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Imperium still

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Imperium still
Another Imperium still featuring Daniel as Nate Foster has appeared online.

picture source: Jacob Coppage

Now You See Me 2 US TV spot

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Now You See Me 2 US TV spot
Lionsgate has released a TV spot for Summit Entertainment's Now You See Me 2 with the title Reveal, and yes it features Daniel as Walter Mabry.

Updated: Daniel Radcliffe's testimonial for Steve Coleman Fitness

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Updated: Daniel Radcliffe's testimonial for Steve Coleman Fitness
A new video appeared online: Daniel provided a testimonial for Steve Coleman Fitness. He mentions the photoshoot for Vanity Fair Italia.

27th July 2016. A photo.
"This is the man who is resposible for me liking exercise and there was a photoshoot that I did earlier in the year, for Vanity Fair, and without him that photoshoot definitely wouldn't have been possible".

Updated: ‘How can this still be happening?’ Daniel Radcliffe about Hollywood's gender inequality

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Updated: ‘How can this still be happening?’ Daniel Radcliffe about Hollywood's gender inequality
In one of the Australian interviews in promotion of Victor Frankenstein, available on DVD there on 27th April, Daniel talks about Hollywood's gender inequality. The other interviews I did share on social media: junkee.com and another one from The Daily Telegraph's RendezView.

Listen to the Eff Yeah Film & Feminism's podcast via Soundcloud below. Daniel at 31:05.

“It is nuts to me,” he says, sitting on a couch at the hip albeit swanky Soho Hotel in London.“I’m incredibly glad it (gender equality) has come up because I had just f**king naively thought this was not an issue any more because how can this still be happening?

“It’s crazy. It is definitely the time for our industry to step up. Especially if we want to pride ourselves on being a liberal, progressive industry then you can’t be doing that.”

“What I found shocking about the whole American Hustle thing,” he continues, referring to the scandal that broke when the wage details of the David O. Russell film were released. “And please correct me if I’m wrong — but if I have this right, they had all the boys on one deal and all the girls on another deal.

“That, to me, is shocking … stuff like that is crazy and the thing I can’t help but think is ‘Who? Who’s doing that? What guy is sitting in a studio somewhere thinking let’s f**k the girls out of some money’?”
What is important according to Daniel in this interview? airtime.
Talking about it, writing about it, discussing it openly and publicly — even from his position of a white guy in Hollywood — is increasing the visibility of the issues and the need for change.

“The conversations that have been had over the past few years about the type of roles for women in films, the fact that these conversations have all taken place over the last few years and become much more open should mean that you do start to see changes.

“And I feel like I am starting to see changes, particularly in the type of roles for women. “I just did a film with Toni Collette (Imperium) and she’s f**king bad-ass in this film and it’s a f**king awesome role.

“The themes of it are coming up more, you know, Furiosa — all that shit. And you know what was really especially cool about that (Mad Max: Fury Road) was I feel like that was made long before a lot of this stuff was talked about. Its release was very timely, but it was made long before this was a hot topic.

“It’s very cool and I feel like there’s such a wealth of amazing actresses in the world right now and we’ve got to start writing better parts for them and paying them equally.”
source: dailytelegraph.com.au/rendezview

Papel magazine interview

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Papel magazine interview
Interview from El Mundo's Papel magazine (Spanish) from their London correspondent.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland (with help from Google translate ;)).

Igor's character leads us inevitably to Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein. What differentiates you and what is it?
He was also short, but certainly much more fun ... My Igor is, so to speak, more physical, marked by the stigma of the hump, and is certainly a more contentious relationship with Victor Frankenstein. It's not his lapdog, nor his faithful servant. He is a person who is torn between loyalty and fear of this dangerous inventor, who has an ego.

The film is quite different from the novel by Mary Shelley ...
Starting with the character Igor isn't even in the book ... so it's true. I'd say we're not even to a horror movie. There are tributes to all previous Frankenstein films, but this is rather a mix of psychological thriller and adventure film. Everything revolves around the very peculiar relationship between Igor and Victor (James McAvoy). In fact, the monster does not leave almost nothing to the end, I do not know if we should say ...

And since you said that what are your own monsters, if you have them?

