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I'm now back from my holiday and there is some news: below you see Daniel featured in OK magazine with photos by Dennys Ilic in promotion of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Ariana Grande meets Daniel Radcliffe

Ariana Grande has uploaded this video on her YouTube Channel after she met Daniel Radcliffe, which you can view below. Edit: she has deleted the video.

MTV Rough Cut: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

MTV Rough Cut interview where Daniel talks about Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. (Dumbledore's army, Harry's emotional state and more)

Entertainment Weekly interview

Entertainment Weekly interview in promotion of December Boys.

Contains a Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows spoiler alert for all of you who plan to read the book but haven't yet.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: There was a picture that circulated this week, of you in a cap, holding a copy of Deathly Hallows…
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: Oh, yes. I think it was probably at Lord’s Cricket Ground [in St. John’s Wood, London]. Which was a great day. That wasn’t actually my copy. A guy had asked me to sign it, and of course, somebody took a photo. It looked like I was about to start reading. So that became, The moment when Harry Potter started reading.

When did you in fact get to start reading it?
I actually wrote, in the front of my book, the exact time of me starting to read it. I think it was 9:30 at night on the 22nd of July, which was the day before my [18th] birthday. I read two chapters on that day, which wasn’t very much at all, of course. About page 30, I got to. Then I actually didn’t get to read [any of] it again for another couple of days. I started again on the 24th and 25th, and over those two days or so, I seemed to completely demolish it. I read 350 pages in one day at one point.

What surprised or shocked you the most?
Dobby’s death. He’s always been a comic character, in some ways. And that’s what makes it so powerful, I suppose. I’m sure Jo’s had that planned for a very long time. That was one of the bits that made me surprised. One of my other theories had been that Snape would end up being a sort of tragic hero, and so I was pleased to see that one in fact come through. That [idea] was given to me by a guy interviewing me, a while ago. He said he thought that would be the case. And I thought, Oh, that’s very good.

You finish Half-Blood Prince feeling Dumbledore was a fool to trust Snape. But I finished Deathly Hallows feeling maybe Snape was not well served by trusting Dumbledore, and that Dumbledore used him pretty ruthlessly. There are so many ways in which Rowling changes our picture of Dumbledore by the end of Deathly Hallows. He’s got even more flaws than you’d expect.
I have to say it matched some of my predictions [about Dumbledore]. I’d sort of thought of a couple of those things. I’d imagined we would see a darker side to Dumbledore. But I didn’t know in what way. I was incredibly moved by it, the whole thing.

Any other surprising bits of closure for you?
Another thing has confused me for so long. It was in the fourth film script, and it was in the book as well, of course. When we rehearsed the scene, it was the scene in which Harry had come back from the maze, and his blood has gone into Voldemort and so on. I could never understand why there was a line in the book that said, Dumbledore looked at the scar on Harry’s arm with — I think the phrase is something like, He looked at it with something close to triumph in his eyes. I’ve never understood that. I could never get it. No one could. No one knew. And of course, it turns out it’s because Dumbledore realized that as well as Voldemort being inside Harry, Harry’s blood was now inside Voldemort. Therefore his mother Lily’s blood was also inside Voldemort, which obviously plays a huge part in [Deathly Hallows]. That explained a lot to me.

NEXT PAGE: ”What did I do when I finished? I think I just put the book down and carried on listening to the music. Just looked out of the car window, ’cause I couldn’t think of what else to do.”

Were you glad to find out that Harry, Ron, and Hermione all survive?
I was, actually. Weirdly enough, I think that’s the bravest thing she could’ve done. I was convinced for about two years that Harry would die.

I just felt it was the only way she could end it. But then, within the last six months, it suddenly occurred to me that that was far too obvious. She had to find a cleverer way of doing it. And indeed she did. With Ron and Hermione, I really liked the epilogue. I think a few people might’ve been not so keen on that. But I actually really, really liked it.

