Vanity Fair Italia photoshoot - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Vanity Fair Italia photoshoot

Vanity Fair Italia magazine features one new photo by Serge Leblon (we saw more back in 2010) in promotion of The Woman in Black.
How does it feel to be asked of his career after Harry Potter again and again and again?
I know that I will answer this question for a couple of years, after which I hope they will begin to see me only as an actor. But I also know that someone will never cease to identify with the character of Rowling, and the only way to get out alive is to accept it. [...]

And why she chose The Woman In Black?
Why was already afraid to read it, and I thought it would be even more frightening seen on a screen. It 'a compelling story, the kind of story that I like to give my contribution. For now, as an actor, one day I hope as a director.
Photos: Serge Leblon

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