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Happy New Year, 2017!

Marion 31 December 2016 0
Happy New Year, 2017!
Today is the day to look back at 2016 and forward to 2017. This has been a year full of projects for Daniel.

Releases we had in 2016: Imperium, Now You See Me 2, Swiss Army Man. And there was the play Privacy in New York.
Principal Photography: Jungle and Beast of Burden

What's scheduled to come out in 2017: (and hopefully we can expect the release of Imperium also soon here in Holland) Jungle.
And ofcourse I don't forget that Daniel also will be back on stage in London: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead.

And like every year I would like to take this moment to thank you as (loyal) visitor, everyone else who has provided info to DJR Holland plus ofcourse all affiliates for the support.

Happy New Year everyone!

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The Wall Street Journal: Daniel Radcliffe's main cultural resolution for 2017

Marion 26 December 2016 1
The Wall Street Journal: Daniel Radcliffe's main cultural resolution for 2017
Now the end of 2016 comes closer The Wall Street Journal asked artists, writers, performers and others what cultural aspirations they have for next year and why.

Daniel Radcliffe
'Last Week Tonight'
The actor plans to follow Dan Carlin’s podcast, “Hardcore History,” which examines the past through an unorthodox lens, mixing historical detail with storytelling. Also in the coming year, Mr. Radcliffe says, “I am renewing my commitment to never missing an episode of ‘Full Frontal with Samantha Bee’ or ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’ as I think they will be more vital than ever to my sanity.”
—Barbara Chai
source: wsj.com

Google+: A Throwback Thursday photo - shaved head for Imperium

Marion 22 December 2016 0
Google+: A Throwback Thursday photo - shaved head for Imperium
A Throwback Thursday photo appeared today on Daniel's official Google+ page. It's a photo regarding Imperium: It features him seeing his shaved head for the first time.

#tbt The moment that Dan saw his shaven head for the first time!
The Google+ link at this page is Dan's post shared via this site's Google+ page

Kijk Swiss Army Man bij Pathé Thuis

Marion 17 December 2016 0
Kijk Swiss Army Man bij Pathé Thuis
Er was tot op heden totaal geen nieuws in verband met een Nederlandse release voor Swiss Army Man nadat de film te zien was tijden het Leiden International Film Festival (LIFF) zoals ik al eeder meldde... maar de film is nu te bekijken (alleen te huur) via Video on Demand (VoD) service Pathé Thuis. Dus online op je Tablet, Xbox, Smart TV of PC/Laptop.

Ik ga ervan uit dat dit dus betekent dat de film niet in de bioscoop zal verschijnen. Er is verder ook niks bekend over een eventuele release op DVD en Blu-ray. Hopelijk is dat nog in aantocht.

bron: pathe-thuis.nl

Google+: Learning to fly for Beast of Burden

Marion 12 December 2016 1
Google+: Learning to fly for Beast of Burden

Berliner Kurier interview

Marion 11 December 2016 0
Berliner Kurier interview
Interview with Daniel by the Berliner Kurier at the Deauville American Film Festival in promotion of Imperium.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

Daniel, what was the most beautiful Harry Potter moment for you?
Daniel Radcliffe: I particularly like to remember my e-bass sessions with Gary Oldman, who often sweetened the grueling wait-and-see on the set, especially the day Gary gave me the famous bass line of the Beatles song "Come Together" has taught. His encounters with Michael Gambon were also beautiful: his true passion is weapons, he is a trained gunsmith, and sometimes in the morning he burst into my caravan in full gear - a coffee in his left hand and an antique Italian pistol in his right hand explained in detail to me. Very bizarre!

Some of your colleagues have said that on set early in the make-up caravan you like to hear very loud aggressive music. Is that correct?
I'm afraid so. I'm fond of Buzzcocks, Sex Pistols or The Libertines. In the make-up caravan, you usually spend extremely early morning hours, and if you do not wake up your damn brains, you're guaranteed to fall asleep and be tired all day. That's why I think it makes sense to get the necessary energy kick for the day. But I realize that not everyone in the morning at six o'clock appreciates a decent portion of pistols. (Laughs.)

