Hombre magazine interview (US) - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Hombre magazine interview (US)

Hombre magazine's interview with Daniel in promotion of The Woman in Black.

Tell us about The Woman in Black
Daniel Radcliffe: It’s my new film. I play Arthur Kipps who is a young widower sent by his employer to an old house in rural England.There he has to straighten out paperwork from a woman who has recently died. It sounds like a very simple, boring job but he goes there and is tormented by a hateful, vengeful ghost. That is what the film is about but it’s also a film about death, grieving and bereavement, and basically how death touches different people in their lives. Everyone in the film has been affected by death in some way.  It’s a supernatural thriller. It’s very, very scary. There are going to be people jumping out of their seats.

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