Updated: The New York Times: Daniel Radcliffe about Privacy - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Updated: The New York Times: Daniel Radcliffe about Privacy

The New York Times talked with Daniel, director Josie Rourke and the playwright James Graham about Privacy.

29th July 2016. Another photo.

The conversation around privacy clearly engages Mr. Radcliffe, 26. Having been cast in the Harry Potter franchise as a preadolescent, the continuum between the private and the public is very real for him.

“People probably perceive me as someone who doesn’t have very much privacy,” he said during a rehearsal lunch break. “I still feel like I have a lot and it’s very important.” To preserve this, he keeps away from social media platforms. He’s never tried online dating; he doesn’t Instagram his meals. (As he skipped lunch in favor of a black-currant drink and a cigarette, there may not be much to Instagram.)

Mostly he finds this minimal online presence liberating. “When I see my friends I don’t know what they’ve been up to, we can have a conversation about it,” he said. But he clearly still worries about how much privacy he can and should maintain. When a reporter observed that he seemed far less neurotic than the Writer, he said, “I’m just masking that well,” adding, “There’s a lot of me in the character.”
source: nytimes.com
picture source: Krista Schlueter

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