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AP photoshoot + Dan won't visit Mexico

Well here are photo's from a brand new AP photoshoot by Carlo Allegri (Associated Press) in promotion of The Woman in Black. See them at apimages.com. Then second: I have posted before that it would be confirmed that Daniel would visit Mexico to unveil the stage plague there. The official Facebook from the play in Mexico has updated with the following news (roughly translated):
The production of The Woman in Black noticed that there is confirmation that the English actor Daniel Radcliffe or their representatives will go to Mexico to attend the premiere of his movie, or some other event in our country. Features 17 to February 19, 2012 will be a celebration of 18 years of continuous functions. All you do is for fans of the stage play and does not involve in any way the presence of the young actor. Greetings.
But don't worry, Mexican Fans, Dan has promised to visit Mexico one day remember? -> click  I now assume he wrote it because it got canceled? Anyway the mexican website who first posted it, seemed to have it wrong.. it isn't true. Reps for The Woman in Black have said that touring plans for the film are currently to be confirmed. Maybe more about that soon..

I say, please note that this tweet about Toronto I posted about before, also probably isn't true (no confirmation yet!) if I hear more about it.. I post it. Read

Photo: Carlo Allegri

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