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The Woman in Black World premiere dates: Paris, Madrid & Moscow & more

Some more World premiere date's of The Woman in Black have been announced. You can read those below. Then I hope you all have been looking at the competitions page (left sidebar) to win tickets & merchandise to tomorrow's London premiere of The Woman in Black. I delete the ones who have expired.

I try to post a livestream on the site tomorrow, also for Toronto Thursday (and otherwise it will be a link).

Premiere dates:

Paris : 7th February
Madrid: 14th February
Moscow: 15th February

And for all of you who want to win tickets to the Toronto premiere, check:


  1. hi ;)
    do you know what time does the premiere starts?
    I can't find any info on that ^^
    thanks ;)

  2. Hi!

    You mean the London premiere tomorrow? or the other ones? I don't have exact info on the Paris, Madrid and Moscow premieres yet, but Momentum Pictures announced about the London premiere that the Fan pens open at 4pm.

    From their competition where you can win tickets:

    "come down to the Worldwide Premiere on 24th January 2012 at the Royal Festival Hall dressed as their own interpretation of the Woman in Black will gain access to a special VIP area of the red carpet*

    The two best dressed fans will also be selected from the crowd and win the prize!

    *numbers permitting. The VIP fan pen for those in costume will operate on a first come first serve basis"

  3. yeah, I meant the London one ;)
    I could have written more precisely ;P

    thank you, Marion! ;)


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