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Movie Tie-In edition of Horns

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Movie Tie-In edition of Horns
Below you find the cover art of the Horns Movie Tie-In edition book by Joe Hill. It's released on 30th September 2014 by HarperCollins Publishers. It is only available in the following regions: US, Singapore, Canada, Australia and Germany. Also available as eBook.

Pages: 416 pages
ISBN-10: 0062364642
ISBN-13: 978-0062364647

From the New York Times bestselling author of Heart-Shaped Box and NOS4A2, a relentless supernatural thriller that runs like Hell on wheels . . .

Merrin Williams is dead, slaughtered under inexplicable circumstances, leaving her beloved boyfriend Ignatius Perrish as the only suspect. On the first anniversary of Merrin's murder, Ig spends the night drunk and doing awful things. When he wakes the next morning he has a thunderous hangover . . . and horns growing from his temples. Ig possesses a terrible new power to go with his terrible new look—a macabre gift he intends to use to find the monster who killed his one true love. Being good and praying for the best got him nowhere. Now it's time for revenge . . .

It's time the devil had his due . . .


Google+ update and Daniel's favorite The Simpsons episodes and moments

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Google+ update and Daniel's favorite The Simpsons episodes and moments
There is a new update from Daniel's official Google+ page which is a photo from the quiz show Jeopardy. They had a Daniel Radcliffe category on Friday. Then second did ask celebrities what their favorite The Simpsons episode is. You find Daniel's answer below (ofcourse  he also did mention his own episodes: Treehouse of Horror XXI and Diggs)

And the category is...... #jeopardy  
Via Vulture
(29th September: the link is now also shared on his Google+ page):
Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), "Diggs" and "Treehouse of Horror XXI"
One of my favorite lines is in one episode ["The PTA Disbands"], when Lisa makes a perpetual motion machine and Homer comes in and says, "In this house, we obey Newton’s laws of thermodynamics." That’s a brilliant line. Also, any of Troy McClure’s — "I’m Troy McClure and you may recognize me from Alice’s Adventures Through the Windshield Glass," when he’s doing a drivers’ ed video [in "Duffless"]. I can come up with more if you give me time. Right now that’s all I can think of. I love my own episodes. It’s almost so surreal to watch them that I can’t. That was absolutely how I judged fame when I got the job of Harry Potter. The second thought after, "I’m going to play Harry Potter," was, "Maybe I’ll get to be on Simpsons one day." And I did, so I can die happy.
Photos: Google+/Daniel Radcliffe

 The Google+ link at this page is Dan's post shared via this site's Google+ page

Daniel's message to Brazil

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Daniel's message to Brazil
Here's a message from Daniel released by Diamond Films Brasil in promotion of What If (Será que?) to fans in Brazil.

Photo: YouTube/Diamond Films Brasil

Horns: First clips

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Horns: First clips
The first clips from Horns have been released online via French sources. You could already view the first two on this site's Facebook page (sources: AlloCiné and I have added a third clip below which is released by Ma Chaîne Etudiante.

Photo: YouTube/MCE TV

Forge Press interview

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Forge Press interview
Forge Press had a chance to talk with Daniel.

Post-Harry Potter you’ve been picking really good scripts. How do you go about choosing?
There isn’t really a process to choosing a script beyond reading it and really enjoying it. I’m very lucky in the sense that I’ve got good instinct. My mum was a casting director and my dad was a literary agent, so I like to think I’ve inherited some of their instinct when it comes to scripts. I like good dialogue and fully realised characters. If it’s original or has a fresh take on something then that’s great.

You’ve done many different genres – were you actively looking to star in a rom-com this time round?
Actors only seem to talk about genres when we’re promoting a film; it’s not something that factors into my thought process when picking a role. You’re not thinking ‘Only show me romantic comedies’, you’re just looking for a good script. I’d read a few romantic comedies around the time that the script for What If came along, but this one stood out to me.

Are there any scripts that have made it to the screen that you’ve regretted passing up?
I’ve never been left gutted, but it’s bound to happen one day.

How far into a script do you get before you decide it’s not right for you?
If the first half of something is truly terrible, then no matter how good the second half is it won’t be worth making someone sit through half a crappy movie. If I’m not loving it after halfway through, I probably won’t choose it. Generally, though, I will read the whole thing.

