great time doing it. He recorded it over the phone from England. And at the end, he told me ‘I’ve seen every version of a Harry Potter joke and you guys wrote my favorite.’ He meant it as a compliment, but I was like ‘Every version? Oh man, what number are we?’”
Update: 11th September 2018. BoJack himself live tweets while watching old episodes including this one. Read Tweet number 1 @Twitter, second one below.
Update: 9th June 2021. Tenor gifs. Official page.

A scene:
Host: "Bojack, for all the marbles"
"Which famous actor played the titular role in the popular Harry Potter film franchise?"

picture source: Imgur: kahl55
header: Tumblr: grumpyandgorgeous

Daniel Radcliffe was Nylon magazine's receptionist for an hour

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Daniel Radcliffe was Nylon magazine's receptionist for an hour
Daniel was Nylon magazine's front desk receptionist (filled in for Lauren Adler) at their office in New York, US for an hour. Nylon did release their hidden camera video today and it also features singer and actor Joe Jonas. This prank (none of the staff was made aware that he would be there) video was created by Josh and Vince.

A few weeks ago, Daniel Radcliffe stopped by the NYLON offices and sat at the front desk, unbeknownst to staffers and office visitors. The following was written by a NYLON employee, who wishes to remain anonymous. This is her tale.

It was a Thursday afternoon, just like any other. I was sitting at my desk, tired and a tad despondent, when I decided to "stretch my legs." And by that, I mean grab a bag of Cheez-Its*. As I turned the corner to the lobby, I was blinded. The pink neon NYLON sign had been cooking for hours, and it was very bright. I reached around the desk, grabbed a bag, and made my merry way back to my desk. As I walked back, out of the corner of my eye, I saw that there was a man sitting at the desk. I turned my head, and, to my delight, I realized that my peripheral vision had not failed me. It was Daniel Radcliffe sitting at the front desk. Yes, that Daniel Radcliffe. Confused and more than a bit dazed, I stared for a moment before accepting this fact and returning to my desk. 

Staring at my computer screen, I thought: That was strange. Was I supposed to say something? Should I say something? Probably not. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed another sight. It was an intern, crying. My peripheral vision was not failing me that day. They were tears of shock and, I think, joy. I looked around and I saw a lot of smiling, blushed faces. They had all "happened" to walk by the lobby. And while some of them engaged with the actor, some of them chose to play it cool and freak out later. 

I received no phone calls during that hour, which was strange. And a package that was supposedly delivered to the office for me never made it to my desk. As I started to track down the aforementioned package, I heard a squeal. Apparently Joe Jonas had come into the office, to surprise Daniel and try to resume his job. 

Some may call it magical, making an all-too expected allusion to Harry Potter, and others may call it unbelievable, but I would like to sum it up as "a really strange, star-studded day." And thankfully there is this hidden camera video to prove that it existed. 

*Cheez-It does not, and has never, sponsored NYLON in any way. That being said, they should. Cheez-It, feel free to reach out.
source: nylon.com
picture source: Michelle Lee, Shruti Rya Ganguly

Updated: Daniel Radcliffe attends Entertainment Weekly's San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Party

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Updated: Daniel Radcliffe attends Entertainment Weekly's San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Party
Then also from yesterday: Daniel attended Entertainment Weekly's San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Party sponsored by HBO, Honda, Bud Light Lime and Bud Light Ritas. There is another photo on EW's website: Daniel and Ian Ziering (photo by Michael Muller).

Via Instagram:
Daniel Radcliffe playing ping pong to Whitney Houston at our #ewcomiccon party may be our favorite thing ever.
Update: 12th March 2016. Brad Everett Young photo.

picture source: Jason Merritt, John Shearer & Joe Scarnici

"Victor Frankenstein" portrait session (San Diego Comic-Con)

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"Victor Frankenstein" portrait session (San Diego Comic-Con)
Another photo session in promotion of Victor Frankenstein: Entertainment Weekly (EW) studio at the San Diego Comic-Con. There is also this photo via this site's Facebook page.

