Updated: Film Review Online soundbite

Film Review Online has uploaded the following Miracle Workers soundbite. Does Daniel think that the series might offend people who believe in God?

Listen to find out.

Update: 1st March 2019. Read the full interview at filmreviewonline.com.

Updated: Philstar interview

Philstar, website from the Philippines, had an interview with Daniel by phone in promotion of Miracle Workers (thanks Cate Gardner for the heads up). Listen to the audio clips from the The Philippine Star below. 

Update: 6th March 2019. The Philippine Star shared new articles with me on Twitter by mentioning @DanJRadcliffeNL (on turning 30, Harry Potter to executive producer, happier since Harry Potter) plus I noticed that there is one more video (message for Filipino fans) which I have added below.

Daniel Radcliffe on Miracle Workers

Daniel Radcliffe on turning 30

Daniel Radcliffe on relationship

Daniel Radcliffe on Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe has a message for Filipino fans

source: philstar.com

Daniel Radcliffe on ABC Radio Triple J's Drive

Veronica and Lewis from ABC Radio Australia's Triple J interviewed Daniel in promotion of Miracle Workers in their program called Drive (with thanks to Cate Gardner for the heads up)

source: abc.net.au/triplej/

Annecy Animation International Film Festival kicks off with the world premiere of Playmobil: The Movie

It's announced today that the Annecy Animation International Film Festival will kick off with the world premiere of Playmobil: The Movie on 10th June.

The film will be released in France on 7th August 2019 as Playmobil, le Film, distribution by

From the press release:

Playmobil: The Movie, was presented at the Work in Progress during the 2018 Festival. Directed by Lino DiSalvo, who worked almost 17 years at Disney, known especially for his role as Head of Animation for the Oscar winning feature length film: Frozen. Playmobil tells the story of Marla, who goes in search of her little brother Charlie when he disappears into the Playmobil® universe.

The film is produced by the studio ON Animation Studios (Montréal), part of the ON Kids & Family group, based in Paris and managed by Aton Soumache, who is recognised for producing the feature film The Little Prince.

Promotional photo:

Updated: Daniel Radcliffe on Last Call with Carson Daly

Daniel promoted Miracle Workers on yesterday's episode of Last Call with Carson Daly. You can watch the show's Spotlight clip below. The full episode, recorded at the Adults Only Bar in Los Angeles earlier this month, is available at nbc.com.

Update: 5th May 2019. Photo via Facebook.

Miracle Workers: Heaven’s Dress Code

A new video released by TBS. Miracle Workers: Heaven's Dress Code.

The A.V. Club interviews Daniel Radcliffe and Simon Rich at the TCA Winter press tour

The A.V. Club interviewed Daniel and Simon Rich at the Television Critics Association Winter press tour on 11th February in promotion of Miracle Workers. And in relation to that  they also talked about the Earthly things they think are straight-up miracles.

Daniel Radcliffe on Nova 96.9's Fitzy & Wippa

Daniel appeared on the Australian radio show Fitzy & Wippa on Nova 96.9 yesterday for an exclusive interview in promotion of Miracle Workers. Daniel arrived in Australia yesterday where he will be shooting scenes for Escape from Pretoria. He again mentioned that he is a big fan of The Bachelor. The podcast is also available on iTunes.

For all of you in Australia. Miracle Workers is now streaming on Stan.

The interview starts at 24:26.

source: nova969.com.au

Updated(3): Daniel Radcliffe on Off Camera with Sam Jones

Photographer and director Sam Jones hosts an intimate and in-depth conversation with artists, actors and more in his television series, magazine and podcast called Off Camera with Sam Jones.

The episode with Daniel airs Monday 18th February at 9PM ET/PT on DirecTV's Audience Network, but you can already watch two four clips below. Ofcourse I'll update this post on Monday if more footage arrives.

Update: 18th February 2019. Another photo.
Update: 21st February 2019. Listen to the full podcast below. It's also available on iTunes. Plus you can buy the digital magazine (features exclusive photographs). Regarding thr clips, you can also buy the entire episode.
Update: 9th November 2020. Another photo.

