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100 questions to Daniel Radcliffe

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100 questions to Daniel Radcliffe
Archive news: Back in 2003 Daniel invited the readers of websites and to send in their questions for him, to be answered in time for Christmas 2003. The top 100 questions were selected and answered by Daniel on 24th December 2003. 

Back then this site didn't excist. I decided to add 'archive news' like this as much as possible
. I thought it might be interesting to read for you all.

A message from Daniel:
HAPPY CHRISTMAS. I hope wherever you are and whoever you are with, you are having a fantastic Christmas. I would like to thank everyone who made donations to my Demelza House appeal - I was thrilled to learn that so many people contributed to it . It really is an amazing place.

Thank you, also, for the 100 questions which I have now answered! It has taken me some time to get through them all but I have made the deadline .....just!!!! They were great fun to do - they made me laugh and they made me think. Thank you for the time and effort that was put into them.

For the record, all the questions were answered by me and no one else!

Thank you to Jenna and Page for the tremendous work you have done on my behalf this year. It was a pleasure to meet you Jenna recently and to chat briefly with you Page last week.

I hope you all have a fantastic 2004.

Best wishes

French website had also published them. I made a translation:

1. It has been written that you personally do most of the stunts in the movies. What stunts did you do in the last movie. Did you have to practice and were they difficult to achieve?
There are 2 scenes that require special stunts in THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN - flying on Buckbeak and, of course, Quidditch. With Buckbeak, I had to combine very precise physical movements with visual effects, which was very demanding. Quidditch is in the rain this time around and it's probably the most exciting Quidditch streak so far. Among other things, they caused me to lose control and fall off my broom when I see the Dementors. I fall from my broom, very high, onto mattresses below. I have always liked this kind of stunts. I train every day with a member of the stunt team, who trained me for all 3 films and as these films require more and more physicality, I have to be in great shape to succeed.

2. Have you ever been injured in a stunt?

No, no injury for the moment !!!! The stunt team are awesome and there is a lot of preparation before you start shooting a stunt.

3. You will soon be of driving age. Have you ever tried to drive?
I haven't tried driving yet. My mom loves to drive, but my dad hates it, so I don't know what example I'm going to follow.

4. If you were to buy a car today, which car would you like to buy?
I don't know much about cars, but my dream car would be the red Cadillac in “FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS”. I think it's called "the great red shark"

5. How do you usually spend Christmas, you and your family?
It's a very relaxed time. My grandmother comes to spend a few days with us and we see friends. It's not serious.

6. What is your fondest Christmas memory?
It was last year when we were in Australia. We were spending Christmas Day in Melbourne and we were 'adopted' by a fantastic family who invited us to spend Christmas with them. We had just arrived from China and had lunch at the hotel. We felt very tired but they asked us to come and spend the rest of the day with them. We went to their house and had a great day. We are still in contact with them. It was the most amazing day because it was unexpected.

7. What is your favorite vacation and why?

It's Christmas because it's very relaxed and I get great gifts.

8. What is your favorite season and why?
Probably in the summer because I usually finish my exams and it's hot, hot and I have more time to spend with my friends.

9. What is your good resolution for the year 2004?
I really want to learn to cook so I can come back at the end of next year and let you know where I am.

10. What is the most original or memorable gift you have received from a fan?
Without a doubt, the greatest gift I received was the album I received for my birthday, sent by the Fans to I will keep it for the rest of my life.

11. If you could give each of your fans a gift for Christmas, what would it be and why?
I would give them a video of The Simpsons because it's the greatest TV show.

12. It was written that you wanted to become a writer. Did you write something that was published?


13. What kind of things do you write eg poems, songs, short stories, screenplays? Which would they be?
In my free time I like to write poetry but at school I write short stories. They're generally very dark and very intense - there's not a lot of humor in them.

14. Do you plan to go to college? And if so, which main topic do you think you will take?
I don't know, at the moment it's still a bit early but if I go, I would probably like to study psychology.

15. It is obviously necessary to adapt between tutoring, the plateau and the school. Do you have a hard time going back to school for a few months, just to get back to filming?
Because the Harry Potter films take so long to make, I can miss school for a very long time. But because I have very good friends at school and my teachers support me a lot, as soon as I come home, thanks to them, it's as if I had never left.