At the age of 17 you took the plunge on the London theater stage and played a mentally confused stable boy in Peter Shafer's drama "Equus" ...
... and I was really scared! When I came to the rehearsal for the first time, I got the feeling that everyone else in the room was thinking: "This child star has no business here!" In the theater world there is a tremendous snobbery towards movie actors. In fact, there was a nasty article in an English newspaper during our rehearsals with the headline: "What's this? The sound of a career that comes to an abrupt halt! "

Instead, your appearance became a triumph. And since then you have made about 30 films and TV series, but mostly small independent productions. Why?

Because after ten years of sitting around the Harry Potter sets, I finally wanted to work efficiently and creatively. That many of my films are pretty weird is because I love magical realism, both in literature and in the movies. It's wonderful that everything is possible on screen - even the bizarre idea of ​​"Swiss Army Man" that you can jet ski with a flatulierenden corpse!

In the thriller "Imperium", which has now been released on DVD, you play an undercover agent who infiltrates a neo-Nazi gang. How was it for you to walk around being bald?

It was nerve-wracking to shave the skull bald in front of the camera. Because first of all, I had only one try, and secondly, I did not know whether under my hair might perhaps a strange head shape or an ugly birthmark hid. But I was lucky, and I found the bald spot so convenient that I would have kept it if it did not have that political dimension. When we shot a neo-Nazi demo for "Imperium" in Virginia, some African-American passers-by took us for true racists. They were so horrified that we had to calm them down.

Which of your movie characters is most similar to your own personality?
The mentioned body in "Swiss Army Man": Originally it should be sad, grumpy and cynical, but when the directors met me, they made it a happy, cheerful and curious corpse. So much of me in this figure, but also in the undercover agent in "Imperium" - he's a similarly ambitious, quirky bookworm like me. And I loved that the script does not give him a weapon; that he has to use his brain to bring down the right-wing extremist organization. I think it is time for us to correct our idea of ​​masculinity.

What do you mean?

Kurt Vonnegut gave me this idea. Vonnegut was a tough bastard who fought in the Second World War and survived as a prisoner of war. But while our society traditionally defines masculinity through harshness or aggression, Vonnegut sees other virtues that make a real man: decency, intelligence, determination, and friendliness.

Can you still move freely in public without being disturbed? Do you use the subway?

No, subway is no longer possible. Otherwise, I try to lead a reasonably normal life. I also go shopping myself. Of course, many people come to me who want to have an autograph or a selfie, but most of the time I like to fulfill such desires. Actually, I only get nervous when I am with friends and realize that my friends are getting nervous and wondering if I feel uncomfortable doing so. That stresses me then.

Where do you live today?

Besides my apartment in London, I also have one in New York, where people on the street leave you alone - probably because they want to show you that you do not care about them at all. But I always travel around the world. I always thought it would be silly to hear that someone has a personal assistant. But now I am glad that I have been accompanied on my journey for years by my assistant and my bodyguard. Without them there would be no constant in my life. They are my replacement family.

Have you ever thought of starting your own family?

Yes, every now and then. I wondered what my potential children would look like if I was still so famous in ten years - maybe they'd better wear my wife's last name. (Laughs.)

What about your announced director ambitions?

I hope to be able to present my first directorial work in a few years. It should be based on a self-written script if possible - then I do not have to feel so guilty if I mess it up. What I have written so far, unfortunately, is not yet ready. But I think my directorial debut could be pretty good. Anyway, I can promise you one thing: It's going to be great!

source: berliner-kurier.de

Updated(3): GQ Style magazine photoshoot (Brazil)

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Updated(3): GQ Style magazine photoshoot (Brazil)
The new GQ Style magazine is out now in Brazil, the *Summer 2017, issue has Daniel on the cover. Below you find photos from the photoshoot via Anissa Payne. There is a behind the scenes photo via Dan Gregory.

2nd January 2017. Outtake.
Update: 8th January 2017. Three more photos via robertwunsch.com.
Update: 23rd October 2017. Behind the scenes photo.