 I would say that's insecurity, which is a very common monster in our profession. In the background, the actors and actresses are a bit masochistic: we like to suffer and constantly test ourselves. And the harder the challenge, the more strengthened salts. That is the ultimate gratification that gives this profession, regardless of what the critics say. Personally, I always look for roles out of my comfort zone.

But it is easy to fall into the 'trap' franchise ... Weren't you not afraid of being the eternal Harry Potter?
Not at all. I am conscious that I was working much of my childhood, but the magic was always there: going back to filming was like a big family reunion. I would even say that helped me see life from other angles. And it served to get vaccinated against the franchises. I've already done it once; I do not need it anymore. But it is common knowledge that in the last installment of the series (2011) went through a difficult time.

You have recognized that you had problems with alcohol.
 All transitions are complicated, and that it especially was. But in life we ​​sooner or later have these periods of confusion and uncertainty. They are needed to mature ... and in my 26 years I sometimes get the impression I have not yet matured enough. I prefer not to talk much about that time, I said everything I had to say I drank more of the account, I spent entire days locked up, I became a recluse at 20 years old ... But I was not, I was a shadow of myself. I consider myself an enthusiastic and fun person, I think that part of my childhood is still very much alive.

Harry Potter Igor, to Allen Ginsberg in Kill Your Darlings and Ig in Horns, do you intend to constantly mislead or do you like change?
I think what we as actors really like is look in the mirror and not recognize ourselves, (laughs). Portraying a young Allen Ginsberg was also a challenge and a reward; is one of my favorite poets ... I like the variety, it is true, but I have not an idea about where I want to go or not in my career plan.

And the theater? you debuted at 17 years in Equus to critical acclaim an audience.
 That is perhaps the only guide that I follow: stepping on a stage every two or three years. Equus gave me great confidence. I enjoyed Broadway with How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and more recently I have returned with The Cripple of Inishmaan. It's something we have in common all British actors, and also New York: you have to prove yourself in front of an audience.

And that would not be possible if you lived in Hollywood ...
That is another world. I admit that it may be attractive to players, but not my world. I live between New York and London because you're there more down on the floor.

What is the secret to escape the harassment of the British tabloids?
 I limit myself to work and going out with my friends. Point. For a while I chased and keep asking me all the time for my girlfriend (Erin Darke). But I try not to make a show of my private life.

What is the law of life?
I like to live in the moment and not make too many plans. And when I'm in doubt I always do the test of happiness. I wonder: 'Will this project make me happy or not?'. Sometimes happiness springs from the most unexpected places. For example, in Tokyo Vice (based on the autobiography of American journalist Jake Aldelstein) I had to learn me up to 50 phrases in Japanese. That requires a lot of effort, but in the end gives you great satisfaction.

Regarding the myth of Frankenstein, we are not approaching that point where science has gone too far?
That question we have been doing for more than a century, and is one of the reasons why the myth is still alive. The promise of science is still alive, but fears that something might go wrong are greater. Nuclear technology, cloning, artificial intelligence ... Stephen Hawking himself has recently warned: we have to be very careful with the use of technology. For now here we are, hopefully we live long.

source: elmundo.es/papel

Now You See Me 2 still

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Now You See Me 2 still
Here's a new Now You See Me 2 still released by Lionsgate featuring Daniel as Walter Mabry together with Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, Lizzy Caplan and Jesse Eisenberg.

picture source: Jay Maidment

Updated: Principal photography for Jungle has finished in Colombia

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Updated: Principal photography for Jungle has finished in Colombia
Principal photography for Jungle has finished in Colombia, I already mentioned that on Facebook. But... a photo has been released now. It features Daniel at the Casa Ambrosia hotel with the staff on the day the cast was leaving. According to the staff, Daniel had to go through a strict diet to lose weight for filming.

Also, according to the released statement, Daniel had said after arrival at the hotel that it felt as if he was at the summer home of James Bond. Principal photography for Jungle will continue in Australia. Here's another photo via Instagram.

Update: 9th October 2017. Daniel's message to all at the Casa Ambrosia hotel.

