Film Review magazine interview (UK)

Daniel recently spoke with Film Review magazine about Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and how he thinks he'll feel when he's finished with the films. Thanks to Jess on MySpace for letting me know.
"It will be very, very odd to suddenly not be coming back to Harry Potter," he said. "And I'll be sad to leave the character behind and not see on a daily basis the friends that I've made."
Of Half-Blood Prince, he said,
"Harry is unhappy for a lot of this film, mainly because people keep trying to kill him. And his love life is awful, too. That's what Jo [JK Rowling] does so well, combining everyday, mundane problems with this incredible other world."

Warner Bros' Harry Potter: The Exhibition

25 April 2008: Becker Group, in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, announced it will bring worldwide audiences "Harry Potter: The Exhibition,"

"Harry Potter: The Exhibition" will include elaborate displays of authentic costumes, props and artifacts from popular environments featured in the films such as those from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, including the Gryffindor common room and Hagrid's hut. The exhibition will be displayed in major cultural and entertainment venues, museums and institutions, and will be supported by a multimedia promotional effort and advance ticket sales worldwide.

Tour information, updates and ticket availability will be posted at the following official website:

More photos from filming Half-Blood Prince (Lacock)

Filming in Lacock for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.Via Oclumencia

Updated: Extras behind the scenes & bloopers

A look behind the scenes and bloopers from BBC Two's Extras.

Update: more videos

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows release date

Thanks to Warner Bros, we now know the release date of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. This is for part 1 : 19th November 2010 and for part 2 summer 2011.

My Boy Jack: US/UK DVD artwork

My Boy Jack is released on DVD on 22nd April 2008 in the US. The artwork is almost the same as the UK version (out on 19th November 2007), that's why I have added them both in a post.

Descripion UK:
It's 1914. Rudyard Kipling (David Haig from Four Weddings And A Funeral), the British Empire's greatest supporter, is at the peak of his literary fame. Kipling's son, Jack (Daniel Radcliffe from the Harry Potter films), is determined to play his part in the imminent war with Germany, but finds himself rejected due to his extremely poor eyesight. When his father uses his influence to land Jack a commission in the Irish Guards, Kipling’s wife, Caroline (Kim Cattrall from Sex And The City), is bitterly upset, failing to see the glory in losing her only son to the war.
As Jack leaves for war, Kipling consoles himself with the thought that if his son should die, it will have been his finest hour. But how would the great writer justify the consequences of his actions to himself and his wife? And how would he live with the conflict between his two greatest passions: a love for his family and a devotion to King and Country?

Special Features:
Exclusive intervews with Daniel Radcliffe, David Haig and Kim Cattrall and deleted scenes.

New fan mail picture (2008)

A new picture will be sent out for all you who are currently writing to Dan. A photo from a shoot in promotion for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

picture source: Jaap Buitendijk. Photo via

News about Equus

There are a couple of interesting little news items on Equus to share with all of you today: The first is from the New York Post and is all about extra security measures that will apparently be enforced at the Broadhurst Theatre during the run of the play.

The second more thought provoking item is a new interview with the man who produced Equus in London, David Pugh, who had a few choice words to say on the way things are being handled in New York versus the way they were handled in London. Pugh also discussed the touring production of Equus and mentioned the play is
"Dying on its arse; we can’t give the tickets away." This is even more surprising… as in London the production was one of 2007’s most sought after tickets. Some would point to a casting change that saw Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe replaced with Alfie Allen, though Pugh has other ideas: “There’s something about the provinces, nudity and stabbing horses’ eyes out…” He says he always suspected there might be this problem with touring the production, but if so, why do it? “When we did it in town 50% of our audience were kids under 18. They went out, like I did when I first saw it at 16, and it meant something to them, so I persuaded the Arts Council to give me a grant. We’re out for 16 weeks on the road; they’ve granted me £176,000. I’m going to lose £176,000 and more besides – can you believe it? – but everybody under 26 can see the show at any performance for £10. That’s why the Arts Council should be doing it in my book."

The Wall Street Journal interview

There is a new interview from the The Wall Street Journal online.

The Wall Street Journal: The roles you've played outside of Harry Potter don't have much in common with the boy wizard. Are you consciously looking for parts that are a departure from the role you're best known for?
Daniel Radcliffe: Realistically, if another seven-film fantasy series came along tomorrow I probably wouldn't do it. I don't think that would be the smartest career move in terms of separating myself and having people see me as an actor as opposed to a character.

