Updated: Daniel visits A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder

Daniel payed a visit to Broadway's A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder yesterday, 30th October 2013. Broadway.com published some photos online from Daniel and the cast backstage. The musical is currently in previews and will open 17th November 2013.

And then also Happy Halloween! --> via Entertainment Weekly, The Halloween edition of their Pop Culture Personality Test: "Daniel Radcliffe, David Boreanaz, and others share memories of Halloween costumes past"

Update: 23rd November 2013. Photographer Bruce Glikas posted this photo of him and Dan on Instagram and added "My pal Dan was amazing in "Kill Your Darlings" go see it"

Bruce Glikas' Instagram


Bryce Pinkham, Daniel Radcliffe & Jefferson Mays
Make like Daniel Radcliffe and go see A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder at the Walter Kerr Theatre!
Daniel Radcliffe hangs out backstage with Guide players Eddie Korbich, Jennifer Smith and Price Waldman.
Daniel Radcliffe gets some quality time in with lovely ladies Lisa O’Hare and Lauren Worsham.
Gentleman's Guide composers Steven Lutvak and Robert L. Freedman are thrilled to have Daniel Radcliffe’s ringing endorsement!
source: broadway.com
picture source: Bruce Glikas

Updated: Daniel Radcliffe talks Frankenstein & Kill Your Darlings with IGN UK

Daniel Radcliffe recently visited IGN's London office to discuss his new movie Kill Your Darlings - which is currently on limited release in the US and hits UK screens on December 6. But he also discussed Frankenstein and Harry Potter (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them).

Update: 4th December. Another video from IGN UK.

source: ign.com

Updated: Daniel Radcliffe to play Sebastian Coe in Gold

Screen Daily is exclusively reporting that Daniel is set to play four-time Olympic gold medallist Sebastian Coe in Gold. BBC Films (which also confirmed the news) and the British Film Institute have developed the project with AL FILMS. BBC Films’ head Christine Langan will Executive Produce.
GOLD will reunite Radcliffe with British director James Watkins (Eden Lake) following their 2012 box office hit The Woman in Black. Its screenplay is by Oscar winning writer Simon Beaufoy (Slumdog Millionaire) and Will Davies (How to Train Your Dragon) and the film will be produced by Joanna Anderson & Vicky Licorish (Small Island) and Kevin Loader (Hyde Park on Hudson, Le Week-end).

Christine Langan said: ‘Compelling, funny and moving, GOLD is a gem of a story and BBC Films is proud to be participating in bringing it to an international audience.'

Financing is also provided by Ingenious Senior Film Fund, represented by Gavin Poolman. Tim Haslam and Hugo Grumbar’s Embankment Films are selling worldwide and will be launching the film at the AFM.

Embankment’s Tim Haslam said: ‘GOLD is a movie about an insatiable need to win, fuelled by intense ambition, only possible through the support of loving family.’ The film tells the story of the gladiatorial rivalry between world-record breaking athletes Sebastian Coe and Steve Ovett. Driven hard by their families, two young men from very different backgrounds rewrote the record books and kept the whole nation - and then the world - gripped by their battle. GOLD is based on the acclaimed book The Perfect Distance by Pat Butcher, who also acts as consultant on the project.
Filming will begin in the UK and Russia in April 2014.

Update: 1st February 2014. Because  of the fact that The Cripple of Inishmaan on Broadway will start in April, the production of Gold is pushed back. Production in 2015 and the release in 2016.

Gold. Winning is everything. Second is nowhere.

source: screendaily.com, bbc.co.uk, embankmentfilms.com
picture source: Embankment Films

Updated: Kill Your Darlings press junket interviews (US)

Daniel appeared on Coffee with this morning from CBS Baltimore via satellite talking about Kill Your Darlings during the US press junket. More interiews below and then there is also WGN - Chicago and contactmusic.com.

Update: 28th February 2015. CBS News interview added below.

Channel 2 Daybreak

Good Day LA

source: baltimore.cbslocal.com

Fox 411

Updated: Los Angeles Times photoshoot

Daniel, director John Krokidas and Dane DeHaan had a photohoot for LA Times in promotion of Kill Your Darlings.

Update: 17th May 2014. A photo via this site's Facebook page.
"No one else gets asked this," Radcliffe said. "That's the reality. You might get asked about what it's like to play gay or what was it like to do a gay sex scene, but not the level of questions of it being a shocking thing or did I think it was a risk.

"No, it's not a risk to do a gay sex scene," Radcliffe added. "It's a risk to do a bad one in a [terrible] movie, but this is a really good movie, so it's not a risk. It is definitely something I feel wouldn't be nearly as talked about if it was not somebody who spent a large part of their life doing a kids' franchise."

source: latimes.com
picture source: Francine Orr

Venice Film Festival photoshoots (Filip Van Roe & Fabrizio Maltese)

More photos from two different photoshoots which were taken at the Venice Film Festival earlier this year where Daniel promoted Kill Your Darlings (Giovani Ribelli). 

Fabrizio Maltese (For The Hollywood Reporter)

Filip Van Roe

picture source: Filip Van Roe/Eyevine, Fabrizio Maltese (via snitchseeker.com)

Kill Your Darlings: More stills + Italian clips

Below you find some more Kill Your Darlings stills and there are also several clips releases by Italian distributor Notorious Pictures (some we haven't seen before) which you can also find below.