In a way, Harry actually does die, because he believes he’s going to die. There’s a profoundly, existentially lonely passage in the chapter when he prepares to let himself be killed.
In a way, the time between Harry learning he has to die and actually dying —

Or believing he’s dying…
That time wasn’t short enough to be painless. But it wasn’t long enough for him to find complete acceptance within it either. He struggles to find acceptance. Ultimately, he finds a sort of acceptance. But he’s not necessarily reconciled with the idea of it. He knows he has to do it, but he’s still scared. I just can’t wait to be able to film it. I think Jo has given me, once again, an amazing opportunity to step up. So hopefully I’ll be able to.

What did you do when you finished reading Deathly Hallows?
I was in a car at the time. I had my iPod in, and I was listening to Sigur Rós. I don’t know if you know them. They’re a band who do sort of instrumental music, but it’s just amazing. I think they’re from Scandinavia somewhere. They’ve got an album called Takk…I was listening to, and it’s very, very appropriate [for the end of Deathly Hallows]. I was listening to it and I remember I was sort of turned away from everybody else in the car, just so I could be in my own little world when I read it. What did I do when I finished? I think I just put the book down and carried on listening to the music. Just looked out of the car window, ’cause I couldn’t think of what else to do. I’m still struggling to really take it in. It doesn’t leave you in a hurry.


Shownieuws achter de schermen bij Harry Potter (Order of the Phoenix)

Via SBS 6 Shownieuws: Achter de schermen bij Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix met Viktor Brand. Videos via

Updated(2): Daniel Radcliffe on BBC's Test Match Special

On his 18th birthday (Happy Birthday Daniel!) Daniel watched the England test match against India at Lord's cricket ground today and did an interview with BBC Radio 5 live's Jonathan Agnew from the Test Match Special during the lunch. You can listen here. And there's also this photo taken by Philip Brown.

Update: 9th April 2020. Listen to the interview on BBC Sounds, available for over a year.
Update: 23rd July 2020. A photo shared by Wisden Cricket on Facebook.

Daniel was in Australia working when the 2006/2007 Ashes took place down under and he told Aggers it was Paul Collingwood's double century in Adelaide that got him hooked. "It was the celebration when he got to his 200, it was so impassioned. He gave a cry out when he did it - so emotional, almost primeval and a bit scary but really inspirational".
Daniel said he was stirred into patriotism by the constant Australian gloating about the series - as an Englishman down under he thought it was his duty to get behind the England side no matter how badly they were doing.

The 18-year-old is mostly used to giving out autographs - but he admitted he queued with other cricket fans to get signatures from Andrew Strauss and Sachin Tendulkar. It was ironic that when Strauss found out Daniel was going to be joining us at lunch he asked Aggers to get a Harry Potter book signed for his child!

Strauss has also featured in a recent nightmare that Daniel suffered. "I was telling people in a recent interview that I had a dream that Andrew Strauss was chasing me with a cricket bat. It was during the West Indies series when Andrew wasn't doing too well and an Australian who was listening in piped up and said 'I wouldn't worry about Strauss, if he had a swing at you at the moment he'd probably miss!'"

Anyway, it was a pleasure to have Daniel on TMS - he told us he is a big fan of the programme and we presented him with a TMS 50 year anniversary signed book and of course a TMS birthday cake.
He later spent some time in the England dressing room meeting the players - and this time he didn't have to wait for a signature from Strauss.

And no, he didn't run after him with his bat!

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix press junket interviews

Another press junket for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

My Fox

Skip magazine interview (AT)

Interview by Austria's film magazine Skip in promotion of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

SKIP: Naked on the theater stage. Your appearance in Equus made headlines not only in London. The first step to escape Harry Potter?
Daniel Radcliffe: The piece is great. That's why I did it. Of course it suits me that at least part of the audience can see me in a different way. At some point, Harry Potter is over - and then I do not want to be a former child star who only lives in his past.

Are not you afraid that the abrupt change of roles could upset your fans?

Daniel Radcliffe: Oh, nonsense. Nor do people ask Tobey Maguire in The Good German where he left his Spider-Man costume.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix certainly have the most dramatic story of all the previous parts of the series - which has a particular impact on your role.