*Summer in Brazil consists of the months of December, January and February.

source: gq.com.br
picture source: Robert Wunsch

Updated(5): ZFF 2016: Imperium press junket

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Updated(5): ZFF 2016: Imperium press junket
From the Zurich Film Festival (ZFF) press junket: Daniel introduces the German trailer for Imperium in this clip released by Ascot Elite Home Entertainment. Imperium is now available as Digital download and will be on DVD & Blu-ray on 9th December 2016.

Update: 1st December 2016. Interview footage released by Ascot Elite. There is also interview footage in this clip.
Update: 5th December 2016. More footage.
Update: 9th December 2016. More videos.
Update: 19th December 2016. More videos.
Update: 4th February 2018. Bla Bla Show (Mexico)

Bla Bla Show (Mexico)
This video is also shared on Facebook.

Updated(3): Daniel Radcliffe donates glasses for Sightsavers' Specs Appeal auction

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Updated(3): Daniel Radcliffe donates glasses for Sightsavers' Specs Appeal auction
Daniel has donated glasses in support of the Sightsavers Specs Appeal auction. Other celebrities are David Walliams, Kate Moss, Ringo Starr and Harry Potter co-star Emma Watson and more. All the money raised will go towards the work of Sightsavers, so by bidding you could help a blind person see.

Update: 26th November 2016. The auction has started. Photos below.
Update: 9th December 2016. Sold for $653,42 (EUR 615,77).
Update: 11th August 2017. Not directly Daniel related but thanks for Sightsavers' Taome for letting me know about the auction with glasses which are donated by Emma Watson.

The auction starts tomorrow, 25th November 2016, on eBay and runs for 10 days. That means if you want to make a bid, do it before Monday 5th December 2016. Here's the link to the auction: ebay.com/rpp/specsappeal/specsappeal. I expect more photos to come online tomorrow. If so, I'll add them.

Daniel Radcliffe has kindly donated these Moscot Lemtosh monochrome sunglasses. An ideal gift for fans of Daniel Radcliffe or Harry Potter. They have black arms and clear rims with tinted lenses, and come with an exclusive signed message.
Photos via eBay. Click here to go to the page.

source: sightsavers.org

The Hits Radio: Tom Green In the Morning podcast

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The Hits Radio: Tom Green In the Morning podcast
A new podcast episode from Tom Green's PoddyMcPodcast was released yesterday, it's the best of The Hit Radio's Tom Green In the Morning. In this new episode he talked with Daniel ahead of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them but also about Social Media: Twitter, Instagram. Download episode 17 on iTunes.

Daniel at 28:17

Daniel Radcliffe on BBC Radio 1's Movies & Megastars (Harry Potter documentary)

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Daniel Radcliffe on BBC Radio 1's Movies & Megastars (Harry Potter documentary)
A documentary from BBC Radio 1 Movies & Megastars. Ahead of the release of Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, Eddie Redmayne and Daniel Radcliffe help Radio 1’s film critic Ali Plumb discover why the Wizarding World of Harry Potter has become one of the biggest and most beloved franchises ever. The other Movies & Megastars footage that was recorded did already air earlier this year.

The secret of the Wizarding World

Digital Spy interview: Daniel Radcliffe reveals his first Harry Potter memory

Marion 16 November 2016 0
Digital Spy interview: Daniel Radcliffe reveals his first Harry Potter memory
It's 15 years today since the release of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in US (and UK) cinemas. Digital Spy talked with Daniel to reminisce about the first film.

The thing that initially got him excited on the first day on set.

