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New project for Daniel Radcliffe: Samuel Beckett double bill

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New project for Daniel Radcliffe: Samuel Beckett double bill
Back on the West End stage! Daniel will be back at the Old Vic in London from 27th January 2020. He will star in Samuel Beckett's macabre comedy Endgame and the rarely seen short play Rough for Theatre II. A double bill directed by Richard Jones. He will appear alongside Alan Cumming (who plays Hamm in Endgame) and has the role of Clov.

For more info and tickets: oldvictheatre.com. General booking starts Thursday 9th May 2019, 12 noon. The opening night will take place on Tuesday 4th February 2020.

The production will run until Saturday 28th March 2020.
Go and get two bicycle-wheels.
There are no more bicycle-wheels.
What have you done with your bicycle?
I never had a bicycle.

Nothing stirs outside. In a bare room, Hamm, an old, blind tyrant confined to a wheelchair, is locked in a stalemate with his servant Clov. Interrupted only by the nostalgic musings of Hamm’s ancient parents, this bleakly funny double act cling stubbornly to their routine of casual savagery and mutual dependence.
source: oldvictheatre.com

Throwback: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets London premiere

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Throwback: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets London premiere
Photographer Ian West shared the following 'Throwback' photo (PA) on his Instagram page. It's taken during the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets London premiere back in 2002.

Started taking pix of these 3 so long ago it was in B&W.
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Throwback: Victor Frankenstein press junket interview (Mexico)

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Throwback: Victor Frankenstein press junket interview (Mexico)
Felix Caraballo shared a clip from his press junket interview with James McAvoy and Daniel in promotion of Victor Frankenstein. For the full interview: metro.pr's article (November 2015).

Metro Puerto Rico

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure trailer

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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure trailer
Universal Orlando is opening a new Harry Potter themed roller coaster called Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Florida in June. A trailer has been released and it features a shot of Daniel as Harry (looks like they used footage from the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride).

Fly deep into the Forbidden Forest, beyond the grounds of Hogwarts castle as you join Hagrid on an all-new thrilling roller coaster ride to discover magical creatures you’ve never faced before. Opening June 13, 2019 at Universal Orlando Resort.
source: universalstudioshollywood.com

Updated: Daniel Radcliffe on The Graham Norton Show

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Updated: Daniel Radcliffe on The Graham Norton Show
Daniel promoted Playmobil: The Movie on The Graham Norton Show but Graham also mentioned Miracle Workers (Graham: "It's coming here.. soon?" Daniel: "soon.. at some point. I don't know, steal it on the internet". Graham: "Don't do that. Don't"😆).

The episode aired yesterday. If you missed it you can watch it on BBC's iPlayer (available for 29 days after broadcast) or below. Oh and there's this backstage photo shared by Mabel.

Update: 24th April 2019. Second clip is added.

The BBC clip (also shared on Facebook)

Full show


source: bbc.co.uk
picture source: Isabel Infantes/PA Images

A Throwback Thursday photo - Harry Potter

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A Throwback Thursday photo - Harry Potter
A Throwback Thursday photo via the official Harry Potter Film Twitter page. On set of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Director Mike Newell readies Daniel Radcliffe for a haunting encounter with Lord Voldemort. #TBT

Playmobil: The Movie international trailer and poster

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Playmobil: The Movie international trailer and poster
Director Lino DiSalvo shared the international poster and trailer for Playmobil: The Movie via Twitter:
Happy to share this !! Here’s the international, first full trailer. This cut is slightly different from the UK trailer, I love the ending

Also via On Animation Studios:
Poster with the tagline "Everyone has a role to play".

Playmobil: The Movie trailer and UK poster

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Playmobil: The Movie trailer and UK poster
StudioCanal and ON Animation Studios have released a new trailer plus poster for Playmobil: The Movie. The UK release is 9th August 2019. There is also this trailer reaction video.

A new promotional still featuring Daniel's character Rex Dasher:

The poster with the tagline "Let's get epic".

Playmobil: The Movie France poster

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Playmobil: The Movie France poster
The French poster for Playmobil: The Movie (Playmobil le Film) has been released by distributor Pathé. The film will be in cinemas in France on 7th August 2019. The world premiere takes place in June.