Daniel Radcliffe: Our director David Yates even put a funeral work expert on the film set so I can understand what Harry Potter is going through in this difficult situation. That was important to me because, personally, such tragic experiences are still foreign to me, thank God. I have not lost any of my family members yet. I am very grateful for that.

What findings did the grief expert help you with?

Daniel Radcliffe: It was a woman. She spoke of the guilt of the survivor. Harry is going through a phase where he can not shake the feeling that it is he who should have died. I now understand what post-traumatic stress is. In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, it's ultimately about the loss of innocence. For the first time, Harry is confronted with the bad side of humanity.

Everyone's talking about Harry's first kiss. How is a real smack different from a film kiss?

Daniel Radcliffe: Real kisses are much more exciting. When shooting a movie, you only think about technical things like posture, camera angle and just not to cover the face of the partner with your own nose. Nothing against Katie Leung - it was a nice kiss, she can kiss well, and says so about me - but a real kiss is a lot more exciting.

Your partner was supposedly terribly nervous in front of the kiss scene ...

Daniel Radcliffe: We were both terribly nervous! But after a few takes, the nervousness subsides and it becomes a normal working day. It was reported in a London newspaper that we had to shoot 30 different shots because I wanted to kiss Katie as long as possible. All I can say is this: never let a good story ruin the truth !!!

I read somewhere that Gary Oldman personally attacked you during the shoot. Is that right?

Daniel Radcliffe: I had serious problems with a very important scene where Harry sees his friend Sirius Black die. Gary asked if it would be okay if he met me physically. I thought he was going to hug me, but instead he shook me for 30 seconds. Then the cameras started running and I started to cry. Since then, everyone wants to shake me all the time, if I can not handle a scene perfectly at the first attempt.

Since you were ten years old, you are Harry Potter. Sounds like lost childhood ...

Daniel Radcliffe: That's not true. I had a healthy, happy childhood. There is no set standard to measure a normal childhood. I have not missed anything. Of course, I had to grow up faster than other children.

Two more Potter films, then it's over with hocus-pocus. Are you sad for the foreseeable future?
Daniel Radcliffe: The last Potter movie will hit theaters in 2010, then I'll be working in the Hogwarts universe for 10 years. Of course it is sad, but it is also a nice memory.

Joanne K. Rowling has promised a prominent death for the closing band. Will that be Harry Potter? What do you think?
Daniel Radcliffe: To be honest, I have not the slightest idea. The secrecy is perfect, they tell me nothing. But with us in England you can get quite good odds in the betting shops if you count on the death of Harry Potter. Personally, I do not mind. It would be great if there could be a significant and heroic death at the end of Harry Potter.


December Boys US trailer

Warner Bros has released the US trailer for December Boys.

The Wall Street Journal interview

The Wall Street Journal Online interview in promotion of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
"Am I talking too fast?” It’s a kindness in Daniel Radcliffe to ask, and the answer is no"
"Mr. Radcliffe has long been going out of his way to assert his identity as distinct from Harry Potter’s. Yet this speech, delivered at this moment in his career, with the particular sparkle in his eyes, feels like the actor’s personal pledge never to stop striving to perfect his craft."
To read more, click here. or here.


Birthday project is on it's way to Dan & holiday

I did send the Birthday Project to Daniel. Here some photos. Now it's hoping for a reply. To all of you who joined: thank you.

Note: I'm on holiday tomorrow so I won't update until I'm back (two weeks so that's until 30th July).

Rotten Tomatoes UK interview

Rotten Tomatoes UK talked with Daniel, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint in promotion of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

RT-UK: Daniel; Harry gets angry in this film, did it make him more challenging to play without alienating the audience and making him unsympathetic?
Daniel Radcliffe: Very good question; that was the overwhelming response to this book, a lot of people said that they didn’t like Harry because they disliked how angry he was. I talked to Jo Rowling about that and she just said, well, frankly, if people say they don’t understand why Harry is angry in the book then they don’t understand what he’s been through in the past five years; he has a right to be angry.

But I think you’re right, for me it was possibly just as interesting to play the more reflective side of the anger and where it comes from; the loneliness, and feeling misunderstood by everyone, rather than the out-and-out shouting that people might have interpreted was what was in the book.