"The first few days on the train platform in Goathland, which was also where they film Heartbeat, I think… I remember being there and them saying, 'This is where they film Heartbeat', and I was like 'No Shit! Really? Awesome!' That's a TV show I'd heard of as a kid."
He was not quite prepared for how the film would change his life.
"No one ever sat us down and said, 'This might happen, this might happen'... The first time I really got the sense of that was the first premiere and the first time I got recognised in the street by somebody who went crazy. I was really frightened."
"After that I was like, if I can deal with that then I'm okay. I think my parents were really good in how they dealt with it. Whether they were freaked out or not, they'd turn round to me and be like, 'Isn't life funny! What a weird thing all this stuff's happening!'
"And I think that gave me a good perspective on it rather than me thinking that all this was happening because I'm so amazing, or it was something to be feared or negative - so they gave me a nice healthy attitude towards it."
He never sat down to watch any of the films, although it turned out to be impossible to avoid them altogether.
"I saw a bit of one the other day," he says. "I was in Greece on holiday and there was a film channel that we were watching because it was the only thing in English and it came on and I was like, 'OK, now we've got to find something else to watch'. But I think I watched a couple of scenes and I was like, 'OK, don't need to watch anymore'. One day I probably will watch them back if I have kids, so I'll do that then, but hopefully they'll enjoy them and that'll distract me from my own performance."
source: digitalspy.com

Artwork by Steve Foster for Now You See Me 2

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Artwork by Steve Foster for Now You See Me 2
Flickering Myth has some exclusive artwork from illustrator Steve Foster in promotion of the DVD and Blu-ray release of Now You See Me 2 in the UK. Below you find the poster featuring Daniel as Walter Mabry and Michael Caine as Arthur Tressler.

source: flickeringmyth.com

ZFF 2016: Gay.ch interview

Marion 10 November 2016 0
ZFF 2016: Gay.ch interview
More news: gay.ch also asked Daniel a few questions during the Zurich Film Festival (ZFF) in promotion of Swiss Army Man.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

gay.ch: In the movie, the two characters kiss. I feel like the two characters fell in love ...
Daniel Radcliffe: Yeah, totally ...

... and I also understand the message "Love is Love" ...

Yes ... It's about love, but I think it's not about gay or straight love. It's all about love. I find it affectionate that in a movie two - I suppose both are heterosexuals, even though I'm actually dead - that two heterosexuals are kissing, a romantic, underwater! Actually, they almost kissed each other at the party ... It's really a beautiful scene, as Paul dives deep into the river and wants to give me another kiss, give me this experience before I die ... And then he suddenly notices that he can use me as an oxygen tank. That's great! I agree with you, it is always about "love is love".

Did you shoot this scene in the river as you see it in the movie?

No, thankfully not ... She was shot dead in California in a pool. Even as we drove to the set and we saw this huge villa, we thought "wow!" ... and then we stood in front of this huge hi-tech pool, where you can adjust the height from the ground. We were glad that the scenes were filmed there. The scenes in the water are always very exhausting and, above all, slow. So it was nice to be able to turn a swimming pool with warm water instead of a cold river.

The end of the film leaves a lot to be desired ... A sequel is a possibility ...

Oh, I would like that. I would play Manny again at any time if the directors Daniel and Daniel decided in a few years to make a sequel, even though Manny might be older then.

source: gay.ch

ZFF 2016: Outnow.ch interview

Marion 10 November 2016 2
ZFF 2016: Outnow.ch interview
Another Zurich Film Festival (ZFF) interview in promotion of Swiss Army Man. He received a swiss army knife from outnow.ch's journalist. The first, but not the only one (see also this interview).

Wäre er ein Wetterphänomen, Meteorologen würden ihn wohl als Wirbelwind bezeichnen. Daniel Radcliffe spurtet durch den Gang des Zürcher Hotels, wo er zum Interview lädt. Er begrüsst die wartenden Journalisten im Vorbeigehen, begrüsst sie abermals beim Zurückkommen. Jede Frage beantwortet er mit grosser Lust. Er fährt sich durch die Haare, untermalt seine Statements mit ausladenden Gesten und seine eisblauen Augen versprühen eine warme Herzlichkeit. 

Als «zweite Karriere» bezeichnet er seine Zeit nach Harry Potter. Dazu zählen Filme wie Imperium, Now you see me 2 oder Swiss Army Man, der am Zurich Film Festival Schweizer Premiere feierte.
In Swiss Army Man hast du viele Szenen ohne Dummy gedreht. Welche Szene stellte die grösste Herausforderung dar?
Wohl diejenige zu Beginn des Films, als wir im Wasser sind. Alle meinen, es sei ein Dummy. Aber Paul Dano ritt tatsächlich auf mir. Unter mir lag ein Floss und ich streckte die Arme aus, die mit Kabel befestigt wurden. Ich versuchte meinen Rücken so stark wie möglich zu krümmen. Die Kamera wurde so positioniert, dass man davon nichts sieht. Dann setzte sich Paul auf mich und sie zogen uns durchs Wasser.

