Updated(2): Scans: Nylon magazine (US) & J-14 magazine (US) - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Updated(2): Scans: Nylon magazine (US) & J-14 magazine (US)

I have some more scans to share with you all today. Remember I posted this tweet yesterday about the feature in Nylon magazine? well here are some bigger scans (still a but hard to read, but possible) with a photoshoot by Jimmy Fontaine. Also this Instagram photo.

Then second, Jo from rupertgrintonline.com provided me the scans of J-14 magazine which features a new interview with Daniel where he talks about The Woman in Black his girlfriend & more. He even has a personal handwritten message for all the readers:
"Dear J-14 readers, I promise you that the problems of today will be the jokes of tomorrow. - Daniel Radcliffe"
That's a good one to remember right? :) thanks Jo!

Update: 2nd February. The full interview from Nylon magazine can be read here.
Update: 24th July 2014. Because of his birthday Nylon magazine released outtakes from the Jimmy Fontaine photoshoot. Outtakes Nylon magazine .


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  1. Dan is so inspirational! That quote made my day!


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