RT-UK: How did working with David Yates inform the experience?

DR: I think what David managed to do, which is fantastic, is that he took the charm of the films that Chris [Columbus] made and the visual flair of everything that Alfonso [Cuaron] did, and the thoroughly bombastic, British nature of Mike Newell’s fourth film, and he’s added his own sense of grit and realism to it that perhaps wasn’t there before. It’s the film, certainly, that I’m most proud of, and I think we all had a wonderful time working with David.

Emma Watson: The thing about David that I feel is that this is the most genuine of all the films. This is the one that has a great sense of realism to it. The word that I connect most with David Yates is truth. He always wanted to find the truth in all the characters, and in every single performance. He had high standards, but I think Dan, Rupert and I really relished that because it stopped us from getting complacent the fifth time around. I think we all really learnt something from him.

RT-UK: You get to fight alongside Gary Oldman in this film, Dan, and you seem to have developed a friendship with him.
DR: In this film, more than any of the others, Gary and I got to do some really hardcore emotional scenes together and so I loved it. I’ve been a fan of his for a long time and I think anyone would be hard-pushed to name another actor whose body of work covers so many different areas. I think he’s incredible and if I was to emulate somebody’s career I would try – and probably fail – to emulate Gary’s because I think he’s just a remarkable actor. We get on really, really well and in spite of the fact we won’t be working together again on Potter, we’re keeping in touch and that’s great, he’s a fantastic guy.

RT-UK: Imagine yourself a few years on, a new set of young actors, 11 or 12, are about to start acting in a long series of films; given your experience what advice would you give them?
EW: That’s very hard to answer. I think if someone had said to me, you know, this is what it’s going to be like, a) I wouldn’t believe them and b) you just can’t–

DR: You just can’t handle it until you’re there, to be honest, it’s very hard.

EW: Yeah.

DR: Particularly with something like “Potter”, which is so huge and really is a global phenomenon. It’s very hard, even for us now, to see the extent to which it reaches, but I suppose just helping them to make sure that when they’re starting out to tell the people around them to be completely honest with them, so that there’s no room for sycophants to trickle in. I think that’s what makes the difference, growing up in front of media, is that if you have people around who are honest with you and don’t just say what you want to hear then you’ll be well adjusted.

EW: I think the first thing my parents did for me was just, as far as possible, and in a way I think it’s quite extreme; I’ve managed to live exactly the same life that I did before I got the role. It’s really kept me sane and it can be so easy given how busy I am doing this to lose touch with the friends I had before. My mum said, “No, always ensure that you stay in touch.” Just making sure you have an identity outside it and in the gaps in between is important. Valuing your friends and the people around you, trying hard to have time for everyone you knew before, is the key.

Rupert Grint: Definitely, yeah. I’ve got a really big family and it really helps; when you’ve got sisters it really helps to bring it back down to earth! That’s really helped me.

RT-UK: How would you like the Harry Potter saga to end?

DR: None of us know how the story’s going to end and I honestly don’t have any specific theories because I know that anything I could sit here and talk about, Jo’s going to come up with something far more interesting and exciting that anything we could hope to imagine. But if you were after theories, then I would say that Evanna Lynch, who plays Luna, is certainly the person to talk to.

EW: There’s this theory that Hermione is going to die and I really didn’t have that in my plans for what she would achieve! I really want to see her putting her intellect and her naturally very caring nature to some worthy cause. I want to see her in another country protesting for the rights of house elves! Continuing S.P.E.W. or just generally making the world a better place and hopefully settling down with Ron and having some babies!

RG: [laughs] I don’t know about Ron, I think it’s really hard to say. Everyone’s got his or her own little idea and I’m just not sure. If Ron had to die it wouldn’t be so bad because it’s the last one anyway! RT-UK: Wouldn’t you like to see him play Quidditch professionally somewhere? RG: That’d be quite good, yeah!

DR: No, trust me, Quidditch is a painful experience; you don’t want to go through that!

RT-UK: Where will you all be when Book 7 is released?
DR: Mine is already pre-ordered from Amazon. And I’m hoping I get some free vouchers for mentioning that!