Diese zwei Personen verlieben sich ineinander...
... ja, völlig!

Siehst du darin eine Botschaft, wie: Jede Liebe ist Liebe?
Ja, ich denke, das trifft es. Es ist nicht spezifisch homosexuelle oder heterosexuelle Liebe, es ist einfach... Liebe. Und ihm wird Liebe beigebracht. Es ist etwas Wunderbares dieses Filmes, dass sich zwei heterosexuelle Männer - gut, ich bin tot, aber ich liebe Sarah - küssen, romantisch küssen!

Unter Wasser.
(Lacht.) Ja, unter Wasser. Aber in der Party-Szene küssen sie sich fast und dann kommt dieser grossartige Moment, in dem Paul zu ertrinken droht und er mir noch die Erfahrung eines Kusses geben will, bevor wir beide sterben. Dann aber realisiert er plötzlich, dass er mich als Sauerstofftank gebrauchen kann. Es ist einfach brillant.

Wenn du eine Rolle wie diese annimmst, wie stark schwingt die Absicht mit, sich vom Harry-Potter-Image zu lösen?
Überhaupt nicht. Ich will nicht, dass mich die Leute als Harry Potter vergessen. Versteh mich, ich hätte all die Angebote nicht erhalten, hätte ich Harry Potter nicht gemacht. Ich bin diesen Filmen sehr dankbar. Vielleicht bekomme ich mehr Anerkennung für die vielen verschiedenen Rollen, die ich spiele, als ich verdiene. Praktisch jeder Schauspieler spielt viele verschiedene Rollen, aber weil man mich über so lange Zeit diese eine Rolle hat spielen sehen, fällt es einem mehr auf. Ich will Potter nicht zerstören, sondern einfach meine Karriere vorantreiben. Ich bin zufrieden damit, wie alles läuft und ich kann mit grosser Begeisterung zurückschauen.

Wie sieht deine Traumrolle aus?
(Zögert.) Das ist wirklich schwierig zu sagen. Ich sprach neulich mit Woody Harrelson über die Zusammenarbeit mit Martin McDonagh (In Bruges), weil ich einst in einem Theaterstück von ihm mitspielte und Woody schon einige Male mit ihm zusammengearbeitet hatte. Und es ist mir sozusagen egal, welche Rolle es wäre, wenn es nur eine Rolle in einem Martin-McDonagh-Film ist. Ich denke, er ist einer der besten zeitgenössischen Drehbuchautoren und wird nun sehr schnell auch zu einem der besten Regisseure avancieren.

Radcliffes Rede sprudelt wie ein Wasserfall. Die Karaffe, die man ihm zur Seite gestellt hat, bleibt unangetastet. Er spricht gerne, viel und in einem irrsinnigen Tempo. Die Begeisterung und die Freude an seiner Arbeit ist mit jedem Wort spürbar. Er hat aufgehört, Alkohol zu trinken. Strikt. Einen bestimmten Anlass dazu habe es nicht gegeben, mehr eine «Ansammlung von schrecklichen Ansammlungen», wie er zu berichten weiss. Filmkollege Harrelson hat ihn am Abend zuvor eingeladen, gemeinsam Zürich unsicher zu machen. Radcliffe lehnte ab, da er am nächsten Morgen Verpflichtungen gegenüber der Presse hatte. Harrelson soll darauf gesagt haben: «Junge, du beginnst am Tag nach deiner Premiere nie vor zwei Uhr mittags zu arbeiten!» - «Ein Ratschlag, den ich versuche zu beherzigen», fügt Radcliffe schmunzelnd an.
In Swiss Army Man sagst du einmal: "Mein Körper ist ekelhaft!" Der Film stellt eine Art Wiederentdeckungsreise zum eigenen Körper dar. Hast du auch etwas Neues an dir entdeckt?
Wenn man mal analysiert, was in unserem Körper so geschieht: Mensch, wir sind ekelerregend! Das Innere eines Menschen ist widerlich! Aber das ist das Grossartige am Film, dass er dich dazu nötigt, deine Beziehung zu deinem physischen Selbst oder deiner eigenen Art, alleine zu sein - was auch immer es sein mag! -, neu zu überprüfen. Gleichzeitig gibt er dir aber auch die Erlaubnis, diese Sachen zu fühlen und zu sein. Der Punkt des Films ist, dass Scham uns von der Liebe fernhält. Völlig egal ob Furzen, Erektion, Masturbation, oder wenn man sich alleine fühlt, oder sich wie ein Durchgeknallter vorkommt: Das sind alles durch und durch universelle und menschliche Gefühle, von denen uns beigebracht wird, sich darüber zu schämen. Es ist ein ekelerregender Film mit einer schönen Botschaft über Liebe und Akzeptanz.

