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Equus photoshoot

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Equus photoshoot
Here some promotional pictures from a photoshoot by Uli Weber in promotion for Equus which took place in a hanger near Heathrow, 20th January in London. See photos at Getty Images.

Photo: Getty Images.

Equus: Fan expectations

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Equus: Fan expectations
Website danradcliffe.co.uk received a message from Daniel's publicist regarding and shared it online because of the many fans that have inquired as to whether or not they may go backstage to meet with Daniel after the play's end.

The message:
"Dan greatly appreciates the support his fans have shown him in the lead up to Equus and indeed all of his projects. And he's particularly delighted that so many have booked tickets to see the play. But, one thing that is worrying him is that so many have written expressing a desire to come backstage after the performance. The demands of playing this complex character, however, mean that this is just not going to be possible as he is on stage for eight performances a week for over four months. So, he really wants to implore fans not to think of the play as an opportunity to come backstage, as he would hate for them to be disappointed, but to come and see this amazing play and to enjoy the experience."

Candle for Care Demelza House Chistmas fundraiser: Daniel's thank you message

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Candle for Care Demelza House Chistmas fundraiser: Daniel's thank you message

The two websites danradcliffe.com and danradcliffe.co.uk received a thank you message from Daniel regarding their Candle for Care Christmas fundraiser in December 2006. They raised a total of £1705.40.  This website was one of the partner sponsors of the fundraiser.

The message:

Dear Jenna and Page

On Saturday I received from Demelza House this year's Candle for Care Booklet with many messages from my fans who had generously donated to this year's campaign. Sue Booth informs me that through danradcliffe.com and danradcliffe.co.uk the total of £3,088.61 has been raised and that is simply amazing.Thank you to each and everyone of you for your kind words and generosity.



GeekMonthly interview

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GeekMonthly interview
Short GeekMonthly interview with Daniel.

Daniel Radcliffe:
“I need to get as much work between now and the end of the series and the immediate aftermath of the series as I can to prove to people that I can do it. That’s why I’m constantly on the look out for scripts and things to do. That’s why I’m doing two things between Harry Potter 5 and 6, if and when that happens. I do feel a need to say to people that I am capable of more than Harry Potter.

That being said, I don’t pick roles specifically because they are very different from Harry Potter. You have to judge each role on what it is and who you’ll be working with. It just so happens that the films that have come my way are very different from Harry, and that’s a nice bonus, really.

Having said that, Harry Potter is a very demanding part and really challenging. I don’t mean to make it sound like Harry is an easy ride, because it’s not. But with doing things like Equus and My Boy Jack, which is a World War I story about Rudyard Kipling and his son, and I did December Boys last year – hopefully all of these projects should begin to let people see me in a different light.”
source: geekmonthly.com

HarryLatino's interview with Daniel Radcliffe

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HarryLatino's interview with Daniel Radcliffe
Harrylatino.com had an exclusive interview with Daniel, it was conducted by phone back in July 2006 in promotion of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, but he also talked about December Boys. They have published it online as part of their HLradio podcast series, #16 and you can read the transcript below.

(Edit: 2017. The podcast download link, and their website hlradio.com, sadly isn't available anymore)

Daniel Radcliffe Interview for harrylatino.com
Transcript by Raadhika from thesnitch.net

HL: In the new Harry Potter film, we will see an angry and dark Harry. What do you think of these changes in Harry's personality and how have you prepared yourself to interpret these new emotions?
DR: I think that it's a really interesting aspect of the character. I really enjoy playing it so far. I mean, one of the things that I really like about Harry is that he's not the perfect hero. He is in many ways a very flawed hero, very fallible. It's a part that makes him more human and less the archetypal super hero. So that has been really fun to play all that stuff. And um, what else? One of the things that really helped to get into the moment of, you know, anger is listening to perhaps some very angry music or anything or stuff like that. That always helps to create the right atmosphere in your head.

HL: I know that you're a big fan of Gary Oldman. How do you feel about working with him again?
DR: I'm very excited. We haven't actually filmed any of his scenes so far in the film, so I film with him in a couple of months and I'm very, very excited to film with him.

HL: That's great. Well, there are new actors in the film. Could you tell me about Evanna or Helena Bonham Carter?
DR: I haven't filmed with Helena Bonham Carter yet, but Evanna, who I've done many scenes with and actually will tomorrow, she's really, really sweet, she's, you know, very nice. She's the biggest Harry Potter fan in the world. I mean, she loves being on the set. When she first came on the set she was a little bit starstruck, but since then she's settled in really, really well.

