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The Boy Who Lived by David Holmes

Hodder & Stoughton will release the memoir from David Holmes who was Daniel Radcliffe’s stunt double. It will have the same name as the earlier released documentary, The Boy Who Lived

Written by Matt Allen and foreword by Daniel Radcliffe. It will be on sale in the UK on 14th November 2024. It will also be available as e-book and audiobook.

Holmes said: "This book will be full of triumph and tragedy, just like my life up until this point. Detailing many behind-the-scenes stories that have not been told from my time on the Potter films, as well as some of the lessons and hardships I’ve endured since breaking my neck, I’m very grateful to be alive and to be able to tell my story.”

The synopsis

As Harry Potter's stunt double, David Holmes's amazing gymnastic skills saw him earn onscreen immortality. He was the first-ever person to play Quidditch on a broomstick; he dodged dragon's fire and dove deep into the Great Lake, without any gillyweed to protect him.

Life on set was an adventure. He and Daniel Radcliffe became like brothers, and the cast and crew a second family. Then tragedy struck. During the making of Deathly Hallows Part 1 a stunt went badly wrong and David's spinal cord snapped. He was only 25 and would never walk again.

Sixteen years later, the pain can still be excruciating, his muscles are wasting, and he requires round-the-clock care. His future may seem bleak, but David has accepted his new reality, with all the different possibilities, purposes and powerful human connections that have come with it. This candid and inspiring story shares his life before and after, showing us the importance of making the most of every day, and the good that can come out of even the worst of circumstances.

source/photo:, Hodder & Stoughton

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