Am Sundance Film Festival gab es Zuschauer, die nach einer Viertelstunde den Saal verliessen. Dabei ist jede Szene eine Überraschung und man wird fürs Warten belohnt. Man kann am Anfang des Films noch gar nicht sagen, worum es überhaupt geht - auch ein komisches Gefühl.
Das ist völlig richtig. Der Film steckt so voller Überraschungen, dass man nach den ersten 15 Minuten überhaupt noch nicht abwägen kann, wo die Reise hingeht.

«Merkwürdig» beschreibt den Film wohl am besten?
Er ist auch einfach «schön». Ich neige dazu, den Film als «hochgradig dumm und hochgradig clever» zu beschreiben. Er ist so «alles», voller Widersprüche, die ihn zusammenhalten. Das ist das Wunder dieses Films.

Was würdest du von einer Fortsetzung von Swiss Army Man halten?
Das wäre absolut toll. Zu keinem anderen Charakter, den ich verkörpert habe - mit Ausnahme von Harry - würde ich lieber zurückgehen und ihn nochmals spielen als Manny. Wenn die beiden Daniels (die Regisseure Daniel Kwan und Daniel Scheinert, die Red.) in einigen Jahren Swiss Army Man II drehen wollen mit einem alten, verfalleneren Manny, wäre ich auf jeden Fall äusserst interessiert.

Als Radcliffe zum Ende des Interviews von einem Journalisten ein Swiss Army Knife geschenkt bekommt, bricht er in kindliche Freude aus. Endlich, endlich, habe er sein erstes Sackmesser. Eifrig prüft er die verschiedenen Features, zückt schliesslich die Klinge: "Das gefällt mir am besten." Danach kokettiert er noch mit dem Zapfenzieher. Irgendwie hochgradig dumm und hochgradig clever.

source: outnow.ch
picture source: Michel Benedetti

BuzzFeed UK: Could you make it on a desert island?

Marion 2 November 2016 0
BuzzFeed UK: Could you make it on a desert island?
A new post from BuzzFeed UK in promotion of Swiss Army Man. Let Daniel Radcliffe help you to find out if you could make it on a desert island. Take the quiz by clicking on the screen capture below.

source: buzzfeed.com

ZFF 2016: Bäckstage interview

Marion 2 November 2016 0
ZFF 2016: Bäckstage interview
Interview from Bäckstage magazin, who talked with Daniel during the Zurich Film Festival (ZFF) in promotion of Imperium and Swiss Army Man.

Read the interview at bäckstage.ch.

Imperium: UK DVD & Blu-ray artwork

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Imperium: UK DVD & Blu-ray artwork
Signature Entertainment will release Imperium on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital HD in the UK on 7th November. Below the artwork.

Inspired by real events and the experiences of ex-FBI agent Michael German, IMPERIUM follows Nate Foster, an idealistic young FBI agent who is selected to go undercover amongst a group of white supremacists suspected of initiating a terrorist plot. Immersed in a deeply unsettling, hate-filled world, Nate must fight to maintain control of his own beliefs and principles whilst working to identify the threat and keeping his true identity and motives a secret.

