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Review: Harry Potter Places Book One - London and London Side-Along Apparations

Ms. CD Miller (author of the Harry Potter Places Travel Guide books) was so kind to send me a digital edition from Harry Potter Places Book One - London and London Side-Along Apparations after I got asked to review it, which is over 300 pages (thanks!) I am a London (and ofcourse Harry Potter)  lover, so I was actually really interested to read more about these London places related to the Harry Potter movies. I did, and here is my review:

This Part One gives you Tips for Designing Your London Potter Trip. 18 film locations are featured in this Part One plus the Warner Bros. London Studio Tour -The Making of Harry Potter & The Harry Potter Theme park in Florida. HP Places gives you information on Travel Guides and tips starting right at the beginning when you start planning your trip to London. Airports, transport in London, maps (eBook maps), travel recommendations, hotels etc. Everything in easy steps and  also with a funny Harry Potter touch to it (to name one: expensive hotels are named as "The Malfoy Manor".
Filming in London
Then we get to the places from the movies which you can visit in London, complete with great pictures from the locations (and screenshots from the movie to compare them with, then you see exactly how much or how little things were changed into the movie) but also "Tour bus information" which features a text about the history from the locations & usefull website links. To name a few, you can look at, the Leaky Cauldron, Gringotts bank, King's Cross, Grimmauld Place, Piccadilly Circus, and it tells you exactly how you can get there (mostly by Tube) and how long it will take you to get there (also important to know ofcourse) and remember that is features places from ALL the Harry Potter movies. And that's a lot..

So my conclusion, after I have been looking through all the pages is:  If you are planning to visit London and are planning to check out the great HP places where the movie has been filmed, I should say this is your ultimate guide because it has all the info you need. (you are sure you won't miss a thing: I was quite amazed by the amount of locations, there are far more then I expected. And knowing that, you should think that this review was only about Book One, the others are about Wales, Scotland, Southern England and more. So after visiting London you haven't seen all the HP places! When I am going back to London one day, I definitely will use it)

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