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27 April 2020

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt trailer and poster

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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt trailer and poster
A trailer and poster have been released for the Netflix interactive special Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. The Reverend.

You can make choices
including whether or not Kimmy should make out with Frederick as seen in the trailer below. The special arrives on 12th May.

The poster

25 April 2020

Throwback: Attitude magazine (2013)

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Throwback: Attitude magazine (2013)
Photographer Joseph Sinclair shared the following photos on Instagram. Daniel photographed for Attitude magazine's awards special back in 2013. The second photo is a look behind the scenes.

The second photo

24 April 2020

Geraldine Viswanathan and Daniel Radcliffe for Interview magazine (US)

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Geraldine Viswanathan and Daniel Radcliffe for Interview magazine (US)
For Interview magazine Daniel called Miracle Workers co-star Geraldine Viswanathan to discuss her new project Bad Education.

DANIEL RADCLIFFE: I feel like we should have the obligatory coronavirus conversation first. How are you doing in all this? Where were you when the lockdown happened?

GERALDINE VISWANATHAN: I got the keys to my new apartment in Brooklyn two days after the lockdown. You’re in the city?

RADCLIFFE: We’re in the West Village. I was doing a play, which had to close early. The play that was supposed to come in right after us was with Eileen Atkins and Timothée Chalamet, and they had to postpone that one indefinitely. I’m very glad we got to do our play for eight weeks. Did anything get held up for you?

VISWANATHAN: There were some things that were up in the air that are now still up in the air.

RADCLIFFE: Was there anything as you were going into quarantine that you were like, “I need 20 or 30 of these”?

VISWANATHAN: We just got, like, 100 bottles of wine delivered.

RADCLIFFE: That’s a strong start.

VISWANATHAN: And I got a lot of my favorite instant ramen. For clothes, I’ve just been rotating three sweatpant sets.

RADCLIFFE: I had a moment about 20 minutes ago, where I was like, “I should put on trousers and a top for the interview.” It’s just so easy to start slipping into a point where I never have to shave or look good again.

VISWANATHAN: We’re all returning to our natural state.

RADCLIFFE: I’m starting to become very concerned about what my hair is going to do in a few weeks. It does nothing interesting when it gets long. It just sort of mushrooms out. I’m debating shaving it all off.

VISWANATHAN: I’m growing out my bob. It’s a perfect time for it.

RADCLIFFE: So, going back a bit. When did you make the move from Australia to America?

VISWANATHAN: When I finished high school, I did my gap year and went to L.A. for six months. I did classes and figured out if I wanted to live here. I loved it a lot, but the work visa was always a thing that stood in the way of that. I kept at it from Sydney, and then eventually I got cast in Blockers, which was the thing that got me my visa. That’s when I moved here.

RADCLIFFE: When I was getting famous and getting into the industry, I think it was easier because I was really young and you just sort of accept your situation when you’re that age. I thought it would always be quite difficult to have your life changed in that way when you’re older. But I could also be completely wrong. How has it been for you over the last few years?

VISWANATHAN: This collective pause has been a good time to reflect, because it’s been a whirlwind and I’ve been riding a high, so ecstatic that this is my life now, because it’s all I ever wanted. But I’ve also been living out of a suitcase for three years.

RADCLIFFE: You never want to say no to a job. You just don’t.

VISWANATHAN: Yeah, and I’ve enjoyed the pace of it. After I did Blockers, I did two movies and then season one of Miracle Workers back-to-back, and that was crazy. I put on weight and was just along for the ride.

RADCLIFFE: I’m going to be cowardly and consult my talking points for a second. Oh yeah, let’s talk about Bad Education. What I loved about it was it really plays you as the audience, in terms of which side you think you should be on, with these divisions that arise between Hugh Jackman and Allison Janney’s characters. You’re so charmed by these corrupt people. It does a really nice job of humanizing morally dubious people and showing them not just as evil, but as really complicated. What’s the name of your character again? I’m so sorry.


RADCLIFFE: Rachel. Is that all true? All the encouragement she got from all the people she ended up investigating, do you know if those conversations really happened?

VISWANATHAN: In the true story, it was spearheaded by the collective student newspaper who published the story. It went down a little different. But then, Mike Makowsky, the writer, kind of amalgamated all that into Rachel. From talking to Mike and the woman who Rachel was loosely based off of, Frank Tassone was this great figure in the community and was exceptionally encouraging of students. Neither of them had any idea that it would actually amount to his demise.