Starring Daniel Radcliffe as Foster in what is being hailed as his more powerful, transformative role to date, and featuring an outstanding supporting performance from Toni Collette as his wisecracking fellow FBI agent, IMPERIUM also features a stellar supporting cast, including Burn Gorman, Tracy Letts, Nestor Carbonell, and Sam Trammell.

Ragussis wrote IMPERIUM alongside Michael German and with German’s own experiences in the FBI informing the script, the result is an exhilarating, unforgettable thriller that underscores the fact that Radcliffe has long since stopped needing the help of a boy wizard to deliver his own searing dose of cinematic magic.

Now You See Me 2: NL DVD & Blu-ray artwork

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Now You See Me 2: NL DVD & Blu-ray artwork
Now You See Me 2 komt eind deze maand, 30 november, uit op DVD, Blu-ray en Digital HD via Belga Films. Ook is er de box set met Now You See Me en Now You See Me 2. De box bevat ook bonusmateriaal. O.a verkrijgbaar bij bol.com: DVD, Blu-ray of Now You See Me 1 en 2 (Blu-ray).

's Werelds meest beruchte illusionisten zijn terug! Een jaar nadat ze de FBI te slim af waren en het publiek verbluften met hun Robin Hood-achtige spektakels, maken ze een onvrijwillige comeback. Walter Mabry, een wonderkind uit de computerwereld, dwingt de groep een haast onmogelijke stunt uit te voeren. Voor de illusionisten is er maar één uitweg: ze moeten een nog waanzinnigere stunt bedenken om hun naam te zuiveren en het meesterbrein achter dit alles te ontmaskeren.

* Audiocommentaar van regisseur Jon M. Chu
* The art of the ensemble
* You can’t look away
* Bringing magic to life
* Trailer

De Blu-ray bevat extra bonusmateriaal:
* The Horsemen return
* On-set diary

Genre: actie/avontuur/komedie
Audio: Engels
Ondertiteling: Nederlands/Engels
Duurtijd film: 124 min.
Duurtijd Bonus: 54 min (DVD) en 88min. (Blu-ray)

Stiftung Kinderhilfe Sternschnuppe: Havva meets Daniel Radcliffe at ZFF 2016

Marion 30 October 2016 0
Stiftung Kinderhilfe Sternschnuppe: Havva meets Daniel Radcliffe at ZFF 2016
Stiftung Kinderhilfe Sternschnuppe made 17-year-old Havva's biggest dream come true: Meet actor Daniel Radcliffe. With help from the Zurich Film Festival (ZFF), where Daniel presented his two new movies Swiss Army Man and Imperium, they arranged a meet & greet at Widder Hotel in Zürich. Havva: "It was better than I could ever imagine!"

Blogbusters interview

Marion 29 October 2016 0
Blogbusters interview
Website Blogbusters talked with Daniel during the Zurich Film Festival (ZFF) in promotion of Swiss Army Man.

Updated: ZFF 2016: SRF's Glanz & Gloria interview

Marion 27 October 2016 0
Updated: ZFF 2016: SRF's Glanz & Gloria interview
The interview from SRF's Glanz & Gloria is released online today. Daniel talked with Annina Frey in the Glanz & Gloria limousine. It was recorded at the Zurich Film Festival (ZFF) in promotion of Swiss Army Man.

Update: 22nd November 2016. Photo.

 Photo via Limo1 Limousines on Instagram.

source: srf.ch/glanzundgloria

Update(2): L'Officiel Hommes NL magazine

Marion 27 October 2016 0
Update(2): L'Officiel Hommes NL magazine
De nieuwe L'Officiel Hommes NL magazine is sinds dinsdag verkrijgbaar in de winkels. Daniel staat op 1 van de 4 covers. (Daniel, Sam Clafin, Paul Pogba en Raff Law). Van de fotoshoot voor het magazine in Londen waren in september al twee foto's op Facebook geplaatst. Mocht er meer beschikbaar komen dan zal ik het plaatsen.