RT-UK: Will you skip right to the back to find out what happens to Harry and the gang?

DR: I’ll read it all the way through. My grandmother does that and it’s a terrible habit!

RG: I’d be very tempted to have a little flick at the back to see if Ron’s still there!

EW: It’s really hard; I can say now I’ll read it page-to-page and be really good and everything but it’s hard to say. When it’s late at night, you’ve just got your copy… I’ll do my best, I’ll definitely do my best.

RT-UK: Emma, Hermione has a scene trying to explain to the boys why Cho was crying while she was kissing Harry; is that something you’ve found is true of boys in real life, that they just don’t get it?
EW: [laughs] I’ll have to be slightly careful in this company! I love that scene, though, I really love that scene – probably most of all – because I think it kind-of reflects a genuine relationship that Rupert, Dan and I have in real life. I think it is funny, I can’t put it totally on the guys but I have to say that sometimes I think, what on Earth is this guy thinking?! I think both sexes at this age are just slightly bemused by what’s going on. I think it is very true to life – I have a lot of brothers and I’m friends with a lot of guys and I do think, how do you not get this? How do you not understand what she must be feeling? It really made me laugh, that scene. It plays brilliantly on the differences between boys and girls.

DR: That’s not true at all! I don’t know what she’s talking about! [laughs] I think, in very general terms, I think both sexes have trouble understanding each other, and will probably until the end of time remain a mystery to one another. But I have to say I don’t think it’s all on one side…

RT-UK: Kissing Katie Leung (Cho)… Was it awesome?
DR: [laughs] We were both a bit nervous because we did know everyone was talking about it, and there was a knowledge that this was a highly-anticipated scene. Everyone has been waiting for this scene in some ways… I don’t know why I said that last bit because that is what highly anticipated means! [laughs] Erm, so we were a bit nervous but I think after the first few takes it was fine… We suddenly realised we were enjoying ourselves!

RT-UK: And how many takes were there, Dan?

DR: Well, no, OK, hold on a second! [laughs] This is the thing; a while ago I said it took thirty takes. Now, what I meant was that thirty takes was spanning over about six different camera set-ups over a significant period of time. But that has been misconstrued as meaning that I requested I do thirty takes on the kissing scene. Which is a lie!

RT-UK: Did you allow Emma and Rupert to come and see you in “Equus”?

DR: I didn’t ban anybody from coming to see me! Being on stage and doing “Equus” was fantastic, a great experience, and once you’ve been on stage naked in front of a thousand people you really do feel like you can do anything; there are no more inhibitions. It was an amazing experience for me and it was something I’ll be very, very proud of doing for the rest of my life, I think.

RT-UK: How weird is it playing the videogame?

DR: Very strange, I think.

RT-UK: Have you played yourself in the game?

DR: Very good choice of words! Very sensible, too! [laughs] Yeah, I’ve played all the “Potter” games and I have to say I got really competitive with my eight year-old god-brother over the “Quidditch World Cup” game; it was slightly ridiculous! I’ve played them, I’ve enjoyed them, but the stakes aren’t quite so high as when you’re making the film, obviously.

RG: It’s really weird; I think all the merchandise is quite strange. And it’s all getting more realistic; especially the game. I’ve even got my voice on that.

EW: There’s a classic bit of merchandise for me. I was in Waitrose the other day and I was flicking across the shelves and there was something like “Hermione’s Magic Muffins” with my head on those little sticky things you put on top of cupcakes. That was a new one! Honestly, every time around there’s something new…


Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint on Moviefone's Unscripted

Moviefone's Unscripted with Daniel, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint in promotion of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Scans: Hitkrant magazine (NL)

Scans en interview van Hitkrant magazine.

Interview translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

This is already the fifth Harry Potter movie: how much has your life changed since the last couple of years?? (this was an interview with Daniel, Emma and Ron)
Daniel: “If everybody told me seven years ago how great the Harry Potter circus would be I would never believed it. My life hasn’t (besides the fact it’s more hectic) changed that much. It could be so much more different. I could be very arrogant. But it is all about the people you have around you. I have asked my friends and family to be 100% honest to me and that keeps you with both legs to the ground.”

