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Harry Potter Throwback

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Harry Potter Throwback
Throwback: A photo shared on the official Harry Potter Film Instagram page. Harry and Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Daniel Radcliffe on BBC's Eurovision Calling

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Daniel Radcliffe on BBC's Eurovision Calling
Daniel is featured on Eurovision Calling, BBC's podcast with Scott Mills. The backstage pass to The Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv. Daniel brings the Eurovision lyric of the week. ICYMI yesterday: The Netherlands' Duncan Laurence is the winner with the song Arcade (yay! You can imagine that I'm very happy and proud over here).

The episode is available on BBC Sounds and iTunes.

Episode 17 – Eurovision Final! (Daniel's part starts at 30:44. It's short)

Daniel ‘wizard’ Radcliffe shares his Eurovision love and brings us our penultimate lyric of the week.

Updated: WarnerMedia Upfront: Miracle Workers

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Updated: WarnerMedia Upfront: Miracle Workers
Daniel attended the WarnerMedia Upfront event today in New York in promotion of Miracle Workers. Videos and photos below. News of the day is the announcement of series 2.

Update: 17th May 2019. Photo by Dan Harmon (Rick and Morty creator).

From the press release:

Season two of Miracle Workers will be a medieval story about friendship, family and trying not to be murdered. Centered on a group of villagers in the dark ages trying to stay positive in an age of inequality and fake news, this installment will feature series regulars Daniel Radcliffe, Steve Buscemi, Geraldine Viswanathan, and Karan Soni returning in new roles and facing new challenges.

Miracle Workers is created by Simon Rich. It is executive produced by Lorne Michaels, Andrew Singer and Katy Jensen of Michaels’ Broadway Video, along with Rich, Radcliffe and Buscemi.

Season 2 video: (92Y Talks)

This video is also shared on Facebook.

WarnerMedia Upfront video

This video is also shared on Facebook.

Hollywood Life

Extra TV - Game of ThronesWatch: Open invitation Rick and Morty. And below Daniel's reaction
Photos - arrivals

picture source: Dimitrios Kambouris, Mike Coppola, Michael Loccisano

Updated: Daniel Radcliffe attends 92Y Talks

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Updated: Daniel Radcliffe attends 92Y Talks
Daniel attended 92nd Street Y's 92Y Talks Miracle Workers screening and conversation on 14th May in New York together with Steve Buscemi, Karan Soni, Geraldine Viswanathan and Simon Rich. When a video from the conversation appears online I'll add it.

Update: 21st May 2019. Photos by Michael Priest Photography.

Photos (some via Daily Mail)

picture source: Michael Loccisano

Goldene Kamera interview (DE)

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Goldene Kamera interview (DE)
A new interview has been published online by Goldene Kamera, the German Golden Globes - Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA). The interview took place at the Miracle Workers press conference in New York back in 2018. Miracle Workers premieres tonight in Germany on TNT Comedy.

Daniel with correspondent
Anke Hofmann.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

Do you believe in miracles?
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: It depends on what you mean by miracles. The fact that I - or humanity in general - exists at all is a miracle to me. (laughs) But do I believe in healing a sick person through touch or things like that? Rather not!

What interested you then in Miracle Workers?

I'm an absolute comedy fan. My TV consumption consists mostly of funny series. Time to play in a real comedy, was my dream for a long time. But like every dream, this one was to be treated with caution, because a TV series has the potential to be a commitment for several years. All my concerns vanished when I heard that Miracle Workers was written by Simon Rich. I am a huge fan of him! And when I was told that Steve Buscemi was playing God, it was like Christmas and Easter at once!

To what extent has Steve Buscemi as God influenced your own idea of the almighty creator?
Since I see myself more as an agnostic, this idea has neither hurt nor delighted me. With this show we want to turn the general ideas about God and the hereafter upside down. In Miracle Workers, God is going through a crisis and wants to start all over again. That speaks against any idea of a God who has everything under control - and that's the source of a lot of humor.

If you could really meet God, what form should he take?

Michael Gambon, who played Dumbledore in Harry Potter. Michael looks like God in general. But inside he is funny and silly. So if I was to go to heaven and then meet Michael as God, I would be overjoyed. (Laughs).