16. Do you play sports or are you part of a sports team at school?

I'm pretty good at running and I love rugby but we don't play rugby at my school so it's not something I'm going to take in the future.

17. What is your favorite food and what do you hate?
My favorite food is all kinds of fish. I like this. I hate to eat junk food.

18. What is your favorite flavor of "Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream"?
Phishing food

19. We have been told that you said that "you are not a person who likes cakes". What types of dessert do you prefer, besides cakes? You really don't like cakes at all, and if so, what kind of cake would you want?
I really never liked cakes - I prefer cookies, Jammy Dodgers being my favorite. My favorite dessert is vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce. Really very simple.

20. Do you like to dance and have you taken dance lessons?
My parents are both very good dancers, so I hope I inherited some of their genes in that regard. I never took dance lessons.

21. Are you an artist? Do you like to draw or paint?
I am a very, very bad painter - I hoped to be better. However, I am a great admirer of the art, although I am formidable.

22. Who is your favorite Simpsons character?
Bart simpson

23. What is your favorite Simpsons story?
Marge: "Kids, you're not at Sunday school - don't swear" It makes me laugh every time.

24. If you could be invisible for a whole day, where would you go and what would you do?
Visit MI5 (the secret service)

25. Do you believe in magic, ghosts and life on other planets?
Yes, I believe so, because I like to think that there are things in the world that we don't know anything about.

26. If you were abandoned on a desert island, alone, what would be the 3 objects that you would take with you?
I would take a CD player, a compilation on CD and a speedboat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

27. Are you interested in astrology and believe in horoscopes?
I am not interested in astrology and I never read horoscopes.

28. If you could change one thing in the world with the wave of a magic wand, what would you change?
I would resurrect John Lennon, because I think he was a genius.

29. I heard that you are learning to play bass guitar. Would you like to start your own group in the future?
Music is a huge part of my life, I would love to be in a band but I guess all teenagers who play guitar want the same.

30. How did you come to punk music and which artists influence you?
One of the members of HP taught me everything about punk, he introduced me to music and clothes and told me stories about bands and that got me started. Some of my favorite bands are The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Stanglers, The Undertones and The Damned.

31. If you could go to a concert, which band would you like to see?
Now that I've seen The Strokes live, I guess Jane's Addiction will be the next band I would like to go see.

32. What kind of music other than punk do you like to listen to?
Nick Drake, Brendan Benson, Libertines, Johnny Cash, Pixies and Janis Joplin

33. Have you ever attended a rock concert and if so which one?
I went to my first gig last week - to see The Strokes and it was a great experience.

34. Is there any other type of instrument that you would like to learn to play besides the bass guitar?
Piano and drums.

35. Dan, have you tried singing or can you sing?
I love to sing, but I only did it in private, in my room.

36. It was published in Vanity Fair that you prefer the Playstation 2. What kind of games do you like?
I love sports games - boxing, rugby etc ... and I love the Simpsons ROAD RAGE game.

37. Do you like theme parks with rides and have you ever been to Disney World?
I love theme parks and have been to Disney World twice a long time ago. My favorite ride was Space Mountain. When I went to Barcelona a few years ago I went on a merry-go-round called "Dragon kahn" where there were eight 360 ° loops which I loved. My father thought he was going to die.

38. When you visited Japan and China last year, what were the most interesting experiences you had? Do you like sushi?
I love sushi and one of the best experiences I have had is seeing the temples of Kyoto and of course walking the Great Wall of China in the snow. We were the only ones on the great wall because the weather was so bad, it was amazing and surreal.

39. What were the different countries that you visited during your life and which did you prefer?
I visited the following countries; Italy, Netherlands, France, Japan, China and Australia and love them all, but I had a great time in Japan, USA, Netherlands and Australia.

40. Are there countries that you have not yet visited and that you would like to go on vacation?
I would like to visit Russia, New Zealand and India.

41. As an American visiting London for the first time, what must I absolutely see while I'm there?
Camden Market is a very cool London experience and I would recommend the Tate Modern Art Gallery - a fantastic building.