RADCLIFFE: Rachel is allowed, particularly at the beginning, to do the things she does because she’s constantly being underestimated by the people around her. It’s really fun watching all these guys be strung up by their own hubris. What was it like working with Hugh Jackman and Allison Janney?

VISWANATHAN: Just amazing. They’re so lovely.

RADCLIFFE: Good. You’d break my heart if you told me anything else but that.

VISWANATHAN: Have you not met those guys?

RADCLIFFE: I’ve met Hugh a couple times, and he’s always been really nice. My mom briefly stalked Hugh Jackman around the West Village.

VISWANATHAN: [Laughs.] Naturally.

RADCLIFFE: He used to walk his dog around here, and I’m pretty sure that whatever my mom’s dogwalking route had been, she would be like, “Oh, I see Hugh’s going there. I’m just going to walk my dog near him today.” When I met him, I casually apologized for that. And I’ve never met Allison Janney, but there’s not a film she’s in that I don’t enjoy. We’ve been lucky enough to work with Steve Buscemi on Miracle Workers, and I feel like he fits into that similar category of somebody with a ridiculous career behind them who could not be a nicer human being.

VISWANATHAN: You’re part of that too, Dan.

RADCLIFFE: That’s very kind. Moving on.

VISWANATHAN: But yeah, Hugh and I had this Australia thing going on.

RADCLIFFE: I was going to ask. I didn’t want to be like, “You’re both Australians. Surely, you talked about Australia.” But did you talk about Australia?

VISWANATHAN: Totally. At first you’re starstruck, but then you feel at home.

RADCLIFFE: He seems like one of those people who lives a slightly superhuman life. Did you see how he does it? Are there any tips you could pass on to the rest of the world?

VISWANATHAN: He would dance a lot on set. I’m wondering if that has to do with his fitness.

RADCLIFFE: With his eternal youth. I saw a video of him working out once, where he was dead-lifting something ridiculous, and I was just like, “You’re 20 years older than me.” It puts the rest of us to shame. How do you find the difference between making films and TV? With TV, I really enjoy the fact that the writers get to know you and start to write for you.

VISWANATHAN: What’s lovely about our show is that it feels like a company that comes together once a year to have fun. Whereas with movies, it’s usually more of a sprint.

RADCLIFFE: It makes it sound really flip to say our show is like summer camp, but it does feel like that. It’s just very, very good fun.

VISWANATHAN: And I know I’m not going to be emotionally wrecked after it, which sometimes happens with movies.

RADCLIFFE: What’s the coolest thing you’ve been able to do on set?

VISWANATHAN: Stunt driving is fun.

RADCLIFFE: Oh, really? I feel like we have the opposite things that we like to do on set. If you could list my top-two least favorite things to do, they would probably be horseriding and driving. I’ve had to hit a mark in a car, and have failed so abjectly at it that I remember looking around and seeing the pity and embarrassment in people’s eyes. I got a license specifically so I could drive on set, and I’m still really shit at it. And I hate dancing on set, something you’re also quite good at.

VISWANATHAN: In the final dance sequence in season two of Miracle Workers, you were doing some medieval moves that were impressive.

RADCLIFFE: My least favorite moment on any set is when we’re all dancing, and then they cut the music, and everyone just keeps dancing.

VISWANATHAN: Or there’s no music at all.

RADCLIFFE: That’s one of the things people who haven’t spent time on sets don’t know, or wouldn’t think about, is that obviously you can’t play music if you’re also recording dialogue, so anytime you see anyone dancing, they’re dancing awkwardly in silence.

VISWANATHAN: It’s always my fear that they’re going to leak that footage of the painfully awkward dancing to nothing. That’s just hell.

RADCLIFFE: Since becoming a recognizable person, have you had any awkward encounters with people on the street, or are they mostly chill?

VISWANATHAN: I don’t get recognized much at all. I did this Netflix movie called The Package.

RADCLIFFE: Which I can’t watch, because I know what it involves.

VISWANATHAN: Understandable, it’s about a guy who gets his penis cut off in the middle of the woods. So I get a lot of people being like, “Oh, you’re in the dick movie. Or people who are too shy to say it. And I’m like, “No, you can say it. It’s the dick cutting-off movie.”

source: interviewmagazine.com

23 April 2020

Guns Akimbo stills

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Guns Akimbo stills
More Guns Akimbo stills.