The message via Facebook:

source: pulzo.com
picture source: Área 52/Hotel Casa Ambrosia

Now You See Me 2 US poster

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Now You See Me 2 US poster
The final poster for Summit Entertainment's Now You See Me 2 has been released by director Jon M. Chu on Twitter. Tagline: "You haven't seen anything yet".
Abracadabra! here is the EXCLUSIVE DEBUT of the final poster for #NowYouSeeMe2 - in theaters June 10! Share it!

Now You See Me 3 is in the works

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Now You See Me 3 is in the works
Variety reported yesterday that director Jon M. Chu is confirmed to return for Summit Entertainment's Now You See Me 3, two months before the release of Now You See Me 2. There is no word about Daniel and the possibility of him returning for the third film.
Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg,  Dave Franco, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine are reprising their roles for Now You See Me 2, while Lizzy Caplan has replaced Isla Fisher and Daniel Radcliffe has joined the cast.
source: variety.com

Updated(2): Daniel Radcliffe supports the Jeans for Refugees project

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Updated(2): Daniel Radcliffe supports the Jeans for Refugees project
Daniel is one of the many celebrities (Harry Potter co-star Emma Watson included) supporting the Johny Dar project Jeans for Refugees, which is a fundraising initiative dedicated to helping refugees around the world, with all proceeds going to the International Rescue Committee.

Update: 19th/22nd August 2016. The ‘Jeans for Refugees’ exhibition will run for one week at the Saatchi Gallery in London at the end of October 2016. You can now bid on Daniel's jeans via the Catawiki auction.
Update: 7th October 2016. More photos below. And this message via Johny Dar. highest bid is currently £2,507.

Daniel participated in the project by donating a pair of jeans to be painted by Johny Dar. It will made into an art piece. All the art pieces with jeans from celebrities will exhibited in London. At the end of the exhibition each piece will be auctioned at a special fundraiser auction.

There are no dates for the auction or the exhibition known yet, but if more info is available I'll update this post. Thanks to Johny Dar for the news.


Johny Dar:
"Daniel continues to make shockwaves through his magic wand, and with his subtle sexiness. There’s a dynamic movement in the design of his jeans, and different painting techniques incorporated - hand-drawn geometry, and arrow patterns (which reminded me of Harry Potter’s signature scar) in blue and indigo that play with the cut and movement of the denim. And details in 3D metallic steel along the legs, like a code. Painting Daniel’s jeans was a steady ride, with a sense of complete confidence, no matter where the ride takes you."
source: jeansforrefugees.com
picture source: Johny Dar

Yo Dona magazine: 10 questions to Daniel Radcliffe

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Yo Dona magazine: 10 questions to Daniel Radcliffe
Spanish magazine Yo Dona asked Daniel 10 questions regarding Victor Frankenstein, Harry Potter, Now You See Me 2 and upcoming Jungle for their Yo Hombre section of the magazine.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland (with help from Google translate ;) )

In 'Victor Frankenstein' by Paul McGuigan you play Igor, the assistant of the doctor.

Yes. He is the scientist which rescues him from a circus and makes a new life for him. When the doctor begins to lose his mind my character does not know how to face the man who has given him everything. I really like what they are both developed the time and irreverent tone of the film.

You really did beat your time playing Harry Potter for 12 years. You had eight deliveries. Were you fed up?
Yes, there came a time where I wanted to leave and get on with other projects, but I feel very proud to have been Harry Potter.

Does being a child actor only have good things or also things you do not recommend?

There is everything, but you live the life you touch and there is no option to change that. In my case it was great. People want to believe that growing up in this world is horrible, but in the run I learned many things.

For example?

Teamwork, a sense of community and a sense of responsibility you never acquire that at school.

Is it easy to be a great actor and lead a normal life?
What is a normal life? There's existence of any tragedy there. For me, the best artists are those who can combine all aspects of human experience and take some of that.

In curiosity: in Kill Your Darlings where you play the poet Allen Ginsberg, you have a homosexual sex scene. Was it hard?
Hard? ( 'Laughs'). The hardest part was keeping myself serious, because it gave me the typical nervous giggle. But we only had one hour of shooting, so there was no time for worries. It was a new experience. The important thing is that it was good.

As a director, he fascinates ...