42. How did you get involved in visiting and supporting Maison Demelza? Are there other associations that you support? If so, what inspires you to support these wonderful causes?
I was made aware of this place when I was looking to support a charity after I was cast in Harry Potter. When I discovered Demelza House, there was no doubt that this was the place I wanted to get involved. The spirit of this place is amazing and the people who work there are amazing. I feel very humble when I visit it.

43. You appear to be a generous person who enjoys giving. Have you also thought of going to poor countries where people are hungry and help them build houses, bring them food and something to educate them?
It's very kind of you to tell me something like that. Going abroad is something I cannot do now but maybe in the future when I am older.

44. What made you decide to participate in the production of the “Mind Reading DVD” and what sparked your interest in autism?
In the first Harry Potter, a member of the team who worked in the wardrobe department explained a lot to me about autism because he has a son with autism and that sparked my interest. . As I mentioned in several interviews, the people who produced the DVD asked me if I wanted to be a part of it and I jumped at the opportunity to participate.

45. Many talented actors are now dubbing animated feature films. Have you thought about doing dubbing and especially for a director like Hayago Miyazaki?
Yes, I would love to do a voice for an animated film.

46. ​​How would you describe yourself in three words?
Faithful, curious, funny.

47. When you are sad or depressed, what makes you feel better?
Watching an episode of The Simpsons usually makes me feel better.

48. Can you really go anywhere you want, alone with friends or do you have to travel with a bodyguard?
Guess I can't go anywhere without protection, that's just not true. I recently went to see "The Strokes" live at Alexandra Palace - no security, no bodyguard - just with friends and it was absolutely no problem. Likewise when I went to the Lord of the Rings premiere in Leicester Square, which is one of the biggest cinemas in the country. He was drunk and again no one recognized me. I do more things than people think.

49. What's the one thing your parents always make you do that you hate? For example, even though you might be in the biggest franchise production of all time, do you still have to take out the trash?
Tidy my room - it drives them crazy when it's messy.

50. Dan, if you could write yourself two letters and send yourself one five years ago and another in five years, what would you say to yourself?
The letter I would have written to myself five years ago, when I was 9, was about a teacher at my school who was horrible to me at the time. I would tell myself to ignore him, dismiss his mean comments and trust myself more, even if this professor tried to take it away. The letter I would write to myself in 5 years is more difficult. Who knows what will happen. It would probably be about being true to myself and hoping that I will make the right decisions in my career and in my personal life.

51. What are your three favorite things about your home? What about the three you don't like?
The things I love most about me right now are: 1. I love my musical tastes, 2. I enjoy my life. 3. I think I have a good sense of humor and can always see the funny side of any situation. The things I don't like are: 1. I am very bad at the arts and wish I could paint. 2. When I like my music I can also be very stubborn about it which is not good and 3. I do not respond to emails quickly enough which drives my friends crazy.

52. If you could change one thing in yourself, what would it be? And why ?
I wish I could paint. I have clear images in my head of what I want to paint but unfortunately when you have to put them on paper they suck !!!!!!!!!!

53. Everyone dreams of something to which he aspires, desires to know or to experience. So, honestly and sincerely, what is the BIG question of your life that you would like to answer or the DREAM that you would like to fulfill that would make you breathe a sigh of relief and say, “Finally, I feel happy and satisfied; do i need more and not less?
This is a great question !!!!!!!!! I wish I could say that I made a mountain expedition, tried Everest. I would love the challenge. I don't know if that would satisfy me - who knows - it might make me want to take on other challenges !!!!!

54. What are your favorite colors now?
Yellow and blue

55. What characteristics do you like in girls?
That is, funny, elegant, pretty, intelligent, mysterious? Funny, elegant and original

56. Is there anything that makes you particularly afraid, for example spiders?
Spiders don't scare me, but the thought of nuclear war does !!!!!!!!!

57. If you could meet a historical figure, who would he be and why?
It would be Marco Polo. Apparently his last words were: I didn't say half of what I saw. "I would love to hear the other half.

58. What genre of films do you prefer and why? (Action, Romance, Comedy, Horror, Thriller, Science-Fiction)

As long as it's a good movie, I don't care what genre it is.