Have you ever had some really bad ones come across your desk?
Oh god, yes! I’m yet to read a good action film. People think the rom-com genre has had a bad time recently, but it’s not nearly as bad as action films. There’s never an original character, it’s just the same thing with a different cast. Good ones are few and far between.
Once, while Potter was still going on, someone tried to make a remake of The Wizard of Oz with Emma Watson as Dorothy, me as the Lion and Rupert as the Tin Man or Scarecrow. I remember getting that and being like ‘that person is the laziest crazy person in the world’.

Can you see yourself in an action film?
I can’t really picture myself in an action film. I think one of the things you should do as an actor is know what you’re not right for as well as what you are. I get quite a lot of action in the films I choose anyway. Frankenstein is going to have quite a lot, and obviously Harry Potter had loads. I get my fill of action without having to do an actual action film.

You did have quite a memorable action moment in this movie, was that you falling down the steps?
No, that was my stunt double Ian Kay. I would love to do a stair fall, but if you ask a stunt man who has done loads of crazy stunts they will tell you that actually stair falls are the worst- there are just so many things that can go wrong.

What about the nude scene, did you have a butt double?
I’m not exactly someone who shirks nudity [in] my career. That was definitely me. Most of my nude scenes have been [about] losing your virginity or grinding horses, so as they go this was a really nice one.

So what was it about this movie in particular that caught your attention?
Just the fact that it was very smart – the dialogue was funny, but it didn’t feel contrived. The speech is very natural. I found it very moving at the end. It’s a simple, sweet story that doesn’t try too hard. Other rom-coms can be entertaining while you watch them, but then they’re easily forgotten once they’re over. This one will stay with people after they’ve finished watching.

Was there ever any talk of you playing the character in an American or Canadian accent?
I initially learned the part in an American accent, but two days before we started filming the production company told me I had to play it an English accent. When I asked why, they said I wasn’t marketable in an accent other than my own, which is bad news for Horns! It was a last minute panic on their behalf, but I went with it. It ended up being fine, there isn’t anything about the character that says he has to be American or Canadian.

What was it like working with Zoe Kazan? Did you get on straight away?
We had four days rehearsal before shooting, and Zoe and I had met once before. That was years ago, but we knew enough about each other to know that we’d enjoy working together. A lot of the chemistry comes from being interested in and open with each other. Between takes we would tell each other [an] embarrassing story from our youth or about terrible exes or dates. The characters have a shared knowledge of each other, and we wanted to match that in real life so that it came across on screen.

At the beginning of the film Chantry says that it can seem like the most important thing about a girl is what she looks like with her clothes off. How do you think the film avoids giving out this message, given that the two friends do end up getting together in the end?
Because of this film, everyone asks the same thing that they asked about When Harry Met Sally – can men and women just be friends? But I think this film really asks ‘is it ever possible or sane to live in denial of your own feelings?’ In this situation there is no point when Wallace doesn’t want to see her with her clothes off. He’s in love with her, there’s no point where he tries to be friends with her, he just has to pretend to want to be friends. There isn’t anything malicious in it, he just knows that he can’t have anything more at that point.

Did you feel bad for Chantry’s boyfriend?
Yes, something really crappy happens to him in this movie and he doesn’t deserve it. Love is complicated and not clean or easy, but that doesn’t make your feelings less valid or less true.

If you were Wallace, would you have kissed Chantry sooner?
Yes, definitely. I would have had to say something sooner. It would have been a really short film.

Have you ever used a chat up line?
I don’t think I’ve ever used them. I’ve [had] lots of really cheesy Harry Potter lines used on me, though. I’m always quite impressed, it takes some balls to say some of the things I’ve had said to me.

Tell us about the Spider-Man suit at Comic-Con. Are you frustrated that you can’t go to things like that without a disguise?
It’s not frustrating really. I’m very accepting of the way my life is, and one of the limitations of my life happens to be that were I to walk out on the Comic-Con stage without a costume there would be a reaction. It’s not so much frustration, but it’s nice to do something like that once in a while without who you are changing the way people interact with you. People are always very nice to me when they know who I am, but it’s nice to experience life without it, even if you have to wear a Spider-Man suit.