WSJ: The role you play in "My Boy Jack" is that of a young solider during World War I. What drew you to that role?
Mr. Radcliffe: I have always been kind of fascinated by World War I. I had a conversation with a friend the other day about how we periodically get depressed about it. I find it a very affecting topic. The imagery that came out of it from the poets and writers at the time has really stuck with me.

WSJ: Anyone in particular?
Mr. Radcliffe: I've always had a love for Wilfred Owen and people like Isaac Rosenberg and Edward Thomas. [Mr. Thomas] is sort of more about England during that period but it's very affecting. It's those kinds of things and books like Sebastian Faulks's Birdsong.
When I did go into the trenches that had been made for the film, there was mud and rats and it was horrendous. I got in there and thought, 'How could anyone possibly live like this?' That was what was amazing to me -- what lengths human beings can push themselves to.

WSJ: You starred in the London revival of the controversial play Equus, about a boy who has a religious and erotic obsession with his horses. Were you nervous about the nudity in the play?
Mr. Radcliffe: It wasn't a huge concern. It's one of those things where you think, I signed up to do it and it's in the script, so just get on with it and do it. Though it is a bit nerve wracking the first couple of times.

WSJ: Your character in "My Boy Jack" enlists in the military at 17 and is forced to grow up quite quickly. Can you relate to that as a child actor?
Mr. Radcliffe: I think the difference between myself and Jack in that respect is that I grew up in an age where the idea and the concept of "teenager" existed. When Jack was around, it really didn't. You were either a child and in school, or an adult. And there was nothing in between really... But there are similarities in that we both had to grow up slightly faster than would be expected.
…I think in America you produce a very special breed of child actor. I see these kids at nine and ten and they're amazing, some of them. And I don't know how it happens. Dakota Fanning, for example… if she were physically older, she could sort of play anything. I didn't have that maturity at that age. In England, if you're a child actor, I think people don't expect you to be able to do it past age ten. It comes as a surprise if you're really interested in doing it aside from just getting rich or whatever.

WSJ: You're still just 18. Are you convinced that acting is what you want to do as a career, or are there other fields that interest you?
Mr. Radcliffe: There are plenty of fields I'm interested in, but acting is certainly the focus for me. Hopefully, people will do as they've done so far and keep giving me that chance to do that. I'm also very interested in writing.

WSJ: Really? What kind of writing?
Mr. Radcliffe: Poetry, mainly. I've written about 150 [poems] now and I love it. I've been doing it for about a year and a half and it's a massive release. As an actor, you do have a certain amount of creative outlet, but filmmaking is a thing that's done by committee and there's a lot of people with a lot of input. With poetry, it's different.

WSJ: I hear you're also a big music fan, too. Do you perform?
Mr. Radcliffe: I tried to play bass. I was rubbish at it -- it was really annoying. I learned bass for about a year and a half... I did actually have one lesson with [Harry Potter co-star] Gary Oldman. He's a pretty accomplished bass player himself and it was one of the highlights of my life. Then I got to the point where I thought, I'm not actually getting better.

WSJ: What types of film roles are you being offered these days?
Mr. Radcliffe: Right now it's very tricky because of Potter. I don't have a spare moment to make something until at least 2010 somewhere. I do the sixth Harry Potter…then I'm going to have a break, then I'm going to New York to do "Equus" on Broadway, which will be great. Then I'm going to do "Harry Potter 7" and by the time that's over I'll be 100 years old. I'm just kidding.


Equus director Thea Sharrock about Dan

Thea Sharrock tells the following about working with Daniel for Equus in an interview from
"Working with Daniel Radcliffe is nothing but a pleasure. I’ve never met anybody of his age who has his discipline and level of professionalism - and yet there was also a genuine nervousness and naivety because he’d never worked in the theatre before. There’s something very special about being part of somebody’s training, which is essentially what I was doing with him. We had a lot of madness over Daniel here and I’m sure it’ll be the same in New York."

Pizza delivery

This video is posted online by Daniel de Oliveira. He was delivering Domino's pizza to Daniel's home in London and made this video.

My Boy Jack videos

Warner Bros. has released video clips and still images from My Boy Jack in conjunction with the 22nd April DVD release of the film in the US and Canada. The film of course is scheduled to air on PBS in the US on 20th April.

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