59. Do you cook, if so what do you like to cook?

No, I don't cook at home. After the shoot I come home very late so I don't have time to experience it. However, it is my New Years resolution to learn.

60. If a movie were to be shot, in your lifetime (so far) which actor would you choose to play your part (regardless of your age) and which song would be on the soundtrack?
I feel like I would be arrogant to think that an actor I admire would be interested in playing my part.

61. How do you react when people come up to you and tell you that you look like the guy who plays Harry Potter? Do you really tell them that you are that actor or do you say something else, without telling them who you are?
I always tell them that I am the actor who plays HP because it seems to me completely unnecessary and mean to lie to them.

62. Who do you consider to be the most influential / admirable person in your life and why?
The people who have been the most influential for me know this and would be embarrassed if I mentioned them.

63. What do you think is the most important piece of advice you can give to future young actors or actresses around the world?
Giving this kind of advice is difficult because it is different for everyone. I respond to actors who are completely real and never overdo it, so here is my advice: Be real - Be sincere.

64. Where do you find the time to study and maintain your academic standing while you are filming and is it difficult to do while you are working?
I do a minimum of three and a maximum of five hours a day. These are private lessons and with the support I get from my school my level is where it should be. This working method isn't for everyone, but it really works for me, so far.

65. Do you like The Lord of the Rings? Which character would you like to play in The Lord of the Rings if you had the chance?
I love the Lord of the Rings. I saw the last movie last week and really enjoyed it. The character I would like to play is GOLLUM.

66. Is there any injustice in the world that makes you angry?
I am always saddened everywhere I go in the world to see people living on the streets.

67. Do you speak foreign languages? What languages ​​would you like to learn?
I am learning French and Spanish and would love to learn to speak Japanese.

68. Do you love Shakespeare and have you ever thought you could act in a Shakespeare play?
I love Shakespeare. I have seen several plays and would like to play Puck in Midsummer Night's Dreams. I am also studying Macbeth for my exams.

69. Is it more comfortable for you to perform on a set or on stage?
I guess you hear more hum on stage because it's a live experience, but I love the process of making a movie. The two processes are very different but I feel good about both.

70. What prompted you to participate in the play: The Play What I Wrote? What was it like playing on stage, did that experience make you want to do more plays in the future?
The producers asked me if I was interested in being a part of it and since I had just worked with Ken Branagh on HP2 and Ken was directing The Play What I Wrote, I jumped at the chance. It was very fun. I had never been on stage before so it was a little scary at first but it definitely made me want to do more on stage.

71. Other than the help you get from the directors, what do you do with yourself as Harry - showing his emotions with your facial expressions, especially if the scene has to be redone over and over again?
The most important thing is to focus on the stage no matter how many times you have to and listen to the other actors and respond to them as if it is the first time that you are really hearing what you are doing. they told you. said and this is your first time answering it. I also play a lot of music when I prepare a scene.

72. After seeing so many promotional photos of you, you can see that makeup artists and stylists have given you a lot of different "looks". Do you have any say in the look they give you for studio shots?
Yes, I have a lot to say about all of this. If I don't like the look of something, of course I will. I'm not going to stand there in one outfit or do anything uncomfortable for me.

73. How does it feel to appear in public for the press and interviews in so many different countries and in such rapid succession? Are there aspects of these experiences that energize you and what would you like to change?
I really don't want to change anything because they are so much fun. It gets tiring after a while but we laugh a lot when we do it and of course I like to see other countries.

74. After almost 5 years so far ... assuming you want to remain an actor, if you are given the choice to star in a romance, drama, comedy, action / adventure film, d horror or sci-fi / fantasy, which would you choose and why?
I would pick the one with the best screenplay and the best director, regardless of genre.

75. What must have been done during your audition for Harry Potter? Read ? Improvise? Did you have to read with other actors or alone?
For the first two auditions I read with Chris Columbus and then, for the last interview I read with Emma and Rupert, which was a lot of fun, it was the first time we met.

76. What is most difficult about playing, reacting to something that is not there (Dobby for example), or showing emotions like anger, sadness or even crying?
Everyone has their own challenges because playing with Dobby is a very technical matter, you have to focus on your line of sight and you have to be very precise all the time. When you express emotions, you have to find them inside of you and be totally real and sincere.