22 April 2020

Guns Akimbo in Russia: Daniel Radcliffe's video message

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Guns Akimbo in Russia: Daniel Radcliffe's video message
A short video message from Daniel for all of you in Russia in promotion of Guns Akimbo (Пушки Акимбо) with thanks to Cascade Film. It is dubbed sadly. I did ask them for an undubbed version but it's not available.

20 April 2020

Updated: Daniel donates Harry Potter Page to Screen book for the Club Cumming Community Chest

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Updated: Daniel donates Harry Potter Page to Screen book for the Club Cumming Community Chest
Endgame co-star Alan Cumming's Club Cumming has been hit hard coping with the coronavirus pandemic. There's now Club Cumming Community Chest to raise funds for the New York bar's staff and talent.

One of the auction items they have featured on the website is a copy of Harry Potter Page to Screen: The Complete Filmmaking Journey (2011 edition) donated and signed by Daniel.

You can place a bid on eBay (until 30th April).

Update: 3rd May 2020. The bidding has ended. It's sold for $1,675.00!.

This video is also shared on Facebook.
The boy wizard himself has generously offered up a signed, personal copy of Harry Potter Page to Screen: The Complete Filmmaking Journey. All proceeds to benefit the Club Cumming Community Chest!
source: clubcummingnyc.com

16 April 2020

Telegraaf interview

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Telegraaf interview
De Telegraaf heeft vandaag hun interview met Daniel gepubliceerd, in promotie van Guns Akimbo en Escape from Pretoria. Beide films zijn nu vanwege de coronavirus pandemie te zien via VoD. Het is een premium artikel.
"Ik verkeer in de gelukkige positie dat ik niet hóéf te werken. Dat geeft me de vrijheid om te doen wat ik wil. Ik speel enkel rollen waar ik zelf enthousiast van word.”

Guns Akimbo Korea premiere: Daniel Radcliffe's video message

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Guns Akimbo Korea premiere: Daniel Radcliffe's video message
Guns Akimbo (건즈아킴보) is in cinemas in Korea since yesterday. Daniel recorded a video message which is shared by CGV cinemas. He also mentioned the current coronavirus pandemic ("Hopefully this film can provide a bit of escapism and fun that we all need at moments like this").

This video is also shared on Facebook.

15 April 2020

Guns Akimbo Korea interview

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Guns Akimbo Korea interview
Guns Akimbo (건즈아킴보) interview with Daniel released by CGV cinemas in promotion of the release in Korea. Out in cinemas today.

This video is also shared on Facebook.

First look and premiere date for the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Interactive Special

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First look and premiere date for the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Interactive Special
A premiere date has been announced for the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Interactive Special, and there's also a first look via Entertainment Weekly. It will arrive on Netflix on 12th May. The full title is Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. the Reverend.

Daniel plays Prince Frederick Windsor, a young royal, 12th in line to the British throne.
“That sounds far away but is actually pretty f---ing close; I looked it up,” says the actor from New York City’s Plaza Hotel, where the cast is shooting a certain (candy-colored, this is Kimmy!) celebration. “Frederick’s had a very sheltered life so he’s rather oblivious, but a very good-hearted human.”

Radcliffe admits his character’s as quirky as the rest, “but he absolutely loves Kimmy, and I hope people will be happy that she gets a prince — well, a prince with caveats.”
A teaser:

First photo:

source: ew.com
picture source: Netflix

14 April 2020

NCR handelsblad interview

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NCR handelsblad interview
NRC heeft een telefonisch interview afgenomen met Daniel in promotie van zijn nieuwe film Escape from Pretoria.

Over de film:
„Ik heb het scenario met zweet in mijn handen zitten lezen. Zeker naar het einde toe is het een kettingreactie van kleine en gedetailleerde suspensemomenten: een sleutel die valt, een sleutel breekt, een sleutel die niet past. Dus mijn belangrijkste vraag aan regisseur Francis Annan was wel: hoe gaan we dat allemaal spelen? Natuurlijk wordt veel daarvan verteld via de montage, via opeenvolgingen van close-ups.
„Ondertussen moet je mentaal de spanning vasthouden. Deze mannen hebben geen moment om te ontspannen: ’s nachts zijn ze aan het werk, en overdag zijn ze doodmoe, en mogen ze hun aandacht geen moment laten verslappen uit angst om betrapt te worden. Ik ben geen method actor of iemand met een heel nauw omschreven techniek, dus heb ook geen heel precies antwoord op hóé ik dat heb gedaan. Ik heb mezelf op de set veel afgesloten voor alles om me heen, en muziek helpt ook altijd om je in een bepaalde energie te brengen.”
Hoeverre is het gepast was om een apartheidsverhaal vanuit een wit perspectief te vertellen:
„Wat hielp was dat het geen ‘white saviour’-verhaal was, „geen twee witte gozers die even een einde aan de apartheid komen maken. En regisseur Annan had als persoon van kleur een bijzondere interesse in witte politieke gevangenen.