New clip "Dal Preside"

More clips:
"A Whitman" 
"La Bibliotheca"
"E' nostro dovere infrangere la legge"
"La prima lezione"

source: filmfestival.be, Sony Pictures Classics

Daniel Radcliffe on The View

Daniel did visit The View yesterday where he promoted Kill Your Darlings. You can watch the video below, or for the US via ABC's website.

A quote from Daniel about the gay love scene in Kill Your Darlings:
"It's one of those things. I think it's only shocking by virtue of the fact of what I've done before," he says. "I think it only is shocking by virtue of I've done [Harry] Potter in the past, but actually, like, for me, inherent to longevity in a career, you have to have diversity, you can't be doing one thing all the time."
Daniel also talked about A Young Doctor's Notebook, which is currently airing on Ovation TV in the US.

source: abc.com
picture source: Lou Rocco

Updated: Kill Your Darlings press junket interviews (UK)

UK press junket interviews in promotion of Kill Your Darlings. There's also BFI. Daniel talks about Star Wars with Sky Movies below. You could also have missed the Radio KissKiss podast (Italy). keep checking back because I add more as they appear. Links: Yahoo! Movies UK & Ireland, BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat, Batman vs Superman from Total Film, Batman vs Superman from Total Film part 2.

Update: 10 December 2013. Friendship test.

This video is also shared on Facebook

A Young Doctor's Notebook & Other Stories advert

A new advert for A Young Doctor's Notebook & Other Stories (series 2) appeared online, see that below. The series will air on Sky Arts 1 (UK) and starts Thursday 21st November. Time: 9 PM.

source: sky.com
picture source: owlgalleon45 (Tumblr)

Cinemacy's interview with Daniel Radcliffe, Dane DeHaan and Michael C. Hall

Cinemacy talked with Daniel Radcliffe, Dane DeHaan, and Michael C. Hall about Kill Your Darlings during the press day.

Clip: Daniel Radcliffe's advice from his English teacher for Kill Your Darlings

Daniel, What has the journey been for you, from childhood actor to more adult roles?
Daniel Radcliffe: Since finishing [“Harry Potter”] there’s been a huge journey for me, like, I had never worked with different crews before or different actors before… doing Kill Your Darlings was a huge thing for me because I wasn’t going to be working with anybody I knew. It was like starting fresh in a way, and that was really exciting.

Like the beat poets you portray, did you have any angsty writing and thoughts that you put down?
Michael C. Hall: I definitely have some journal entries…
MH: They’re ultimately just run-on sentences.
DR: Yeah I definitely wrote my fair share of real bad poetry from when I was about 13-18… Some of mine were actually published under a fake name when I was 17. Don’t look them up.
Dane DeHaan: Yeah, also guilty of teenage poems of trying to achieve naked self-expression.

Why do you think the beat poets have that “staying power?”
DD: I think their affect on today’s society is kind of amazing. Their books are still celebrated and read, they were the original hipsters. In where I live in Williamsburg/Brooklyn, I can’t walk down the street without seeing at least 10 people dressed exactly like Jack Kerouac.
DD: It’s insane. Their books obviously have this huge impact and also what they stood for, how they dressed, all of that still resonates today.

Is there any difference in playing characters in the 1940’s as opposed to contemporary characters?
: Yeah, the script is so well rendered that a lot of it could be unconscious, you could [easily] give over to living in a world that is contextualized in a totally different way… I was excited more specifically, about the opportunity to humanize and sympathize [with] this guy who’s sort of a footnote of the beat generation and was, if anything, characterized as a bit of a 2 dimensional villain/stalker. I liked that the movie aspired to round him out a bit, and that was appealing.
DR: Allen [Ginsberg] is one of the characters that is probably easiest to find empathy or compassion with. There are moments where he’s so easily manipulated by Lucien where there’s a part of you that wants to shake him. Also John [Krokidas, Director] took the pressure off by telling us not to really research our characters too much past the point where we find them in the movie, so there wasn’t really a sense that we were having to live up to the icons they became.
DD: Yeah Lucien’s a tricky one because Lucien worked so hard to make sure this story was never told. My responsibility is to honor this person by trying to figure out truthfully who they were at this point in their life, not necessarily how Lucien would want himself to be portrayed in the film.

Was there any sort of research you did into the time period?
DR: The thing I found really helpful was [listening] to music of the period. I listened to a lot of Jo Stafford, who I had never come across before, and his songs “No Other Love” and “You Belong to Me.”

As actors, are you excited about the opportunity that you can take to challenge the rigid, more formulaic parts of the film industry with some of these roles you're taking?
DR: I’d like to think that if the choices I make are slightly unexpected or challenging people then that is good. I don’t know if it’s like we’re railing against the industry but I also do think that that we [Dane & Michael] are fairly right-minded people in terms of what we value in scripts and storytelling.

source: cinemacy.com

Daniel Radcliffe, Michael C. Hall and Dane DeHaan visit Young Hollywood

On 4th October 2013 the cast of Kill Your Darlings (Daniel, Michael C. Hall and Dane DeHaan did visit the Young Hollywood Studios in Los Angeles, California to promote Kill Your Darlings. They talked about college and Daniel about his Super Bowl predictions. Young Hollywood now released the video which you can view below.

From 5th October: This happened. Happy Friday. #HarryPotter #MoreToCome #DanielRadcliffe

source: younghollywood.com
picture source: Mary Clavering

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