What are your favourite Rom-Coms?
Arthur (the original) and It Happened One Night, which is a 1930s film that was recommended to me because of What If. It is one of the most charming romantic comedies I’ve ever seen. When Harry Met Sally is up there too, it’s a fantastic film. I remember being stunned by how funny and clever it was. I also loved Get Over It. That film was the reason I had a crush on Kirsten Dunst for most of my teenage years.

You’ll always be remembered for Harry Potter. What other roles would you like to be remembered for?
All of them, really, but especially Ig from Horns. It’s a crazy movie, and one that could find a different kind of cult audience than the one for Harry Potter. I would like to be remembered for both Harry and Ig because they are such different characters.

Who is your biggest inspiration at the moment?
I’d have to say Alexandre Aja who directed me in Horns. He’s an amazing director and everyone loves him and wants to be a part of his vision. I just hope to one day be a director half as good as he is.


Updated: Daniel Radcliffe featured in book What I Love About Movies

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Updated: Daniel Radcliffe featured in book What I Love About Movies
Daniel Radcliffe is featured in Little White Lies magazine's upcoming book What I Love About Movies which will be released in the UK on 2nd October 2014. The book features a profile of Daniel's contribution to the world of cinema. There's was an article in today's issue of The Times of London giving a taste of what Daniel loves about movies. Here's his quote: He says he loves the way..
"a band of complete strangers come together and form a family and bring something beautiful and ordered out of that chaos"
The book is available for pre-order on Amazon, but also Waterstones, Barnes and Noble, and other leading bookstores. Thanks to D'Arcy from The Church of London publishing for the news. For more info visit:

4th October 2014. More info and the illustration by Sam Dunn featuring Daniel can be seen here via this site's Facebook page. And talking about Little White Lies, you could have missed this photo of Daniel with issue nr 54 (featured Robert Pattinson)

During the first eight years of its existence, Little White Lies magazine has published countless interviews with some of the biggest names in the movies. These interviews have been rounded off by posing a single, searching question: 'What do you love about movies?' The answers have been entertaining, profound, personal, ridiculous, revealing and unexpected, but always unique. Now for the first time, these declarations of movie passion have been collected into the ultimate one-stop celebration of cinema, with subjects including legendary directors (Francis Ford Coppola, the Coen brothers, Wes Anderson, Steven Soderbergh, Pedro Almodóvar, Darren Aronofsky, Quentin Tarantino, Spike Jonze) as well as A-list icons (Ryan Gosling, Michael Fassbender, Kristen Stewart, Jake Gyllenhaal, Tom Hardy).

Alongside these star-spangled testimonies are newly commissioned illustrations and immaculate art direction care of the award-winning LWLies creative team.

Updated: Interviews: Europe 1 and AlloCiné

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Updated: Interviews: Europe 1 and AlloCiné

Daniel Radcliffe on NRJ Radio's C'Cauet

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Daniel Radcliffe on NRJ Radio's C'Cauet

Updated(3): Horns Paris premiere

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Updated(3): Horns Paris premiere
Daniel did attend the Paris, France premiere of Horns yesterday at Cinema Gaumont Marignan together with Joey McFarland and Alexandre Aja. Horns is in French cinemas on 1st October. And there is a photo of 'Zebra Pablo' with Daniel.

Nationale Filmdagen fotoshoot

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Nationale Filmdagen fotoshoot
Fotoshoot voor de Nationale Filmdagen (National Film Days) genomen in Amsterdam gisteren in promotie van What If. En er is ook nog een 'behind the scenes' foto via distributeur Dutch FilmWorks.  Voor alle foto's zie

Foto's: Jerry Lampen

Nationale Filmdagen: meet & greet met Daniel Radcliffe

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Nationale Filmdagen: meet & greet met Daniel Radcliffe
Pathé had een actie op Facebook. Je kon vrijkaarten voor What If en een meet & greet met Daniel Radcliffe winnen tijdens de Nationale Filmdagen (National Film Days).

De meet & greet was op maandag 15 september 2014 rond 18:00 uur. Hieronder een paar foto's.

(Gedeeld op 6 mei 2019 door Daniel J Radcliffe Holland)

Update: What If NL premiere & opening Nationale Filmdagen

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Update: What If NL premiere & opening Nationale Filmdagen
Ja hij was in Nederland. Als je het nieuws hebt gemist: Daniel was bij de What If premiere in Pathé Arena in Amsterdam gisteren waar hij -zoals ik eerder meldde- ook officieel de Nationale Filmdagen (National Film Days) heeft geopend, dat betekent dat het mogelijk is om naar de film te gaan voor 5 euro van 18 tot 24 september.