The Coen brothers are at the 'top'. And Christopher Nolan, who is ambitious and bright.

With so much shooting, how do you recharge your batteries?

I read a lot on airplanes. I also enjoy listening to music, rock climbing, writing and watching football lying on the couch.

You do not like Europe?

I get bored. It's not as athletic. And the English players are not always covered with glory.

But Beckham is English!
Oh, Beckham is fantastic. Transcendental for football! ( 'Laughs').

source: elmundo.es/yodona

Daniel Radcliffe to star in Off-Broadway play Privacy

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Daniel Radcliffe to star in Off-Broadway play Privacy
Daniel is heading back to the New York stage this year! He is set to lead Privacy, a new play co-created and written by James Graham, and co-created and directed by the Donmar Warehouse’s Josie Rourke.

The production will play a limited time, from 5th July through 7th August, in the Public's Newman Theater. The Opening night is scheduled for 18th July. Daniel will take on the role of The Writer.

Privacy made its world premiere at London's Donmar Warehouse in 2014.
Inspired by the revelations of Edward Snowden, Privacy explores our complicated relationship with technology and data through the funny and heart-breaking travails of a lonely guy (Radcliffe), who arrives in the city to figure out how to like, tag, and share his life without giving it all away. The play uncovers what our technological choices reveal about who we are, what we want and who’s keeping track of it all. This provocative theatrical event will ask audiences to charge their phones, leave them ON during the performance and to embark on a fascinating dive online and into a new reality where we’re all connected…for better or worse.
More info at publictheater.org. Tickets will be available on the website from Tuesday 24th May.

source: broadway.com
picture source: The Public Theater

Updated: Victor Frankenstein press junket interview(s) (DE)

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Updated: Victor Frankenstein press junket interview(s) (DE)
The first German interview for Victor Frankenstein (Victor Frankenstein - Genie und Wahnsinn) from the London press junket in 2015 arrived online this week. If more videos appear I'll add them.

Update: 11th May 2016. joiz.de, muxx.tv and Rocket Beans TV interviews.

This video is also shared by danieljadcliffe.tk on Facebook.

Full interview:

The interview starts at 19:48

First still for Now You See Me 2

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First still for Now You See Me 2
The first still for Summit Entertainment's Now You See Me 2 with Daniel as Walter Mabry has been released by Mexican distributor Corazón Films via Cinemovs (they mentioned this website in the tweet), where the title is Los Ilusionistas 2.

picture source: Jay Maidment

A24 acquired worldwide rights to Swiss Army Man

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A24 acquired worldwide rights to Swiss Army Man
I did already post about A24 and them aquiring the North American (US) rights to Swiss Army Man back in January (the film will open there on 17th June), but they also have acquired worldwide rights. This means that A24 will partner with distributors and platforms to market and release the film globally. The film won the best director prize at Sundance for Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert.

A24 said, “In our short history, we have seen great success from releasing bold, original films that have distinct and cut-through storytelling and talented young cast who connect with their audience. The Daniels are visionaries and have created one of the most original, funny and heartfelt movies we’ve seen in a long time. It’s exactly what smart younger audiences around the world want.”

source: variety.com

Swiss Army Man trailer and US poster

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Swiss Army Man trailer and US poster
A24 has released a trailer for Swiss Army Man plus a poster. The film premiered at Sundance earlier this year and will open in the US on 17th June.

The poster with the tagline "We all need some body to lean on".

The official synopsis

Hank (Paul Dano) is stranded on a deserted island, having given up all hope of ever making it home again. But one day everything changes when a corpse named Manny (Daniel Radcliffe) washes up on shore; the two become fast friends, and ultimately go on an epic adventure that will bring Hank back to the woman of his dreams.

Swiss Army Man creates a world like no other—a place of pure fantastical imagination, brimming with magical realism yet featuring two characters whose dreams and fears are entirely relatable. Dano and Radcliffe both fully commit to their directors’ audacious vision, and their work is exceptional, finding the perfect balance of humor and heart that drives the whole film.  A celebration of all the wonders cinema has to offer, Swiss Army Man is ultimately all the more remarkable for using its dazzling originality to tell a universal story of human complexity and connection.