77. Has going “public”, being asked a lot of serious questions or managing difficult projects, made you mature a little faster than you thought?
I do not think so. Maybe being on set for so long with adults made me grow up a little faster but I never thought about it, because deep down I'm still a kid.

78. If you continue your acting profession, could you consider a controversial or dramatic role?
It could be a gay character (like Tom Hanks in Philadelphia) or something like a serial killer (Anthony Hopkins in The Silence of the Lambs) or if you become a director, could you consider making a movie that could be controversial? I would take all the roles into consideration, as long as the script is good and the film has an interesting director.

79. Do you prefer to shoot in the studio or outside?
I prefer to shoot in the studio because I like to come home every night and have my own things around me.

80. If you could make a movie, what kind of movie would you like to make (eg Fantasy, Drama, Horror) and what method of production would you use?
Again, I would make a movie as long as the script is good. I'm not really a horror movie, I don't find it interesting. I'm a huge fan of Mike Leigh's movies and I really love the way he works with actors - very thorough - maybe that's the method I would use.

81. How and why did you start to be an actor?
By accident. A friend suggested that I audition, for fun, for the role of David Copperfield. I didn't expect to get the part because I knew there were hundreds of boys trying their luck, so when I got the part it was a huge surprise.

82. What is most difficult about being an actor, remembering lines, doing emotional scenes or physical scenes?
Remembering your text is not difficult. I think recreating emotions over and over again can be very intense and empowering. Doing physical scenes can be exhausting, but usually I have a lot of time to set up a stunt.

83. As an actor, have you ever felt the pressure from your fans, the media or even yourself? Do you feel good in the spotlight or sometimes intrusions go a little too far?
The only pressure I feel is the pressure I put on myself trying to interpret the character the best I can. As far as the media is concerned - so far I have never read a single word written about myself or the films - and I have never watched the interviews I have given on television.

84. What are the pros and cons of being famous?
The pros are that I have met a lot of very interesting people and visited some amazing places - for example the Great Wall of China, the Sidney Harbor Bridge (I climbed) the cons - sometimes people get very pushy about get autographs. Last year there was an incident - when Emma and I got to Chicago, the people who came to see us got hit and pushed by guys (they weren't fans but autograph hunters professionals) who wanted autographs - it was really ugly. We always try to sign for the fans whenever possible, but sometimes we don't ...

85. Which other actors would you most like to work with and are there any that you would like to see chosen to star in a Harry Potter?
I would love to work with Jack Gyllenhaal, Ralph Fiennes, Scarlett Johansson, Billy Bob Thornton, Georges Clooney, Sam Rockwell. I would like Ralph Fiennes, Geoffrey Rush and Robert Carlyle to be chosen to star in Harry Potter.

86. Would you like to make "voices" for the Harry Potter video games?
Yes, but unfortunately there is never enough time to fit it into the filming schedule.

87. You will be making a great James Bond in about 10 years. Have you considered the possibility of reprising the role of James Bond if that arises?
In 10 years, that would make me a very young James Bond! I could never see myself as sweet and sophisticated as Pierce Brosnan.

88. When you see yourself on screen, do you forget yourself in the movie or are you aware and critical of sending yourself?
I hate looking at myself. I'm always intrigued to see what the movie looks like when it's finished, so I get to control my critical thinking and forget myself in the midst of other people's performances. I see the film about 4 times. The first in private then a private screening for my friends, then the first two and that's it. I never saw them again.

89. How long does it take to put on make-up on set before starting to shoot?
About 30 minutes - mainly because of the scar.

90. Do you personally or would you like to have control over the way you are presented by the media - photos, magazine articles, TV interviews, newspaper reports, etc.?
I have no control over how I am presented in the media. Like I said, to this day I have never read a word that has been imprinted on me so I have no idea what anyone has written about me.

91. According to you, what is a great actor, a legendary actor? What must an actor do to deserve this ranking?
I think the actor must have done some really great, diverse and interesting things.