Update(4): What If press junket interviews (NL)

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Update(4): What If press junket interviews (NL)
Er zijn een paar press junket interviews die zijn opgenomen bij Hotel de L'Europe in Amsterdam. Daniel is hier in Nederland om What If te promoten en de premiere is vanavond. Shownieuws, RTL Boulevard, vind je ook hieronder. De Shownieuws video is inmiddels niet meer op hun site.

Prijsvraag: Win vrijkaarten voor What If

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Prijsvraag: Win vrijkaarten voor What If
In samenwerking met Entertainment One Benelux geeft Daniel J Radcliffe Holland 2x2 vrijkaarten weg voor Daniel Radcliffe's romantische komedie What If (met. o.a. Adam Driver, Zoe Kazan, Megan Park). What If is vanaf donderdag 18 september te zien in de bioscoop.

Wil jij kans maken op kaarten? Hier is de prijsvraag:

Op welk toneelstuk is What If (a.k.a The F Word) gebaseerd?
Stuur een e-mail
met het antwoord (+ je naam & achternaam). Vermeld als onderwerp "prijsvraag What If". Dubbele inzendingen via meerdere e-mail adressen worden niet geaccepteerd.

Deelname staat open tot 22 september (12:00 uur), de winnaars krijgen bericht op 23 september.
Wallace (Daniel Radcliffe) is gestopt met zijn studie en komt net uit een relatie als hij de knappe blondine Chantry (Zoe Kazan) ontmoet met wie hij gelijk een klik heeft. Chantry woont samen en Wallace heeft een nare breakup achter de rug, beiden hebben geen behoefte aan een relatie. De vriendschap bloeit snel op en er lijkt meer te ontstaan, maar hoe ga je om met je gevoelens in de ‘friend zone’? What If is een romantische komedie over twee vrienden die worstelen met de balans tussen vriendschap en liefde.
Caitlin Cronenberg

website: (US)

Foto's: Entertainment One Benelux

Daniel Radcliffe interviews Juno Temple for Heroine magazine

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  Daniel Radcliffe interviews Juno Temple for Heroine magazine
Daniel has been interviewing his Horns co-star Juno Temple for the first issue of UK's Heroine magazine, which is based on the global success of Hero magazine. Below you find a part from the interview.

Daniel: “Do you have any of those moments where you’re just looking at a set full of plaster trees, and you think the film industry is just mad?”
Juno: “Yeah, I mean shooting Maleficent was like that because so much of it was CGI, so I spent most of my time in a giant white room wearing a wetsuit with ping pong balls all over it. I had all these ink dots all over my face and I was filming with a ten foot tall version of Angelina Jolie’s face. I did think, ‘This is a bit mad."

Daniel: “Well there’s a fantastic generation of young female actresses, are there enough roles to go around?”
Juno: “I think things happen for a reason, you’re not going to get every role. Like you say, there are some truly extraordinary young women actresses right now like Jennifer Lawrence, Mia Wasikowska, Elizabeth Olsen...

“You watch them and you forget sometimes that you’re even watching them. They are so young but know the craft in such an old way, and I love that so much. So if the job doesn’t go your way you’re just as excited to see the film anyway. Also, I’m still at a stage where sometimes I look eighteen, some days people tell me I look fourteen which is a bit of a shock... and then sometimes I look twenty five.”


Updated(2): Mental Floss magazine photoshoot and interview (US)

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Updated(2): Mental Floss magazine photoshoot and interview (US)

What If NL TV Spot

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What If NL TV Spot
De TV spot voor What if is vrijgegeven door Entertainment One. De film is vanaf 18 september te zien in de bioscoop.

Horns international poster and more stills

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Horns international poster and more stills
Below you see the international poster for Horns with the tagline "We all have our demons", plus more stills and on set photos from Horns have appeared online via There is a spoiler alert. You could have missed this one via Facebook.

What If NL poster

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What If NL poster
Hier is de Nederlandse (tegelijk ook Belgische) poster voor What If met de tagline "Best friends or lovers." vrijgegeven door Entertainment One. What If is vanaf 18 september te zien in de bioscoop.

Foto's: Entertainment One