In the series you fulfill wishes. What wish has been fulfilled in your life?
Towards the end of Harry Potter I wished that I would continue to work as an actor, because I love this job.

Speaking of Harry Potter: Do you sometimes regret that you started your career with a big hit? Usually actors have to work their way up ...
The fact that I started with a hit was very liberating for me because it taught me that a blockbuster is not the be-all and end-all of filmmaking or acting. I wish all my colleagues and friends that they can play in a big movie once. But I love that now I have the artistic freedom.

How many times are you still being addressed as Harry Potter?
If I wear hat and beard, less often. But as soon as I open my mouth and hear my British accent, people switch from "The guy looks like Harry Potter" to "That's Harry Potter!" (laughs) Luckily, Harry Potter is so popular, so the fans are always nice to me.

picture source: Theo Kingma

n-tv interview (DE)

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n-tv interview (DE)
German n-tv channel's Anna Meinecke interviewed Daniel in promotion of Miracle Workers. The series premieres tonight in Germany on TNT Comedy.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

The world is lost, but two angels continue to fight to save them. A beautiful message in a time when many no longer count on the good. Is Miracle Workers the series we all urgently needed?
Daniel Radcliffe: It's definitely the series I urgently needed. As an actor, you are always on the lookout for projects that allow you to express something that you could never have put into words yourself. Right now, people feel that humanity is doomed to fail. We have always been lost and will be lost forever. However, there are many reasons for love and joy along the way - until we destroy each other. (laughs) That's an exciting and very liberating message.

Almost everyone has an idea of heaven - regardless of religion. What has influenced you and changed your work by working on Miracle Workers?In my childhood, the images I had in mind were inspired by Gary Larson and his "The Far Side" comics as well as the Simpsons. One of the best films in which heaven occurs is "The Afterlife" with David Niven. So my idea of life after death has always been composed of bits and pieces of cultural representations. I like how Simon designed the sky in Miracle Workers. The world is a chaotic mess and the sky reflects that - not least in God himself.

You were already a fan of the book. How did you get introduced with it?
My girlfriend gave it to me. She inspired me to Simon's work. Thank you all for being allowed to play in his series now. I read the book and loved it. So I asked for a meeting with Simon. I said to him, "The thing is, I've fallen in love with your book, so if you ever want to do it, I'd like to be there, I'll sit down and cook tea - anything I can do." He called me a few months later.

What inspired you in the story originally?
On the one hand, humanity as such is very frustrated, but on the other hand it is the love of the individual. It's hard to make a comedy that's warm, sweet, and well-intentioned at heart, but also nervous and dark. It's hard to hit the right note.

Costumes and scenery at Miracle Workers are obviously elaborately designed. But there are certainly some design details that are not immediately catching the eye, right?
I would pay attention to the book titles. Whenever there is a book somewhere in the background - especially in my office, there is always something to discover. Sometimes you can also recognize the notes with the prayers of the people. If there's a picture on it, it's always someone from the crew.

Because you were involved with Miracle Workers from the start, you were also allowed to make casting decisions. What was it like to take the other perspective?
It was great. I have never had more respect for actors! For the role Laura, I looked at about 30 to 40 casting shots. The bulk of it was really, really good. But then suddenly there was Sasha . Not only did she do everything right, she did something completely different than the others, something we did not expect. That was really intoxicating! She got the role, of course.

At some point someone must have felt that way with you ...
Probably yes. It'll be a while, but someone will have seen a video of me and said to his colleagues, "Him and no one else!" It's nice to know that.

Your character Craig is neurotic in a very loveable way. He rewards himself with small mustard packs, for example. Did that make the shoot rather unappetizing for you, or maybe even particularly pleasant?

Ha, they even had to stop me from eating so much mustard! Once close-ups of my colleague Geraldine were being shot someone from the team called out to me, "Daniel, you do not have to eat mustard anymore, you're not being filmed right now." But I was unstoppable. I love mustard - not necessarily from small packs, but I'll take a spoon or invite me to the plate, when everything else is already eaten. The best are Dijon or Hot English. With the smooth, yellow mustard from the USA, the consistency is not right.