Learning the proper way to behave on the set of Harry Potter
There's no way to prepare for the fame of Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe would rather be on set than at school

Daniel Radcliffe was destined to become Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe's struggle with alcohol due to the fame of Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe explains his intentions and the reaction to performing in Equus
Photos via Sam Jones' Instagram



source: offcamera.com

Update: Daniel Radcliffe on 2 Dope Queens

Daniel was a surprise guest on the HBO 2 Dope Queens special which aired yesterday. The show's second series was taped at the Kings Theatre in New York back in 2018. The episode is called Nostalgia. You can watch the full episode on HBO, Amazon Prime Video, DirecTV or Hulu.

Update: 3rd March 2019. A backstage photo shared by Marcella Arguello.

Watch a Harry Potter related clip:

source: hbo.com
picture source: Michelle K. Short

Daniel Radcliffe on Couch Surfing

Daniel was a guest on People TV and Entertainment Weekly (EW)'s Couch Surfing in promotion of Miracle Workers. Also mentioned is The Tailor of Panama, his first role, plus Harry Potter: “I’m always honored to talk about it.", Kill Your Darlings, The Simpsons, Swiss Army Man and more.

This video is also shared by on Facebook.

ET Canada interviews Daniel Radcliffe and Simon Rich at the TCA Winter press tour

ET Canada interviewed Daniel and Simon Rich at the Television Critics Association Winter press tour on 11th February. Ofcourse the subject was Miracle Workers, but Daniel also reveals who he thinks will win The Bachelor (answer at 7:00).

How Did This Get Made podcast

Daniel and Erin Darke were guests on the comedy podcast How Did This Get Made. They joined Paul Scheer and Jason Mantzoukas  in Los Angeles to discuss the 2015 action film Dragon Blade. The episode is also available on iTunes.

source: hdtgminfo.com

Updated(2): Miracle Workers stills

More Miracle Workers stills featuring Daniel as angel Craig (I already shared one back in January here).

Update: 15th March 2019. Two more are added.
Update: 27th March 2019. Three more.

picture source: Curtis Baker

Den of Geek interview

Den of Geek interview in promotion of Miracle Workers.

Regarding Miracle Workers:
“I suppose it does seem to me as much a story of rediscovering why life is worth living and worth saving despite the fact that none of us, you know, no one asks to be born. But despite all of that, despite how crazy the world is, you would still rather have existed than not,”.

I tell Radcliffe that that sounds like that one kind of famous quote from Rick and Morty that I can never remember in full. Radcliffe, however, does.
“Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, and everybody’s going to die. Come watch TV,” Radcliffe says, reciting perfectly Morty Smith’s atypical pep talk to his sister in “Rixty Minutes.”
“cheerful pessimism.":
“When something that you feel deeply is genuinely being communicated through this show, it's just a really exciting thing. That kind of cheerful pessimism is, I think, very much how I see the world as well,”
Heaven Inc. is made up of departments for…well, everything as in: Department of Dirt, Department of Genitals, etc. If you were given a Department to head, what would it be?
Radcliffe: Department of Wolves. Fucking love wolves. I would, I feel like they do a lot of the work for themselves, I wouldn't really have to run them. It would mainly just be about making sure genetics keep getting passed down and then sort of the pack just runs itself.

Last quote:
"When we were talking early on, we talked about the respect and the esteem we hold people in who do get up every morning and say I'm going to change the world," Radcliffe says. "For me, part of my brain goes' that ship has probably sailed, right?' All we can do is make each other's lives better along the way as much as we can."
source: denofgeek.com

Miracle Workers: An evening with Daniel Radcliffe in a Trailer

TBS has released a new video with the title: Miracle Workers: An evening with Daniel Radcliffe in a Trailer. Included in the video: He shows the card trick he learned for Now You See Me 2 (ta da!).

Daniel Radcliffe on CONAN

Daniel promoted Miracle Workers on CONAN yesterday. Clips below with thanks to Diana from Team Coco for providing the links.

Daniel Radcliffe: "Miracle Workers" is funny, dark, & sweet.

Daniel Radcliffe teaches Conan a colorful British expression

Paparazzi always catch Daniel Radcliffe in compromising positions (Guns Akimbo)

Daniel Radcliffe’s grandmother thinks he was miscast
via Twitter:
source: teamcoco.com

TCA Winter press tour: Miracle Workers portrait sessions

New photos from the portrait sessions taken during the Television Critics Association Winter press tour on Monday 11th February in promotion of Miracle Workers. If more appear I'll add them.

By Corey Nickols

People/Entertainment Weekly (EW) portrait studio.

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