HL: Well, according to you, what was the most memorable part of the filmmaking and what was the most nerve-wracking part?
DR: The most nerve-wracking part -
HL: Not even when you were scuba diving?
DR: No, I would say the most nerve-wracking part for me would be during the dragon scene in the fourth film. I had to do a sixty-foot drop, a freefall drop, so that was pretty nerve-wracking. But also I think the most exciting stuff has been working with both Gary Oldman and also, on this film, Imelda Staunton.

HL: Well, for you, what will be the perfect end for Harry Potter?
DR: I think Harry might die. I think what might happen is that Harry will die but Voldemort will be killed either by Harry, or Voldemort will kill Harry and when he does that he will also kill himself.

HL: If you would see a boggart, what would you see?
DR: Ooh, what's my greatest fear? Well, my greatest fear is being buried alive, so I don't know, maybe the boggart would become an undertaker.

HL: Well, can you tell me about your new movie, December Boys?
DR: Yes, absolutely! December Boys was-I had a fantastic time! It was all filmed in Australia, and it was filmed in six weeks. And I just had the most incredible time doing it. It was just, um, you know, it was so much fun and it was very exciting to do something that was not Harry Potter after all that time of playing the same character, which, you know, it doesn't get boring, but it was nice to have a break. It was liberating. And, um, and, yes, it was really very exciting to do something different.

HL: How is your life between movies? I know that you are now in school.
DR: I mean, it's great, it's, you know, nothing much has changed from when I started doing Harry Potter to now, so it's, um, nothing much has changed. I still hang out with friends, go to the cinema, you know, just do normal stuff that everyone does, really. Um, nothing particularly exciting or showbizzy really, so um…

HL: You have a lot of fans here in Mexico and they would like to meet you, so do you have any plans to come down here?
DR: Um, I don't, actually, I've not got any plans at the moment, but I would really like to come to Mexico at some point just to visit, you know what I mean? I've heard so much about it from Alfonso Cuaron when he directed the third Harry Potter film that I, you know, I would really like to go.

HL: Well, does JK Rowling tell you any of the story that will be in the final book?
DR: JK Rowling is a really, really nice woman, but she's also very, very good at keeping secrets, and so I know absolutely nothing about what happens in the last book. And I don't particularly want to. It's nice to get the surprise along with everyone else.

HL: What would you see in the Mirror of Erised?
DR: I really don't know. I really don't know. I mean, I suppose I would just...I wouldn't see something much different from how I am now, I don't think. I mean, I don't know how my deepest desire would manifest itself and I'm not sure.

HL: If you had to choose between Hermione, Ginny, Luna, and Cho Chang, for you, who is the best couple for Harry?
DR: Um, I would say Luna. 'Cause I think her and Harry have both had similar pasts and that we've both had people die who were very close to us. And, um, and I think Harry's got a...I think there's definitely an affinity, a very strong connection with Luna.

HL: Well, last week we saw the new Harry Potter for the Queen's party, and the look that you wore there is a new Harry Potter with short hair.
DR: Yes, I mean, the look has changed, a lot this time. It's, um, my hair's been cut. I mean, in the fourth film my hair was so long and actually I'd forgotten how long it was until only recently when I saw a picture of myself in the fourth film, so it feels lovely to have had my hair cut now.

source: harrylatino.com

Help December Boys release worldwide

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Help December Boys release worldwide
Here some info I was made aware of. A petition
We would like to inform you that several Daniel Radcliffe's fans take the initiative to do a petition to ask a worldwide release of DECEMBER BOYS, the next movie of Daniel Radcliffe to its distributor WARNER BROS INDEPENDANT. This petition is not against Warner Bros, on the contrary, we are really pleased and proud to have this big distributor for DECEMBER BOYS but we just want them to assume us that DECEMBER BOYS will be released worldwide. In fact, we know directly from Rod Hardy himself (the director of DECEMBER BOYS) that the film has only been sold to the USA and Australia at this stage and that a final decision will be made late in January when the film will have or not its worldwide release.
So we have until this date to collect as many signatures as possible to convince and to prove to the WARNER BROS leaders that this film is expected and that it has the potential to be a big success.

According to Rod Hardy, the director, this petition would be helpful. So this petition has the only objective to convince Warner Bros not to hesitate and that this film deserves a chance to be a great success, we just want them to offer its to DECEMBER BOYS.

So we need your help. If you want to help us, you only have to sign this petition with your true name or a pseudonym. We need a lot of signatures until the end of January so you can talk about this petition to your friends, to other sites, blog or even forum to convince people to give their contribution to a beautiful independent movie.
Help to follow this link to the petition.

source/photo: thedecemberboys.blogspot.com