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Thrillist interview

Thrillist: what are Daniel Radcliffe's happiest memories? My Happiest Freaking Moments Ever: Daniel Radcliffe Edition.

Forgive Daniel Radcliffe, but his job kicks ass and he doesn't care who knows it. "Being on a film set is fucking joyous," he tells Thrillist. "We're in an industry where we really can have a lot of fun if people just don't get in the fucking way of that."

That time an acting legend taught him a Beatles song

"Gary Oldman taught me the bass line to 'Come Together,' one day. I was learning bass at the time and he plays bass. I went in one morning -- I was 14 -- and just looked up to him so much. He had his bass in there and was teaching me the thing. That was amazing."

That time he fled fame for the middle of nowhere

"I remember the first time I went away with a girlfriend. I was 14 and going out with this girl that lives in Wales. I went to visit her for five days. Five days! And nobody expected to see me in Anglesey, so even if they did recognize me, they were like, 'That's not him.' My girlfriend now, we have a similar thing. She's from Flint, in Michigan, and the first time I visited there with her everyone was just like, 'No, that's not him, he wouldn't be in Flint.'
"I do love escaping and finding different sort of places, [but] I never had the travel bug. I never wanted to go backpacking like the way some kids from England do around Europe or Australia, it never held any appeal to me, but, and I can get away and have holidays now, I still want to do, I've always wanted to do, a road trip across America, the classic sort of things."


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