Mental Floss magazine interview (US)

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Mental Floss magazine interview (US)
Mental Floss magazine's interview with Daniel by phone in promotion of Miracle Workers.
"The TV show is much more sort of secular than the book was in many ways,”
“There’s a few kind of Bible-y, Old Testament-y tropes in there, but it’s mainly much more this idea of heaven and God as a corporation and a CEO. There’s an internal bureaucracy to how everything works.”
The book has been compared to Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
“One of the things that’s fun about Douglas Adam’s books, or loads of great books that fall into some sort of fantasy, sci-fi [category], is that they build these worlds. I think that the world Simon has built in this heavenly corporation is really a fun place to spend time as a viewer, hopefully. And part of the joy of the show is in seeing the mess of how it all supposedly works—or doesn’t work, in many cases.”
When it came time to figure out what his role would be in the series , he said that he was “literally up for anything".
It was very much just a case of me saying to Simon: ‘Any role you see fit to use me in, please use me. I would love to have that happen.’” That said, Radcliffe admits that, “I always felt like Craig was the most natural fit. Or Craig is the one I would pick if I could pick. And I’m very happy that he chose Craig.”
About being an executive producer:
“I was involved in the development of the project, and casting and that side of the process,”  “But once I got on set, I was focused on just acting. I don’t want to take credit away from the people who really worked very hard!”
His comedic side
“Miracle Workers is the [first] time I feel like I’ve got to really do comedy in a way that many people in America may have a chance to see it, which is really exciting. I don’t think I’ve ever been in anything with quite [this] sense of humor before. So it was kind of new for me. And to be able to work on a series like this, which had a writer’s room ... I got to spend a little bit of time in that room, and I’m just in awe of how f***ing talented and funny people are. I’m very, very lucky I got to say their jokes.”
Something he has in common with his character:
I f**king love mustard. If you have a steak or something and there’s some like mustard left in the bowl at the end [of dinner], I will eat that off a spoon.” When he read that moment in the script, “I swear I almost emailed Simon, like, ‘has someone told you something about me?’” Radcliffe says, laughing.

“I worked out that the most efficient method of getting an entire packet of mustard into your mouth without just squeezing it all over your face is to tear off a corner, and then bite down. Put the entire packet into your mouth and just drag it out through your teeth,” “I don’t do that in real life.”
Which isn’t to say he actually minded having to eat mustard while shooting.
“Everyone on set was going ‘you must hate this,’” he says, “and I was having to pretend like, ‘Yeah, yeah. This is weird.’”
The series was shot in Norcross, Georgia, in an airport-sized factory-turned-studio space.
“They basically scaled [the factory operation] down so that now, I think one-tenth of the factory space is in use for its original purpose, and the rest of it’s just rented out for films and studio spaces,”
The production team took advantage of what was left in the factory for the set of Miracle Workers.
“[That’s] why it does have this fantastic semi-bureaucratic, semi-industrial feel to it, the whole set,” Radcliffe says. “A lot of the time in the corridors we weren’t even using sets, we were just using the factory and the studio itself as our set.”
Sets and props:
“It was one of those projects where you could tell those departments were having a lot of fun,”

“Sometimes the production designer’s job is to go unnoticed and create something incredibly naturalistic, but when you have to create a really unique, unexpected version of heaven, something that everybody has at some point had some concept of—I think those departments have a lot of fun just upending it [and], along with Simon, creating that world.”
Craig's office
“I loved my, Craig’s, office,” he says. “Just an endless amount of jokes in the background, and an endless array of props to play with and get involved in the scene. It felt like I had imagined it, somehow. It was a really brilliant set, with the wall of prayers he’s answered just stretching up into infinity. There are so many great ideas in there.”
Creating miracles each episode
“That’s really what drives the plot in every episode,” Radcliffe says. “There are things that they have to do along the way in order to [answer it], and some of that does involve orchestrating people on Earth’s lives, in hopefully as unobtrusive of a way as possible. But as the series goes on and we get more desperate, our miracles get a lot less subtle.”
Dark humor
“Simon’s tone in that world view is something that I’m excited to share with people—that sensibility that the world is a dark, chaotic place sometimes, but it’s the only one we have,”

“[The show] has a lot of faith in human beings, and there’s an immense amount of excitement for the idea of being alive—in spite of all the insanity that the world sometimes offers you. The jokes are very sharp, but there’s a generosity of spirit that I really love and hope that other people love, too!”
source: mentalfloss.com

Miracle Workers: Craig's beard

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Miracle Workers: Craig's beard
Some behind the scenes photos from Miracle Workers have been shared on social media: Daniel shaving his beard for his rols as Craig.

remember craig's beard? binge craig's facial hair journey, unlocked now through April 14 on demand and on the TBS app: http://tbs.app.link/3Zc2XGzyCV

El Periódico interview

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El Periódico interview
Spanish paper El Periódico has published their interview with Daniel online in promotion of Miracle Workers. In Spain the series is available on TNT.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

How did you end up answering prayers in heaven as Craig in Miracle Workers?