Bovendien gaat het ook om het verhaal van twee mannen met de moed om voor hun morele principes te staan. Dat is een verhaal dat altijd verteld moet worden.”
Over het kiezen van rollen:
„Voor mij is dat de leukste manier om met mijn vak bezig te zijn. Ik zie mezelf niet als een weird figuur met weirde rolkeuzes. Ik vind het oprecht allemaal krankzinnig leuke en surrealistische projecten.”
Maar dankzij Harry Potter...
„Ik bevind me in een uitzonderlijke positie. Ik hoef niets te spelen wat ik niet wil. Dankzij Harry Potter ben ik volkomen autonoom en de baas over mijn eigen carrière. Dat kunnen niet veel acteurs van mijn generatie zeggen. Die vrijheid brengt uiteindelijk wel een soort verantwoordelijkheid met zich mee. Natuurlijk wil ik blijven doen wat ik leuk vind. Ik heb nu eenmaal een eclectische smaak als het over film gaat. Maar ik ben me wel steeds bewuster van de verantwoordelijkheid die je als acteur hebt. Als je me nu vraagt hoe ik terugkijk op mijn carrière van de afgelopen tien jaar, of waar ik mezelf over tien jaar zie, dan zou ik dat niet precies kunnen zeggen. Behalve dat ik uiteindelijk ook zelf wil gaan schrijven en regisseren.”
bron: nrc.nl

13 April 2020

Updated(3): Sharp magazine

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Updated(3): Sharp magazine
Daniel is on the cover of the new Sharp magazine, out in newsstands tomorrow.

A behind the scenes video from the photoshoot has been released, watch it below.

Update: 14th April 2020. Photoshoot photos are added below. As for the interview featured in the magazine, Sharp caught up with him via FaceTime at the beginning of his two-week government-mandated self-isolation in New York.
Update: 25th May 2020. Four outtakes via Instagram. I added one on Facebook.
Update: 30th May 2020. Another outtake.

Tips for coronavirus isolation with Daniel Radcliffe.

Via Sharp's Instagram Stories


A part of the interview, read it all here.

About not using social media:

“I honestly don’t think I have the mental fortitude to be on Twitter. Besides, I’ve been shoved down people’s throats since I was 10 years old. If I were on Twitter, tweeting every day, I feel like people would get sick of me. I’d get sick of me. Ugh.” Other actors, he’s quick to point out, are “fucking amazing” on social media. “And good luck to them. But I’d get bored of myself. God knows how the rest of the world would cope.”

About getting famous after Harry Potter:

“I’m lucky,” he says. “Most actors live with this thing where the next thing they do could be the biggest thing they ever do. Whereas I’m like, no, I’ve done the biggest thing I’ll ever do,” he says. “I will never be in anything as massive as Harry Potter again. At a certain point, that becomes a hugely liberating realization: I’ve been freed from that definition of success.”

About nudity on stage in Equus:

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” he groans when I mention it. “But doing that play sent a signal. It’s not a play you do unless you really want to be an actor — and not just because of the nudity.”
One of those supportive English papers like The Daily Mail ran a headline that said something like, ‘Crash — What’s That — The Sound of Dan Radcliffe’s Career Coming to a Grinding Halt.’ An unwieldy headline, I know, but when I saw that, I was suddenly like, ‘Oh, man, this has to be good. I have to be decent in this.’ ” So he worked on enunciation and projection with a vocal coach for 18 months. “I didn’t want them faulting me for that. Some of them probably did fault me for that, but not nearly as much as if I hadn’t done all that work.”

source: sharpmagazine.com
picture source: Charlie Gray

11 April 2020

Updated: Miracle Workers: Dark Ages promotional photos

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Updated: Miracle Workers: Dark Ages promotional photos
More promotional photos for Miracle Workers: Dark Ages (series 2). Daniel as Prince Chauncley.

Update: 22nd April 2020. More via filmweb.pl.

picture source: Martin Schoeller