The last Harry Potter-book is coming, then we will know how it ends with harry, hermione and Ron. How do you see your character end?
Daniel: I don’t have any specific ideas about it. I can come up with something exciting, but JK Rowling will be coming with a plot that’s much better.

Are you waiting in a queue yourself for getting the newest book and sneaky reading the last page?
Daniel: I ordered mine already on Amazon, and I hope I will get a discount for saying this, hahah! I don’t think I’m going to read the end first, my grandma does that always and tells everything. So annoying!

Daniel, you were on stage naked in the play Equus, wasn’t that awfully scary? And were Emma and Rupert allowed to watch?
Daniel: Oh sure, I’d never banned somebody out of the theatre. Ofcourse it was scary, but also a great experience. If you have appeared naked to thousands of people you can do anything!

Harry gets in this movie his first kiss. After that he gets to Ron and Hermione to tell and they get a discussion about kissing. Did you recognized that?
Daniel: yes. Boys and Girls will never understand each other completely. For me girls are one big mystery! Tell a bit more about the moviekiss Daniel..Daniel: Tja what can I say.. it was odd. For Katie and me both was it our first movie kiss. The expections were very high, because everybody was waiting for the first kiss from Harry. That all maked us very nervous. But after the first takes we started to get fun in it. In all magazines they said that I screwed up the take thirty times, because I liked kissing. That’s ofcourse not true, they had to film from different camera positions. But Ididn’t mind!

Is it true that you all liked each other during the first Harry Potter movie?
Daniel: ofcourse, I liked Emma the first time, but I hadn’t the guts to tell her.

Entertainment Weekly photoshoot

Entertainment Weekly magazine has Daniel as Harry on the cover of their new issue, they posted a set report online (see below) and there is also a new photoshoot featuring Daniel, Emma and Rupert in a Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix setting.
Daniel Radcliffe watches all this, transfixed. He has worn Harry Potter's famous scar on his forehead since he was 11, but only lately, he feels, has he begun to grow from a mere photogenic kid into a full-fledged actor, and he's in awe of Oldman's mastery. ''I'm at a stage now where I'm ready to be pushed further by a director,'' he says. Radcliffe is 17, two years older than his character. His eyes, always plaintive, look strikingly large without Harry's signature glasses. ''David wants everything to be real and detailed,'' he says. ''So if I'm doing, say, a quite general sense of fear, he'll come up and quietly say, 'I think you can do it better, Dan.' He'll be completely frank with me. I don't think there's been a moment on set this time where I've walked away after a scene and thought I didn't give it my all.''

A few hours later, Oldman has nailed his scene, decompressed, and begun bantering naughtily with his castmates. ''Have you noticed,'' he asks Isaacs, ''how long my wand is?'' ''Yes,'' Isaacs volleys back, ''it expands in the warm, doesn't it?'' Radcliffe listens and grins broadly. He asks Oldman for advice on a tough role he's signed on for in Equus, a London revival of Peter Shaffer's 1973 play about a troubled stable boy, for which Radcliffe will appear naked eight times a week. ''You'll have to shave,'' Oldman tells him. Radcliffe's wide eyes open even wider: ''What — down there?'' Oldman nods, eyes closing. ''Especially down there.''

picture source: James Dimmock

Fan photos Hand, Foot, Wand ceremony

Below some photos from the Hand, Foot Wand ceremony at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre which were provided to Daniel J Radcliffe Holland with thanks to WhiteDove

Daniel Radcliffe on Late Night with Conan O'Brien

Daniel promoted Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. You can view the video and download it (Quicktime) via part 1 | part 2.

Here is also a behind the scenes photo from Daniel with the band Art Brut:

"Very very cool...the most entertaining [band]...they're great"
- Daniel Radcliffe on Art Brut, to Conan O'Brien

picture source: Dana Edelson/NBC

The Observer photoshoot

Photoshoot from The Observer in promotion of Equus. Some photos via Oclumencia.

picture source: Harry Borden

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