New promos My Boy Jack

New promotional photos from My Boy Jack. Some photos via

Dan about The Journey

Some new quotes have surfaced on the internet about Dan portraying Dan Eldon in the upcoming film, The Journey. Here's what he has to say.
"There's a lot of stuff flying around about this at the moment. I am absolutely attached to it and it would be amazing to play that part. But people are making assumptions about when it's going to happen and it won't happen – if indeed it does happen – for a while yet." "He was someone (Dan Eldon) who died very young, but seemed to live as full a life as much as anyone who lived to be a ripe old age. It'll be incredible to play him."

Updated: My Boy Jack at FIPA Festival (winner)

Dan was very proud, and rightfully so, to have been part of the cast of the beautifully scripted and poignantly acted movie My Boy Jack last year, therefore I imagine that he and his co-stars must be pleased that the made for television movie is one of the competitive selections being shown at the 21st FIPA Festival - The International Festival of Audiovisual Programs - being held this year in Biarritz, France. According to the festival's official schedule, My Boy Jack will be shown on Thursday January 24, and again on Friday January 25.

My Boy Jack Won the FIPA D'OR Grand prize for best screenplay. See all winners here.

Daniel fights to save Bush Theatre

Daniel Radcliffe, Bob Hoskins, Jim Broadbent and Julie Walters have joined the campaign to save the Bush Theatre from a grant cut which threatens its future.

Bush Theatre Campaign
Open Letter from Bush Theatre Supporters
We the undersigned, as supporters of The Bush Theatre, ask Arts Council England to reconsider their proposal to reduce funding to The Bush Theatre. The Bush is a unique and vital force in the development of new plays and playwrights in this country. For thirty-five years it has played a leading role in identifying new talent, developing new plays and producing new work that questions and defines contemporary Britain and our changing world. Last year, over a hundred thousand people saw a Bush production – that success is built upon The Bush Theatre's experienced support and nurturing of playwrights, actors and directors. If British plays and playwrights are to continue to be the envy of the world, they must be supported and championed in this country. London needs a small and properly funded new writing theatre dedicated to discovering new writers and producing new plays. We urge you to reconsider your commitment to playwrights, theatre practitioners and future audiences by allowing The Bush Theatre to thrive, not just survive.

*was signed by Daniel Radcliffe and many more people*

New articles about Journey

New articles about Dan's new project Journey .One is from Kathy Eldon who finds Daniel the perfect actor to portray her son and one From Reuters.

Quote Kathy Eldon's blog:
"Daniel Radcliffe is perfect for the role. He's young, hugely talented, he's the right age and cares about issues, but most of all, he has a great sense of humor and will inject tremendous energy into the project. He has been playing a magician for a long time. Dan was a different kind of magician – able to activate souls like his hero, Ralph Waldo Emerson."
source: Kathy Eldon's blog, The Destination is the Journey, Reuters'

Order of the Phoenix wins People's Choice Awards

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix won last night's People's Choice Awards. Daniel accepted the award and thanked the fans in a pre-taped speech.

Daniel donates his spectacles to Holocaust exhibition

Daniel donated his spectacles to an Holocaust exhibition. He has given his first specs to the Spectacles project. The glasses have been used in a an artwork installation to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day on 27 January 2008.

A note attached says: "Please find enclosed my first pair of glasses, which I wore at school at 6,"

The spectacles display will be on show at Liverpool Town Hall from 21st January to 26th January. 'It is a wonderful gesture by Daniel,' says Lord Mayor of Liverpool Paul Clark.

Other celebrities who have donated specs incude Yoko Ono, Stephen Fry, Jerry Springer, Paul O’Grady and Ronnie Corbett. More than 1,000 pairs have now collected in total. After the exhibition, the glasses will be sent via Vision Aid Overseas to those with poor eyesight in the developing world.

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