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Daniel's guest appearance on Autism Mind reading DVD-rom

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Daniel's guest appearance on Autism Mind reading DVD-rom
Daniel makes a guest appearance on the DVD-rom entitled Mind Reading: the Interactive Guide to Emotion. The DVD-rom uses a cast of over 30 actors to demonstrate the facial expressions and vocalizations associated with 412 distinct emotions.

Back then this site didn't excist. I decided to add 'archive news' like this as much as possible. I thought it might be interesting to read for you all.

Developed by researchers at the university of Cambridge Autism Research Centre, it is primarily an educational tool for people with autism spectrum conditions who have difficulty in recognizing emotions but also claims to be a useful resource for anyone interested in the dramatic arts who needs to study human emotions.

About the DVD-rom
Dan appears in the Famous Face game in the Games Zone section of the DVD. Users can "control" Dan's emotions with a slider to demonstrate the facial and vocal expressions within three emotional ranges: happy to sad, friendly to angry and delighted to disgusted. (Apparently you can turn the speech off if you don't want to hear Dan react to being offered the squid!)

About the Game with Daniel
This is a game called "Famous Face" about emotion intensity with world-famous actor Daniel Radcliffe (who kindly donated his performance in aid of Mind Reading). Daniel Radcliffe introduces emotions with positive and negative intensity.

1. Choose the sort of emotions you want Daniel to feel using the three buttons: ‘Happy or sad’; ‘Friendly or angry’; ‘Delighted or disgusted’.
2. Use the intensity slider to choose how strong an emotion Daniel feels. The intensity of the emotion goes from –3 to +3. You can choose whether to hear Daniel’s voice or not by selecting ‘On’ or Off ’ at the top of the screen.

Educational Benefits
• explores emotions in a fun way, in an uncompetitive and unthreatening activity
• shows how related emotions can express similar feeling with varying intensity.

"I am delighted that my acting might actually help people with autism learn to recognize how other people feel. It is wonderful that drama and special education can be combined in this exciting new software."
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source/photos: online user guide from the reading DVD