Updated(3): Daniel Radcliffe takes over Time Out London: guest editor for a day - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Updated(3): Daniel Radcliffe takes over Time Out London: guest editor for a day

Time Out London just posted about Daniel "taking over Time Out towers" (he was a guest editor) I already have retweeted some photos they posted this morning, right after Daniel came in, but I now can show you even more. Their article is below plus take a look at some photos from a new photoshoot.

Daniel's issue will be available from 9th February.

8th February 2012. Daniel's London picks. Music: The Black keys, Theatre: The Bush Theatre, Food: eggs, Comedy: Miles Jupp, Film: Martha Marcy May Marlene, Shopping: Laurence Corner, Around Town: The Planetarium.
9th February 2017. From an article via Yahoo: Daniel interviewed and photographed folk band  Slow Club for a two-page feature and even wrote a column about his favourite clothes store.
"When we spoke to Daniel Radcliffe on the phone from New York before Christmas, he surprised us by genuinely wanting to engage with how a magazine works and spend a busy day at Time Out...," the Daily Express quoted Dave Calhoun, journalist at Time Out London as saying.

"He was determined to meet the editors and talk about his interests in music, art, theatre and film and convert some of those chats into stories in this week's issue, " Calhoun added
Update: 6th April 2020. Daniel reviews the songs of the week.

Via Instagram

The cover

Dan answering Facebook and Twitter questions:

Photos and text below are credited to Sonya Barber blog editor Time Out London.

Time Out towers was buzzing with fevered excitement today as none other than Mr Daniel Radcliffe was in the office to guest edit an upcoming issue of Time Out magazine – ahead of the release of ‘The Woman in Black’ on February 10. I am ashamed to say that I haven’t actually watched any of the Harry Potter films (I failed to mention this to him), but was still a tad overexcited to meet the man behind those legendary round glasses. And what a lovely chap he was. First off, Dan was suited and booted to be shot by our in house photographer Rob Greig. This guy certainly knows how to strike a pose. He graciously paused to have his picture taken with a superfan (aka our usual Editor Tim Arthur).

Next on the agenda was a tour of the office to meet the gang and see our impressive collection of magazines. With a few pauses to sign autographs for *ahem* friends. On finding out about our film team’s heroic Harry Potter Marathon, Dan pointed to the bottle of whisky and remarked how that probably helped to get through all of the films back to back. He braved an editorial meeting with all of the section editors to discuss the upcoming magazine and thought of some cracking ideas.

I’d love to tell you all the other fun stuff we got up to and great stuff we came up with today but it’s a big surprise. To see his magical vision for the magazine, you’ll just have to wait until February 9 for the exclusive Daniel Radcliffe excitement. Watch your back Tim Arthur, there’s a new head honcho in town. Sonya Barber

source: timeout.com
picture source: Rob Greig

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