92. Did you play a few tricks during the filming of Prisoner of Azkaban? Did someone play a trick on you?
During Prisoner of Azkaban, Alfonso and Alan Rickman (Snape) put a whoopee pillow in my sleeping bag in the Great Hall and when I started moving it went dead. The scene was very calm, so you can imagine the hysteria that arose when everyone heard it.

93. After seeing the Harry Potter movies, I can't read the books anymore without associating you, Rupert and Emma, ​​with the characters. When you read the books, do you really imagine yourself as Harry in the books?
Yeah, it's pretty hard not to.

94. I wanted to ask, considering you're the same age as Harry in the Goblet of Fire, how are you going to emotionally prepare for the graveyard scene at the end?
I have no idea because I haven't seen the script or told Mike Newell about that particular scene.

95. If you could keep one prop from the Harry Potter set, which one would you choose?
The wand, the broom, the sword or something else? It would be the sword.

96. If you could choose to play another character in the Harry Potter films, which one would you choose and why?

Probably Sirius, because I'm intrigued by his relationship with Harry and his father.

97. What is the strangest Harry Potter merchandise you've ever seen your face appear in?
Without a doubt - a paper towel !!!!!

98. What do you think of the 5th Harry Potter? What's your favorite scene?
Love it, there are a lot of interesting scenes but I think the detention scenes between Harry and Professor Umbridge are particularly dark.

99. Were there any funny stories that happened on the last shoot that you can tell us?
There are always fun things going on on set, but I guess on this set the thing that was different was that when whoever was celebrating their birthday, Alfonso would make everyone sing "Happy Birthday" in English, then Alphonso and his Mexican colleagues sang in Spanish. Even the people who thought no one knew it was their birthday and tried to escape it without being seen, were still found and given the full birthday treatment. !!!

100. Are you, Emma or Rupert allowed to improvise some of your lyrics, or do you have to stick strictly to the script?
Yes, when it is appropriate. There are scenes where a little improvisation helps and Alfonso encourages it.

Jenna meets Daniel Radcliffe

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Jenna meets Daniel Radcliffe
Jenna from had the opportunity to interview Daniel at Leavesden Studios on 3rd December and she had a tour around the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban set.

Back then this site didn't excist. I decided to add 'archive news' like this as much as possible. I thought it might be interesting to read for you all.

Jenna: What it was like to work with Gary Oldman?
Dan: Gary is a really cool guy, and really fun. He is really focused and it is very interesting to watch him prepare for a scene. Working with Chris Columbus you learned a lot. How did this prepare you for Alfonso and what did he bring to the table? I was able to bring everything I learned whilst working with Chris Columbus and put it into practice in the third film. Alfonso works differently than Chris. The first thing he made me do was to write an essay about my character Harry. Writing the essay was very helpful for me.

What scenes should we look for in POA, and which scene are you the most proud of ?

Definitely look out for the scenes with the hippogriff, and the Quidditch scenes in the rain, but my favourite scene, without actually having seen the film yet, would be the Shrieking Shack scenes at the end of the movie I think.

If there is a film made of the 5th book, and assuming you will still play Harry (and we hope you do!), how do you feel about playing the character as he has more harrowing scenes?

In POA, Harry has already started to evolve into the angry character he will become in the 5th book, and you will see him portrayed that way in the film. Harry is now a teenager, and teenagers, as you know, can be quite angry. Yea, I am looking forward to portraying him that way.

Of all the characters whether book, television, or film ... who would you most like to portray?

Johnny Rotten because he has led an interesting life.

Has your perspective of the Harry Potter changed since you first started portraying the character?

When I read the Harry Potter books now I often think 'Hang on, I might be doing this one day!


Daniel attended BAFTA tribute Julie Walters

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Daniel attended BAFTA tribute Julie Walters
Daniel, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint attended the BAFTA tribute for Julie Walters. Below the only (short) footage available.

Back then this site didn't excist. I decided to add 'archive news' like this as much as possible
. I thought it might be interesting to read for you all.

Photos: BAFTA

Page's interview with Daniel Radcliffe

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Page's interview with Daniel Radcliffe

Page Banfield from had an interview with Daniel by phone.