Via @JAMsessionMB on Twitter.


picture source: Michael Muller

Updated(4): Daniel Radcliffe attends San Diego Comic-Con: Victor Frankenstein panel and more

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  Updated(4): Daniel Radcliffe attends San Diego Comic-Con: Victor Frankenstein panel and more
Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy promoted Victor Frankenstein at San Diego Comic-Con. There was the 20th Century Fox panel but also much more, below you find all the interviews etc. There are also some photos via Daniel's official Google+ page: number 1 | number 2 | number 3 | number 4. Photos from 20th Century Fox via Twitter: number 1 | number 2 (Snapchat) | number 3. Then there's a photo from Fandango plus -released on 26th July 2015- a portrait photo from IGN (Cherie Roberts)

The panel: video and photos: (Kevin Winter, Jason Merritt)
Interviews: ET Canada (also talks about Swiss Army Man) E! Online Rear of The Year (I announced this news on Facebook), E! Online Harry Potter, E! Online Did James really beat up Daniel.

Thanks to Hollywood Outbreak for sharing their videos with Daniel J Radcliffe Holland:

The others:

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

11th November 2015. Video from Cinemax. And you could have missed this photo from Willa Holland.
Update: 17th September 2016. Daniel teamed up with Nerdist and Make-A-Wish Foundation to make childrens wishes come true.
Update: 12th March 2017. Top Teen magazine's photo with Daniel.
Update: 27th August 2017. Nerdist Conival photo.

Other interviews: IGN Live (below), ET Online (below) Nerdist Conival: video & Instagram photo more (Abaca): number 1 | number 2 | number 3 | number 4 | number 5 | number 6 | number 7 | number 8 | number 9.

Moviepilot.com (at the Entertainment Weekly (EW) studio)

This video is also shared on Facebook

EW Lounge

EW/SiriusXM Radio: Photos: number 1 | number 2 | number 3 | number 4number 5 | number 6 | Audio

The Geeks & Poseurs Test
Photo from MTV, periscope video

There's also the Entertainment Tonight (ET Online) periscope video and Instagram photo.

Will he appear in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them?

"Victor Frankenstein" portrait session (San Diego Comic-Con)

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"Victor Frankenstein" portrait session (San Diego Comic-Con)
Let the promotion for Victor Frankenstein begin! Below you find the photos from the Getty Images Portrait Studio (powered by Samsung Galaxy) at San Diego Comic-Con today.

Google+: Second Victor Frankenstein photo

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Google+: Second Victor Frankenstein photo
Like it was announced on Daniel's official Google+ page yesterday, another new still from Victor Frankenstein which features him and James McAvoy (click to enlarge).

Hi Everyone. Here's the second new photo from VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN! #FrankensteinMovie #sdcc2015  
picture source: Alex Bailey

The Google+ link at this page is Dan's post shared via this site's Google+ page

Google+: Victor Frankenstein photo

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Google+: Victor Frankenstein photo
There is a new Victor Frankenstein still on Daniel's official Google+ page and there will be another photo on his page tomorrow. We are counting down to San Diego Comic-Con.

We are on our way to San Diego Comic Con soon. Here's a never before seen image for you from VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN. I'll have another for you tomorrow! #FrankensteinMovie  #sdcc2015
picture source: Alex Bailey

The Google+ link at this page is Dan's post shared via this site's Google+ page

Updated: Exclusive photo from Victor Frankenstein

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Updated: Exclusive photo from Victor Frankenstein
Not that long ago we had a first look at Victor Frankenstein. There's now another exclusive still via Entertainment Weekly featuring Daniel Radcliffe as Igor and James McAvoy as Dr. Frankenstein. (click to enlarge)

“It’s about creation, and Victor is not only creating this monster but in a sense Igor, who in the beginning of the movie is living in abject conditions and considered less than human,” Radcliffe says.

A combustible friendship forms.

“Victor’s ego means that at times he thinks he’s superior to Igor,” McAvoy says. “Their relationship is close, loving, abusive, manipulative, and it turns on a dime.”
Update: The same photo is also available as a Giphy via FoxHorror.

source: ew.com
picture source: Alex Bailey