In recent years, you have been filming in mud and water or listening to Nazi slogans all day long. Compared to that, the working conditions of Miracle Workers were certainly much more comfortable, right?

There is a scene when I sit bearded in the mud and eat some! The most relaxed movie I've ever made, though, was The F Word - no blood, no sweat, no mud.

Actors want to play as many roles as possible. They seem to cover a particularly broad spectrum. Harry Potter, Allen Ginsberg, undercover in Imperium and a farting corpse ... Where is it even too colorful for you?
Actually, I'm up for everything. I do not do classic action movies anymore - just because I do not see myself as a credible hero of any of these stories. Otherwise I have the reputation of being open to niche projects. If someone has an unusual script, he sends it to me. I get really strange stuff to see. And I have a few more years to work. So it can be much more strange. I can not wait any longer!


Momentum Pictures acquired distribution rights to Escape from Pretoria

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Momentum Pictures acquired distribution rights to Escape from Pretoria
Daniel finished filming Escape from Pretoria. The production wrapped up three weeks ago. Momentum Pictures has acquired the US distribution rights (via

Arclight Films also announced that fresh footage will be on show at the Cannes film festival.
“We are excited to partner with Arclight again on this incredible true story,” said Ian Goggins,  senior VP, content, at Entertainment One (Momentum Pictures is an EOne company). “We are looking forward to working with the Arclight team, the filmmakers, and of course, Daniel Radcliffe, once more to bring ‘Escape From Pretoria’ to audiences.”

“’Escape from Pretoria’ is an extraordinary and timely story that deserves to be shared with audiences. We are thrilled to be partnering with the Momentum team once again who previously released our film ‘Jungle,’ which also starred Daniel Radcliffe,” said Arclight chairman Gary Hamilton.

Playmobil: The Movie NL poster

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Playmobil: The Movie NL poster
Nederlandse (en waarschijnlijk ook Belgische) poster voor Playmobil: The Movie a.k.a. Playmobil De Film via Independent Films met de tagline "Het wordt episch". 7 augustus in de bioscoop.

URL change

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URL change
This will be the second time in years: Today I proudly announce the following news regarding the website will continue as!

(Fact is that I was actually considering of registering just before it was taken by Daniel's team as Daniel's official website back in April)
More info:
The URL will change on Sunday 2nd June 2019, four weeks from today. So save the new address.

To Daniel J Radcliffe Holland's affiliates (I will also send out an e-mail): please change your links to a.s.a.p.

Does this URL change mean that I will only write news in Dutch from now on?
No!, the main language will still be English. I did make that choice at the start of the website with the idea that fans worldwide can stay up to date with Daniel's career.

Why the change?
I simply felt like it was time for a change and the .nl extension feels like a better fit to me when you keep in mind that this a Dutch-based website.

The e-mail address might change at a later time but for now I still use the .tk address.

I still own the .tk domain and I will create a redirect sometime after the switch in June.

If you still have any questions, let me know!

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite - First look Daniel as Harry

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite - First look Daniel as Harry
The new mobile game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is currently only live as a beta version for everyone in Australia and New Zealand. This means that features, available languages, design, and overall appearance are not final.

Below you find a first look at a scene featuring Daniel as Harry which has been shared on Twitter by Alayna Cole. According to early reviews this 'Ministry of Magic Harry' is voiced by a Daniel Radcliffe sound-alike. Eurogamer:
"The game's introduction from Harry is voiced by a fairly convincing soundalike for Daniel Radcliffe"
More graphics in the video below.

A screenshot:

For more info on the game visit You can register for updates. The game will launch sometime in 2019. Pre-registration is available: Google Play, Apple Store.

Oh and Happy International Harry Potter Day! (The battle of Hogwarts 21st anniversary).

TCA Winter press tour: Miracle Workers portrait session

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TCA Winter press tour: Miracle Workers portrait session
Photographer Corey Nickols shared another polaroid photo on Instagram. This one is also taken during the Television Critics Association Winter press tour portrait session back in February in promotion of Miracle Workers.