Back then this site didn't excist. I decided to add 'archive news' like this as much as possible. I thought it might be interesting to read for you all.

Page: How do you manage your time, given all you do each day regarding filming, studying, rehearsing? What's your daily schedule from the time you get up until the time you go to bed?
Dan: Actually now that filming is done, it's nice to stop shooting, looping & dubbing. After 11 months I can sleep in now, and I'm looking forward to just chilling out, reading, watching films, and listening to music.

Page: Moving beyond the Harry Potter films, if you could choose any two combinations between a genre (i.e. action, fantasy, horror, or drama) and a character type (i.e. villain, or hero) what two would you choose together to act out in a film?
Dan: It doesn't have to be any certain type of film, I will do absolutely anything as long as it has a good script, and interesting character, and a good director.

Page: You've expressed an interest in writing, are you interested in short stories or poetry and have you written anything you'd care to share with us?
Dan: Most of what I've written has been for school. I'm interested in poetry, and I love reading poetry. I've never written any short stories.

Page: I'm coming to London in May and I'm volunteering you to be my tour guide. If you were my tour guide, where would you take me, what important landmarks or historical places would you show me?
Dan: Wow, when you live in the city all your life, it's hard to really say, Camden Market is a very cool place to shop with a lot of good music stores. I think also the Tower of London is a great place to see.

Page: Are you a big fan of Theme Parks, in other words do you like roller coaster rides, or ferris wheels?
Dan: I LOVE roller coasters! I went on a roller coaster that had eight three hundred and sixty degree loops in Barcelona. It was so cool.

Page: Have you ever been on a Hot Air Balloon Ride?
Dan: I would LOVE to go on a hot air balloon ride! I'd like to go bunjee jumping too! (Comment: This was a perfect lead into my next question, which was...)

Page: Would you consider yourself a "risk taker" in other words if a group of your friends were going to take a stab at doing something risky like bunjee jumping, would you go along and participate or would you claim your busy that day?
Dan: Oh I would definitely go!

Page: Is it hard for you and your family to spend time together, let's say you want to go out to eat to a nice restaurant local to your area, can you enjoy the evening in peace or do you get approached often while sitting at the table?
Dan: We do get approached sometimes, but the nice thing about it is that it's usually about the films.

Page: Where's your favorite place to shop for apparel in London, and when choosing them are you particularly interested in any Designer's line for instance Nike, Polo, or Tommy Hilfiger?
Dan: I'm not particularly interested in Designers, however, I love t-shirts! I've got hundreds and hundreds of t-shirts in my cupboard. I like to go to Camden Market, there's a place called the Borough Market which I like and it's also a cool place to shop with a lot of good music stores.

Page: Fans have noticed in some recent pictures that you appear to have been "working out" for instance in a gym, do you have a regular exercise program during the week?
Dan: I don't have like a rigorous workout program, and there have been no changes really to working out other than working with David Holmes, whose one of my stunt doubles.

Page: What's your favorite video game?
Dan: Medal of Honor. I also like the sports related games such as American Football and NBA.

Page: Do you have any special hobbies or something you've recently become interested in that you can share with us? Something we don't know?
Dan: I've been practicing magic in real life such as card tricks for about six or seven months now. I also love doing tricks with magic rings and I love rope tricks. Oh! And I've been playing the bass guitar as well.

Page: Are you taking lessons?
Dan: Yes.

Page: When I go shopping, no matter where it is or what it's for, I can't seem to escape without seeing you somewhere and I smile every time. It varies anywhere from gift wrap to holiday cards. I've actually received two Christmas cards with you on them from fans. When you go out shopping there do you see yourself a lot? How does that make you feel?
Dan: We don't have it as much here really, but I'm quite used to it actually. Recently I saw a "cylindrical head" of myself; there's a cake mix out now and a kitchen roll! (everyone laughs!)

Page: Have you asked for any special Christmas gifts from your family or friends, and if so what did you ask for?
Dan: Hm.. I've asked for a couple of CDs by the Breeders, also the Pixies, their bass player, Kim Deal, I like the way she plays.

Page: Are you going anywhere special for the holidays?
Dan: No, I'm just really, really, just looking forward to chilling out, and relaxing.