The series is based on a book called What in God's Name [not published in Spain], which I read four or five years ago and I loved it. This Simon Rich novel made me cry. I had a meeting with him to tell him that this must be something, whatever it is, a series or a radio job, and if it ends up being something, whatever it is, I wanted to be involved. A year later, we were preparing the series.

Maybe thanks to the fact that you defended it?

I am proud to have contributed to make this series come true. Simon has a very personal style as a writer. More people should follow him. His comedy is dark without being petty.

Miracle Workers could attract fans of The Good Place. Do you usually like comedies about heaven?
I still have not seen The Good Place, but I think that religion is, in general, a good theme for comedy; It gives rise to many interesting characters. In addition, the sky is still a very open idea, everyone observes it in a different way ... That gives a lot of freedom.

Would you say that religion is the main theme of the series?
Maybe even more, the world of work. The proposal that was presented was, in very simple terms, "a work comedy located in heaven". In which we would see heaven as a company, a company of which God would be the CEO. If we satirize something, it is not of religion, but of corporations.

For a decade, you seem quite interested in uncomfortable roles and crazy projects. Of course, Swiss Army Man, in which you played a flatulent corpse, could be the epitome of this delirium search.
It's true and I'm not sure why I do it. I just follow great ideas. For me it is a luxury to have the freedom to choose what I most want to do.

Still get many offers too predictable, that is, close to the saga Harry Potter?

Luckily, nobody has offered to make me a wizard again. If that day comes, my answer would be: "No!". You can do many different things to capture the imagination of people. I want to participate in the rarest and most ambitious stories.

His comic chemistry with Geraldine Viswanathan (angel Eliza) in Miracle Workers is unstoppable. Did it emerge quickly or how did it work?
It arose spontaneously, but not only between her and me, but between all the cast members. Then we found a natural flow, fun, something memo ... We were working two days with the cast and we thought: "This is chemistry".

What is it like to work with God? And when I say God, I mean, of course, Steve Buscemi.

He is one of those people who do not disappoint. Do you know when they say "better not to know your idols"? I am grateful to have crossed in my life with this one. He is an accomplished professional and, better yet, an adorable person.

I do not know if they are already thinking about a second season. Would it be feasible?

Yes and no. If it is done, it would no longer be in heaven. We would do something like American Horror Story, keeping the same actors, but changing the plot.

source: elperiodico.com

TCA Winter press tour: Miracle Workers portrait session

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TCA Winter press tour: Miracle Workers portrait session
Photographer Corey Nickols shared the following polaroid photo on Instagram. It's taken during the Television Critics Association Winter press tour portrait session back in February in promotion of Miracle Workers.

STXfilms acquired distribution rights to Playmobil: The Movie

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STXfilms acquired distribution rights to Playmobil: The Movie
Deadline reported that STXfilms has acquired the US distribution rights to Playmobil: The Movie.

Open Road Films (formerly Global Road Entertainment) acquired the rights back in 2016. STX Entertainment has now bought the rights due to the bankruptcy of Global Road. A release date has yet to be set.
“Playmobil: The Movie is an action-packed animated adventure led by a fantastic cast and the inimitable Lino DiSalvo,” said Adam Fogelson, Chairman of STXfilms. “We’re thrilled to partner with On Animation Studios on this fun and original project, and look forward bringing a fresh take on the iconic Playmobil toy to the big screen for audiences across the US.”
source: deadline.com

Last Google+ post: Daniel Radcliffe's official website launch

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Last Google+ post: Daniel Radcliffe's official website launch
Google+ is closing today, and a new (last) post has been shared on Daniel's official page. It was announced back in November 2012 and after almost 6,5 years there is now an official website!

My first thought was that confusion in relation to this website's URL can become a possibility...😏. I assume his team went for "danieljradcliffe" because danielradcliffe and danradcliffe were already registered as a .com domain. But I also think that it's awesome that they decided to keep up with posting info, I'm really happy about that!

You can read a bio there at the moment. I hope they will update it soon.

Ofcourse I will share unseen photos etc. here as well just as I did with Google+ posts. I created the label danieljradcliffe.com.

The Google+ message:
Hello All,
As you know Google Plus will be shuttering on April 2, this is very sad news to us as we really enjoyed working on the platform delivering content to you fine folks. That said, we now think it is a good time to launch Dan’s official site DanielJRadcliffe.com! The launch is imminent, we will continue posting info on all of Dan’s projects as well as some other cool things. Please check-in on the site, we look forward to having you visit. The saga continues!

CONAN: Promotional video

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CONAN: Promotional video
Daniel appeared on CONAN back in February in promotion of Miracle Workers. A promotional video for this episode has been shared on Instagram by Makeup artist Mara Rouse.